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AGE / VALUE:   Vintage Mongoose question(s)

Posted by Steve on 10/30/2005 at  7:19:21 AM

I dug an old Mongoose out of the garage the other day. It's been there for about 18 years. At least. It was a "MotoMag" model but those have been gone for a looooooong time. It has the "pinched dropout" Tange forks. Still had the original cheapy 1 piece cranks, neck/handlebars/reflectors.
The cheapy seatclamp,headset and reflector bracket all say Mongoose.It even still had the button "RadPads" on it until I ripped them off to clean up the frame. My question is how the heck can I actually date this frame? I've had so many bikes over the years that I forgot this one even existed! My guess, with a little bit of memory , puts the bike in the 1979-80 vintage. I've looked all over online for a Mongoose serial number chart but haven't found anything to help.
Thanks in advance, Steve

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       RE:AGE / VALUE:   Vintage Mongoose question(s) posted by bruce on 11/10/2005 at 2:49:07 PM
hey steve, could it be a "mototrac"? i have and still ride mine. i got it new when i was 12 and i'm 34 now, so that could help you date it back to 1983 if it's the same bike. looks just like a mongoose but has at "T" near the headset?

       RE:AGE / VALUE: Vintage Mongoose question(s) posted by Jim on 12/5/2005 at 1:31:20 AM
Actually MOTOTRACs were made by BMX Products.They are similar to a Mongoose but have looptail dropouts and solid front gussetts with T's stamped in them.

If you check the BB shell on your frame the serial # gives away when it was made.There should be 2 rows of digits and the top one will tell you when the frame was made.The first nmeral is the year.IE 0=1980,9=1979 and so on.The serial # usually looks like this:


In my example this would be a 1979 frame.If the serial # starts with a T you have a full chromo frame (Team mongoose,Supergoose) and if there is no T it is only half chromo (Mongoose).

Good luck!


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