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MISC:   Graco BMX Bike(s)

Posted by Royce on 3/19/2006 at  3:49:02 PM

Hello everybody!..Can anybody out there give me ANY information on this company at all such as where they were based, did they make more than one model bike, what were the model numbers of their bikes, etc. I got one for christmas in 1975 when i was 12 years old and it was stolen a year and a half later. I have wanted (and still want) to replace that bike ever since. It didn't have a model number on it that i can remember, but it had front and back shocks, a fake gas tank, motorcycle styled handlebars, and a motorcycle styled seat. Can they still be found? How much do they roughly go for? Do parts for them ever pop up? Where should I be looking? Sorry for all the questions, but I have been looking all over the internet for months, and I still can't find anything out about them. A most sincere thank you to anyone who can help.

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       RE:MISC:   Graco BMX Bike(s) posted by scott on 3/20/2006 at 1:48:57 AM
I think this is the bike , the link wont work so cut and paste it


       RE:MISC: Graco BMX Bike(s) posted by Just some guy. on 5/18/2006 at 1:18:03 AM
Graco is the same company that still makes baby strollers. They made that bike along with a rigid model. That bike has a 22" front wheel which is nearly impossible to find a tire for, however 22" is a standard size in China. There are a few around most of them are missing the plastic. Watch Ebay.

       RE:MISC: Graco BMX Bike(s) posted by Just some guy on 5/18/2006 at 1:20:39 AM
That Rampar is similar but not the same, Graco had a 22" front wheel. Those Rampars are a dime a dozen, Gracos in good shape aren't.

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