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Antique & High Wheel Bicycle Information & Parts. Makes and models we are interested in: Pope Manufacturing Columbia, Standard, Special, Mustang, Light Roadster, Expert, Veloce, Chainless, Safety, Two Track, Racer. Overman Wheel Company, Chicopee MA, Light Roadster, Tricycle, Model A, B, C, D. Gormully & Jeffery American Challenge, American Ideal, American Champion, American Light Champion, American Safety. Rudge, Singer, New Mail, New Rapid, Gooch, Bronco, White Flyer, Pierce, Ingo Bike, Dursley Pedersen, Barnes White Flyer, Crescent, Dayton, Clipper, Eagle, Star, Orient, Sterling, Yellow Fellow, Wood Rim, Single Tube Pneumatic, Hard Tired, Rambler, Iver Johnson, Parts, Catalogs, Photos, Accessories, Hub Lamps, Cyclometers.

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Track Stand, 55' Rudge Light Roadster 1888

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