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RE:MISC:   Beacon Cycle U.S. - Cobra BMX Austrailia

Posted by Scott on 11/4/2007 at  4:07:25 PM

There are hi-rez pictures up on Flickr.
They are under Ol' Skool BMX.

There is a lowrez pic below.


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       RE:MISC:   Beacon Cycle U.S. - Cobra BMX Austrailia posted by paul schwab on 2/23/2008 at 2:29:56 PM
i am also trying to find info on beacon cycle. i recently a sekine road bike as a gift. i believe it was manufactured in the '70s. the bike has the beacon cycle head badge/name on it. any info would be appreciated.

       RE:MISC:   Beacon Cycle U.S. - Cobra BMX Austrailia posted by Terry McAvoy on 3/5/2008 at 4:27:47 AM
I have a great deal of facts about these bikes as I grew up in the town where they were manufactured and right now have one, except mine has a different gusset.IT is identical to the Diamond Back Centurion the frame.

       RE:MISC:   Beacon Cycle U.S. - Cobra BMX Austrailia posted by damien on 10/9/2009 at 2:57:50 AM
hey mate i have one of those cobra 80s bmx also. i am trying to find out info about it all i no it was built in queensland australia by a compony in toowoomba i live in victoria australia it was brought for my uncle in the 80s and i heard it was worth a fair bit back then is that true? and how much they worth today?

       RE:MISC:   Beacon Cycle U.S. - Cobra BMX Austrailia posted by Dean Grace on 12/4/2009 at 10:03:19 PM
The Cobra thats like a Diamond back would be either a Team Cobra or a Pro Cobra.
They where made from Cromo tubing and where good bikes.
The Frames with the round hole in the front gussets came in 2 models, the Cobra and the Cobra 2.
The Cobra was a direct knockoff of Mongoose bikes and was named accordingly it came with a back pedal/coaster brake heavy duty wheel set or Tuff wheel 2 set with coaster brakes Where as the Cobra 2 was a Freewheel model with cable lugs welded on the toptube of the frame.
Cobra also did a Cobra MXIII which was a total Knockoff of a redline MXII.
No idea if they where exported to the states but that was a bit of info for you.

       RE:MISC:   Beacon Cycle U.S. - Cobra BMX Austrailia posted by John Dale on 12/5/2010 at 3:39:09 PM
I had a 1980 or 1981 Black Cobra BMX bike with gold rims. This bike was very cool looking back in the day. I was in to BMX a little, but when I seen this bike in a shop it was just awesome looking. I have yet to find one anywhere on line with the same gold rims. Does anyone remember this style? I ended up selling the bike for 100.00 4 years after I originally purchased it in 1984.

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