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AGE / VALUE:   Old School BMX flip flop hub question

Posted by Gralyn on 11/8/2008 at  6:59:13 PM

I'm mostly on the Vintage Lightweight discussion group - but lately, I ended up with this flip flop hub - which I understand is from an old BMX bike. I have been converting some of my old lightweight 10-speed bikes to fixed gear single speed. I got this hub - thinking it was a flip flop hub I could use for a track bike / fixed gear road bike, etc. However, when I received the hub - the first thing I noticed was that there wasn't a threaded area for the lock ring. There were threads on each end of the hub - but no smaller threaded diameter at one end for a lock ring. A track hub, or a single speed free wheel cog will fit on one end - but the other end has a much smaller thread diameter - way too small for a typical track hub or free wheel cassette.

My question is: What would have been installed on this hub? A single speed free wheel on one end maybe .....and then what went on the other end? I could possibly use it if say, there were single speed free wheels that would fit to the smaller threaded end - then I could put a track cog on the other end. Or, if there were single cogs made that would screw onto the smaller threaded end - then I could put a single speed free wheel on the standard threaded side.

Someone please educate me on these old BMX hubs. Thanks

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       RE:AGE / VALUE:   Old School BMX flip flop hub question posted by Gralyn on 11/11/2008 at 6:43:15 AM
OK, I did some research and found that the smaller threaded side of the hub is for a single speed freewheel. The reason for the small thread diameter is so a smaller tooth count cog - on the standard size thread diameter - the smallest cog you can get is maybe 15 or 16.....the smaller thread allows maybe 13 or 14 teeth. Both sides of the hub are for free wheels.

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