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MISC:SHOP-LESS again... posted by: Rif on 2/24/2002 at 4:41:04 PM
Sorry to waste space, but I need to speak.
I am having to move out of the storage/shop area that I have been using for a couple of years now.
My Folks have been letting me use a corner of one of their barns for my bike stuff. It's about 1000 Sq. Ft. and it's free. Great deal right? Well, every silver lining has a touch of grey...
This is located in a fairly rural (if there's truly anything "rural" left around here). Unfortunately in the past year this barn has been broken into at least 4 times. I live 40 minutes away and am now moving everything out. I can't afford to replace my equipment and I just don't feel safe keeping it there anymore. I'm shopless again. This sucks.
I suspect it's "Tweakers". This area is the meth capital and due to the rural aspect even the cops will admit for every lab that gets busted there's at least three more they don't know about. The Police have told my father straight out that there's nothing they can do, they don't have the manpower and they have their hands full with more important matters. I understand this and can't blame the police. They DO have more important problems to deal with.
Why does it have to be like this? Why can't people just leave other people alone? I don't have the means to build a garage/shop on my property at the moment and don't really have anywhere to keep this stuff here. Yet I can't continually lose sleep over worrying about my bikes, equipment and tools. Boy, Life in the 21st Century just gets better and better! :-)
Well, I'll just have to make due.
Thanks for listening,

          RE:MISC:SHOP-LESS again... posted by Mike Schneider on 2/26/2002 at 7:34:35 PM

Best thing we found on our farm out away from town to stop break in was Cyanide gun traps.

The county agents would supply them for free if your had Coyote problems.

Basically coycotes can be bad down here during watermelon season. The cyanide gun trap is basically a booby trap connected on the stem of the watermelon. The Coyote moves, bites or paws the watermelon - it pulls a wire that trips the gun and shoots him with cyanide. The pop scares his buddies and they learn to eat other things. He gets blind, sick and dies.

Haven't ever found a dead thief and the sick ones around town seem they learned to break in other places.

Hope that helps.


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MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   Almost there... posted by: Rif on 2/22/2002 at 3:39:15 AM
Hi all,
I just can't contain myself any longer; and since my roomie is tired of hearing about bikes and junk, I just gotta tell this to someone who can dig it before I explode.
I'm am almost done drafting the plans for the "transmission" assembly for the new motor, for my Schwinn Hercules! I should have them complete in about a week.
I have taken the design from a number of different bike engines. I worked out the aspects I liked and the aspects I didn't care for- then combined all the good aspects.
I have also collected most of the materials I need. Aluminum can be quite costly, fortunately a couple of the shops I worked in allowed me to dig through their "scrap" bins, so most of it was free. Same with the steel.
The sealed bearings are no big deal, I have the part number for the replacements, and the cost is fairly minimal.
I still need to get a cup for the centrifugal clutch, as I need to take measurements and check the fit, etc. Once I have that I can finish the drawings and begin to let the chips fly!!!
40cc's of screaming two stroke power! I fear, though, that the fun of designing and building this monstrosity will make the ride almsot anti-climactic.
I've never felt so in my element and alive as I have throughout this project which actually started way back in '99.
Thanks for letting me ramble.

          RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   Almost there... posted by Cal on 2/22/2002 at 2:00:35 PM
Rif, keep us all posted on your progress.
What are you starting with as the basis for your motor? I've heard weed-whacker motors are a good start.

Got any pictures?

          RE:RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   Almost there... posted by Rif on 2/22/2002 at 2:49:12 PM
Hi Cal,
I'm using a Tanaka 40cc industrial two stroke. I held this motor up against my old decrepit Tecumseh 49cc for comparison and there is none! The Tanaka motor dwarfs that little 49er and makes it look like a model airplane motor.
The Tanaka motors are built and rated to run at full throttle for hours on end. Places like Disneyworld use them for their power equipment; weedeaters, blowers, etc. Talk about beefy, there is no doubt in my mind that with the correct gearing (drive wheel diameter) I'll get up to 35 M.P.H. possibly I'll be able to hit 40.
We shall see... I have been documenting the process. but I'm not quite ready to show the photos yet. Soon, very soon...

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AGE / VALUE:schwinn unicycle posted by: gball on 2/14/2002 at 4:52:12 PM
Have an old uni 20 X 1 3/4 ww s-7 uni tire US PAT # on schwinn sticker3083036 #2157 6 on hub E. Nicklin & sons crank made in england and two piece seatpost bracket/frame all chrome. Ant idea on value or year? Thank's GBall

          RE:AGE / VALUE:schwinn unicycle posted by beverlycsimpson on 4/23/2011 at 5:45:14 PM
I have a old E.nicklin & Sons unicycle, Made in England.Not sure of year or what it's worth wasnt sure if you were looking for one or had one .The us. pat. 3,083,036.Chicago,schwinn bicycle co. tryed too send pic not sure how ,thanks bev

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FOR SALE:2001 Schwinn Cruiser SS w/Extras!! posted by: Brian on 2/4/2002 at 10:43:52 PM
I bought this bike mainly as a decoration for my rec room but it has been ridden about 10 miles. I have added the following SCHWINN accessories: chrome handlebars, chrome gooseneck, chrome springer fork, chrome seatpost, chrome seatclamp, chrome horn tank, black phantom rack, chrome ducktail fenders, persons brown leather saddle. I also have all of the original black pieces to go with it. If interested please email me @ brianenglert@yahoo.com


          RE:FOR SALE:2001 Schwinn Cruiser SS w/Extras!! posted by JimW. on 2/5/2002 at 4:26:16 PM
Any chance of our getting a photo, Brian? We're putting together a classification manual for IBRKA bike shows, and yours sounds like a good example for one type of a particular class.

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MOTORIZED BICYCLES:TAS SPITZ DECALS posted by: Mike Schneider on 1/30/2002 at 10:47:20 PM
TAS SPITZ Replacement Decals

Replacement decals can be obtained for $12.00 per set (Ignition Cover, Gas Tank and Air Filter Decals). These are not available form the manufacturer. These have been scanned from an old new in box TAS Spitz, printed on non-smudgeable label paper and laminated for protection and high gloss appearance.

If you are interested in these Decals please send $12.00 for copy and shipping expense to:

Mike Schneider
1307 Country Place Circle
Houston, Texas 77079
281 531 6552

          RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:TAS SPITZ DECALS posted by Rif Addams on 2/1/2002 at 2:11:25 AM
RIGHT ON Mike!!! Keep up the good work!
BTW- I recived your telephone mssg. today. Thanks for the support. The writing is coming along well; slow, but well. I'm going back up on Thursday to get a few more details from Randy and to check the timeline.
I'll keep ya' posted...I'll E-mail you sometime this weekend when I find a spare moment.
Thanks again for all your help,

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MOTORIZED BICYCLES:Rif - Excellent Job posted by: Mike on 1/26/2002 at 9:53:11 PM
Thyanks for being of service on these caculations.

Have repainted the TAS Spitzs - Scanned decals and printed on sticker paper - They look sweet.

Thanks again for the help.

Brothers in the Wind


          RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:Rif - Excellent Job posted by Rif on 1/27/2002 at 12:09:20 AM
Thanks Mike.
I just tested these calculations against a known.
My bike bug was mounted on a '66 Schwinn Typhoon Deluxe. With me riding (I weigh in at 120 Lbs.), a full tank of fuel, on the flat with no headwind. I achieved 20 M.P.H. consistently, I was clocked by a co-worker in his newer model truck.
I ran the calculations using the spec.s from the Bike-Bug owners manual. I used a flat 26" for the driven (the front wheel of my Schwinn.
According to the formula I posted, I came up with 25 M.P.H. Only 5 M.P.H. off! Not bad for not using any variables in the formula.
Like I said, this is just to help get you in the neighborhood when gearing your moto-bike.

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MOTORIZED BICYCLES:Rif - Excellent Job posted by: Mike on 1/26/2002 at 9:53:11 PM
Thyanks for being of service on these caculations.

Have repainted the TAS Spitzs - Scanned decals and printed on sticker paper - They look sweet.

Thanks again for the help.

Brothers in the Wind



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MOTORIZED BICYCLES:Pulley / drive wheel calculations posted by: Rif Addams on 1/21/2002 at 10:42:45 PM
Hi All!
Here's something that may be of help to you Moto-Bike home builders.
I finished working this stuff out this morning- I've been playing with it on and off for a few months now.

These are formulas to calculate speeds of driver to driven and then to calculate speed. Please note: These calculations do NOT include variables such as power: weight ratios, resitance, drag, loss of torque / power through suspension etc.
When I do this calculation I am always a little conservative and round down to the nearst whole number to help compensate for those variables.
This is only to get one in the neighborhood when building a Moto-Bike.
D= Driver diameter
S= Driver speed in R.P.M.
d= driven diameter
s= driven speed in R.P.M.
R.P.M.= Revolutions Per Minute
F.P.M.= Feet Per Minute
M.P.H.= Miles Per Hour

To calculte the speed of the driven wheel or pulley the following formula is used:
D x S
------- = s (in R.P.M.)
As an example: if the driving wheel is 2.0" in diameter, and it turns at 3500 R.P.M., and the driven wheel is 26" in diameter; we would then multiply 3500 by 2.0, then divide by the diameter of the driven wheel.
3500 7000
x 2.0 -------- = 269.230 = 269 R.P.M. (rounded down)
---------- 26

Now, to convert from R.P.M to F.P.M we do this:

s x d
------ = s ( in F.P.M.)

Using the same arbitrary numbers from above-

269 6994
x 26 ------- = 1748.5 = 1748 F.P.M. (rounded down)
-------- 4

To convert this from Feet Per Minute to Miles Per Hour is simple multiplication-

s (F.P.M.) x .01136 = M.P.H.

Again using the above numbers:
1748 F.P.M x .01136 = 19.85 M.P.H

To review-
DxS / d = s rpm
sxd / 4 = s fpm
sx.01136 = s mph

Does anyone see any mistakes or errors with this theory, or in the formulas themselves? Anyone have anything to add?
Just trying to help with some info...
Rif :-}


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MOTORIZED BICYCLES:Travis motor? posted by: Mark on 1/10/2002 at 9:37:01 PM
I was wondering if anyone could help me out with info on my Travis bicycle engine. I was told that it was bought in 1948 -50, don't know if this is correct. It sort of runs, but I bought it with no idea if the spark plug is correct(or the gap). I don't know what the mixture is as well. It has a Zenith carb that may need to be replaced- I have pictures of it. I would like to get it running at some point- I get closer and closer to getting it to run/ but never good. Has great compression, spark. Also-any idea on what something like this is worth?

          RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:Travis motor? posted by Rif Addams on 1/10/2002 at 11:41:02 PM
Hi mark,
I was hoping you could send a picture or two.
I'll have to look and ask around, but I think I heard some bike buddies talking about one of these. I don't know for sure but I'll ask around and show the photo.

          RE:RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:Travis motor? posted by George Stratton on 1/14/2002 at 10:38:52 PM
The years sound correct because I remember seeing many of them back in high school around that time. I believe the engine was manufactured by Power Products who also manufactured the engine for the Monark Supertwin of the same era. The Travis mounted over the front fender and operated by driving the front wheel by running a small diameter drive wheel directly against the bike tire. You could raise and lower the engine with a hand lever like a clutch. Check the Vintage Motorbike Club, and you will find people looking for one. George

          RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:Travis motor? posted by will foshag on 7/29/2002 at 12:47:36 AM
do you want to sell yor TRAVIS motor?

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REPRODUCTIONS:   Schwinn Black Phantom posted by: Weldon on 12/23/2001 at 5:06:09 AM
What is the highest dollar value someone should pay for a reproduction model of the Schwinn Black Phantom MIB.


          RE:REPRODUCTIONS:   Schwinn Black Phantom posted by JimW. on 12/29/2001 at 5:53:10 AM
If you really love fake Schwinns, and are a big fan of the movie "Men In Black", and are a millionaire, it's worth just about anything you feel like paying. If you're some sort of collector/dealer newbie, who'd like to use it as a stepping-stone to an entrepaneurial career avoid it like poison. There are so many ways you can screw up on this deal, it's not funny. If you pay $10 for it, you can't possibly lose, but that probably won't buy it. Let somebody else take the risk, if big bucks are required.

          RE:REPRODUCTIONS:   Schwinn Black Phantom posted by ChristopherRobin2_atsign_starmail.com on 1/9/2002 at 1:31:35 AM
I see one in a shop and they are asking $2000.00 for it. You can find a old origonal one for somewhere less on e- bay. Please read and take Jim's advice to heart. This kind of money can really get you set up with something really nice and enjoyable. If you had or wanted to have one as a kid, (Are you from the Phantom bike generation?) (late 1940's 1950's) and you are fairly wealthy and have the money to throw on a toy, then you might want to get one. Otherwise...
Most of the folks here are looking to find one of these or any number of similar Schwinns or other makes of vintage Balloon tire bikes at a bargain price at a yard sale or on e- bay where an origonal sells for less then the re- introduced version. There are notable diffrences between the two Black Phantom bikes. This kind of money $2000.00 is a lot to spend! Is far, far better spent if you want a nice bike to ride and enjoy and use daily for long rides that are a excellent outdoor health giving activity. You can get a old, collectable, classic in mint shape that is far more practical then this particular bike for less money. If you are set upon having a Phantom then look for a mint, origonal Phantom off of E- bay and go for that.

How old are you? how long have you been into vintage bicycles? Are you new in this? If so then please remember Jims advice. Many people think they can pick up a bike and re- sell it someplace and make money. Unfortunitly, doing that requires you to have been in the game ahwile and been around the block in this hobby. This is a difficult, tricky, and quirky game to play and many get burnt. If you pay $2000.00 for a reproduction, you will likely never get that much out of it ever again. Collectors watch out for reproductions that rarely ever go near what an origonal piece sells for. People can tell the diffrence between this reproduction and an origonal Black Phantom bike. Attend a Bicycle swap meet if you can.

          RE:RE:REPRODUCTIONS:   Schwinn Black Phantom posted by ChristopherRobin2_atsign_starmail.com on 1/9/2002 at 1:40:49 AM
The one I see for $2000.00 is dusty and has been gracing the window for some time now. The economy is not so hot right now and most people aren't buying $2000.00 re-produced bikes. These "re-pops" as we call them came out in 1995 too. The same basic balloon tire bike sells in the bike shop for lots less only without the period dressing up. You can get a multi-speed, more functional bike for less. Remember the song "Better Shop around" It applies here, I think.

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MISC:merkel motor wheel posted by: Tom on 12/20/2001 at 11:15:38 PM
does any one know the year they started making the Merkel motor wheel

          RE:MISC:merkel motor wheel posted by John on 12/23/2001 at 11:30:52 PM
Try "Chuck's Hit n Miss Gasolene Engines" at www.angelfire.com/tx/hotube He has some Merkel history there. First motorwheel was 1917.

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MOTORIZED BICYCLES:Whizzer Type Belt Sheave/Pulley posted by: Russ on 12/14/2001 at 3:50:15 PM
Looking for a source for the large rear wheel belt sheave used on the Whizzer and others. They are much too expensive ordered from Whizzer and are made cheaply so there should be another source somewhere. Any ideas on making a similar one from scratch?

          RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:Whizzer Type Belt Sheave/Pulley posted by JimW. on 12/18/2001 at 8:58:58 AM
You might check at http://www.mbikey.com/index.htm
MikeyBikey's motor kits use sheaves, also. They might have a better price on them.

The tricky part of making one yourself is the system for mounting the sheave to the spokes.Back in the day, some builders would take a rim the same diameter as the original,
and spot weld it to the edge of the original. This would be used as the sheave. Not a perfect match to the contour of a vee belt, but it worked.

          RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:Whizzer Type Belt Sheave/Pulley posted by jeffrey on 12/26/2001 at 10:14:46 PM
hey hows it going i have a wizzer and i had some work done to the engine and got it going about 50 miles an hour not to bad for a bike, anyway i am trying to find a guy named rob as a matter of fact robsrecycle@aol.com is his email address hes the guy who made it possable for me to get somewhere a lot faster, do you have any idea how i can locate this person other than email? and also are you a member of wizzer? when i bought my bike they told me i was for a year i have never got anything from them or no news letters i was wondering how to join in.. well thanks for any help please email me ..jeff

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MOTORIZED BICYCLES:Zanetti posted by: Billie on 12/5/2001 at 3:16:40 AM
I am looking for info and parts for my Zanetti motorized bicycle.

          RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:Zanetti posted by mark on 12/20/2001 at 3:35:04 PM
I have one to, what model? what parts you need?
I need a carburator.

          RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:Zanetti posted by jeff on 4/22/2002 at 1:11:20 AM
i have 2 Zanetti motorized bikes. One is black and the other is purple. has anyone found info on these bikes anywhere? i can't seem to find a thing... please help!!
*How old are they?
*What's their value?
*Are they rare?

          RE:RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:Zanetti posted by Bob Farabaugh on 5/4/2002 at 11:02:10 PM
I have a Zanetti my father purchaced new in 1968. the bike is complete except for a broken drive belt.
I have never seen any others.
Mine is orange, front wheel drive with a 50cc pull start engine. It had drum brakes and has a latch in the middle so it can be seperated into two pieces for storage. The gas tank is also the headlamp housing.

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MOTORIZED BICYCLES:Mead Ranger With A Motor? posted by: Tim on 12/3/2001 at 7:45:03 PM
I found a Mead Ranger with motor mounts and a drive-belt
ring on the rear wheel. I then did some looking around and
found the motor. Did Mead make motorized bicycles or is
a after market add-on?

          RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:Mead Ranger With A Motor? posted by JimW. on 12/4/2001 at 1:30:51 AM
That's a pretty good question. To the best of my knowledge, Mead didn't make motorbikes, but I suppose anything is possible. Mead mostly sold bikes via mail order, as opposed to most of the other makers, who sold through stores.

          RE:MOTORIZED BICYCLES:Mead Ranger With A Motor? posted by whizzerick on 1/28/2002 at 7:51:21 PM
Yes, Mead did offer a motorkit in the 20's.
I will post more info as soon as I find that $!# catalog!

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AGE / VALUE:MOTOR WHEELS, Smith, Briggs posted by: Brian on 12/1/2001 at 4:40:39 AM
I am looking for MOUNTING BRACKETS to install a Smith Motor Wheel to a bicycle. Would also consider Briggs or Smith Scooter, Frame or Complete bike.


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