FOR SALE:   Dura Ace posted by: Dick Wise on 11/27/2002 at 3:15:53 PM
I have a set of Dura Ace dual pivot center pull calipers and Dura Ace non aero levers and want to know the vintage and possible value. There are no model numbers on either. The levers are marked left and right.

MISC:   20" Western Flyer Vintage Bicycle (Buzz Bike Eliminator) Value Information posted by: Nancy King on 11/24/2002 at 9:41:10 PM
I have a friend who would like to know the value of a 20" Western Flyer Buzz Bike Eliminator. No gears / coaster. Black Bananna Seat. All original. Blue in color.

   RE:MISC:   20 posted by a friend on 12/24/2002 at 5:06:03 PM
Bottom price $200.00.

MISC:   Columbia Thunderbolt posted by: Jessica on 11/24/2002 at 12:15:40 AM
I just purchased a Columbia Thunderbolt bike at a garage sale. The owner thought it was from the 1940's, but wasn't sure. I looked for a serial number, but it looks like it may have been painted over. How can I determine what I have, and what it's value may be? Any info is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

MISC:   Ross/Rand posted by: John on 11/21/2002 at 8:05:30 PM
I just received a Ross Mt. Pocono Mountain Bike for my 10 year service award at work. I was searching the internet to find out if this bike is any good and I can't find much of anything about the bike or Ross in general. Other than a recall in 1999, I found nothing.

Does anyone know about Ross or the Mt. Pocono Mt. bike?

   RE:MISC:   Ross/Rand posted by Lincoln on 12/11/2002 at 1:39:54 AM
I hesitate to step in as I'm no expert, but it's been a long time for you with no answer. Ross (no relation) used to be a good brand of bike. Had occasion to ride one a few times. Nothing fancy, but seemed to be well built and the components worked well too. NO idea about recent history.

MISC:   Murray Bike posted by: Kathy Robinson on 11/21/2002 at 7:04:32 PM
I have recently purchased an old Murray bicycle. How can I find the out the age of the bike (I don't even know where to find the serial number/model number)? I would then like to get a estimate as to the value of it!

MISC:   Ross Convertible posted by: Jean on 11/18/2002 at 3:53:59 PM
Can anyone give me an approximate year for a Ross Convertible? It is red and white-I thought it was a boy's bike but see that the large metal piece can be unscrewed to become girl's? I no nothing about bikes but it was $5.00 and cool looking. I would love to know anything. Thanks

   RE:MISC:   Ross Convertible posted by Cal on 11/20/2002 at 3:23:23 PM
Congrats on a cool bike at a GREAT price. I think they were made from about 1968 to 1978.

   RE:RE:MISC:   Ross Convertible posted by c on 4/7/2003 at 7:47:52 PM
That was my first bike. I had it in the early 80's. It was new from a Ross dealer at the time. The convertible was so you could switch between girls and boys frame styles I think.

FOR SALE:   Emblem posted by: Larry Covey on 11/10/2002 at 6:11:17 PM
I have what seems to be a cast alloy bicycle emblem approx. 4" in hieght, 12" in length that reads Bicycle Ballbearing #740.

WANTED:   Muscle bike posted by: Al on 10/15/2002 at 1:01:46 AM
Royce Union 3spd Muscle bike looking for one . I have a pic of the one I had as a kid in 1972 with me on it laugh all you want at the pic , e-mail me to view

SWAP MEETS:   Raleigh Bicycle posted by: Julie on 10/13/2002 at 10:57:40 PM
I just bought a Raleigh Bicycle, made in Japan. I think it was made by Huffy in the 1980's but I can't find any infornation about it. It is a Super Record, 10 speed with Sun Tour Parts. Any information about this bike, good or bad would be helpful, thank-you.

STUPID BIKE TRICKS:   vintage bicycle drag racing posted by: moon on 10/12/2002 at 2:31:55 AM
Hey guys and galls i just wanted to throw this idea out there. when i was living in sacramento ca, i had a sweet 1998 schwinn cruiser 7 with all the options. it was a fun bike justw because not only did it look old, it was fast!! i thought it was fun to race road bikers all decked out in their spandex. but anyways i met this other guy who also had a 7 and we used to drag race from stop light to stop light all the time. (mostly really late at night after the bars closed and we had no where else to go) it was a lot of fun and i just wondered if any of you have drag raced your vintage bikes or seen it done before. later guys and galls and keep those fat tires rolling!!

   Yeah, actually I have posted by Harry on 11/30/2002 at 10:06:49 PM
Yeah, I used to do it all of the time when I was bored. Except I used my huffy slingshot instead, It was a lot more convincing because it had a slik on it. I sometimes race my stingray now, nothing special to it, just fun.

   RE:Yeah, actually I have posted by a friend on 12/19/2002 at 4:18:17 PM
Sounds like good clean fun. Have you tried up hill racing?

MISC:   Old Ross Bicycle posted by: Claire on 10/12/2002 at 12:45:57 AM
I recently acquired a Ross bicycle. I am not sure what year it is or the value of it... Is there any way you could help me.... I am including some pictures... It is a Ross Eurotour... well a sticker on it say's "Eurotour". It is in very good condition...

Thank you

   RE:MISC:   Old Ross Bicycle posted by claire on 10/15/2002 at 1:06:25 AM
I uploaded some pictures of the bike... can anyone let me kow anything about it???

   RE:MISC:   Old Ross Bicycle posted by Jason on 10/17/2002 at 8:10:55 PM
Hi Claire,

I wish I could tell you that I have some information about your Ross. However, its really kind of weird, I bought an old Ross Eurotour 3-speed last weekend too! No kidding!
I'll send you picture of mine.

I've been searching all over the Internet and at local book stores for information about these great bikes. But since the Ross Bicycle Company, which was originally in Allentown, PA, went out of business years ago, I'm finding it very difficult to find any pricing guides/serial number charts on Ross bikes.

I'll keep you posted if I find anything. Please do the same!
Cheers and happy touring,

   RE:MISC:   Old Ross Bicycle posted by Carolyn on 11/1/2002 at 10:11:53 PM
Guess what! I was looking for the same thing and found a phone #. The old Ross Bicycle Company was bought out by a commany called Rand/Ross Bicycle Company in Boston. They still manufacture Ross bikes and are familiar with those bikes you mentioned above. The phone # is 631-249-6000 extension 281. Paul is an expert, as well as a few other people I talked to before I got to Paul.

   RE:MISC:   Old Ross Bicycle posted by Ken on 11/14/2002 at 1:24:11 AM
The Allentown Ross bicycle was made by the Chain Bike Corp. of Rockaway Beach, NY. I've got the owners' manual. I don't know, but I'd bet the PA factory was among the last to make cheap lugged frames in the U.S. My '79 ten-speed came spec'd with gorgeous Shimano 600 and was good for 20 yrs. But, heavy, man.

WANTED:   Columbia Model 40 information posted by: Tim on 10/11/2002 at 7:10:26 PM
I have a Columbia Model 40 from 1896. Can anyone tell me what type of hubs were originally fitted to this bicycle. I assume the rear was a fixed sprocket. Mine has non original wheels with a New Departure hub.
Does anyone have a New Departure Model A rear hub complete and in good order? ( for a Pierce)

WANTED:   1948 WHIZZER posted by: Mike on 10/9/2002 at 7:46:37 PM
I'm completing the restoration of the above, but still require a few parts.....Flywheel...Clutch assembly etc, and would appreciate any info!!! Ps...I've already tried Memory Lane Classic no avail...PS PS...I'm also located in Canada Thanks....Mike

   RE:WANTED:   1948 WHIZZER posted by MNSmith on 10/12/2002 at 1:44:34 AM
Whizzerick is in Canada.

SWAP MEETS:   Monson show posted by: rich on 10/9/2002 at 5:29:50 PM
When's the next show in Monson, MA?

MISC:   Collector info posted by: David on 10/9/2002 at 11:08:51 AM
I found an old schwinn typhoon cruiser the owner claims is from the 50's.The bike is in like new condition with only small scratches, He wants $300 is that a good buy?
Great web site!