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WANTED:   Redline series 3 bike ? information

Posted by sandjko on 7/29/2006 at  10:20:34 PM

I need help? I sold my son's Redline and now need to replace it. In my search I have found it is most like the pictures of the MX-III (Red & Chrome w/red tires)in the BMX Museum. It was Chrome with red trim. In searching for a replacement bike I find advertised Series 3, 600a, 500b, PL20, RL 20 MX III and do not know the difference. I do know it had a set of motomag IIs that will be expensive to replace. As near as I can tell the motomags were only manufactured late 70s early 80s which leads me to believe it was probably an early 80's bike. (I bought it used in 1988) It did have a 3 peice crank. If anyone can enlighten me it would be greatly appreciated.

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       RE:WANTED:   Redline series 3 bike ? information posted by DONALD,RAY on 7/29/2006 at 11:32:48 PM
send a few pic's to my way and see what we can do about it

       RE:WANTED:   Redline series 3 bike ? information posted by DONALD,RAY on 8/7/2006 at 10:27:56 PM
well i told u i got few old redline frame-set's 4 sell,. even i told u what would go 4

       RE:WANTED:   Redline series 3 bike ? information posted by Don ray on 11/18/2007 at 1:06:53 AM
well i got 1 on bmxmuseum .com make me an offer you can have it id is bad1970 all origianl got tha ols white vinly redline pad to with vbar snap on pad set

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