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I'm selling the OldRoads.com website.

I started the site in 1995 and sold my retail shop in April of this year.

I'm retiring from the bike business.

Here's a link to the eBay auction:



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Customs, Lowriders, HPV, Recumbent

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AGE / VALUE:   '69 Murray Eliminator posted by: R. Roedersheimer on 2/17/2002 at 7:38:29 PM
WHAT IS THIS THING REALLY WORTH???LOOK LOOK LOOK !!! There is a super rare 1969 Murray Eliminator for sale on E-bay !!! Bidding is only at $305.00 !!! Take a look,tell your friends, there are not many left like this !!!! This is the wildest '60's bike ever produced!!!


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LOWRIDERS:   This is the original lowrider on E-bay NOW!!! posted by: R. Roedersheimer on 2/17/2002 at 7:38:29 PM
LOOK LOOK LOOK !!! There is a super rare 1969 Murray Eliminator for sale on E-bay !!! Bidding is only at $305.00 !!! Take a look,tell your friends, there are not many left like this !!!! This is the wildest '60's bike ever produced!!!


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CUSTOMS:   The original custom bicycle for sale on E-bay !!! posted by: R. Roedersheimer on 2/17/2002 at 7:38:29 PM
LOOK LOOK LOOK !!! There is a super rare 1969 Murray Eliminator for sale on E-bay !!! Bidding is only at $305.00 !!! Take a look,tell your friends, there are not many left like this !!!! This is the wildest '60's bike ever produced!!!

          RE:CUSTOMS:   The original custom bicycle for sale on E-bay !!! posted by JimW. on 3/2/2002 at 6:48:22 PM
I wonder who's selling that Murray Eliminator?

Plugging one's own sale is okay, R. but try not to annoy everyone with multiple postings of the hard sell, please.

The Murray Eliminator may be a rare and fine factory bike,
but this is the KustomBike list. We don't do stock here; and
"We don' need no steenkin' decals!"

I realize that we have a couple of photos of factory Iverson musclebikes in the current issue of BikeRod&Kustom,
but they are only there in conjunction with the feature on "Kustom King" George Barris, who designed them. All the rest of the Barris bike photos are his hand-made design prototypes for the line.

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LOWRIDERS:   sebastian posted by: metlhed on 2/16/2002 at 10:00:03 PM
sebastian did you get the pic i sent??
i dono if i gave you the rite email address
my email is

          RE:LOWRIDERS:   sebastian posted by Sebastian on 2/17/2002 at 12:42:08 PM
yeah - got it! ... Seems to look quite like a Schwinn Stingray - right? ... just check out: http://www.lowriderbike.de - got to "Misc." -> "Sketchpad" - there are some ideas on how I imagine a custom bike :) .... anyway - I will draw some' for you ... it's just that I don't have that much amount of time. I have to strip down my entire Cruizer, because, I messed up the paint by putting the wrong Clear over the paint and it messed it up :((((( .... starting all over again. ... That customizing sometimes makes me go mad ... ;)
My BabyGirl Paula is about to customize her own Bike too. It's so much fun to share your experience and the hobbyroom. :) I think she's the first female in Germany to built a FullCustom-Lowriderbike. It's gonna ROCK! Stay tuned for Photos and a Special Feature at http://www.lowriderbike.de

Sebastian °LowStylez B.C. Hamburg, Germany°

Sebastian °

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LOWRIDERS:   headbadge posted by: metlhed on 2/16/2002 at 9:56:57 PM
could anyone help me here??
i need to know if it is possible and if it is how
to take off and put back on the head badge?!?!

          RE:LOWRIDERS:   headbadge posted by sam on 2/17/2002 at 8:36:38 PM
Yes the head badge can be removed.Schwinn used small screws on late bikes.Most bikes use those small nails with the screw shank.Use plyers and twist them out and be carful--I wish I knew a better way.---sam

          RE:LOWRIDERS:   headbadge posted by brian on 2/18/2002 at 6:15:57 PM
You must be talking about the Lowrider badge? I think you would see the screws if it was a Schwinn. Those are just stuck on with double stick tape. Use a hair dryer to heat it up. It should just pry off when hot. Use WD-40 to clean up the glue. You'll need a new piece of tape to reapply. Must be paintin' the frame eh? Good luck.

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MISC:   Question... posted by: Rif Addams on 2/16/2002 at 6:28:47 PM
Here's an off-topic but somewhat related question for ya'.
I was out in the shop the other day wrenching on one of my projects with the radio blasting.
I got to wondering what sort of tunes other people listen to when they're really in their groove and Kustomizing bikes?
I generally have a few shop standards such as Buddy Holly, the Ramones, Sisters of Mercy, Social Distortion, Tom Petty, etc. Some bikes I put together Compilation tapes and listen to specific songs over and again that really give an aural impression of the direction the bike is taking.
What gets you in that "right" groove?
I was just wondering... Hope this isn't too far off topic, it's just interesting to me so I thought I'd ask...

          RE:MISC:   Question... posted by mtlhed on 2/16/2002 at 9:51:23 PM
i usually listen to WAR!!!!!
my fav. song to listen to is of course, LOWRIDER

          RE:RE:MISC:   Question... posted by JimW. on 2/17/2002 at 3:35:15 AM
I just turn on the radio when I wake up. K-Rock NYC. Howard Stern is going in the morning, nothing too challenging. After that, it's just generic alterna-pop music, all day.
When my high-schooler daughter gets home, after school, it turns into MTV crap. On days when I demand something serious, I start out with TonioK(Life In The Food Chain) and the day's program proceeds from there.

          RE:RE:RE:MISC:   Question... posted by Sebastian on 2/17/2002 at 12:30:35 PM
hmmmm ... usually some Hiphop-Stuff (WuTang, BustaRhymes, BlackEyedPeas etc.), some Ska(Toasters, BadManners, Judge Dread ...), some Industrial/EBM (Front242, Suicide Commando ...), some Reggae , some Dancehall-Ragga, some Erykah Badu, sometimes PunkRock ... it all depends on what mood I am in. ...

          RE:RE:RE:RE:MISC:   Question... posted by Stacey on 2/20/2002 at 6:13:00 PM
Enya, Lorenna McKennet, 10,000 Maniacs, maybe some Bach, Wagner, or Vivaldi... then again theres always The Who.

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WANTED:   people to be in my lowrider bike club in wichita ks. posted by: JUSTIN DOWELL on 2/14/2002 at 8:48:16 PM
I'm looking for people in Wichita,Ks. or surroding areas. who would like to be in a lowrider bike clubthe name is ''SWEET SUCCESS BIKE CLUB.'' Ages 12-24 please. If you have a lowrider bike that is fixed up and want to be in a bike club plesae call JUSTIN DOWELL at(316)524-4335 or write me at JUSTIN DOWELL 5420 S. Broadway #18 Wichita,Ks. THANK YOU FOR YOUR CORRPORATION SIGHNED,JUSTIN DOWELL


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LOWRIDERS:   ahhhh posted by: metlhed on 2/10/2002 at 8:28:24 PM
well well well once again i am disappointed. i have fallen into the category of "you get what you pay for". my bike finally came and since the deadbeat on ebay didnt tell everything about the bike i assumed everything was there. Yesterday as i opened the box i pulled out the frame, most of the paint is gone, scratched off, or painted over, when they guy said it was "nicked and scratched" many of the parts are rusted and none of the nuts and bolts match. For parts- a box of parts with nothing matching most of the nuts and bolts I had to find myself. Since i am not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to putting these contraptions together, i had to call in the help of my friend and my twin brother, and it still took us 10 hours and 18 minutes to build. So buyer beware you get what you pay for and dont buy it until you see it(the guy took the picture on his computer and painted it in the windows paint program!!!)

          RE:LOWRIDERS:   ahhhh posted by Mick on 2/11/2002 at 10:42:56 PM
Don't feel so bad, a buddy of mine blew $300 up against the
wall on a pile of junk that looked like a mountain bike at a
police auction. It was worth probably $20. Always preview.

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LOWRIDERS:   I just what to tell ya'll somthin posted by: Eric on 2/10/2002 at 3:10:23 AM
I came on the site talkin like that i've been here for a while, but i want to tell you about my bikes. I have a lowrider bike stingray frame bent bars you know a plain one but it has a filled in tank. also 2 mirrors, to old fashion horn that i got at a junk yard, and a chain steering wheel oh yeah 4 pegs. then i have a plain BMX frma but it has a old rusted 3 wheel kit on it with a twin seat in the back(small couch) like a love seat. those are the bikes i have


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CUSTOMS:   Does any know what an extended frame looks like and how to put hydro's on your bike for a posted by: Eric on 2/10/2002 at 2:48:03 AM
I was wondin if you know what a extend frame looks like and what it does also do you know how to put hydros on a bike
I have a customized stingray

          RE:CUSTOMS:   Does any know what an extended frame looks like and how to put hydro's on your bike fo posted by Mick on 2/10/2002 at 3:18:17 PM
I don't know anything about hydro kits for bikes, but I have
extended frames, schwinn style frames look OK extended. I
used a girl's BMX front triangle flipped over.
check it out,thanks to Jim Wilson!

          RE:CUSTOMS:   Does any know what an extended frame looks like and how to put hydro's on your bike fo posted by sam on 2/10/2002 at 3:53:13 PM
Rob on the BMX group can tell you all about Hydro kits.

          RE:RE:CUSTOMS:   Does any know what an extended frame looks like and how to put hydro's on your bike posted by Mick on 2/11/2002 at 10:34:26 PM
Choppercabras of L.A. do the bike hydros thing and they have
a little mail order thing going.

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MISC:   Paint code #'s posted by: Rif Addams on 2/9/2002 at 3:12:32 PM
Hi All,
Does anyone know what the original paint code #'s are/were for early 1960's Schwinn bikes?
I'm looking to match a set of locking lightweight forks from 40's to my 1963 Speedster Kustom.
I need to know for the metallic red specifically, (yea, I know, I had to pick the absolute hardest color in the spectrum to match!!!)
Thanks for any help you might be able to give. Also I'm looking to have my 1960 Plymouth Valiant painted the (Schwinn) middleweight metallic blue eventually, so if you've got that code as well that would be super!


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LOWRIDERS:   TANKING IF YOU CAN'T WELD!! posted by: Seth on 2/8/2002 at 9:40:50 PM
I have a fairlady frame that I want to tank (just the curved part) but I have no welding experience, and don't want to mess it up. Are there alternative ways to tank/fill without welding? One idea I had was to tank using solder directly on one side, then fill with bondo and use the extra hardening stuff to make it stronger after pouring in the bondo resin.Pardon me if this sounds ridiculous..I'm a total newbie.

          RE:LOWRIDERS:   TANKING IF YOU CAN'T WELD!! posted by jimmy on 2/8/2002 at 10:14:05 PM
that does sound ridiculous.A simpler way would be to cover it with fuberglass.buy a repair kit and a extra sheet of fiber sheet at walmart,and youll be set.first i would make templates from cardstock,cut those out and cut them out of the fiber glass.dip the cut sheet into the resin and lay it down and smooth it out.it will then harden,and you can then sand and bondo it.good luck!

          RE:RE:LOWRIDERS:   TANKING IF YOU CAN'T WELD!! posted by Eric on 2/9/2002 at 2:38:09 AM
If you want to fill in the tank you can get a peice of sheet metal. then you can fold the metal underneath the bars
the flip the bike and fill it with bondo that's what id did but there's more instructions but you get the idea. I'm new to the site but not at lowriderin and classic bikes

          RE:RE:RE:LOWRIDERS:   TANKING IF YOU CAN'T WELD!! posted by jimmy on 2/9/2002 at 3:46:14 AM
sorry eric,that will absolutley not work.the bondo would never dri(literally),and it would chip,dip,and crack.go to www.lowrider.com(i believe thats it),then find how to's,then click on bondoing your bike the low-budget way,they have a great explanation of what i'm saying,the fiberglass way,i didn't try this but my uncle knows how to weld,so i didn't need to.jimmy

          RE:LOWRIDERS:   TANKING IF YOU CAN'T WELD!! posted by Sebastian on 2/9/2002 at 2:56:54 PM
Hi Seth,

I had the same problem: As i build my bikes inside my appartment, I can not weld in here, because of the wooden floor. I got a piece of plexiglass (about 3mm thick) cut out the tank and glued it to the Frame with some strong epoxy-glue. Then I sanded it and put some layers of fiberglass on. After hardening I bondoed the whole thing and sanded it smooth. Primer it and put the paint on it and You're done. Works fine for me.

Sebastian °LowStylez B.C. Hamburg, Germany" ......... http://www.lowriderbike.de

          RE:LOWRIDERS:   TANKING IF YOU CAN'T WELD!! posted by Rif Addams on 2/9/2002 at 3:10:36 PM
Hi Seth,
Don't worry about being new, we were all new once as well. Remember, the only stupid question is the one you DON'T ask... :-}
Jim W. has a method of using a foam core, and covering it with a spandex / resin system for making tanks, body parts, etc. Check out Bike Rod & Kustom, and search in the archives for previous articles. He goes into some detail of the process, and it is fairly inexpensive to do.
Hope this helps,

          RE:RE:LOWRIDERS:   TANKING IF YOU CAN'T WELD!! posted by JimW. on 2/9/2002 at 7:13:50 PM
Thanks Rif. Yes, that's the way I recommend doing it: work the foam to get the shape you want, then cover it with a composite skin. Aside from the spandex aspect, this is a technique that's been around a long time. Robert Q.Riley has an article on the basic trick at rqriley.com.

As soon as I have a current project frame ready, I'm going to write another piece specifically about tank applications.
To get a feel for the material, pull an old pair of tights or panty-hose from the rag bag, and experiment with the way it stretches over things with no wrinkling. You can actually use tights, which are thicker fabric, with epoxy resin, to make the shell.

          RE:RE:RE:RE:LOWRIDERS:   TANKING IF YOU CAN'T WELD!! posted by Eric on 2/10/2002 at 2:57:23 AM
No i was talking about puting it in layers not at once well i guees i should have put all the instructions then you can prime the sheet metal

          RE:LOWRIDERS:   TANKING IF YOU CAN'T WELD!! posted by sam on 2/10/2002 at 4:06:16 PM
Hi Seth,one great thing about custom work is no matter how much you've done there is always something new to try.So in a way Everyone is new!I did a motobike tank with solder.A cofin style tank would be a good style for the solder.Solder kits run only about $30 and you can use propane or electric which ever you like.--sam

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FOR SALE:   tandem bike western flyer!!! posted by: mike on 2/8/2002 at 2:54:31 PM


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LOWRIDERS:   my first parts posted by: jimmy on 2/6/2002 at 9:51:50 PM
hello,my first bike parts finnaly got here!everything was just as i ordered except the goose neck was gold,but thats ok.i got the seat on but i need the fork and crack to put the whole thing together.i still neeed the info on how to order combo #4 from RBR,thats a good dal,but how do I order??

          RE:LOWRIDERS:   my first parts posted by jimmy on 2/6/2002 at 9:56:49 PM
that was supposed to be crank,not crack,sorry

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LOWRIDERS:   Chain replacement ? posted by: Dan on 2/2/2002 at 1:57:16 AM
I have a late '40's or early '50's "24 Western Flyer boys
bicycle I'm customizing. I added a Krate style crankset which will connect to a New Departure "D" rear hub laced to a newer wheelset. This being my first "Custom" what I need to know is whether modern chain's will work with my combination, what type of chain will I need to look for ?

          RE:LOWRIDERS:   Chain replacement ? posted by sam on 2/3/2002 at 2:13:01 AM
The model D hub came with both 1 inch pich and 1/2 inch pitch sprockets--you'll need the 1/2 inch pitch rear sprocket for a model D hub if you're did not come with it.

          RE:RE:LOWRIDERS:   Chain replacement ? posted by Dan on 2/3/2002 at 2:55:42 PM
It has the 1/2 inch rear sprocket but can a new chain be purchased for this combination at your LBS from the current "New" brand of bike chain's. Can a chain made in 2002 work with my set-up, if so what type ?

          RE:RE:RE:LOWRIDERS:   Chain replacement ? posted by Stacey on 2/5/2002 at 11:31:06 AM
Dan, Methinks that half inch, is half inch, is half inch when it come to chain pitch. 1950's to 2K2 only the metalurgy and lubrication has changed. Just ask your LBS for a chain for a single speed bike. If they get anal about it, take the bike in.

          RE:RE:RE:RE:LOWRIDERS:   Chain replacement ? posted by Dan on 2/5/2002 at 2:44:37 PM
Thanks, Stacey !

          RE:LOWRIDERS:   Chain replacement ? posted by sam on 2/6/2002 at 1:13:58 AM
Your local bike shop will get the right chain for you.But not all 1/2 chain is the same--some is for derailer use and is thinner than the old single speed bike chain.I'd look at the chrome chain offered at lowrider supplies(www.lovelylowrider.com)I used it on a Phantom I built--sam

          RE:LOWRIDERS:   Chain replacement ? posted by JOEL on 2/6/2002 at 9:27:46 PM
Is the front sprocket from a 5 speed Krate? Multispeed bikes use a different chain size.

          RE:RE:LOWRIDERS:   Chain replacement ? posted by Dan on 2/7/2002 at 2:06:12 AM
No it's actually from a 1971 Schwinn 26" Hollywood, I know the crank arms are longer but this project will be more fanciful than functional. Fancifuls a word isn't it ?

          RE:RE:RE:LOWRIDERS:   Chain replacement ? posted by Dan on 2/7/2002 at 2:37:07 AM
It should ride a straight line okay. The Krate style sprocket looks great in this old 24" frame which will use the stock peak long and low rear fender, 15" lowrider handlebars hooked to a fenderless front fork. Still deciding on a seat for it, do I use the original post, do I lay the seat on the frame ?

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