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NOTE: When you are trying to find the value of a bike always include the following information:

  • Tire size (24 x 2.125) (26 x 1.75) (etc)
  • Male or Female frame
  • Original or repainted
  • Seat condition
  • Paint condition
  • Extra features: (lights, racks, tanks, etc).
  • If you aren't familiar with vintage bicycle terms, check our Vintage Bicycle Glossary
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Subject: Early Raleigh Chopper
Entered on: Sep 9, 1998 22:27
Entered by: Justin (Trashstylz@aol.com)

I have a first year production 5-speed Chopper.Never repainted (few minor scratches),Yellow with black lettering;all chrome is excellent;seat is excellent;brakes are original also. Has original "slick" rear tire. Also has the Tall cissy bar with pad. Any insight on current price for this beauty ? =)

Subject: RE: 5-speed Chopper
Entered on: Sep 10, 1998 09:01
Entered by: jj ()

$500 - $600? Don't see many 5-speeds

Subject: fuji anniversary edition bike
Entered on: Sep 10, 1998 10:56
Entered by: brenda (bwaning@mcp.edu)

I am interested in selling a Fuji anniversary edition bicycle. Can anyone help in determining a price to list at?

Subject: 1956 Schwinn Spitfire
Entered on: Sep 10, 1998 14:04
Entered by: David (tomadj@msx.upmc.edu)

Hi folks. I recently picked up a 1956 Schwinn Spitfire. It is 24" and is all original except for the tires. It doesn't have any accesssories (tank, carrier, etc.) but it is in very good shape. It has a few small scratches on both fenders and a few very small dings on the rear. The saddle is torn badly on one side. All the decals are in excellent shape. The bike is red with white accents around the head tube and white pinstripes on the fenders. I would love to know the value of this bike. I payed $35 for it. Was it a good deal? Thanks for any help.

Subject: Schwinn Wasp /75 Stingray
Entered on: Sep 10, 1998 15:31
Entered by: JIM (jweitzma@ix.netcom.com)

black Schwinn wasp year unknown 60's I need a rim for it. And value on bike. rough shape rusty would it be worth it to repaint / rechrome the wasp?Last ridden in bike smash up durby bent front rim small dent almost repariable. I won. youth? Need value on 1975 stingray good shape original paint. black seat. Also have schwinn stingray white with stingray written on it, fork, relflector, sissy bar all in good shape.

Subject: wasp/stingray
Entered on: Sep 10, 1998 15:33
Entered by: jim (jweitzma@ix.netcom.com)

white stingray seat with stingray written on it

Subject: ladies firestone speed cruiser
Entered on: Sep 10, 1998 19:05
Entered by: Ron (watts85@bright.net)

Hi i was wondering about a 26' ladies firestone speed cruiser,in great condition i believeit to be a 58 or 59 the value i would like to sell it it has only been ridden a few miles the tires still have the little rubber fingers on them the tires are firestone to email me thanking you in advance ron

Subject: Dating/Pricing a Raleigh
Entered on: Sep 11, 1998 08:31
Entered by: Sandi (skief@law.uiuc.edu)

We have an old Raleigh -- bought probably in the 60's. I would like to know more information about the bike. The serial number is 29656YA. It has 26X1.75 tires, man's bike, original paint, leather seat (with holes), it has a front headlight (with generator), and a newspaper rack on the front fender. I would appreciate any information you could provide. Thank you.

Subject: RE: 1956 Schwinn Spitfire
Entered on: Sep 11, 1998 09:43
Entered by: kath ()

$35 is a great bargain! Too bad it didn't have 26" wheels.

Subject: RE: ladies firestone speed cruiser
Entered on: Sep 11, 1998 09:47
Entered by: kath ()

What accessories does it have? Tank? Lights? rack? springer? These are all of the features that make a bike's price climb. Balloon tire bikes are getting popular with the same people who are going crazy on the latest swing music fad. I see 'em pull up to the local afternoon swing band place here on mountain bikes, and then when I pull up on my loaded middleweight I get swamped by admirers!

Subject: Motobecan Super Mirage
Entered on: Sep 11, 1998 19:35
Entered by: Tony (brossi@nycap.rr.com)

I have a 26" Motobecan Super Mirage. It's in mint condition. Anyone have any ideas what it might be worth?

Subject: ace arnold schwinn
Entered on: Sep 12, 1998 03:25
Entered by: leroy (lsuserud@aol.com)

i have a ace arnold schwinn girl's with a skip tooth 8 1/2" sprocket and the serial number B79703 on the bottom of the frame and 26x2.125...can i still get a chain or rims for it, maybe seat? maybe the value of it?

Subject: 1950 - 1960 Firestone Kingston? ladies cruiser
Entered on: Sep 13, 1998 17:29
Entered by: Mike (thatguy@worldlynx.net)

I just picked up a bike for $1 and i want to know ANY information on worth or where i can get parts on a 1950 - 1970(guess) Firestone Kingston? Ladies Cruiser. The gearing is in the rear hub and looks to me that it has most of the original parts and components.

Subject: Firestone Kingston? Ladies 3 speed cruiser
Entered on: Sep 14, 1998 17:57
Entered by: Mike (thatguy@worldlynx.net)

26 x 1.375 tire size, Female frame, Original paint(i belive), Seat condition almost new, Paint condition is good, front and back caliper brakes, cruiser handlebars, chain gaurd, front and back fenders

Subject: 1941 Columbia Superb F9T 26"
Entered on: Sep 14, 1998 21:52
Entered by: Jay (jayk@oasis-imaging.com)

help!! I have a 1941 Columbia Superb F9T 26" Repro. #0114 Manufactured in 1998. I would like to know how much it is worth. This bike is still in the original 2 cartons unopened. Thanks , Jay

Subject: Stearns Antique Bicycle
Entered on: Sep 16, 1998 10:17
Entered by: Brian (WeLiveInDC@aol.com)

My neighbor has a Stearns bicycle that looks like its from the late 1800s. Its in good shape; I rode it! What might it be worth?

Subject: Sterling Tandem
Entered on: Sep 16, 1998 12:23
Entered by: Lyle (lscott@lycosmail.com)

I found a Sterling Tandem at a yard sale this summer. It is in good shape and the local bike sho said it was built in the late 1800's. It is a rear steering,spring loaded seatposts,tires,rims,and seats have been replaced (sometime in the 50's maybe the 40's) No rust and the paint is faded but we took of the name tag on the head post and the original color is a med. green. It has inch chainning and original (not chrome) plating on the handle bars. More info please. Call me @ 810.233.7446 or Fax me @ lscott@lycosmail.com Thanks ever so much Scott Whiting Even the snail mail will work 3168 E. Mt. Morris Rd. Mt. Morris, Mi. 48458-8992 Thanks again Scott

Subject: 1940 MW bike
Entered on: Sep 17, 1998 11:58
Entered by: dick (bikebarn@fwp.net)

A pre-war mw ladies bike w/spring fork and skirt guard. Balloon tires, star chainring. Repainted. All original other than paint. What kind of value? Need answer ASAP

Subject: 1967 ladies Schwinn "Hollywood"
Entered on: Sep 18, 1998 00:59
Entered by: John (john_shenanigans@hotmail.com)

I have a Schwinn "Hollywood" with a ladies frame, 26" wheels, blue paint, chrome fenders. I think it was made in October of 1967 because the s/n starts with JC000000, is this true? My father bought the bike about twenty years ago and paid approx. $20.00 for it , it has been in our family ever since. What I want to know is what the approx. value of this bike today. It has all original parts except the rear reflector. Minor scrapes in the paint and minor dents in the fenders chrome has slight surface pitting. I work at my local shop and last winter, when business was slow I repacked all the bearings which hadn't been done since new( I don't think). I'm going to take pictures of the bike and if anybody can tell me more about the bike it would be greatly appreciated. I can Email pctures if you like. Thanks!

Subject: 1940's Monark
Entered on: Sep 19, 1998 00:11
Entered by: Ed (fencemendr@aol.com)

Doesn't anybody here do Monark or am I in the wrong discussion area? I've looked at all the archived stuff and found none mentioned. Anyway, my father-in-law has a 1940's (he was told) girl's 26" Monark in his antique shop. He's asking $125 and I told him he should probably up the price a bit. It is a sort of teal blue and white with some chrome on the frame and has chrome fenders. The huge chainguard is chrome with a plastic crown badge toward the front; "Monark" is barely visible and that is the extent of any legible insignia there. I can't see the headbadge because he's got it hanging from the ceiling in a jam-packed part of the store. I could, however, see that the coaster brake was a KOMET Super. The tires are not original and are 26x1.75. It has an original rear rack and one on the front that I believe is an add-on but looks to be pretty old as well. The seat is white and from what I can tell is in decent shape. The handlebars have been replaced and the grips are black so they likely have been too. It has a chrome horn tank that does not work. Serial# is 8866c9HO. Any info or direction greatly appreciated.

Subject: BMA/6 certification stickers
Entered on: Sep 19, 1998 00:19
Entered by: Ed (Fencemendr@aol.com)

What year did bikes start carrying this sticker?

Subject: 50's Schwinn Bike
Entered on: Sep 19, 1998 17:37
Entered by: Carl ()

I have a 50's blue Tornado 26in girl's bike. Anyone know the value?

Subject: Mossberg
Entered on: Sep 21, 1998 15:01
Entered by: Tom (duncan@mounet.com)

Need info on Men's 10 Speed Mossberg. Please e-mail any information.

Subject: Schwinn Suburban
Entered on: Sep 21, 1998 22:39
Entered by: SchwinnMAN (schwinn_elcamino@mypad.com)

My friend wants me to ask what a 1979 schwinn suburban is worth it is in excelent cond. except for the tires and thats it

Subject: John Deere 3 speed
Entered on: Sep 23, 1998 01:04
Entered by: Joe (tommy@osage.net)

I have a early 70's John Deere 3 speed. It is a blue men's bike with 26x1 3/8 tires.everything works great on it. It has the original paint and tires. The paint has a few nicks in it. The spokes are rusty and the crome is peeling from the rear fender. I got it for $15 at a garage sale. I'd like to know if it is worth anything.

Subject: Value & year
Entered on: Sep 23, 1998 14:04
Entered by: Frank (fgriff1@earthlink.net)

Hello, I was wondering if anyone can help me date a Schwinn Its a "Schwinn Travler" 3-speed, male frame, 26"? wheels,fenders/chain guard, generator lights, rack. Thanks in advance Frank

Subject: Whitney Marine Inc. Duocycle Plus 2, Side by Side Recumbent Tandem
Entered on: Sep 24, 1998 14:02
Entered by: Matt (voylesm@il-arng.ngb.army.mil)

I came across this 1973 recumbent side by side tandem in a barn. Also has a detachable canopy. Any ideas on value? All complete, chrome fenders, dual chain drives, original tires and rims, some rust on frame. I've never seen anything like this in person or on a forum.

Subject: RE: John Deere 3-speed
Entered on: Sep 25, 1998 07:57
Entered by: kath ()

A John Deere can be an interesting part of your collection, but really only worth around $100. It might be worth more to a JD collector than a bicycle collector. Their bikes were of marginal quality.

Subject: RE: Schwinn Traveler
Entered on: Sep 25, 1998 08:00
Entered by: kath ()

Maybe around $150 if it is extremely clean. They were one of Schwinn's 'lightweights' and were not as good as the English Roadsters. YOu can determine it's year from the serial number or the 2-digit date code on the rear hub.

Subject: RE: '79 Suburban
Entered on: Sep 25, 1998 08:01
Entered by: kath ()

Mebbe $50?

Subject: re: 50's Schwinn Bike
Entered on: Sep 25, 1998 08:02
Entered by: Kath ()

Does it have a tank? lights? horn? springer?? Need more details. It could be anywhere from $100 to $850

Subject: RE: 1940's Monark
Entered on: Sep 25, 1998 08:14
Entered by: kath ()

From your description I'm positive it is not from the '40s. More likely the late 50s or early 60s. But the $125 price is still a couple hundred too low.

Subject: 24" Schwinn 10 speed
Entered on: Sep 26, 1998 23:59
Entered by: Ed (rutak1@megsinet.net)

What would the value of a mens 24"x1 1/4 10 speed bike. The paint is badly faded to see the model name on the frame. Its a bright orange color and looks sort of like a "baby" Varsity. I think it was made in the '60's or 70's and generally it is in good condition.

Subject: Baby Varsity
Entered on: Sep 27, 1998 00:47
Entered by: Bob Hufford (bhufford@mail.orion.org)

It is probably a baby Varsity. Schwinn made 24" wheeled Varsities in the early '60s and they returned in '73 as a Varsity Sport with an 18" frame and 24" wheels. Sunset Orange was one of the colors in '73 and '74. Check the serial number under the headbadge to find the exact date. Unfortunately there is not much collector value at this point. Certainly less than $100.

Subject: Schwinn Racer
Entered on: Oct 1, 1998 00:57
Entered by: Tom (Biker29213@aol.com)

Any idea what a Schwinn Racer is worth? 26x1 3/8 tires, Sturmey 3 speed red paint, good shape, fenders, generator with front and rear lights?

Subject: Schwinn Racer
Entered on: Oct 1, 1998 13:46
Entered by: Bob Hufford (bhufford@mail.orion.org)

Schwinns "roadster" model lightweights (Suburban, Collegiate, Racer, Breeze, etc.) never received much attention from collectors. The Racer is probably in front of that pack just a little. I've seen advertised prices as high as $200, but most sell in the $35 - $75 range. YMMV ...

Subject: schwinn
Entered on: Oct 6, 1998 01:03
Entered by: vince (gateshot@aol.com)

does anyone know what a 1978 hurricaine 5 might be worth, its in good condition it is a 5 spd original tires,paint,bars everything...

Subject: Hurricanes
Entered on: Oct 6, 1998 08:03
Entered by: TomO (tomo@mtra.edu)

Proabably around $250. People buy them and turn them into Sting-Ray Krates. They have the same frame with the same caliper and chainguard fittings.

Subject: fibreglas bike
Entered on: Oct 7, 1998 09:30
Entered by: Tom (ferrari731@aol.com)

Hi, In about 1959-60 my uncle bought a bike for me because it was streamlined and I loved all futuristic things. When I got it, I found I was way too small for it, so we put it up in the attic untill i was big enough for it. We never got it out again, untill last week. I think its called a Bowden Spaceliner? something like that. Its in its original packaging, and its in mint shape having never been riden. Its red, with whitewall tires, and a very futuristc fiberglas body. Can anyone tell me what its worth? Thanks, Tom

Subject: Fiberglass bike
Entered on: Oct 7, 1998 09:48
Entered by: Fiberglass bike (bhufford@mail.orion.org)

Tom, if you're trolling, then I'll bite. The Bowden Spacelander is one of the most desireable bikes around. Possibly worth upward of $15,000. Check this out for more info -- http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=30289671

Subject: 1956 Shelby Flyer
Entered on: Oct 7, 1998 15:00
Entered by: Monica (Kindlip)

I have a 1956 Shelby Flyer. Professionally restored. Movie screen quality. Available for pick up in South Florida, USA What is value?

Subject: fibreglass bike
Entered on: Oct 7, 1998 16:43
Entered by: tom (Ferrari731@aol.com)

Hi, I thought i'd better stop this! Last april i was going to post the spacelander as an april fools joke, but i knew no one would believe it in april I put it up now, as a joke. There is no mint original spacelander in my garage, unfortunetly. Sorry!! Tom

Subject: found bike
Entered on: Oct 8, 1998 13:47
Entered by: R.R. (chayo_2@hotmail.com)

I found a bike I think it's a 1962 Sears flightliner or spaceliner, female frame,not so good original paint,seat is in good condition,with light in the tank,and rear rack. And I was wondering how much one of these would run for?? thanks for the help in advance.

Subject: Road Puppy
Entered on: Oct 8, 1998 20:48
Entered by: phil (PMThompy@earthlink.nett)

I have a fold up bicycle that has Road Puppy on it as the brand. It is in good condition with some pitting on the chrome. Does anyone have an idea of its value?

Subject: Hawtorne (Montgomery Ward) Bicycle
Entered on: Oct 8, 1998 22:24
Entered by: George R. ()

I got this bicycle from a garage sale. It looks like early 1900, and it is complete and original: tank, horn works, light on the front fender works, fenders in good conditions, paint original, seat in good condition, leather seat, spring on front forks in good condition. I'd like to find out more about this kind ob bicycle. I tried to find any clues about it but I failed so far. Want to know value, who made it, year made etc, anything that it may help me to decide if it is worth it to restore it at the finest kind. By the way the serial number writen under the crank: 05EH. No other number can be seen on the other parts. Can somebody help me!!! It will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance for any info. I'm collecting old Schwins only. Beach Crusers, and this is kind of add in my collection. Thanks again for your help. Best regards, George R.

Subject: Hawtorne (Montgomery Ward) Bicycle
Entered on: Oct 8, 1998 22:29
Entered by: George R. ()

I got this bicycle from a garage sale. It looks like early 1900, and it is complete and original: tank, horn works, light on the front fender works, fenders in good conditions, paint original, seat in good condition, leather seat, spring on front forks in good condition. I'd like to find out more about this kind ob bicycle. I tried to find any clues about it but I failed so far. Want to know value, who made it, year made etc, anything that it may help me to decide if it is worth it to restore it at the finest kind. By the way the serial number writen under the crank: 05EH. No other number can be seen on the other parts. Can somebody help me!!! It will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance for any info. I'm collecting old Schwins only. Beach Crusers, and this is kind of add in my collection. Thanks again for your help. Best regards, George R. Oh, I forgot to mention - it has baloon 26" tires in good condition.

Subject: Need help with a Monarch 47 Silver King
Entered on: Oct 10, 1998 17:43
Entered by: Sonny (Sonny@LemooreNet.com)

I have a males Silver King (Hex)that was handed down to me from my Grandma, that she bought new, but it's missing the front finder light and rear carrier. Does anybody know of a source that may have these items? I'm tring to but it back as it was, if at all possible. To my understanding there is'nt many of these bike around, so is there others out there that have the same bike that we could swap pictures and compare bikes?

Subject: Alenax
Entered on: Oct 11, 1998 14:37
Entered by: Doug (dmccord@enquip.com)

I just purchased an Alenax bicycle. It has 27 x1-1/4 tires, is brand new (still has original packing on the frame, and uses an alternating push pedal for a crank assembly. Does anyone have any information on the company? Any idea of value? Thanks. Call 888/557-3363 and ask for Doug or email me at dmccord@enquip.com Thank you.

Subject: Spaceliner
Entered on: Oct 12, 1998 15:01
Entered by: Repair King (sdempsey@dpmail.com)

I have an all chrome ladies ôSpacelinerö (according to the chainguard), but that is all I know about it. It has 26ö wheels, fenders, a rack on the back with an aqua section in the middle. The seat is decent. Decal on the seat tube is tattered. Anyone know who made it, how old might it be, and how much might it be worth?

Subject: Firestone Special Cruiser
Entered on: Oct 12, 1998 18:03
Entered by: Clint (clint@lcc.net)

I have a girls, 26 inch wheel, Firestone Speacial Cruiser. The bike is in poor condition (spraypainted, sufrace rust, and rust pitting on rear rim. The fenders and chaingaurd are not damaged, but the whole bike needs to be restored. I found the # C147313 (PA) by the rear wheel. How much is it worth now? and how much restored?

Subject: Firestone Special Cruiser
Entered on: Oct 12, 1998 18:09
Entered by: Clint (clint@lcc.net)

P.S. It has no accessories.

Subject: Spaceliner
Entered on: Oct 13, 1998 08:38
Entered by: kath ()

It's a Sears Spaceliner. Click on "Old Maps/Pix" at the top of this page and go to Menotomy's picture database for some pictures of Spaceliners. They were made in the early to mid-1960s. Price depends on condition. Men's bikes go for more than women's bikes. Figure maybe $200 - $500?

Subject: Schwinn Collegiate
Entered on: Oct 14, 1998 08:49
Entered by: DavidH. ()

Recently acquired a 1977 Schwinn Collegiate 5-speed in very nice condition. Rides, shifts, and brakes beautifully. The coolest thing about it is it has an original Schwinn Deluxe speedometer (dial-type with a black face, in a chrome housing) which works perfectly. Any ideas on the value of this rig? THANKS!

Subject: Reynold Bicycle
Entered on: Oct 14, 1998 10:36
Entered by: Dylan (jaguarcar@aol.com)

I was wondering could anybody here give me a rough estimate as to the value of a bike I recently found. The tag on the front of the bike says "Reynolds made in England" it is a mens frame and it is luged on the top bar it says "Made in England" on the vertical bar it says "model-de-luxe" on the lowest bar it says "Sports" the paint is in very-good+ condition the brakes I think are original but the shifter is not I took it off another bike it has three internal gears both weels I think are original with silk lining, the handle bars have a bit of rust on them and there is a chip out of the crome that is about 1"x1/2" large. The seat is leather and horse hair and is made in England. thanks, Dylan

Subject: childs high wheeler
Entered on: Oct 15, 1998 09:49
Entered by: mike (brewstermillantiques@mailexcite.com)

i have a chance to purchace a very early childs high wheeler with a 30" front wheel, steel frame, in excellant shape. There is no badge or mfg marks, however there is a carbide light made in england and the seat made in spain. the tires are hard rubber, the wheels steel. the rear wheel is 10" . I am looking for an approx value the is asking $1000. and i wanted to know if that is reasonible.

Subject: Hawtorne (Montgomery Ward) Bicycle
Entered on: Oct 15, 1998 19:23
Entered by: George R. ()

Hi guys !!! I posted a message here a while ago regarding my Hawthorne bicycle. I'd like to know more about this bicycle. Like year made, where can I find more info regarding this type of bicycle, how much it may be worth, etc..? Can anybody help me. I would really appreciate any help. Thanks a lot. George R.

Subject: Ross Mountain Team Bike, first prototype
Entered on: Oct 15, 1998 22:49
Entered by: John (johnmcc@home.com)

Due to a unique relationship, I have the first prototype made for the Ross team. (I was in the business). It is a chrome 27" frame. Can't ride anymore and would like to make sure that it will go to someone who appreciates it's history. If you can point me in the right direction, or I can answere a question please email me. John

Subject: David H Please E-Mail me
Entered on: Oct 16, 1998 11:44
Entered by: Wendell A. (wendell@richnet.net)

David please e-mail me about your 77 collegiate 5-speed. I had one at one time. Thanks!

Subject: Grey Ghost and Disc Brake Pea Picker
Entered on: Oct 16, 1998 13:41
Entered by: Richard ()

I have an original paint Grey Ghost 5 speed in very nice condition except for a few small paint chips and the slick is not original. Also an original '73 Pea Picker 5 speed with the disc brake, RWL slick, but quite a few chips and scratches. Both bikes are complete and have good chrome. I've had these for 8 years but need to sell at least one now. What is the fair market value of each?

Subject: miniciclo
Entered on: Oct 16, 1998 21:21
Entered by: john (bass1@the-bridge.net)

help! does anyone know what this bike is? i have a 'miniciclo'.this bike folds in have at the frame,has quick clamps at the seat and bars is medium sized and has a generator with light. it is in great original cond.its orange and chrome with a rear rack and was last licensed in 1975. please e-mail me with any info on value,history,etc. oh ya,it has the original wide white wall tires.thank you. bass1@the-bridge.net

Subject: 1968 Sting Ray Fastback
Entered on: Oct 18, 1998 01:39
Entered by: Kathy (absolutetool@iline.com)

I know someone with a Blue 1968 Sting Ray 5 speed fast back he is the original owner and it is in great condition. He knows it is worth something but does not know how much and does not have internet access. Could you tell us what it is worth market value. Thank you, Kathy

Subject: oldddddd hawthorne
Entered on: Oct 21, 1998 20:40
Entered by: kenn (TBorst34@aol.com)

wood rim 26" serial no 685323 brass nameplate on the front says hawthorne chicago with a large #1 in the center has the origional leather and horsehair sprung seat. painted over origional color blue?????????? would like to get the following information. year of manufacture, origional color{s} and in the bright work was chrome or nickle plate. the bike also has the origional cloth and rubber tires but they need to be replaced with new tires if i can find them. i am planning on restoring this bike for resale so all the information must be accurate as possible.

Subject: Schwinn Phantom
Entered on: Oct 23, 1998 09:57
Entered by: Tom (lichen@globalnet.co.uk)

I have a Schwinn Phantom complete and original with springer front end and chrome rack that I would like to sell. It is perfect yet faded and used. I wonder what it my be worth. I think its late 40's early 50's.

Subject: 1979 Peugeot Course
Entered on: Oct 23, 1998 14:50
Entered by: John (jmaxh@gte.net)

I have a well kept 1979 Peugeot Course racer. It has always been babied, and is still a very nice ride. It always draws compliments like: "that's the bike that got me into racing way back when", etc. It's a pretty light green with orange letters. It's still pretty fast, no dings, rust, etc. Any idea if it's worth anything?

Subject: 68 Stingray
Entered on: Oct 24, 1998 12:22
Entered by: Darryl (culver@ncn.net)

Have a 68 Stingray, coppertone original paint, original Schwinn everything including handlebar grips, and banana seat. Bike in good condition. What do you think this bike might be worth.

Entered on: Oct 24, 1998 14:38
Entered by: Claude Emile (pocketski@aol.com)

I posses a schwinn Rowill deluxe 72'? The frame is female. It is achilds bike . It's seat is triangluar as opposed to a bannana seat. The tires measure 20üľ1.75. It needs paint and has a few dents . But the bike is entirely original, If any of you professionals know roughly how much the bike is worth or need more info please E- mail me. Thank You

Subject: sting ray
Entered on: Oct 24, 1998 19:58
Entered by: john (bass1@the-bridge.net)

i have a sting ray ser. no. mc48845. it is black,seat is perfect,chrome is perfect except rims a little rusty. the bike was stored since almost new with very few scratches.i would like to know what it is worth,how rare it is,the year,etc. please feel free to e-mail me any info or just post reply.thank you.

Entered on: Oct 25, 1998 00:34
Entered by: Evan ()

I have a 1985(?) C.W. Z-frame. It has all original parts except for tires. It was welded at the Z covered with bondo sanded then paitned. Could you tell me how much it is worth?

Subject: Schwinn bike value
Entered on: Oct 25, 1998 12:54
Entered by: Mark (mmorgan@valleyint.com)

Im looking for information regarding the value of a 1957 "debutante" girls Schwinn in 95-98% only missing 1 headlight lens all original

Subject: shwinn collegiate
Entered on: Oct 25, 1998 19:13
Entered by: john (bass1@the-bridge.net)

got a 74' shwinn collegiate.its copper brown and in fairly decent cond.its all original and complete. any value to it? please reply. thank you.

Entered on: Oct 26, 1998 08:43


Entered on: Oct 26, 1998 08:47


Subject: Hiawatha info
Entered on: Oct 26, 1998 11:09
Entered by: DavidH. (david5620@hotmail.com)

Recently acquired an old Hiawatha and would appreciate any help with age and value. Men's frame, 26-inch wheels, black in color. It is in pretty nice shape, but missing the tank and front fender light. Rear chrome fender has been cut off part way up. Left rear dropout reads WG 3 822 106617 any ideas? THANKS!

Subject: Hiawatha info - P.S.
Entered on: Oct 26, 1998 11:12
Entered by: DavidH. (david5620@hotmail.com)

P.S. What would be a good source for finding replacement fender, tank, light etc.?

Subject: Hiawatha info addendum
Entered on: Oct 26, 1998 11:14
Entered by: DavidH. (david@5620.com)

P.S. What would be a good source for finding replacement fender, tank, light, etc.?

Subject: Banana seat bicycle
Entered on: Oct 26, 1998 18:27
Entered by: Jo (gjs4266@aol.com)

I am wondering what the value and year of a bicycle that I own. It a a baby blue banana seat bicycle. The name on the plate is Free Spirit. Any answers please email me Thank you

Subject: Gary Fisher's Grateful Dead Edition
Entered on: Oct 26, 1998 19:13
Entered by: Kara (jakara@cmn.net)

I have acquired a limited addition Gary Fisher Hoo Koo E Koo, of the Grateful Dead series. It's in mint condition, as far as I can tell. I don't know a great deal about them. This bike has a fifteen and a half inch frame. If anyone has any information about this bike, please email me. Thanks!

Subject: huffy bike made in england
Entered on: Oct 27, 1998 13:44
Entered by: Margaret (petersma@oplin.lib.oh.us)

I am a reference librarian at Wright Public Library in Dayton, Ohio. A customer has asked me to try to help her determine a price for a bicycle. It was made around 1950 (maybe the late 1940s). It says something like "made in England for Huffy." It has the face of a lion several places on it. (She thought it might be a Raleigh but it doesn't say so on the bike.) It is in excellent condition, with original paint and parts. It has a wicker basket and a light. The seat is in excellent condition. It is a three speed. It has a female frame and is probably a 26 inch. If you have any pricing information, we would be very grateful for the help! Thanks!

Subject: Old Campagnolo parts
Entered on: Oct 27, 1998 15:46
Entered by: Aldo (swampmtn@aol.com)

I have several old bike parts, and was wondering their approximate value - A. Campagnolo "Sport" rear derailleur NOS B. Campagnolo "Sport" front derailleur NOS C. Titan steel adjustable stem, NOS D. "Frejus" engraved cottered crankset, VGC E. Campagnolo "Gran Sport" steel rear derailleur, no top bolt, otherwise new condition

Subject: Mid 60's Schwinn Jaguar
Entered on: Oct 28, 1998 00:39
Entered by: Rocky (rockyv@basinlink.com)

I've got a Schwinn Jaguar that I was given as a boy sometime around 1965. It is a goldish orange color with a springer front wheel and horn on the tank. It also has a chrome wire pump seat. I don't have the tires or rims. Everything is original and in pretty good shape. It had a two speed pedal-hub type gear shifter but I have lost it. Can I possibly buy one to restore the bike? What do you think it might be worth "as is" and then after I add the tires and wheels? Thanks.

Subject: Ladie's Monark Rocket
Entered on: Oct 28, 1998 19:38
Entered by: Tara (NBKiesch@aol.com)

Looking for pricing info on a 26x1.75 ladie's Monark Rocket bike with chainguard, head badge, and rear seat rack. Repainted--probable original seat in good condition..Serial #A1511397. Model #2261A. May have it appraised soon and would appreciate anyone giving book price on this bike. Thanks...can e-mail me if desired.

Subject: 1898? Track Bike
Entered on: Oct 28, 1998 20:14
Entered by: Doug (CDROMS@aol.com)

Does anyone know the approximate value of a restored track bike from the turn of the century. (there is a stamp on the chainring with a '98 and a lightning bolt). All the components are originally nickel plated and recently restored. The frame is black. Wooden rims, 28hole front 36 hole rear. Bicycle was made by the National Sewing machine company in Belvidere,IL. It says "Eldredge" on the emblem.

Subject: 1960's early 70's phillips 3 speed
Entered on: Oct 29, 1998 16:12
Entered by: skip (swancke@aol.com)

I just baught a "phillips " 3 speed at the good will and I am wondering if there is any value to it. It has a more modern padded saddle, no lights or other extras , and is in pretty good shape. some of the decals are worn (rear mud guard)thanks .

Subject: BSA track bike
Entered on: Oct 30, 1998 01:23
Entered by: william (yoag@earthlink.net)

BSA-british small arms before motorcycles 1920-1930s?chain wheel displays BSA,wood rims,detachable rear frame, all bolts and parts stamped BSA,exelnt. cond.complete.need info.help!value?

Subject: legnano w/campy valentino grouppo (brand new)
Entered on: Oct 30, 1998 13:05
Entered by: michael (michaels@sportiva.com)

I have an old legnano in my garage,I have no idea what it is worth or how old it is. Please help if possible.

Entered on: Oct 30, 1998 14:10
Entered by: Debbie Dubois (angelmac@volcano.net)

value and description of a 1939(app.age) schwinn excelsior mans bicycle, color red on black. skip tooth floating heart crank. springer front end, missing chain gaurd and tank.

Subject: 4 bikes
Entered on: Nov 2, 1998 21:52
Entered by: mike ()

the first bike is a jeffries tandem with 28inch tubular tires , skip tooth chain and it steers from both the front and the rear positions via a conector rod the front is a ladies and the back is mens the second bike is a cresent with wood handle bar(level or upright)skip tooth chain direct drive with track bike drop outs it was made in chicago adjustable lenth seat post tire size 26 x 1.375 third bike a schwinn girls bike with 24x1 and three/forths tires serial number 091810 it has a falcon? on the top and down tubes near the headset 4th bike schwinn nespaper boy delilvery bike 26x1three fourths tires springer front fork two speed kick back rear hub alloy rims and spoke nipples and heavy dutie spokes if anyone can tell me anything about these bikes i would appreciate it thanks

Subject: sting ray
Entered on: Nov 9, 1998 02:07
Entered by: john (bass1@the-bridge.net)

67' sting ray for sale.very nice shape. all original.$250.00

Subject: 1950 J.C. Higgins, Original Owner, For Sale
Entered on: Nov 9, 1998 14:43
Entered by: Don (thomason@televar.com)

I am interested in selling my 1950 J.C. Higgins that was given to me new in 1950. It has all original equipment...rear platform, tank and tank horn, front fender headlight, wire basket, handlebar grips with streamers, fender mud flaps both fenders, original kick stand, leather seat. Front headlight works. Bicycle was restored to a painted condition with old rust stripped off it and repainted to keep it from rusting, 7 years ago. It also has new beach cruiser tires. I am asking $3000.00 Firm, but am open to discussion to trade of a boat or King Midget auto.

Entered on: Nov 9, 1998 21:40


Subject: Schwinn Varsity
Entered on: Nov 13, 1998 23:40
Entered by: Lance ()

I have a Schwinn Varsity, no idea what year. Does anyone collect these. How do I tell what year it is?

Subject: bike called arobee renegade
Entered on: Nov 14, 1998 22:37
Entered by: rob (hertzz350)

looking for a bike that i had back around 1974 called a arobee renagade. it was yellow/gold had raised white letter slicks and hand brake for the front it had a spoiler on the side where the chain was any info call me 757-498-1272

Subject: 5 speed stingray
Entered on: Nov 15, 1998 15:49
Entered by: Ken (Marlin190@aol.com)

I have a 5 speed stingray, serial number KD78170. Original paint, seat has tear on front, no fenders, hand brakes missing. Can someone tell me what this is worth?

Subject: !971 Raleigh Tourist Roadster
Entered on: Nov 15, 1998 18:44
Entered by: Brian (Dont8me@aol.com)

I have a 1971 Raleigh Tourist mens style with 28x13/8 tyres the paint on the frame and fenders is in excellent condition. It has the original pump and is equipped with a saddle bag mounted to a brooks B-72 saddle. The bag contains the owner's manual in mint condition along with tool kit. Does anyone know the approximate value of this bicycle?

Subject: when it was?
Entered on: Nov 17, 1998 01:38
Entered by: drake (anahills@earthlink.net)

Found an old girls scwhinn left behind at my work. It has a five speed, and front and rear brakes. it is green with chrome fenders. I decided to have some fun with it and made it into a phantom crusier. I found this site and wondered if anyone might know its year and history. I found a number on the back fork fc78844. thanks for any insight!

Entered on: Nov 18, 1998 17:56
Entered by: David (alien219@aol.com)

I have a 27" men's ten speed made by John Deere. Yes, I said John Deere. The paint as far as I can tell is original and the seat is in decent shape. I was wondering if anyone knew a history on this bike, how many were made, worth, etc. Thanks in advance.

Subject: schwinn hurricane tandem
Entered on: Nov 18, 1998 19:50
Entered by: jack (jackh@magna.com.au)

Has anyone got any information on the Schwinn Hurricane Tandem. such as year of manufacture,how many produced, selling price and availability of decals? Im asking for a friend.cheers! jack.

Subject: Columbia Chainless bike
Entered on: Nov 19, 1998 11:04
Entered by: Garrett (gbowers@xaverian.pvt.k12.ma.us)

Hello, I found an old Columbia bike in the loft of my house (built in 1927) that appears to be driven by a gear system rather than chain. Do these thypes of bikes exist or is it just I don't know what I am looking at? Thanks for any help! Regards, Garrett

Subject: 50's Girls Schwinn
Entered on: Nov 21, 1998 11:13
Entered by: Carl ()

I have a 50's girls' Schwinn, 26" with tank, horn, basket, all original parts, balloon tires, made in Chicago--anyone have an idea of value?

Subject: ladies elgin bicycle 50-60yrs old
Entered on: Nov 22, 1998 13:32
Entered by: christopher ()

no idea of exact yr. is there any value

Subject: elgin ladies bike
Entered on: Nov 22, 1998 14:20
Entered by: christopher ()

i have come upon this, and do not know the value or the history of this bike brief discribtion; ladies frame, org.seat,peddl,tude reflector,tires,chn, crank&sprocket,bookrack w/spock cover

Subject: RE: Columbia Chainless
Entered on: Nov 22, 1998 17:09
Entered by: kath ()

Hey, that is a very rare shaft drive bike. Probably 1895 - 1909. Hang on to it, or if you sell it, make sure you get enough for it!

Subject: 66 3 speed stingray
Entered on: Nov 23, 1998 08:23
Entered by: stoney (stevesr@tricountyi.net)

i just found a 66 stingray three speed in average condition, scratches includes as this was a boys bike. does anyone have an idea of a value for it. thanks

Subject: re; elgin bike ladies c/o christopher
Entered on: Nov 23, 1998 11:21
Entered by: bruce hedgefield minnisota ()

that bike i have seen go for up to $100,000 they are all extremly rare

Subject: re; elgin bike ladies c/o christopher
Entered on: Nov 23, 1998 11:24
Entered by: bruce hedgefield minnisota ()

that bike i have seen go for up to $100,000 they are all extremly rare

Subject: Goodyear bicycle valuation
Entered on: Nov 23, 1998 14:54
Entered by: Randy (R3Caverlys@aol.com)

I am helping owner determine more information and value on a boys Goodyear Double Eagle bicycle circa late 40's - early 50's. No info found at library or locally. Goodyear says only 100 made and only currently known one is girls model in Smithsonian. If you can help point me in the right direction, please E-mail. Thank you.

Subject: Columbia Chainless --more info
Entered on: Nov 24, 1998 08:41
Entered by: Garrett ()

I found a shield on the bike mentioned above that says, "Model 51". Does that held determine the bike's age at all? It is a women's bike.

Subject: Mint cond. 1981 Raleigh
Entered on: Nov 28, 1998 02:37
Entered by: John (jchavez400@aol.com)

I have a mint 1981 mens Raleigh 10 speed, complete with original receipt, purchased 1981, retail $1122. This bike is in mint condition, stored in a garage, wrapped in plastic for the last 17 years. Need help on pricing this bike.

Subject: Kid's Rollfast
Entered on: Nov 28, 1998 10:49
Entered by: DavidH. ()

Recently came across a boy's 20" Rollfast...styled similar to a Sting-Ray (high-rise handlebars, longer seat, but no sissy bar). It is in very nice shape. Any ideas on value, etc? THANKS! P.S. My 6-year-old son has already adopted it as HIS vintage bike!

Subject: Addendum to above
Entered on: Nov 29, 1998 09:06
Entered by: DavidH. ()

The boy's 20" Rollfast says "Skoot 444" on the chainguard...

Subject: 1930's Schwinn Paramount&Superior
Entered on: Nov 30, 1998 13:25
Entered by: Robert (bikeguy@amcycles.com)

Looking for information on the value of two schwinn fix gear bikes. A white Paramount ser.# A510 everything original execpt tape and tires. Rideable with wooded rims. A Blue Superior ser.# B207 Fix gear orginal except tires and tape. wooded rims also paint faded with very little scratches.

Subject: Firestone anniversary Monark
Entered on: Nov 30, 1998 15:20
Entered by: Tom (Bielavitz@hotmail.com)

I have my dad's old bike, a Monark created for Firestone's Anniversary. Don't know the exact year, but there was one made for each state, and there were only 48 states at the time...if I bothered to do some research, that would help date it. Anyway, it's complete, and in original condition. Everything works, and all lenses are intact. Even the tires are original, though somewhat dry. It needs some restoration (new wiring, rubber, general overhaul). It's the bike made for Pennsylvania, if that matters. Any ideas what this is worth, we're really curious. Thanks, Tom Bielavitz

Subject: Columbia Thunderbolt and "The Reliance"
Entered on: Nov 30, 1998 16:10
Entered by: Meg ()

I know practically nothing about bikes but I have two for sale. One is a Columbia Thunderbolt in almost mint condition. Original everything. Paint excellent. Ladies bike. Dual headlight. The other bike is an English "The Reliance" with original bullet light. Original seat and wire basket, also ladies bike. This one looks like it needs some help since it was stored for quite a long time. Give me a price of $250.00 (you get both) and they are yours. Call me a call at my studio at 401-295-4959 to make an appointment to view. I'm located in North Kingstown, Rhode Island.

Subject: Schwinn Stingray surfboard
Entered on: Dec 1, 1998 09:01
Entered by: uncletom (uncletom@net-link.net)

I am selling off my Schwinn collection. Starting with my Clear Water Classic 6'7" limited edition surfboard. Any takers?

Subject: AMF Muscle Bike
Entered on: Dec 1, 1998 20:06
Entered by: Calvin (seilergang@msn.com)

I have a AMF Aero Bee Avenger with a 5 speed console click shift, white raised letter "The Fast One" 20" tires (rear slick), silver glitter banana seat, black frame w/chrome fenders, and hand brakes. Overall the bike is about a C8.5 with a few minor scratches and some loss of the decal on the flared chain guard. What's it worth and what year was it made (early 70's?)? It does have the BMA/6 decal on the seat tube. Thanks for your help.

Subject: western flyer 3 speed english
Entered on: Dec 1, 1998 20:27
Entered by: Bill (burlap@prodigy.com)

Hi all... anyone have thoughts on a western flyer brand 3 speed, English built, looks like a raleigh clonee...stamped 63 on a S/A 3sp coaster hub? Like to find out if it's a keeper or a rider, etc. cond. is vg-ex. thanks for any thoughts. Bill

Subject: western flyer 3 sp
Entered on: Dec 1, 1998 20:33
Entered by: Bill (burlap@prodigy.com)

In addition to my previous questions- Male frame, paint original w/ a decals legible, rear carrier looks original, as do grips, and saddle two tone wh/blk,w/embossed eagle design. Fenders chrome and very clean. Looks like not many miles on this one. Thanx again Bill

Subject: American Flyer
Entered on: Dec 3, 1998 17:12
Entered by: Brad (bradshan1999@yahoo.com)

I have an American Flyer bike I bought at a yard sale for $10 can you tell me how I can tell what year it was made, and also approximate value? It is approximately a 1950's model with original paint, on the handle grips it says western flyer. Can you help??

Subject: 1938 Anvers-Velos
Entered on: Dec 4, 1998 09:35
Entered by: Tom (tom@lumicast.com)

My 83 year old father has a Anvers-Velos 3-speed bicycle that he bought new in 1938 in Antwerp, Belgium. It has 26" wheels with clincher tires with tubes. The front brake on the handlebar is a rim type brake; the rear is a coaster brake, hub type. It is black and everything on it is original except for the seat. Can anyone give me an idea of its value? Would anyone be interested in purchasing it?

Subject: Schwin Lil Chik
Entered on: Dec 4, 1998 14:16
Entered by: ARt (agwozdz@together.net)

Recently came acorss a Schwinn Lil Chik girls bike. This is dark blue, chrome fenders, banana type seat that is white with flowers and "SCWHINN" on it. Anyone interested or want to share info on it? I'd guess it's a '71 or so edition. Still on the hunt for men's Spaceliner shared stories and info. I'd love to be able to borrow a headlight assembly to try to make a couple repro's for those of us missing them.

Subject: AMF Moped
Entered on: Dec 6, 1998 19:18
Entered by: Sam (samb@prairienet.org)

I have a 1978 AMF Roadmaster moped in great condition. What do you think the value could be? E-mail me.

Subject: Amf Roadmaster moped
Entered on: Dec 6, 1998 19:32
Entered by: Sammy (samb@prairienet.org)

I have a 1978 AMF Roadmaster moped. It is in great condition. What would the value be? Where there manyof them made? Are there many left now?

Subject: bikes
Entered on: Dec 6, 1998 21:26
Entered by: Andy (leprecan@worldnet.att.net)

what is the best way to get your foot in the door for downhill racing

Subject: Bowden Spacelander Pricing
Entered on: Dec 7, 1998 07:34
Entered by: Scott (chimpo@webtv.net)

I have an opportunity to purchase a red Bowden Spacelander from the original owner. Bike was ridden once in a parade and sounds like it is like new. I have not seen it yet Being sold (not advertised) by a retired Bike shop owner. What can I expect to pay?

Subject: A three part question concerning my tricycle
Entered on: Dec 7, 1998 13:03
Entered by: james ()

My wife and I recently bought a brownstone in New York City and found in the basement a tricycle which we think is very, very old and in excellent condidtion. The tricycle is red, with a wooden sidecar, and very large spoked wheels. The only hint of where this bike may have fome from is by the license plate - it reads "Loesers Toyland". So my question is 1) approximately what year was this bike made/ridden?, 2) should i attempt to re- furbish this piece myself or let someone else work on it for me?, and 3) who can I contact in New York that might specialize in these antiques?

Subject: Schwinn Corvett
Entered on: Dec 7, 1998 19:14
Entered by: Glenn (skibrendella@yahoo.com)

found an old schwinn with springer front end. Chaingaurd say's Corvett. This bike is a large frame cruiser type. Amature paint on frame, with replacement crank arms. Overall, seems to be in good condition. Is the springer fork original for this bike, and what might it be worth in its present unrestored condition?

Subject: schwin stingray
Entered on: Dec 9, 1998 21:42
Entered by: Chris (snowman1@cal.net)

I am looking for anyone who might have the schwin serial no list for early model stingrays. I have one form around 1964 to 1968 but not sure what year. Also want to repaint in original color and want to know how to find a paint no. and who might be able to re paint the bike Thanks

Subject: 1935 Wards Hawthorne Silver King
Entered on: Dec 10, 1998 11:53
Entered by: Mike (olin-quigley@juno.com)

Anyone have approximate value of a 1935 Wards Hawthorne Silver King all-aluminum boys (24") model? It's been overhauled and detailed, and partly restore (rechromed steel parts). Aluminum frame has some scratches on seat and chainstays. Repop spokes, grips, tires, saddle, pedals. Original rims and chain guard have been repainted silver. No fenders. Need approximate value for estate appraisal. Thanks,

Subject: Year & Price of 50's Schwinn Hornet
Entered on: Dec 10, 1998 19:47
Entered by: Peter (ochs0532@uidaho.edu)

I have a 1950's super deluxe Schwinn Hornet. I'm looking for the exact year and what it might be worth in average condition. It has a tank, attached fender light, and horn.

Subject: Collegiate
Entered on: Dec 10, 1998 21:00
Entered by: Josh (Da-Gilligan@Juno.com)

I just got a Schwinn Collegiate I'm not shure on the year I think it is a 68 I found many model numbers (4791111 on the back on the left, G1284 on the back right, on the fender A622 and crank 68E. E-mail

Subject: whizzer
Entered on: Dec 11, 1998 17:32
Entered by: Jim ()

Ijust bought a whizzer pacemaker 24 inch frame the motor is gone it still has front brake and the motorcycle type springer what would be the value of a pacemaker frame did whizzer build these bikes any info on this thanks Jim

Subject: Schwinn+dana
Entered on: Dec 13, 1998 07:38
Entered by: marty (jtroxell@kih.net)

it is a deluxe american,seat, post,clamp,rear wheel not original,no chaingaurd cause its got a 3spd dana transmission where the old crank&sprocket should be& the gooseneck is 11" long . whats it worth?

Subject: AMF bike
Entered on: Dec 14, 1998 21:46
Entered by: jerry (macgyver@sixguns.net)

i have a AMF that was donated that i am trying to find the value of it is a AMF Hercules, 3speed, 26X1 3/8 tire, male frame, original paint in excellent condition original seat with no cracks or deterioration, lights, racks, fenders and chaingurard. if you have any usefull information please email me. jerry

Subject: Typhoon
Entered on: Dec 15, 1998 09:57
Entered by: SchwinnMAN (schwinn_elcamino@mypad.com)

What is a schwinn typhoon with the seirial #CB???? any help would be appriciated

Subject: Shelby Airflow Mens 1930's
Entered on: Dec 15, 1998 10:09
Entered by: Jeanne (rjkirsch@rapidnet.com)

Shelby airflow mens a l930 chainguard and lights missing rest looks original. Has been repainted and is rusty. I need to know what it is worth as it is and an idea of what it would cost to restore it. Also where do I get it restored. Jeanne Kirsch

Subject: Straightening Wood Rims
Entered on: Dec 15, 1998 19:24
Entered by: Gary (gramke@worldnet.att.net)

I just received a WAVERLY bicycle. I think it is from the 1890s. It is in poor shape. It's wood rims are badly warped. Does anyone know how to straighten these rims? Should I soak them and then bend them into shape? Is it worth it? I know very little about vintage bikes and I don't want to damage something with potential value.

Subject: Western Flyer
Entered on: Dec 16, 1998 10:24
Entered by: Kenneth (Khus0431@yahoo.com)

I recently purchased a pair of reproduction Western Flyer, Boys and Girls bicycles. They are reproduction of the 1950's original bicycle. I have no clue as to how much they would cost. It would be very helpful if someone could tell me what these reproduction bicicyles are valued at. Thank you.

Subject: Brit wheels
Entered on: Dec 17, 1998 12:12
Entered by: Ken (hinman@syrres.com)

Can anyone help me put a value on the following? 1) 26" rod-brake wheelset, 40 spoke S-A AW(no date, threaded driver), 32 spoke Armstrong front hub, Dunlop rims. The spokes & nipples look almost new, possibly replaced. Plating almost completely worn off rims at the brake tracks, gold pinstripes either side of center remain. Both wheels solid, round and true, no dents. 2) 28" rod-brake rear wheel, 1972 40 spoke S-A AW, S-A rim, excellent condition (possibly NOS, a bit shopworn). Thanks.

Subject: 1889 columbia spring fork
Entered on: Dec 19, 1998 13:51
Entered by: POPE (xhtz@yahoo.com)

Approx value of a complete 1889 columbia spring fork bicycle good shape but stripped to pair metal - needs restoration, paint plating etc - thanks!

Subject: Can somebody price these Schwinns?
Entered on: Dec 23, 1998 08:34
Entered by: Tom (Bikes4Kids@aol.com)

Can somebody give me an idea of the value of these? Schwinn Convertible 20" Serial # ML501397. Good condition Schwinn Pixie 16" Girl's w. Schwinn "Superior" tires Serial #JS537857 Schwinn Starlet 18" Girl's Serial #8I63657 Schwinn Breeze 26" Woman's w. Schwinn tires Serial # OK593427 Thanks!

Subject: 3-speed Raleigh Super Bee
Entered on: Dec 23, 1998 19:05
Entered by: Thomas ()

The tire size is 26x1.75. It is a male bicycle. The paint is original green, there are scrapes and rust. The seat is a Brooks and it cracked a little bit on the side. There is a rear rack, rear light, head light, and fenders. The bike is all original except the front brake cable, the tires, and the front wheel.

Subject: sell Sell sell 1951 Western Flyer
Entered on: Dec 24, 1998 15:38
Entered by: Wiley (281-360-4880)

Got a bike It is in immaculate condition 1951 Western Flyer

Subject: 1891 Victor Model A bicycle
Entered on: Dec 24, 1998 23:23
Entered by: Tom (tfw01@flash.net)

I am interested in selling an 1891 Victor Model A bicycle. Bicycle is all original and complete including stirrup hand grips and original tires and seat. Pedals appear to be original with 1890 Pat. date. Bicycle has strange cantalever wishbone spring front end. The only missing piece is a handlebar break lever and small front fender. Would like to know it's approximate value for a potential sale. Was told it was the first year of the safetys- Mfg. by overman Wheel Co-Thanks-

Subject: 1959 Black Knight Bike
Entered on: Dec 27, 1998 15:13
Entered by: mattie ()

1959 Blck Knight ladies bike. 26x1.75 tires origanal everything. paint is black with white around forks. knight symbols on frame and chain gaurd. white pin stripes. fair condition no dents just old. Can anyone tell me what the value is as is? and how much restored. thank you.

Subject: Raleigh Pro and Team Pro
Entered on: Dec 28, 1998 23:38
Entered by: Frank (Cooolwater@AOL.com)

I have a mink and silver Raliegh Pro that I bought in 1972 from the original owner who had it one year. I also have a gold Raliegh Team Pro frame w/Reynolds 753 tubing that I bought new in 1976. I have the original receipts for both bikes. I'd like to find out their value, and possibly sell them. Any info would be appreciated.

Subject: 1959 Roadmaster AMF Pleasure Liner - "Cadillac Model"
Entered on: Dec 29, 1998 10:43
Entered by: Nicole ()

I am wondering how much my 1959 Roadmaster AMF Pleasure Liner is worth? It is the "Cadillac Version" in perfect condition. The seat is in perfect shape, with the original paint job which has never been touched up. The bike is equipped with all origijnal decals, the battery chrome operated light. It has a chain guard, fenders, luggage carrier, and coaster brakes. The tires are 24 x (1.2?) in diameter, with no rust on the handlebars and has never been stored outside. It is in perfect rideable condition!!!!

Subject: A Price
Entered on: Dec 29, 1998 14:27
Entered by: Nor (noreen.ferrante@uspto.gov)

My friend was hit by a car on his beloved 1978 (I think) Torpado Racer. It was in excellent condition. The insurance company will not pay his claim because they can not contact the woman who hit him. She was found guilty in court (the accident happened in front of two police men). Her insurance company Alstate said because she didn't reply (they have her wrong address and she is spanish speaking) that they are disclaiming her as a policyholder and will not honor his claim. Now he has to go to civil count and he hired an attorney (30% of collected). His attorney wants him to get an estimate on his precious and totalled Italian Racer. He said it is a special vintage Italian Racer - Torpado who is now out of business. Does anyone know where he can have this bike appraised properly ... I don't have the exact details but can get them next time. If anyone has any advice or suggestions it will be appreciated. Thank you.

Entered on: Dec 31, 1998 11:24
Entered by: gary (gsw@intnet.net)

thinking about a purchase. seller says they were dealer only models. any price info. it is new in box.also 1952 schwinn black shadow.wants $2800 says it is 8.5 on a 10 point scale.

Subject: Orange Crate
Entered on: Jan 1, 1999 15:25
Entered by: jeff (jeffrucks@bewellnet.com)

I have a restored Schwinn Orange Crate. I am interested in knowing the value and possible buyers.

Subject: Sell old family bike
Entered on: Jan 1, 1999 19:58
Entered by: Lizzy (christianwf@mw.sisna.com)

I am selling my Gramma's Speed Cruiser. The bike is green and white. It is a Firestone bike. In the library I looked it up and the book said it is worth $250.00. I had it since I was 9 yrs old. I got a new bike this year, for Christmas (I am 11yrs old). Please let me know if the bike is the kind you buy. Lizzy Christian.

Subject: 1976 Red White Blue Varsity
Entered on: Jan 4, 1999 08:26
Entered by: RepairKing (sdempsey@dpmail.com)

I found a 1976 red white and blue Varsity in fine 'stored in basement" condition. I would like to get an idea of what it might be worth please.

Subject: schwinn deluxe sting ray
Entered on: Jan 4, 1999 09:04
Entered by: Carla (catirena@aol.com)

I have a sting ray bike my grandparents gave me back in 1970. on the chain guard it says schwinn deluxe stingray,it has a three speed stik shift,and hand brakes front and rear. the serial no. is FC71393. It has sky blue metalic paint. I dont want to sell it but am curious as to what its year is and if it has any value other than sentimental. Even if it has no significant value i'll keep it forever because i was the only girl in town with one!

Subject: Hiawathia bike
Entered on: Jan 4, 1999 22:48
Entered by: J.A. (jallen1@remc11.k12.mi.us)

I have a Hiawathia 26" bike. The serial number is: 35 WGG 24 1035. I was wondering what sites I could go to, or what source I could use to find out if it is worth anything. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Subject: Carla's Sting-Ray
Entered on: Jan 8, 1999 08:31
Entered by: kath ()

It was built in June, 1967

Subject: Norman bicycle
Entered on: Jan 8, 1999 13:15
Entered by: michael (mfitzpatrick@fv.stlcc.cc.mo.us)

i have a Norman bicycle, made in ashford england. I am trying to date and assess the value of this bicycle. I apologize for not having all of the requested information at this time. I plan to go home and get the nessescary information. It is a female frame. i forward a thank you for any help in my search.

Subject: 1962 Schwinn-appr.value?
Entered on: Jan 10, 1999 17:09
Entered by: Ted ()

I have a 1962 I think,(s/nc226000)men's 26"all original Schwinn.I got this bike new as a kid.Original 26x13/4tires with air.It's missing something on the front fender.(I don't remember what was there??)And I think the chain gaurd is missing.

Subject: 1962 Schwinn/Value?
Entered on: Jan 10, 1999 17:15
Entered by: Ted (redclay4@gateway.net)

Forgot my email address.

Subject: schwinn speedster
Entered on: Jan 11, 1999 14:40
Entered by: justin (dukers1@netscape.net)

hey all, i just got a bike at the swapmeet. it is a schwinn speedster, all original including tires, grips, seat, cables, everything. it is green with chrome fenders. it has a sturmey archer 3 spd. only piece missing is shifter. any ideas as to year and value? it was made in chicago. thanks.

Subject: Pilot bicycle
Entered on: Jan 17, 1999 11:35
Entered by: colleen (cmurphy@thesis2.med.uth.tmc.edu)

I am currently in the process of purchasing a 24" Pilot. I am buying it because it is in my very low price range and I have always wanted a classic bicycle. The value is not terribly important but I never heard of Pilot before. It has a front newspaper basket and a rear wire rack, and a chain guard, It also has a leather seat that is in poor condition. I have the impression it is from the late 50's. Can anyone provide a newcomer to the field any further informtion about this bicycle please? Thanks in advance, Colleen

Subject: Help Identifying
Entered on: Jan 17, 1999 13:42
Entered by: Robin (lr102895@aol.com)

I have a bike that appears to be from the 40's and I'm having trouble identifying the make. Possibly Schwinn Hornet? Are there any specific characteristics that would help? On the peddle bearing housing is stamped F5544. This is the only thing I can find.

Subject: Is it worth anything?
Entered on: Jan 17, 1999 17:18
Entered by: Jeremy ()

Peugoet Alpine Express, the man I bought it from says it was the first moutainbike manufactured by the Peugoet company. He bought it state of the art, for around 500$. He hardly ever rode it, it's been in hanging in his garage since 1980, so I still have the orignal tires, and intertubes. It's has a male frame, it's a 18 speed, tire size 26 by 2.125, paint is in pretty good shape is chiped in some places, paint color is bule with two white outlined engish style loins and some red, orange, and white, seat has a few tears in it. Shimano gears. My friends say that it might be worth somthing. Is this true?

Subject: Schwinn with Bendix 3-speed rear hub
Entered on: Jan 21, 1999 04:12
Entered by: Richard (pcpros1@ix.netcom.com)

Which Schwinn bikes, in which years, had the Bendix 3-speed (or 2-speed, was there a 5-speed? rear hub that you shifted by clicking the brake backwards once, and what is their approximate pricing today? Thank You, Richard pcpros1@ix.netcom.com

Subject: RE: Bendix
Entered on: Jan 21, 1999 14:08
Entered by: kath ()

I think it'd be only a 2-speed kickback. They were used on many Schwinns over a number of years. On 20", 24" and 26" wheels. Maybe someone can tell us the first and last years of their use on Schwinns?

Subject: Girls JC Higgins Color Flow
Entered on: Jan 22, 1999 10:25
Entered by: TimH ()

While working in a LBS (Colorado Springs) in the 70s I purchased and bebuilt an old (50s?) Ladies J.C. Higgins Color Flow (26" wheels). At that time I just replaced bearings, NOS chain tread whitewalls, tubes, etc. The bike is in good original condition with some rust on the rims, somewhat faded and scratched original 2-tone green paint, tank (horn), rack, spring fork, script pedals, etc. The chaingaurd is creased from the crank contacting it. One of the little reflectors on the rack is broken and it has no grips. I'd like to sell it and am for your opinion of fair market value.

Subject: Early 1950's Western Flyer
Entered on: Jan 23, 1999 19:10
Entered by: Ryan (p71cuda@aol.com)

I've got an early 1950's model Western Flyer. 100% original (paint, seat, fenders, rack, rims, tank, tires.) The chrome and paint is a little rusty. Runs great, just needs the rust removed. If anyone knows what it's worth, or if you are interested in buying it, please e-mail me. Thanks.

Subject: Early Seventies 27 inch mens Schwinn Continental
Entered on: Jan 25, 1999 00:31
Entered by: Dave (flipndave@aol.com)

I have the above mentioned bike in overall good condition. Original burnt orange paint with a few chips, original seat in great condition & original rack. Items replaced (non Schwinn) are the rear derailer (shimano), both rims and the tires (Continental gum walls). Missing the handlebar tape. I'm bored to death with it, but I won't sell it for peanuts. I would rather sit on it for a while. What's it worth?

Subject: vintage tandem
Entered on: Jan 25, 1999 14:52
Entered by: Steve (sbeers@jbu.adm.jbu)

I have a rear steering tandem with a female front half to the frame and a male rear half. The sprocket has hearts punched out in it. Most parts have been replaced at one time. There are no other markings on the frame. I am interested in learning about the history of this bike and its value. Steve

Subject: Iver Johnson
Entered on: Jan 25, 1999 16:29
Entered by: frank (fc@nmss.com)

I have access to a 1937 Iver Johnson single speed racing / touring bike in ridable condition, orginal paint, not badly rusted. I am trying to offer a fair price: ~27" wooden rims (tires actually still hold air for a while), man's frame w/ original paint in usable condition, brooks saddle slightly cracked, single - speed w/ coaster brake.

Subject: Schwinn 1962 ladies mint
Entered on: Jan 25, 1999 16:35
Entered by: frank (fc@nmss.com)

What would be a fair price for... ~1962 Ladies Schwinn "Co-Ed" Blue metallic paint, single speed, Coaster brake, rriginal seat, paint and decals. Hardly ever ridden, bought by the owner of the above IJ for his wife. She never rode it in 30 years. I'm not interested, but if you are....

Entered on: Jan 26, 1999 10:43
Entered by: Kile (vvjrkgenslin@mdeca.org)

I have a Firestone Cruiser (female) It's in pretty bad shape. I was wondering what it is worth and is it worth restoring?

Subject: Yes, it's worth restoring
Entered on: Jan 27, 1999 15:26
Entered by: Seafarer ()

All of these old bikes are worth restoring. They don't make 'em like this anymore. The question is, to what degree do you restore it? If a bicycle's value in top condition is under around $750 - $1000, then I'd say restore it how you want to. Don't knock yourself out trying to get every last stinking "correct" little part. Make it safe and roadworthy, give it your own paint job, have fun fixing it up, and most importantly..... Ride it and show it off!

Subject: Harley Davidson bicycle
Entered on: Jan 27, 1999 23:26
Entered by: Mark (mmorgan@valleyint.com)

I own a childs bicycle that was made by roadmaster in the U.S.A. It is a replica of a harley davidson sportster. Don't know much about the bike other than i've never seen one before. Its in excellent condition except it is missing what looks like may have been the speedometer. Can anyone help me as two maybe what year this could be,and what its worth ? It's a pretty cool bike !

Subject: 1968 Schwinn Sting Ray Slik Chik
Entered on: Jan 28, 1999 13:43
Entered by: Tami (tami@sonomatech.com or pfunk@inow.com)

I have a 1968 Schwinn Sting Ray Slik Chik girls bike. Mostly original parts (90%) and paint, excellent condition. What's it worth?

Subject: 63 roadmaster jet pilot
Entered on: Jan 29, 1999 15:34
Entered by: scott (skotti20@aol.com)

i recently aquired a 1963 roadmaster jet pilot 24" girls bike all original in decent condition.dose anyone have info or interest? e-me

Subject: Schwinn Superior
Entered on: Jan 29, 1999 16:22
Entered by: rick (rjeffery@shentel.net)

Hey Guys, I've got a 1980's Schwinn Superior 10-spd. OEM black W/Chrome finish,Campy Headset, SR neck &SR Laprade seatpost, Brooks leather saddle, Suntour Superbe brk set &levers, Suntour Cyclone Mark II Derailures, Stainless Steel Cable housing's, Shimano Bar End Shifters, Shimano 600 DX front crank assembly w/ Sealed bearing DX trap pedals and "W" cut Cogs, Wheels are 27x1 Araya carbon fiber rims laced to a set of OMAS Sealed bearing hubs W/Quick release Skewers , Also the rear derailure has Bull Eye sealed bearing guide wheels,, the bike is in A-1 shape and I was thinking of selling it but I'm not too good at Pricing it. I'm the only owner & rider of it and now my back is in need of repair (old age ? ) anyway could some of you write back with your thoughts on this ??? Thanks Rick...............

Subject: shwinn fairlady
Entered on: Jan 31, 1999 23:50
Entered by: yvette (anmlprnt@aol.com)

i bought a shwinn fairlady (i dont know the year)its cherry red with rainbow streamers, definitly a lady's bike-i paid $150. its in great shape, floral pink banana seat. 3 speed. was it a deal? was i gipped? i know nothing about her except shes beautiful

Subject: Schwinn Fairlady and Slik Chik bikes
Entered on: Feb 1, 1999 09:53
Entered by: MediaHound ()

They are moving up in price. Yours is a 3-speed and that makes your $150 a good deal. Congrats on your purchase. I see more comercials every week that have some kind of old bike in them. There are at least three on right now that feature a girl's 20" muscle bike (I think they are all Schwinns, too). Commercials are my business, old bicycles are my passion.

Subject: Girls muscle bikes on TV
Entered on: Feb 1, 1999 20:17
Entered by: Dave (flipndave@aol.com)

I'm feeling better & better each day about this old Huffy Sweet Thunder bike that I dragged out of the trash. With a little TLC, who knows?........

Subject: 47,48.or 49 Spiegel Airman
Entered on: Feb 2, 1999 13:31
Entered by: Ron (rkelly@multipro.com)

I bought this Spiegel Airman in 1949 used from my brother-in-law to pedal papers with. The model # is 51T2577 and the Serial # is A0052882 which is located on the bottom of the pedal crank housing. It has horn tank and dual coil springs thatlooks similar to the Monark Super Delux. The color is maroon with a creme trim. It has been in a garage at a cottage for the last 45-50 years. The paint is in bad shape requiring a paint job. Will probably also require some re-chroming. The tire size is 26 x 2.125. Half of the torpedo light on the frt fender is gone and the horn doesn't work. The seat is acceptable. Thinking about renovation Is it worth it?? Thanks!! Ron --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Subject: Monark Speed Twin Motor Bike
Entered on: Feb 4, 1999 14:03
Entered by: tim (tim@bgenv.com)

Message: I have a 1953 Monark Speed Twin looking for information or inquiries about selling this motor bike. Any information on this motor bike would be greatly appreciated. thank you tim

Subject: 1950 Rudge Whitworth Mens
Entered on: Feb 4, 1999 20:41
Entered by: Curtis (Monaco Royale@worldnet.att.net)

I found what appeared a rather decrepit old English 3-Speed in a thrift store, here in Las Vegas, NV. It had no seat or even a seat tube, and it was jammed in with other bikes so inspection was difficult. any way, I paid for it and took it home, and tried some polish on the dull finish, and the more I cleaned it, the more amazing it became. It is a tall mans size Black 26" tyres, Original paint with very little damage, I found a seat tube and mounted a saddle, and after carefully oiling everything, took it for a short ride. It has the original tyres, Dynohub, cable brakes, and is absolutely free of any rust I would call it museum quality. What might it be worth? I live in a studio apt. and have to let something go... Thanx

Subject: 26" Royal?
Entered on: Feb 7, 1999 13:19
Entered by: Steve (sgrimes3@bellsouth.com)

I found a "Royal" 26" (26X1.25) girl's bike at a thrift store for about $15. It has a "vintage look" and I was wondering if anyone had any info on that brand. It is a 3-speed in fair-to-good original condition with the fenders and chain-guard intact. It also has the original saddle and apparently was not ridden all that much. If anyone can tell me anything about it, please email. If it has any value, I would be interested in trading for a 24" ballon tire single speed for my wife.

Subject: 1969 girl's schwinn bicycle
Entered on: Feb 9, 1999 17:42
Entered by: Maria (skipbogirl @ aol.com)

I have a 1969 girl's schwinn bic. (blue). Original paint,parts and tires. It also has the original white wicker basket with pink plastic flowers. It's in very good condition. Can anyone give me an estimate of it's value? Thanks!!

Subject: 1937 Columbia Westfield
Entered on: Feb 9, 1999 20:00
Entered by: Lee (RLPWWADE@worldnet.att.net)

I found this boys bike at a throw a way clean up day. It has I think the original tires, U. S. Royal tires 24x2.125, original paint, maroon with white detailing, original seat with small tear, chain guard missing ( would like to fine one, anybody have one)? Would like to know its value. Thanks!

Subject: how much a 1977 harley dirt bike is worth with title.
Entered on: Feb 13, 1999 08:47
Entered by: jeff (thats-us@webtv.net)

i have a 1977 harley davison dirt bike 250cc for sale trying to figure out how much it is worth?

Subject: Raliegh 3 speed Chopper
Entered on: Feb 13, 1999 17:07
Entered by: Peter (PGrell@aol.com)

My friend has a Raliegh 3 speed chopper, boys, in good condition. He is not on line and asked me to try and find a value. We would appreciate any help.

Subject: bicycle built for two
Entered on: Feb 14, 1999 18:45
Entered by: debby (debbyb53@hotmail.com)

we have a bicycle built for two it is a schwinn and somewhere from the mid 60's and we would like an idea of the value of it. it was in an old warehouse we bought

Subject: Raleigh Chopper
Entered on: Feb 15, 1999 08:11
Entered by: flubber ()

In average condition: $250 - 350

Subject: AMF Roadmaster Luxury Liner
Entered on: Feb 15, 1999 16:59
Entered by: Jeff (jas@opman.com)

My Late Father had this Roadmaster, & I would like to know the age & value of the bike. It is turquois W/chrome fenders, springer forks, headlight & tank W/ lightswitch (works) & rack on back. The frame was made in Cleveland (decal says). Seat is white leather W/ springs & guardrail around the back. The bike is in excellent original cond. (fenders are somewhat pitted) I would be thrilled to know more. Thanks!

Subject: Stingray!
Entered on: Feb 17, 1999 11:29
Entered by: Erik (Tflash5@hotmail.com)

Hello.. I have a friend who has a Schwinn Sting-Ray 5 speed. It's serial number #KG137298 It also says applecrate on it.. It's all original and complete.. It is worth anything? thank you

Subject: Pre WWII Schwin
Entered on: Feb 17, 1999 15:01
Entered by: Anita (amin@massed.net)

Could anyone tell me the value of a Schwin Adult Bicycle made prior to WWII. On Axil has #E93973. Has Coaster Break. Front and Back Fenders, Balloon Tires,and Basket attached to front wheel.Thanks.

Subject: RE: "Stingray!"
Entered on: Feb 18, 1999 14:29
Entered by: kath ()

Eric, the Apple Krate is an extremely collectable bicycle. They can easily got for over $1000

Subject: Columbia Therma-Matic
Entered on: Feb 20, 1999 01:26
Entered by: Shane (pony37@hotmail.com)

I have a Columbia Five Star Boy's Therma-matic bicycle, circa 1940s-1950s?? I am trying to get more info on this bike. Does anyone have any resources for information, is anyone an "expert" regarding Columbia bikes. PLEASE HELP!! :)

Subject: Sterling Tandem
Entered on: Feb 20, 1999 12:10
Entered by: Scott (usn7278@aol.com)

I found this Sterling Tandem in a basement and paid 100 bucks for it. I know nothing about old bikes, but this I can tell ya. It's a rear steer, front step through,spring loaded seat posts,inch sprockets, cork grips, green in color, the seats and rims/tires are from the 40s or 50s...On the head post badge it reads The Sterling made in Chicago usa and has pat. dates of Dec. 20 91...Mch 1 92...May 8 92...and May 24 92. I would appreciate any info about this bike or where to go get info. Thanks Scott

Subject: Pair of JD bicycles
Entered on: Feb 23, 1999 18:26
Entered by: Carroll (peojc@aol.com)

I have a pair (men's and woman's) John Deere bicycles. His is a 10 speed, hers is a 5 speed. Both are white, have 27 x 1.25" tires, seem to have all original equipment. The chrome is spotty - some parts are REALLY rusty - others are just pitted. Any guesses as to the value of the pair? Thx, jC

Subject: Evans?
Entered on: Feb 26, 1999 17:37
Entered by: Seth (mcintosh@spocom.com)

I have an Evans bicycle from sometime in the 50's. It's in exellent original shape with 26" x 1.75" whitewalls, shinny leather saddle(it always had a cover on it), black paint, and extras like light, mirror, basket, tank, and fender rack. I also have the original box and registration card the bike was sold with. I'm curious as to value and the Evans Products Company.

Subject: Info please
Entered on: Feb 28, 1999 19:37
Entered by: Ed (edpink@cgocable.net)

I just bought a pedal type tricycle which looks like a bikers chopper. Rear shaft drive using gears, with a tranmission on rear linked to a shifter with high,low. For a child size of about 5+ Front tire is rubbertire about 14 inches, rear plastic tires with"Fat Daddy 100x9.50" Also only other clue is Mattel moulded on rear of seat, and it looks like it's from the late 60's. Looking for any info or pictures to help in restoration, also value would be interesting to know. Please e-mail with any info, as I'm posting messages all over the net. Thank you very much. Ed in Canada.

Subject: 1971 scwinn racer
Entered on: Mar 1, 1999 00:13
Entered by: dave (o)

i have a 1971 schwinn racer that is all original and in nice shape . it is blue and all stickers are in place.can anyone tell me the value of a bike like this? THANKS FOR THE HELP...

Subject: Huffy "The Wheel"
Entered on: Mar 4, 1999 17:43
Entered by: Adam (Hwianshirt@aol.com)

i work in a bike shop and a fellow employee just acuqired a Huffy "The Wheel" but has no idea what it is worth. the Paint is blue metallic in good cond. matching blue banana seat, 20"slick in rear and a toptube mounted "drag brake" Everything is original and in good shape. It gets it's name from the fact that it has no handlebar, just a steering wheel. it also has a monsterous sissy bar. if anyone knows anything about this odd bike, please email me at the above address

Subject: Schwinn 2 seater bicycle --age unknown
Entered on: Mar 4, 1999 17:52
Entered by: Laurie ()

I recently bought a Schwinn 2 seater bicycle that looks to be maybe about 20 years old. Does anyone know anything about this bicycle. What is it worth and how hard is it to get parts for it? It is in good condition with new tires and paint .

Subject: Sears Spyder
Entered on: Mar 7, 1999 13:08
Entered by: Truk (trukett@yahoo.com)

Hello, I have an fixed gear Sears spyder bike that I'm trying to determine age and value. It is Copper colored with a hard tail (front and back) suspension, no fenders and no front brake. It does not look like this bike has been tampered with at all, except the back tire is not original. Could someone please give me some guidance? Thank You, Kurt trukett@yahoo.com

Subject: coca cola bicycle
Entered on: Mar 7, 1999 20:54
Entered by: mark (locomas@aol.com)

I am looking for information on a 26 in. girls bicycle.manufacturer unknown.It has "drink Coca Cola" on the side covers, the chain guard and front of the frame. The chain guard has a chain oiler. the frame is red and the rest is white with red pin stripes. would like to know who made it and what its worth. thank aaaaaaayou.

Subject: coca cola bicycle
Entered on: Mar 7, 1999 21:09
Entered by: Mark (locomas@aol.com)

I need info. on a 26x1.75 girls bicycle.It has " drink Coca Cola" on the front frame bar, on the side covers and the chain guard. It has an oiler on the chain guard. The frame is red and the rest is white with red pin stripes. manufacturer unknown. can anyone tell me who made it and it's worth? Thank you.

Subject: 1967 schwiinn bike
Entered on: Mar 8, 1999 19:43
Entered by: Michael (dcfarley@webtv.net)


Subject: RE: Coke Bike
Entered on: Mar 9, 1999 08:37
Entered by: flubber ()

It was made by Columbia

Subject: sears spaceliner
Entered on: Mar 10, 1999 23:27
Entered by: john (jensennut@aol.com)

i'm curious of value of old spaceliner bicycle. men's frame, original chrome, everything original, springer front end. fair condition. appreciate any info offered. thanks

Subject: Tandem Huffy Daisey
Entered on: Mar 11, 1999 00:07
Entered by: Steve (mrtbow@msn.com)

I have access to a tandem huffy daisey model in excelent cond. orig everything including tires. does any one know its value? from the 40's? can get more info if needed

Subject: John Deere bicycle
Entered on: Mar 11, 1999 19:55
Entered by: Jamie (raker@ckt.net)

I have a 21" 3 speed mens touring bike inour shed. TP50-60lb/ichches 21". We were wondering if it was a collector's item and how mch it was worth.

Subject: John Deere 3speed bike
Entered on: Mar 11, 1999 20:12
Entered by: Jamie (raker@ckt.net)

We have a mens touring bike in our ched and was waonder if it was at any value and how much. It has great paint job original. TP50-60lb/21" and a Three-speed. Please contact us back as soon as possible. Thanks, Jamie

Subject: vintage woman schwinn
Entered on: Mar 11, 1999 21:27
Entered by: Ilse (charney17)

1951 Schwinn Woman's Bike Original Paint Minor Rust Original Paperwork Blue with White says Delta Rocket Ray on front. How much is this worth?? Thanks in advance, please email me with info or interest.

Subject: 1950's Murray - decals
Entered on: Mar 12, 1999 18:50
Entered by: Alex (mercman@idirect.com)

I have a girls bicycle manufactured by Murray. It says Mercury on the tanks and Airflite on the chain guard. It has chrome hoops at the front handlebar-to-wheel and has a unique rear fender carrier. I want to restore this bicycle and was wondering if anyone has a contact for decals for this bicycle. Thanks

Subject: schwinn fiesta
Entered on: Mar 15, 1999 14:20
Entered by: doug (thing@aye.net)

anyone know the value on this. also i have a small girls bike 16in i think early 70s ser. ko638799 schwinn.

Subject: Hi-Wheeler price needed
Entered on: Mar 15, 1999 15:24
Entered by: Judy (mied@cber.fda.gov)

I possess a vintage 1891 Hi-Wheeler. Been sitting many years. Paint about gone, and back wheel replaced. Visible #4868 on top surface and #50 on side piece. Known to be from England. Anyone know the value?? Please respond.

Subject: Schwinn Motorbike
Entered on: Mar 15, 1999 19:41
Entered by: Nadine (rubyeray@jobe.net)

We have determined we have a 1935 delux model male bike original paint,faded but otherwise pretty good,seat is a messanger,good cond,rack,tank,light,bracket for horn but horn and button missing. waltham speedometer. can`t find any ads to get idea how much to ask. Any help appreciated from impartial readers.

Subject: fleetwing bicycle
Entered on: Mar 16, 1999 22:03
Entered by: john (woodbutcher@nidlink.com)

has anyone heard of this bike? has frame moumted dual lights. girls frame. fat tires.year 30's 40's.

Subject: Schwinn Jaguar Mark II
Entered on: Mar 17, 1999 21:22
Entered by: Roberta (claddox@infinet.com)

My husband still has his 1958 Schwinn Jaguar Mark II. 26" tires, three-speed, front and rear hand brakes, tank, light, front spring carrier, rear carrier, black and chrome. Seat and light have been replaced. the rest is original, fair condition. Can anyone advise to approximate value? Does anyone collect these?

Subject: 1935 Compax
Entered on: Mar 18, 1999 17:48
Entered by: Jim (waldomesa@hotmail.com)

Compax (westfield) full size bicycle used in Santa Fe in l936-8to deliver mail. Bike comes apart at middle bottome, and handles fold up, for car or bus transport... Good shape, only surface rust. What's the value?

Entered on: Mar 19, 1999 09:37
Entered by: doug (www.doug186@hotmail.com)

send any thing to me with bikes

Entered on: Mar 19, 1999 09:39
Entered by: doug (www.doug186@hotmail.com)

send any thing to me with bikes

Subject: Schwinn Suburban (Men's)
Entered on: Mar 20, 1999 16:29
Entered by: Lynn (Lynn0604@aol.com)

Recently bought a bike as described above at a garage sale. It's olive green, has generator lights, and chain guard. Has minimum of scratches, barely noticeable. Seat is still very comfy and in excellent condition. Don't know the year, but serial number starts with an "H". Paid only 20 bucks. How much is it worth? THANKS!

Subject: Road Master Bike
Entered on: Mar 22, 1999 20:36
Entered by: Frank (Fdffbba@aol.com)

Need to determine value of a 1957 Road Master male bike in very good condition. This make was sold by J.C. Penny and I am told 3 other retail stores. Thank you for your help.

Subject: 1929 Elgin mens bike
Entered on: Mar 23, 1999 09:14
Entered by: rick (rick17013@yahoo.com)

I have this mens Elgin coasterbrake bike that had been in storage for many years. It is in fair shape paintwise, but the plated surfaces are rusted. It seems to be complete, except for something, maybe a light that would mount on a small vertical pin that is mounted on the front fender.Does anyone have an idea of the value of this bike or know how I might find out?

Subject: Baronica
Entered on: Mar 23, 1999 17:35
Entered by: Ron (rsINRI@hotmail.com)

Has anyone ever heard of this? It is a German made bicycle purchased in montgomery wards about 45 years ago it is red and in perfect untouched condition. It sat in the original owners basement since he bought it ridden only a couple of times.

Entered on: Mar 25, 1999 14:01
Entered by: Richie ()

5-speed sting ray exellent con whats it worth?

Subject: old tandem bike
Entered on: Mar 27, 1999 11:42
Entered by: Jay (Delorean4i@aol.com)

I was given an old tandem bike. It has springer saddles and Carlisle tires. Its in mint condition, and has original red>blue paint. It also has stingray type grips, and it is a one speed with foot brakes. It says Armstrong on the rear crank. What kind of bike is this? can anybody give me any info on the bike's company, and can anybody tell me what year it is? How much would this bike be worth?

Subject: Schwinn Deluxe Hornet
Entered on: Mar 27, 1999 18:54
Entered by: Dan (stinedan@globalserve.net)

Hi folks - I have a men's Schwinn Deluxe Hornet (1940 I believe) - 26" tires, tank with horn inside, carrier, front spring suspension, front light that sits on the fender, an the original seat - it is in excellent condition and all parts are original except for the tires (including original handle grips) - but I did have it professionally repainted a few years ago - does anyone know what it would be worth in US dollars? - any help would be appreciated - thanks

Entered on: Mar 28, 1999 01:56
Entered by: Rodger (Rodger_Marshall@worldnet.att.net)

peugeot px10 campy. hups and front derailer. bought new in 72. excelent cond. whats it worth?

Subject: varsity and continental
Entered on: Mar 28, 1999 13:46
Entered by: Larry (tamoco@empnet.com)

I have in original very good condition a yelow varsity with a schwinn speedometer and a red continental I would like to sell they are in central oregon I want to sell to the best offer email or call at 541-548-0719

Subject: mantha ray value
Entered on: Mar 30, 1999 21:46
Entered by: Nad (bmxnad@usa.net)

I have a Shwinn Mantha ray (1972 i believe) and was wondering how mutch it is worth. It has some scratches, rust and cuts in the seat. this is a really lousy picture, but it's the only one i have. thanks, Nad Picture>

Subject: Menotomy, is the rumor true?
Entered on: Apr 1, 1999 09:42
Entered by: Matt ()

Yo Menotomy, I appreciate your web site and your service over the past few years. I hope the rumor that I've been hearing ain't true: Are you guys really thinking of selling the antique bicycle side of your business and only doing motorcycles? I've heard that from 2 different sources. Say it ain't so.

Subject: JCHiggins
Entered on: Apr 2, 1999 20:59
Entered by: Mike (mfb99@aol.com)

I found an old Bike with JCHiggins stickers on the frame. I was wondering if anyone knows who, what, or anything about this.

Subject: Schwinn Balloon Tire w/springer fork
Entered on: Apr 3, 1999 22:42
Entered by: Tom (twtbikes@aol.com)

We have a Schwinn Balloon Tire with a springer fork, original paint in good condition,saddle condition is good, we are curious of the year and model we only have a serial D16221. Thanks

Subject: I need a price for a 1970 bicycle
Entered on: Apr 6, 1999 11:05
Entered by: Kane (Lexxi212@aol.com)

My bike is a 1970 Ross female muscle bicycle, in mint condition. It has: a banana seat in perfect condition monkey handle bars grape colored, origional paint 24"x 1.75" tires

Subject: Cleveland Welding Co. Bike
Entered on: Apr 7, 1999 13:24
Entered by: Matt ()

I picked a bike made by the Cleveland Welding Co. Serial No. on the crank was H33274. Its all original paint. It has a horntank,red painted pinstriped rims. Balloon tires. Painted on the tank is 'All American'. Two tone red painted frame. It has a chainguard and a rack. I think there was a light mounted on the front fender thats missing. Its not in good shape. Its rusty and the tires are bad and has alot of scratches and some dents. I was wondering if anybody knew what year it was made and its worth?

Subject: Boy's Ross bicycle
Entered on: Apr 9, 1999 18:27
Entered by: Joe ()

I have a boy's Ross "convertible" bicyle. I want to find out the age and possible value? How do I begin?

Subject: Lejeune
Entered on: Apr 16, 1999 16:12
Entered by: Mark (winklink@thegrid.net)

Lejeune--Men's 56cm racing bike, all Campagnolo except derailer. In good condition with original red paint. Fingertip controls. Super Champion Clincher rims. What is the value of this bike? Serial # is under 200 and was purchased in early '74 new. Original owner. Will sell for the right price.

Subject: Would like a year for my bike
Entered on: Apr 21, 1999 00:52
Entered by: Clay (walterspill@yahoo.com)

I picked up an old 20" Kia KMX early this week and woould like to know when it was produced. It is complete except it recieved a paint job over everything but the chrome.

Subject: AMC Flash
Entered on: Apr 26, 1999 19:22
Entered by: Ally ()

I'm not too familiar with bikes, so I would appreciate it if someone could help in identifying actuall what I have. I'm looking for general info, and even potential price I could sell it for. Here's what I know: AMC Flash sticker on front, and a sticker identifying it was purchased at The Emporium in San Francisco. It is pre-war, girls bike with tank and chain guard. There is a torpedo light on the front. The paint is original and in fair condition. The serial number is #037255. Can you help?

Subject: Monark Silver Cycle - Cycle King
Entered on: Apr 27, 1999 13:07
Entered by: Sylvia (esgw@connix.com)

We're a Goodwill Store and have received a donation of the above bicycle and would like to determine the value. Can anyone help? Thanks

Subject: dayton sportsman
Entered on: Apr 27, 1999 19:02
Entered by: toni (tv88tv88@aol.com)

I have a girl's 3 speed bike made in england marked as a Dayton sportsman; it's not in the best of conditions, but I would like any information I can get on this bike.

Subject: AMF Shelby Flying Cloud
Entered on: Apr 30, 1999 00:32
Entered by: Harlan (tuneharvest@rmci.net)

I am trying to determine both year and value of an AMF Shelby Flying Cloud, men's bike. It is turquoise and chrome, with a star sprocket, turquoise tank, chrome fenders, etc. The seat is turquoise with silver piping. The bike has new whitewalls, but is in otherwise pristine condition - save for a missing bikini-like lens for the headlamp. If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it. - Thanks

Entered on: May 3, 1999 15:46
Entered by: witheld ()

I've posted test messages here, just to see what kind of people responded when I ask about the value of a bicycle. You'll not see a lot of answers here, but if you've got a rare bike, the collectors who read these forums will email you and make a low-ball offer. SO DO YOURSELF A FAVOR: PICK UP SOME KIND OF PRICE GUIDE!! There are 2 collectors who read these forums who must be working together, because they both gave the same offer ($75) on a bike that is worth 10 times that much. If I was an unsuspecting seller, I would have said: "Hey, two different experts said it's worth $75, so I'll sell it for that"..... Watch out folks, don't sell your old Stingray or Dad's loaded balloon tire bike based on a price told to you by a BIASED BUYER!

Subject: Columbia Playbike 88 Stingray
Entered on: May 10, 1999 14:32
Entered by: Kevin (kevinot@microsoft.com)

I still have my 1 speed Columbia Playbike 88, and am trying to determine it's approximate value. I think I got it around 1969 or 70. It has a unique handlebar---more like a motorcyle type, with the handlebars extending down as the forks, passing through through two triangular shaped pieces that pivot on the frame. I haven't seen any pix on the web of this particular model.

Subject: mangusta 1000
Entered on: May 11, 1999 09:15
Entered by: jim (jim3221@yahoo.com)

i have a mangusta 1000 road bike that i picked up a few years ago and would like info about it if any one has any info please e-mail me at jim3221@yahoo.com thanks

Subject: Price for 1982 Ross 10sp (women's)
Entered on: May 18, 1999 11:30
Entered by: Mike (mlsaari@seatsinc.com)

I have a 1982 Ross 10sp 24" (women's frame), (blue) in very good condition. Has a front generator light and luggage rack. What kind of price for this. Paid $165.00 new.

Subject: year and vakue? approximation
Entered on: May 23, 1999 02:13
Entered by: Stephen (reverend-geek@webtv.net)

I bought a 50's style schwinn at a yard sale and Im trying to Identify it the serial # EA25214. Ive tried Identify it's year by serial # but didnt see any that started with the EA, any ideas? thankyou stephen

Subject: 1971 Manta Ray
Entered on: May 24, 1999 01:29
Entered by: Brad (hrmlss4@aol.com)

I'm curious what my childhood bike is worth, serial # AG040504 silver Manta Ray, all original, some pitting on chrome, some scratches, small tear on under side of seat. Otherwise, stored in Arizona for years, excelent shape. I also have a Schwinn 16"x1&3/4" S-7 original tire and rim with a disc brake that say's "ATOM" on it. What is it worth? The bike is not for sale, but the rim is.

Subject: 50s Triplet bicycle
Entered on: May 26, 1999 21:09
Entered by: Damon (damonfry@hotmail.com)

What is the value of a Cannonball 3-seater bicycle(triplet)? It has 1950s cycloe componants from England. There was a company that started in 1898 in PA. USA This is all i know about this bike. Any info. would be greatly appreciated! thanks, Damon.

Subject: schwinn racer
Entered on: May 30, 1999 12:44
Entered by: craig (craiglehnert @ netscape.net)


Entered on: Jun 2, 1999 20:30
Entered by: Nancy ()

Would like to get an estimate on a 1956 Black Panther Schwinn women's bike in fair condiction

Subject: Schwinn Varsity
Entered on: Jun 3, 1999 00:55
Entered by: Jenny ()

I have a 1962 Schwinn Varsity 10 speed. It has the original paint and is in fair condition, but the tires are shot. I'm just looking for a ball park figure. Can anyone help. Thank you.

Subject: Schwinn Varsity ladies' bike
Entered on: Jun 3, 1999 11:27
Entered by: John (JODphoto@aol.com)

I picked up a complete but neglected Schwinn Varsity ladies' bike that is a magenta metallic color. The serial # is EN565807. I was wondering if there is any information and parts available. I would like an owner's manual, decal sets, paint,color matched handelbar tape, the light grey brake and derailleur cables, that sort of stuff. I am also curious how old and what degree of collectibility this bike have may have. I am in the process of overhauling this for my wife to ride. The wheels will be replaced with (much) lighter steel wheels of a similar look for now. I would, however like to restore the original wheels and hubs. Any suggestions? There is a speedometer by Huret (France) mounted on the handelbars, cable driven from an atatchment on the front hub and I think it should be kept if only for nostalgia. Was this strictly aftermarket, or was it some sort of option that Schwinn offered. This is the first bike I am restoring and would appreciate any suggestions that will lead to a super job. Thanks JODphoto@aol.com

Subject: Schwinn Collegiate
Entered on: Jun 5, 1999 14:21
Entered by: Carol (cdonaher@eaglec.com)

Not sure of the year, am trying to find information. Girls, 3 speed, tires say IRC Quaranty Roadster, original tires I think, original everything by the looks. Was given to a friend. Thanks for your help, Carol

Subject: Sears Spaceliner
Entered on: Jun 8, 1999 10:17
Entered by: wendy (wendy_weise@maine.edu)

This bike needs some work, but it is in good structural condition. Any idea on a ballpark value?

Subject: Schwinn Speedster 3 speed
Entered on: Jun 9, 1999 13:53
Entered by: Steve (steve.carlsen@mts.com)

Please tell me about this bike. 26" Boys bike, metallic green with chrome fenders. It has "E82" stamped on the frame where the rear axle attaches. All original except tires. How old is it? Is it worth anything?

Entered on: Jun 10, 1999 16:43
Entered by: Kyle (twobooglie@aol.com)

I have an early 1950s Columbia Newsboy Special and I'd like to sell it but would like to get an idea what it's worth. Mens model. Serial #R887310 -- (tried to locate mfg. date on a list of serial #s but number was not on the list, but original owner says he bought it around '51) Frame is basically the same as the 5-star model, but bike does not have all the "extras" that the more expensive models have (no tanks or lights) 26 x 2.125 studded balloon tires - blackwall, made by GoodYear, perfect with no dry-rot whatsoever. Paint is red with white tips and pinstripes on fenders. Paint is original and overall pretty solid, but with some nicks, very little rust, a few scratches -- especially on fenders. White parts were somewhat amaturishly touched up by original owner, but not bad. Most of the chrome is very good, with a bit of pitting on the bars, a little less on the front fork truss rods. Rims and crank look very good. Seat is original, somewhat yellowed vinyl, one very small (about 1") tear or abrasion on one edge. Grips may have been old replacements, but can't say for sure. Bike is straight, solid, mechanically sound and rideable (but heavy as hell). All complete, missing only the rear reflector. Anybody have some ideas on value?

Subject: 1975 or '76 C ITOH model HI TEN
Entered on: Jun 11, 1999 15:13
Entered by: Craig (centaursmeadow@angelfire.com)

Hello all; I tried to check list and archives but after over half an hour and and my alleged ISP could not get main discussion list loaded, I had to give up. too much other work to do. Trying to find value, and accepting offers on: 1975 or '76 C Itoh model HI TEN sn L437692 ten speed commuter bike tire size: 27 x 1-1/4 85 psi frame: male paint: original matt black, a few dings overall excellent seat condition: excellent, original other features: all original 'Cat Eye' reflectors Dia-Compe brakes Shimano shifter "Special SR SAKAE' handlebars w/ original wrapping One owner, one rider, approx 10 mi/day & approx 100 mi/weekend during classes mostly in storage last 20 yrs Please respond to: Craig, centaursmeadow@angelfire.com

Subject: 1975 or '76 C ITOH model HI TEN
Entered on: Jun 11, 1999 15:16
Entered by: Craig (centaursmeadow@angelfire.com)

Hello all; I tried to check list and archives but after over half an hour and my alleged ISP could not get main discussion list loaded, I had to give up, too much other work to do. Trying to find value, and accepting offers on: 1975 or '76 C Itoh model HI TEN sn L437692 ten speed commuter bike tire size: 27 x 1-1/4 85 psi frame: male paint: original matt black, a few dings overall excellent seat condition: excellent, original other features: all original 'Cat Eye' reflectors Dia-Compe brakes Shimano shifter "Special SR SAKAE' handlebars w/ original wrapping One owner, one rider, approx 10 mi/day & approx 100 mi/weekend during classes mostly in storage last 20 yrs Please respond to: Craig, centaursmeadow@angelfire.com

Subject: bicycle built for two
Entered on: Jun 13, 1999 18:40
Entered by: Don (dcmarz@aol.com)

I have a mid 1970s Huffy bicycle built for two, very, very good condition. Looking to sell in garage sale and I don't want to get taken. Any ideas on it value? thanks

Subject: What is the age and value of this bike?
Entered on: Jun 15, 1999 14:26
Entered by: Carole (vintage@labridge.com)

I recently purchased what the owner told me was a 1950's women's bicycle with the brand name MATTHEWS on the front. This is the only insignia. The bike has a Sturmey-Archer 3 speed, with a grip shift rather than a lever. The tires are 26 X 1.75. The brakes are Excel. It has all original chrome fenders, seat etc. Could anyone tell us what this bike would be worth? Thanks, Carole

Subject: Tandem Cost
Entered on: Jun 15, 1999 16:56
Entered by: T ()

I have a Schwinn Twinn. It was purchased in 1964 from a rental shop in Newport Beach CA. Coaster foot brake, Cantilever frame, original paint even has rental # on it. Good condition. Does anyone know what this might be worth?

Subject: Did I Blow It?
Entered on: Jun 16, 1999 11:19
Entered by: DavidH. ()

Spotted a men's Roadmaster at local Goodwill yesterday. In very nice shape. Red in color, tank, rear rack, and fenders all present. Headlights were broken. All decals in pretty nice shape. Seat was torn pretty badly. Was marked $25.00. I was late for picing up my son so I left to get him and when we came back a few hours later, of course it was gone. Big mistake? What would be a ballpark value on this bike? THANKS.

Subject: Women's Collegiate
Entered on: Jun 16, 1999 11:22
Entered by: DavidH. ()

Any value to my wife's '76 Schwinn Collegiate (women's frame)? It is in excellent shape except for rotten tires. It is from her early teen years and she didn't ride it a whole lot. THANKS.

Subject: Firestones 500's
Entered on: Jun 17, 1999 00:27
Entered by: Ronnie (lovs3rts@aol.com)

I have two Firestone 500's--male and female, all original parts. They are in good condition and rideable. Where can I find a pricing guide for these? Thanks:-))

Subject: Schwinn-Panther III
Entered on: Jun 18, 1999 11:05
Entered by: Stevie (hb1936@aol.com)

Does anyone have any information about this bike? (age is approx. 40yrs, value, etc) Thanks.

Entered on: Jun 19, 1999 16:42

I have an orange Holdsworth bike, 12 speed, mint condition, full Campangolo. A value? A buyer? Anything?

Subject: Junior Sting Ray
Entered on: Jun 21, 1999 15:00
Entered by: Jim (james.quine@tfn.com)

I have a green Junior Sting Ray, single-speed, coaster brake. Bike is in very good condition with a few scratches but no dents, chrome is perfect. Everything is original, including tires which are in almost new condition, the seat has a couple of minor cracks. I am just loking for a value and a year or any other history on this model of Sting Ray.

Subject: roadmaster
Entered on: Jun 22, 1999 15:27
Entered by: Terry (terry@bricker.net)

I have a 20inch purple wild cat roadmaster from the 60s or 70s its been repainted, good original chrome, all original except for tires and tubs. I would like to no how much it is worth.

Subject: Bow Den
Entered on: Jun 22, 1999 17:13
Entered by: Mary (MJShef@aol.com)

Interested in finding anything about a Bow Den Space Lander (or Rider) bike. Orig paint and seat, One piece frame except for front tire, which has a fender. Purchased used 35 years ago in Pottstown, Pa. Interested in price and where mfg. Thanks for all assistance.

Subject: Bowden = HUGE $$$$
Entered on: Jun 23, 1999 14:11
Entered by: kath ()

Mary, those can go for over $10,000 !!!!! Don't let some collector "take it off your hands" without knowing more about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Subject: 1959 Columbia Firearrow
Entered on: Jun 25, 1999 13:34
Entered by: Karen (klock1106@snet.net)

Would appreciate any info on the value of my 1959 Columbia Firearrow, in very good condition. Thanks very much

Subject: schwinn bantam
Entered on: Jun 27, 1999 00:38
Entered by: Tom (drummertom@mindspring.com)

I have a schwinn bantam I will call it a convertible-has a removeable crossbar-switch from girls to boys. it is red. I need a rear fender and a seat support. does anyone know what kind of handlebars and or seat it came with or when it was made? I also need a badge for a sears spyder. Thanx.....

Subject: J. C. Higgins Tandem
Entered on: Jun 27, 1999 15:21
Entered by: Eric (ehking@mindspring.com)

I need to know the value of our single speed J.C. Higgins tandem. I don't know where to look for the serial number. It runs well, is in average condition.

Subject: J.C. Higgins Bikes
Entered on: Jun 28, 1999 00:58
Entered by: Kevin (KMET999@AOL.COM)

I recently acquired two J.C. Higgins bikes from my grandparents. They look like they are in less than desirable condition. I was wondering if they are worth restoring and where to get info and parts.

Subject: weinman
Entered on: Jun 28, 1999 03:20
Entered by: Terry (terry@bricker.net)

I got a bike its green, it has a 3speed wheels with a grip shifter, the pedals have triangles on theme like sting ray pedals, it has old red line tires that say Australia, the hand brakes say weinman on theme, all of the bolts are metric, it's from the 60's. I would really like to no what kind of bike is it, is it Australian.

Subject: Junior Sting Ray
Entered on: Jun 28, 1999 16:48
Entered by: jim ()

Okay, Okay, I don't care how much it's worth, I just want to know what years this particular Sting Ray was made, I can figure out the value. Has anyone ever seen a "Junior" Sting Ray?

Subject: information needed
Entered on: Jun 29, 1999 08:58
Entered by: john (mcshuzbutt@aol.com)

dad's bicycles are now mine. schwinns,monark tandem,columbia tandem,spiderman etc...expert help would be appreciated. values, collectors interested in please contact

Subject: Sting-Ray Junior
Entered on: Jun 29, 1999 09:36
Entered by: John ()

Sweet bikes, and becoming more sought-after. Under the 'rising tide floats all boats' syndrome, the Sting-Ray Juniors are moving up in price. They're beeing dragged up by the high-priced Krates, and they're still BOYS bikes, and are worth more than a girl's Sting-Ray.