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RE:AGE / VALUE:   kawasaki bmx bicycle

Posted by nate on 1/26/2006 at  2:45:22 PM

You will find at least one picture of a Kawasaki bicycle in the Picture Database here and there is also a lot about them in the archives.

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       RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   kawasaki bmx bicycle posted by Bren on 3/5/2006 at 4:35:06 AM
I really don't specfically know what i am doing writing you other than to say a reply to whom it may concern . I have a a Kawasaki bx200 in beautiful condition that's been with me for right at 20 years now , I rode it hard and to my last year in High school . This is my first attempt at communicating with maybe some old schoolers?, since then cleaned her up and put on acouple of nos parts she looks and is factory fast ,blast from the past .I started racing after my big brother got the itch in 1978 , San Diego home of Rancho El Cajon's famous downhill track etc...... went to December 1980 Azuza Pro-Neck Nationals ,1980 Mongoose Grand Nationals ... lots of local racing ,home of Shawn Texas ,wicked fast dude . Where are you my friend?,. OK end of story thanks for reading. I am currently starting a build base with the araya 7b's first generation blue anodizethat I bought new from Wheel's and Thing's back in 1981. they have been waiting for this day to come for a long long time . I will need a Pro long frame now that I am 39 years old . Something from 1977 ,79,80 any ideas?. Everything else is a brain storm ,this is going to blow some minds. I now reside in Great Falls Montana what a trip . Please feel free to e-mail me .

       RE:AGE / VALUE:   kawasaki bmx bicycle posted by barry on 3/16/2006 at 11:49:55 PM
i have an alum. frame kawasaki i bought new this bike is for sale i know alot of details about these , kaw also made a steel model that was kaw green the alum. bikes are rare and are worth 1200 and up depending if you want to talk more or ? call day central 608 486 2321 or try 608 386 6984 other times not a big computer guy call for details thanks hope this helps

       RE:AGE / VALUE: kawasaki bmx bicycle posted by Joe on 5/2/2006 at 1:54:03 AM
This weekend I found my old 70's model alum frame Kawasaki still in storage under my mother's house. Covered in dust with rotted tires, but good shape. My brother and I had identical bikes, and both are in storage. So like you I am looking for information...I had no idea they might be valuable. Does anyone know the best place to market a bike like this?

       RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   kawasaki bmx bicycle posted by Jeff Krause on 3/24/2009 at 7:33:11 PM
RE: Kawasaki BMX (1974/1975)
I had one of the prototype Kawi BMX bikes made in 1973'74.
My particular unit had a green-painted STEEL frame because
the factory was still figuring out how to weld the
aluminum frames. (They had a rep for breaking when
the pros first tried them).

My dad was managing Kawasaki's accessory division
in California where this first Kawi BMX bike was developed.
Obviously with the full hydraulic telescopic-fork and dual
rear shocks the bike was HEAVY but back then alot of the
BMX courses were rather decisively downhill :)

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