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Hi-Wheeler, Boneshaker and Safety

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AGE / VALUE:   Rideable Bicycle Replica bikes posted by: Greg Barron on 2/23/2001 at 5:31:07 PM
This message is to those people that seem to be knocking us here on this site. For years I have heard discussion about my bikes relating to "It isn't an original" or "It isn't very good." and so forth. I finally need to say something and for you people here is what I am going to say.
I've been in this company for 27 years now on and off and think that not only do we have a good product, we have done more to promote this style of cycle than any other commercial entity in the world in modern history. (Key phrase here, COMMERCIAL ENTITY.) We have made close to 5000 cycles in our existence and while they are not the Cadillac of Hiwheel bikes (personally I like Phillip Levis' Edlee Bikes and Lowell Kennedy's stuff as well) we do make a good bike, call us a Chevy maybe. Some people need to remember that different people like different things and some people can't afford a Caddy or maybe have different priorities for their cash.
We fill a very definite need regarding these bikes, we provide a good reasonable facimile to people for less than 1/3 the cost of a perfect repro or original example. We supply display bikes, teaching aides, circus bikes, movie bikes and a whole long list of other uses where it might not be appropriate to or smart or whatever to use an original. Hollywood sure wrecks a bunch of my stuff a year, how many people want to sacrifice their perfectly good Columbia Light Roadster like that? And how many of you want to let some newbie on your $5000 dollar original? I think people need to lighten up on some of their opinions. I'm not saying that a person has to stay on my bike for ever, move up to a different bike if you want, key word, DIFFERENT! Keep in mind that there is a purpose for everything and my bikes fill the need that is there. After 27 years of making bikes, we ain't going anywhere so get use to seeing us around.
And if there is someone out there that still thinks that my perfectly RIDEABLE, mostly bulletproof, very durable bikes are still crap then why don't you sell me your old usable original bike for $850 dollars plus freight. I'll take 5!

Yours Truly,
Greg Barron
Rideable Bicycle Replicas
2329 Eagle Ave.
Alameda, CA. 94501

            Rideable Bicycle Replica bikes posted by Tom on 2/23/2001 at 7:44:11 PM
I love my Ridable Bicycle Replica! However; I too want an original oneday. But...for now I'll ride and enjoy my RBR! Thanks Greg!

          RE:AGE / VALUE:   Rideable Bicycle Replica bikes posted by Greg Pakis on 2/24/2001 at 11:50:06 AM
I agree 100% with the above. I can appreciate the lure of an original or even a finer, more expensive reproduction, but my needs have been filled whole heartedly with the RR I bought last year. If it were a downright piece of junk, I could understand some of the negative comments, but mine isn't. It does fill an excellant niche, and I'm glad they'll be around around a while. Gp

          RE:AGE / VALUE:   Rideable Bicycle Replica bikes posted by charlie on 3/7/2001 at 1:30:37 PM
I agree with tom we ride together and people are amazed. We get lots of great comments and they can't tell the bikes are rideable replicas. So there the public has spoken,and they think they're great.

          RE:AGE / VALUE:   Rideable Bicycle Replica bikes posted by Greg Groth on 3/8/2001 at 1:05:47 AM
We had one that we parked out in front of a shop I worked at to catch the attention of passing motorists. It sat outside year round - snow, rain, direct sunshine, etc. We would also let the 16 year old summer help ride it around in the parking lot. The only bad thing I have to say is that after numerous mishaps, it was a challenge truing the front wheel, due to the fact that it wouldn't fit into the park stand. I can also say that any reliability problems were due to inexperienced riders, and not the fault of the bike. I guarantee that if we had an original, it would have been inside as a display - collecting dust with signs reading "Please Do Not Touch". Thanks for giving me, and numerous others, the chance to ride a piece of history that we most likely would never have been able to experience.

          RE:AGE / VALUE:   Rideable Bicycle Replica bikes posted by Greg Barron on 3/8/2001 at 11:43:43 AM
Thanks guys, your support is appreciated.
Greg Barron

          RE:AGE / VALUE:   Rideable Bicycle Replica bikes posted by Christian Hoy on 3/9/2001 at 3:54:45 PM
I recently purchased an RBR machine, and I discovered that if is wasn't for RBR, I wouldn't of been able to share all the good feelings in riding a high-wheel bicycle. Money IS indeed a factor. Our town loves the bicycle, and it's amazing how friendly people become when a wheelman is present.

          RE:  Rideable Bicycle Replica bikes posted by larry stoll on 3/14/2001 at 1:21:16 PM
I have one of your 48" replicas. I am about 200lbs and every time I try to ride the bike the headset comes loose and puts me in peril. Any suggestions or remedies.

          RE:RE:  Rideable Bicycle Replica bikes posted by bike trouble? on 4/19/2001 at 12:50:27 PM
Give me a call and I'll see what we can get done 510-769-0980

          RE:AGE / VALUE:   Rideable Bicycle Replica bikes posted by Patrick Conner on 11/29/2008 at 3:13:52 PM
I've had your 48" Boonecrusher/headknocker for about 9 years now. I will tell you that the name fits the bike. I never cleaned it as I am letting it get old looking. I usually ride in 2 lodal parades. Only Santa gets the kids on their feet waving & smiling more me on that misterious creation. Thanks for all the great times you gave the kids young & old!

Pat Conner
Titusville, Fla.

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AGE / VALUE:   Childs Hi wheeler posted by: Joe Bell on 2/20/2001 at 11:00:23 AM
I recently bought a childs hi wheeler and I can't find any info on hi wheelers. I went to our local Barnes & Noble book store for a collectors guide and nothing was available as well as online. I have pics available for email if you need a look at this. The bike has steel wheels and wooden liners on the inside of the front and rear wheels. The front wheelis 26" high and has 16 spokes and the rear is 8.5 and has 8 spokes. The bike is 36" tall to top of handle bars and 29" tall to the seat, which is leather. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks Joe Bell

          RE:AGE / VALUE:   Childs Hi wheeler posted by Joel on 2/21/2001 at 8:40:53 AM
The book, Collecting and Restoring Antique Bikes has the most info I have found on high wheelers and identification markings. HTH

          PLEASE EMAIL PICS posted by XHTC@HOTMAIL.COM on 3/16/2001 at 8:44:10 AM

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AGE / VALUE:   Falcon High Wheeler , posted by: Erick on 2/10/2001 at 9:19:09 PM
Hi , I picked up a High wheel and on the head badge it says " FALCON " it has the pic of a bird and also says by Ernie Clemonts , The wheel is 50" maybe taller , the bike is a gold color ,the bike rides great, was a lot of fun learning to get on this bike,,,, Please help with some info

          RE:AGE / VALUE:   Falcon High Wheeler , posted by charlie on 3/6/2001 at 9:56:02 AM
the falcon was made by wheel goods corp. in britain in the 1960s.

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WANTED:   Tire material (cab tiring) posted by: Gordon on 2/10/2001 at 7:51:59 PM
I am looking to buy the tire material used for trikes, wagons, peddle cars, etc. Comes in different sizes with a hole in the center for the wire that holds it to the rim. Thanks for any help.

          RE:WANTED:   Tire material (cab tiring) posted by sam on 2/13/2001 at 7:53:55 PM
Well Gorden,i ran all over the world(on the computer)and came up with zip!But someone must still make it,check out www.victorybicycles.com or www.pedalcarparts or www.thewheelmen.org had a lot of fun lookin,even came across www.greentyre.com they make a modern solid tire--sam

          RE:RE:WANTED:   Tire material (cab tiring) posted by Gordon on 2/14/2001 at 7:51:09 AM
Thanks for all your checking on my behalf. I had done some of it already but had the same success as you. However, I have gotten a couple responses with leads that I am currently pursuing.

          RE:RE:RE:WANTED:   Tire material (cab tiring) posted by Kevin C. on 2/18/2001 at 7:28:43 AM
Call someone who repairs wheelchairs. I think that the rubber tire material is similar, or at least they could point you in the right direction.

          RE:WANTED:   Tire material (cab tiring) posted by Bill on 2/18/2001 at 7:45:54 AM
Rubber tire material is available in all the popular sizes in red or black, from Ray Rittenhouse, 1242 Dearborn St.,Huntington, IN.,46750 Phone 219-356-5414 or 219-356-9024 To determine the sizes use a dime for 5/8", use a penny for 3/4", a nickle for 7/8", or a Quarter for 1". Fit the coin to your rim as a measurement, then take the hight of the rim X 3.14 for the length of rubber you need, then add One inch of length for every 10 inches of height of the rim. this is to make sure the rubber will stay closed at the joint when it is installed! In Otherwoord, if you have a 50" tall wheel, you would want at least 5 inchs of extra length rubber. Trust me, it works! I have installed lots of tires and had no problems.

          RE:RE:WANTED:   Tire material (cab tiring) posted by Greg Barron on 2/26/2001 at 7:30:13 PM
There are a few places that sell rubber, myself included. The Wheelmen can direct you to a couple people and here are a few others as well; Ray Rittenhouse and Dick Hammel of Huntington, Indiana PH 219-356-9024 219-451-5357 Another is Holmes Wheelshop in Ohio 330-279-2891 330-279-9032. I'm kinda sad to say that they both beat my price for rubber! They also do installation but so do I! Hope this helps, mention the referal if you would.

Greg Barron

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MISC:   Bicycle Billboard posted by: juano on 2/9/2001 at 6:49:46 PM
The Bicycle Billboard is back up. Here's the address:
(Oldroads, love your website too!)


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WANTED:   32 Hole front hub posted by: Tom on 2/7/2001 at 5:22:44 AM
Does anyone have a 32 hole front hub for sale? Needed to finish project!! Thanks!

          RE:WANTED:   32 Hole front hub posted by JOEL on 2/8/2001 at 9:14:08 AM
Any particular type? I have some laying around.

          RE:WANTED:   32 Hole front hub posted by Tom on 2/12/2001 at 10:38:40 AM
Still looking....

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WANTED:   1899-1900 Pierce Shaft Drive Bicycle posted by: Eric Johnstone on 2/6/2001 at 5:49:32 PM
I own a 1899-1900 Pierce shaft drive with the leaf spring front and cushion rear suspension. I am looking for a complete saddle, rear gear cover, a front hub and possibly pedals for my bike. Is there anyone out there who has these parts for sale or know of any contacts they may have them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

          RE:WANTED:   1899-1900 Pierce Shaft Drive Bicycle posted by Art on 2/7/2001 at 6:50:49 AM
This sounds like the bike on e-bay. 550100680. It never sold. If this is the bike, I'm curious as to what it sold for.

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AGE / VALUE:   1890's Norwood bike posted by: jim kelly on 2/4/2001 at 6:19:51 PM

Looking for info. Just bought a Norwood bike.
Made by Schlueter Cycle Mfg. Co., Cincinnati Ohio.

Was told it was 1890's vintage.

Bike has wooden 26 inch wheels.

Was told it has the B-link type chain.

Bike is direct-drive - no brakes. Perhaps a track bike.

It's tall with narrow handle bars.

Any info on these types of bikes and possible value
much appreciated.


Jim Kelly

          RE:AGE / VALUE:   1890's Norwood bike posted by Paul Aslanides on 7/1/2001 at 6:57:04 AM
Just a query on your wheel/tyre size - more likely to be
700 C (622 m.m. Bead Seat Diameter) than 26 inch ? B link chain - is that the inch pitch (Block) chain? Can we still buy this chain? Thanks. Paul.

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AGE / VALUE:   1893 model 32 Columbia posted by: Howard on 2/4/2001 at 3:34:14 PM
I need information about this 108 year old Columbia. It was made by Pope and has some unusual features like an oval front sprocket and a drum brake that is operated by two cables from the handle bar. It's direct drive and the only way you can coast is to take your feet off the pedals. Fortunately, it has foot rests on the front fork. I need to know what the original wheels looked like and if fenders were an option. Does anybody make a reproduction seat for a bike this old? Is there anywhere that I can post pictures?


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AGE / VALUE:   U.S.Rubber publication from 1924 posted by: ChristopherRobin@starmail.com on 1/23/2001 at 4:52:24 PM
Finding a U.S. Rubber Single Tube tire sent me looking for information on U.S. Rubber Co. I found a booklet written in 1924 for school children and it shows the kiln machine used for making singletube tires. It is a great fact filled booklet telling the history of Rubber. E-mail me your address for a free copy.



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AGE / VALUE:   hawthorne? posted by: carl hasse on 1/21/2001 at 9:16:09 PM
I have an old bike and need help finding out about it.
H chain ring, no chain gaurd, inch pitch, chrome wheels, narrow 26 inch tires,(single tube I think) new departure hub, straight frame tubes, drop bars, org. grips, wood pedals, no headbadge. overall this bike is ridable and just need a cleanup. good original cond.
also, anybody have the right badge to sell me? the head tube has two horizontal scew holes.

          RE:AGE / VALUE:   hawthorne? posted by Carl on 1/22/2001 at 5:07:34 AM
Probably not Hawthorne.
It sounds like an early bicicyle. Could it be a Harley Davidson?

          RE:AGE / VALUE:   hawthorne? posted by JOEL on 1/22/2001 at 7:49:11 AM
I have a Hawthorne badge w/horizontal screw holes and screws to sell or trade. May be able to help date the bike if you can send a picture.

          RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   hawthorne? posted by Gordon on 2/2/2001 at 7:57:35 AM
The Harley Davidson chainring has 3 small HD's in it. The right leg of the H is the back of the D.

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WANTED:   Columbia High Wheeler posted by: Mark Lange on 1/19/2001 at 9:45:38 PM
Looking for a clean, rideable, well cared-for example. Anyone willing to pass the torch to a good home?

          RE:WANTED:   Columbia High Wheeler posted by larry stoll on 4/4/2001 at 5:50:50 PM
I have a 54 inch columbia 1887 expert in excellent condition. Are you still interested in buying such?

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AGE / VALUE:   Columbia model 32 (Pope) posted by: Howard on 1/12/2001 at 12:50:31 PM
I have a 26 inch Columbia, men's frame bicycle. The badge on the head tube says "Columbia model 32 made by Pope Mfg. Co." and then lists seven patent dates from the 1880's. It is single speed, direct drive with a cable operated drum brake on the rear wheel only. Because of the direct drive, it has small foot rests on the front fork. Fork, handlebars and badge appear to be nickel plated. There is absolutely no rust and the black paint on the frame looks good. The petals have white rubber blocks that show some deteration. The back wheel has heavier spokes than the front and the rims are a different design which leads me to believe that one wheel may have been replaced. The grips are open-ended black tubing. The chain is at least 1/2 in wide. I need all the information I can get. This bike is too good to restore! Thanks, howard


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Gilette singletube tire 12 X 2 $20.00 posted by: ChristopherRobin@starmail.com on 1/9/2001 at 2:35:33 PM
Gillette 12X 2 SINGLETUBE TIRE FOR SALE @20.00 ChristopherRobin@starmail.com

          RE:Gilette singletube tire 12 X 2 $20.00 posted by ChristopherRobin on 1/26/2001 at 7:27:10 AM
Bring some rice, there will be a buffet luncheon after the wedding

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MISC:   Nevada Magazine Calendar posted by: Charlie on 1/3/2001 at 11:49:19 AM
The Nevada Magazine calendar for 2001 has a tinted photograph on the cover of the Douglas County Bike Club in the early 1900's. There's 9 men on bikes (no highwheelers). If you are interested, their website is www.nevadamagazine.com. BTW, I do NOT work for them. I just thought you'd be interested in the picture!


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