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MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   LaRay motorbike posted by: randy on 9/15/2002 at 2:32:12 AM
i bought a 1930 LaRay at auction,complete and running.i cannot find anything out about it.can anyone give me the history ,value,or resources to learn about it? thanks


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WANTED:   1920's motorbike posted by: phill nirie on 9/8/2002 at 9:11:40 PM
I am looking for a motor to a 1920's motor bike.any leads on either original or a reproduction versions of this motor would make my day.

          RE:WANTED:   1920's motorbike posted by Rif on 9/11/2002 at 3:50:32 AM
Hi Phill,
Perhaps if you could give us a little more information on your motor bike. What brand it is, a bit of a description of the bike itself, etc.
It sounds like a very cool project. :-}
Hope we can help,

          RE:WANTED:   1920's motorbike posted by phill-e on 9/17/2002 at 12:06:46 PM
a 1928 elgin motorbike is as close as i've narrowed it down.the 1935 elgin oriole looks alot the same but the white paint differs slightly between the late twentys to the mid thirtys.i'm guessing that it is a 1928 only because the b.b. is stamped with a 28. N885 28 is the stamp.i've found pictures of a late 20's elgin motorbike with the motor mounting in front of handle bars(nostalgia,nostalgic(?).com).i also recieved another bike from the same people that has 40cc on the handlebars.it was red with black&white pinstripes,durex coaster brake with werke prazion on the durex hub. it had a special brake feature written on the coaster.it has allstate tires with a statefarm sticker on the back.can you possibly offer some more information than i have.it just crossed my mind.the reason the motor size is stamped on the handle bars is at one time it became a law to have it posted on the cycles if operated on highways/roadways.the elgin does not have this on it.the new departure model d hub looks like one side may have had a BELT ON IT .THANKS FOR YOUR RESPONSE.

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AGE / VALUE:   bike motors posted by: Dave on 9/6/2002 at 4:46:48 AM
I am wanting to get a motor for my bike but am confused about friction drive vs. belt or chain drive kits. Can someone make a recommendation? I have looked at angel wings, island hopper and golden eagle.

          RE:AGE / VALUE:   bike motors posted by Rif Addams on 9/6/2002 at 4:51:37 PM
Hi Dave,
there are many different factors to consider when motorizing your bike. The chain drive vs. friction drive vs belt drive is a debate or question that's been around a lot lately.
I personaly have had three motor kits, all were / are of the friction drive variety. the one real down fall of the friction drive is the fact that it will not work in wet conditions. The chain drive I have not had experience wih so I really cannot speak too much about these, and the same with a belt driven set up.
What is the intended usage of your moto-bike? In other words, is this just going to be a fair weather occasional pleasure cruiser? Is this going to be used for vacationing so it's like a mode of light use transportation around the camp site or town, is this an alternative form of commuter transportation, or is this a long distance heavy use touring bike?
Currently I am using the Island Hopper set-up and have been fairly content with it. It doesn't quite go fast enough to suit my tastes but I'm working on that... :-}
I use my bike for commuting and long distance heavy use touring. Granted I haven't ventured out of this city but it's a very large city and I go everywhere, and each time I venture a little further.
I don't know if I have been of any assistance but if you have any more questions or maybe more specific questions...

          RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   bike motors posted by Dave on 9/7/2002 at 2:46:45 AM
Thanks for the info, Rif. I am a middle-aged man and not at all mechanically inclined. I want to use the bike mostly for fun and recreation. I live in a mountainous area but there are also a lot of flat areas to ride here on top of the mountain. The bike I want to use the motor on is a mongoose mtn. bike. If whatever I get works well enough and seems reliable, I would like to go maybe 5-10 miles. How loud are these bike motors? About like a weedwhacker?

          RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   bike motors posted by Rif on 9/7/2002 at 5:47:02 AM
No problemo! Glad to be of assitance.
As far as the noise level, well it's kinda loud. I mean it IS after all a weedwhacker motor. the Island hopper kit utilizes a 49cc Tecumseh two stroke engine.
I let a friend of mine take the bike for a jaunt, and when he came down the street at full bore it sounded like a mutant hornet or something! It was actually cool to see it from the perspective of the bystander for once...
This motor (stock out of the box tops) out around 25 M.P.H. I'm shooting for 35 top speed, and cruising around at 30 average.
Oh yeah, one problem I did have with this kit is the twist grip throttle- It sucks. It's absolutely the bottom line cheapest thing that can possibly be had. It never worked properly and eventualy it severed the cable. I don't really care for the twist grip throttle assy. on motor bicycles anyway so I put my trusty old 'trigger' type throttle assy. on the new motor kit. No more problems and it's much more comfortable...
But overall I really dig this kit!

          RE:RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   bike motors posted by JimW. on 9/9/2002 at 5:37:17 AM
You would probably be wise to follow Rif's example, and go with
the friction drive type. If you blow your engine, you just
unbolt the corpse, and you have a normal bike again.

My personal preference is for chain drive, just because it's
more manly, however, that's my macho side coming through.
You can get friction drive 4-cycle engine setups, which aren't
as noisy and smelly as the 2-strokes, but manly guys are generally
noisy and smelly, so 2-strokes are a good match in that respect.
I've designed a stainless-steel exhaust system for Mr. Moto,
my kustom moto project. It will have a 2"X 12" tubular fiberglass-packed
"muffler" which should deliver a richer sound than the typical
2-stroke engine, without losing too many of those kool and nasty

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WANTED:   information on a freespirit motor posted by: lee on 9/5/2002 at 4:43:17 PM
My dad picked up a motor that mounts on a bike ita called a freespirit model 298.48511 made in japan. He needs parts drivewheel, nut and washer ( left handed threads) and the return spring. And if anybody knows the value would be nice to. thanks Lee

          RE:WANTED:   information on a freespirit motor posted by Rif on 9/6/2002 at 4:54:36 PM
See post below and five postings down...
Rif :-}

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MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   need parts for motor posted by: Larry Juker on 8/29/2002 at 4:51:21 PM
I have a bicycle motor white front mount Tas on gas tank(round,left side) made Tanaka Togyo Co. Ltd. Japan that is all I know. Need parts list specificaly for now new drive wheel over the front of the front tire. It is direct drive gear shaft even to start single bolt on about 1 3/4 in. to 2 in. dia. drive wheel aluminum tooth to volcanized rubber can anyone help please. Thank you Larry

          RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   need parts for motor posted by sam on 8/30/2002 at 1:54:36 AM
go down 4 post under "need roller for bike bug" Rif answered this same question.

          RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   need parts for motor posted by Mike Schneider on 9/1/2002 at 3:10:34 PM
Got your message. Congradulations these little engines are a HOOT.

If you have compression and spark the rest of getting the engine to run is pretty simple.

I will help anyway I can with you getting your engine running. A picture or two of it would be helpul to me in helping you.

You said you needed a drive hub. Do you have the aluminmin drive hub and are missing the rubber outside or do you need the entire hub?

Another question - some of the engines have a primer bulb on top of the gas tank - Do you have one -? I have developed a part to rebuilt these if you need one. The manufactuer does not have any of these left.

I can help with both but if you have the aluminmin hub it is alot less expensive.

I have a package of literature on these engines that will save you a lot of time and money on repairing the engine. It contains the owner's manual, shop repair manual, parts lists, technical diagrams, articles written about the engines, soucres of parts, manufacturers address, hints on repairs, better than new parts and repair hints, etc.... It has been collected from 3 years of correspondebnce and research on these engines. I have rebuilt eight and help about twenty people like you get theirs up and running.

I copy and mail the literature for $25.00. I sure would recommend you not take the engine aprat until you have this information. A lot of little parts taht break or can be lost without benefit of the literature.

The manufactuer has some parts but they are pricey. The drove hub for instance - new about $40.00. I can show you a way to make one for $1.00 that will last longer, ride your bike faster and cause less wear on your engine.

If you want the pacakge sent me a check to:

Mike Schneider
1307 Country Place Circle
Houston, Texas 77079

281 531 6552 Home
713 463 2317 Office
713 859 5999 Cell

Welcome to the TAS Spitzers. Hope we get the Wind in Your Face soon.

BITW (Brothers in The Wind)


          RE:RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   need parts for motor posted by Rif on 9/1/2002 at 7:27:16 PM
Mike you truly are one in a million! Keep up the great work on keeping these little motors alive!
Take care,

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WANTED:   need info on a safety cycle ...................... posted by: jimmy on 8/26/2002 at 2:57:06 AM
it has a briggs motor on it i bought a whizzer from a guy for a 100.00 and he calls back and says he also has a
saftey cycle. he would like to sell i'm looking for some info on this

          RE:WANTED:   need info on a safety cycle ...................... posted by Louie on 9/5/2002 at 12:42:40 PM
I have a Safti-cycle /spare motor and a lot of info. I called the local newspaper's archives in Lacross, WI where they were made and they sent me alot of info including pictures inside the factory, flyers, and newspaper articles. Email me for more info.

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WANTED:   SMITH, BRIGGS, MOTOR WHEEL posted by: Brian on 8/25/2002 at 3:32:51 AM
Wanted to Buy - SMITH, BRIGGS, DAYTON, MERKEL or other Bicycle MOTORWHEEL. Also Dayton MOTORBIKE frame.

          RE:WANTED:   SMITH, BRIGGS, MOTOR WHEEL posted by Clifford Herold on 9/20/2002 at 4:15:24 PM
I have an interest in the Briggs and Stratton Motor Wheel, do you know of anyone with parts, or knowledge of the engine? Have you had any replys that you will not use? Why?

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MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   1959 Allstate posted by: Dolly Case on 8/16/2002 at 7:13:28 PM
I am looking for resources to locate information on a 1959 Allstate made by Steyr-Daimler-Puch. I'm trying to find out the value and where I can possibly locate parts for this bike. Any websites or even published books to learn about this bike would be appreciated.

          RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   1959 Allstate posted by Rif on 8/19/2002 at 2:31:02 AM
I have a 1960 Allstate (steyr-daimler-puch) moped sitting in my shop acting as a home for wayward spiders. I have been unable to locate literature and especially, parts.
This one is in extremely nice shape but needs Cylinder, Piston, rings. It is an automatic, and just looks cool. Please let me know if you come across anything...

          RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   1959 Allstate posted by sam on 8/19/2002 at 1:12:04 PM

          RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   1959 Allstate posted by sam on 8/19/2002 at 1:19:34 PM
And check out this repair guide http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1851783403

          RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   1959 Allstate posted by sam on 8/19/2002 at 2:04:32 PM

          RE:RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   1959 Allstate posted by JimW. on 8/22/2002 at 3:47:03 PM
Back in the day (mid to late '60s)you could go to any Sears
store and order parts for these machines. They had everything
on microfilm, and you could just flip through until you found
what you needed. I rebuilt at least a dozen of them at the time.
Jeez, I'm really turning into an old codger! Next I'll be talking
about how I had to trudge 10 miles through the snow to get to school.
Actually, I rode a comfortable bus to school, and it hardly ever
snows in Kentucky. But, I swear I didn't make up the part about
Sears and Puch moped parts.

          RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:1959 Allstate posted by phillnirie on 9/8/2002 at 5:32:10 PM
would the rear hub on these allstates have werke prazion on them?

          RE:RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   1959 Allstate posted by Alex on 10/9/2002 at 8:34:14 PM
can you describe what the 59 Allstate looks like ?
does it look like a vespa allstate?
does anyone have a picture ?

          RE:RE:RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   1959 Allstate posted by JimW. on 10/23/2002 at 2:45:52 PM
There were at least 3 different Allstates available at the time. They had one which looked like a typical moped, with front and rear suspension. They had a stripper model of the same machine without suspension. And they had one which looked more like a scooter. It had smaller-diameter wheels with fatter tires, pretty much the same 50cc Puch engine, with a 3-speed gearbox instead of the 2-speed of the moped style. But it still had pedals.

          RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   1959 Allstate posted by glen macgregor on 9/15/2008 at 6:02:43 PM

I have a Steyr-daimler-puch model 810.94383 and could you tell me the year.It was bulit in Austria and so far i think its a Allstate compact (puch DS50) but i dont really know.Could you tell me the year.

          RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   1959 Allstate posted by glenmacgregor on 9/22/2008 at 5:31:24 PM
hello,i did not say it was a 1959,i said it was a 1963 allstate

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MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   need driver roller for Bike Bug posted by: Karen Fox on 8/13/2002 at 7:56:31 PM
Hi, I am looking for a rubber driver roller.Part #231-36100-800, ref# 5-15, comp(no.48859) Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance

          RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   need driver roller for Bike Bug posted by Rif Addams on 8/14/2002 at 3:40:06 PM
Hi Karen,
These drive rollers are still available from Tanaka, who originally manufactured these engine kits. The price is rather steep though. Mike Schneider on the other hand has a low buck alternative that is actually better than the factory original! Please see the Addy posted below for a history and info concerning these motor kits. Mikes e-mail can be found at the bottom of the article.

Hope this helps,
Rif Addams

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AGE / VALUE:   An aquarium valve posted by: sam on 8/13/2002 at 2:55:08 AM
Rif,that's just the info I needed.And by the way--tomorrow(tues)Robert and I start cutting on your bike,so wish me luck!And with a little more luck you may be ridding on Alum.rims!My Daughter got a set in Mexico that are 28"(1' width) , she is to go back in Dec.so I ordered 3 more sets.I'd put these on the Wyman bike but she said she could get the wider rims(1&1/2") next time---sam

          RE:AGE / VALUE:   An aquarium valve posted by Rif on 8/13/2002 at 5:01:06 AM
Glad I could help, and that sounds great about the Moto-Bike!
Also thanks for the pic. of the frame... It was just the boost I needed.
That frame is perfect, and the chain ring looks good on it!
Hi All,
I have my Hercules Schwinn Moto-Bike up and motorvatin' again! I purchased one of the Tecumseh 49 cc 'Viper' brand moto kits (Island Hopper).
I'm currently topping out at around 25 M.P.H.- that will all change soon... Our local Go-Ped guy hops these little motors up pretty good. His racing scooter (yes, there are those who race the things...)does close to 40 M.P.H.!
Sometimes I feel like a Mad Scientist from an old movie, out in the Laboratory- frankensteinin' these bikes and motors together!
Rif "the creature from the black leather lagoon" Addams

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WANTED:   VeloSolex posted by: Scott McLeod on 8/13/2002 at 12:34:40 AM
Looking for VeloSolex. Complete condition, can be in need of repair/repaint/etc... Email with information. I'm from Ottawa, Canada, and looking for something to go with our 2CV for car shows.

          RE:WANTED:   VeloSolex posted by Donny on 5/28/2006 at 5:08:20 AM
Hello i have a velosolex 3800 1966 it is in verry good condition the chain is brokin though its a minor repair just missing a link. if you are interested email me, sincerly Donny

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MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   O & R Bike Motor Kit posted by: Larry on 8/12/2002 at 4:10:28 PM
I have an ORLINE (O & R) Bike Motor Kit that I am having a hard time getting information (or Parts) about. It is a Compact III, one hourse power s/n 100539, engine type 181. If any one can direct me to a source of parts (carb), I would appreciate it.

          RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   O & R Bike Motor Kit posted by JimW. on 8/24/2002 at 5:09:02 AM
Your Ohlson&Rice engine probably has a stock carburetor by another
maker. My advice is to inspect it closely to see if you can find
the manufacturer's name (Tillotson, etc.) If there are no
maker's markes on it, show it to a small engine repair guy.
Chances are he'll recognize the maker from its design. Once you find
the name of the maker, and maybe the type#, you'll be able to
find the parts you need in a web search, and even repair and
tuning info. There weren't that many different domestic carburetor
makers around when that engine was made.

          RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   O & R Bike Motor Kit posted by GErald Rosen on 2/28/2003 at 3:29:36 AM
I have an o&R generator and an o&R chain saw. I would like
to buy or trade for the bike motor. thanks, Gerry

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WANTED:   smith motor wheel posted by: Kurt on 8/9/2002 at 2:27:09 PM
I am searching for a gas tank for a smith motor wheel.

          RE:WANTED:   smith motor wheel posted by Clifford Herold on 9/20/2002 at 4:19:34 PM
I have an interest in the Briggs and Stratton engine, do you know of anyone with parts for the engine?

Thanks for any help.

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WANTED:   Dumb and Dumber Minibike posted by: Fernando on 8/6/2002 at 6:58:00 PM
Hey, I'm looking for a replica of the minibike that was in the movie Dumb and Dumber. Does anyone know where I can get one?

          RE:WANTED:   Dumb and Dumber Minibike posted by marcus on 8/15/2002 at 12:21:40 AM
I am also looking for a replica mini bike from "dumb and dumber. Mainly looking for company name, year and style.

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MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   Engine diagrams for whizzer posted by: linda on 8/6/2002 at 6:17:39 AM
This is regarding a schwinn whizzer that I found on a junk pile a while pack. the engine will turn over and is very clean. the cable and spark plug wires need to be replaced. I am looking for any drawings or diagrams for the engine on the whizzer

          RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   Engine diagrams for whizzer posted by Bill Russell on 10/10/2002 at 5:14:05 AM
I have some drawings of the engines and a rebuild manual. I would be glad to send you copies if you still need them.

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