Petes old bikes and things

A selection of the rideable bikes currently in the shed and another bike related interest of mine old oil and carbide lamps, what fun they are.

My 1908 Raleigh crossframe frame no 213792.Looking a bit in need of love with many non original parts.The bike was sent back to Raleigh in 1950 for refurbishment hence the 1950 coaster brake,later changer and chaincase etc.If I can stop riding it for long enough I may put it back to what it should be but at the moment it has that nice aged look and feel about it that would be lost should it be interferred with. Bike not for sale...

1926 Allweather Rudge
Looking for any info and especially pics of what this bike would have looked like prior to it being overpainted drab olive green during its spell in the homeguard in the war.Particulairly interested in the design and location of the pinstriping it would have originally had.

1934 Raleigh
This was found in a very sorry state having lived in a wet shed for many years and took a lot of time and effort to bring back to life.The lines are not so apparrent as they are in the photo,the camera seems to emphasise them for some reason.28' wheels,24' frame,sturmey archer drum brakes which don't stop too well,extortianately expensive grips(thanks to the mother in law for those last xmas).Decal on the chaincase to be replaced with a better one soon.

Pre 1931 BSA
Apparently so I was told by an elderly gent and BSA enthusiast BSA did not make a bike with 28' wheels after 1931? Can anyone confirm this?
28' wheels,24' frame,BSA grips,BSA saddle,BSA chainwheel,transfer headbadge and the majority of its lining intact.Hopefully will be getting proper BSA hub,changer and wheels sorting when funds permit.

Huge Unknown Edwardian Bicycle
Not a lot known about this one, it has 28' wheels,26' frame,cottered bottom bracket,k type barrel shifter,later 1948 aw hub,step nut for climbing aboard the beast,Halfords chainwheel,dunlop saddle and a very odd braking arrangement.The half front mudguard is proper and not a cut down.Would dearly love to know more about this one.A very tall,elegant and stately rider.You look over the roofs of vans on this one!

Oil and carbide Lamps
Another bike related interest of mine.
Dating from circa 1890 to the thirties. All found in a sorry state and rejuvinated where neccessary and all in working order.These are great fun to own,be careful with the carbide ones though and make sure all seals are good and jet is clear first time you light it as they can catch fire or explode.The calcium carbide is available in caving/potholing type shops as it is still used on occasion by cavers.reflectors can be made with limited tools and patience with good result,most of the above have been remade.Great fun to own and use and a constant talking point,,everyold bike should have some.

Pashley Tandem
Late 60's early 70's tandem,5 speed,mafac raid brakes.Bought this for fun use with the kids/wife etc.Will have to paint the frame soon.Would have preferred a double gents from the thirties but shed space is at a premium and such a relic would need a lot of looking after.Perhaps one day.

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