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FOR SALE:   old gt hustler pro

Posted by jerry on 2/18/2006 at  5:02:21 PM

hi, i got this old gt hustler pro at a salvation army not to long ago and i was wondering if anyone would like to buy it. it's like a redish orange color, with gray free wheel rims. I'm totaly unsure about it's age or it's value. or if it's even all original. well after i got it, i took it up to a local bike shop in my home town of whitmore lake michigan at waterfront bicycles, and it needed all new brake cables so i got those replaced. it had really old version of a gyro on it, but unfortunetly it didn't work, so i just got that taken off. I can't really tell if this gt is a hustler pro of a general pro, because that the bike has hustler pro stickers and general pro stickers on it. well, if anyone is interested, or would like to see pics of this gt, you can sent me an email at da_man69@sbcglobal.net
thank you.

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       RE:FOR SALE: old gt hustler pro posted by scott on 2/19/2006 at 4:02:24 AM
sound like it is a general hustler, the one i have has the general sticker on the fork tube and hustler with fred bloods signature written on the tube going down from the forks to the cranks,

       RE:FOR SALE:   old gt hustler pro posted by Mike on 5/1/2006 at 2:49:32 AM
I came across your ad and wanted to know if you still had the bike for sale. I live near whitmore lake and would like to come and see it. Let me know. Thanks

       RE:FOR SALE:   old gt hustler pro posted by Jason on 5/7/2006 at 2:37:16 AM
If you still have this bike please email me back. I am very interested in purchasing one.

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