Steves collection.

This is my current 'mottley' collection of bikes that are slowly receiving attention as time allows.
I don't suppose for one minute that they will ever be immaculate but I will be happy enough as long as they are safe, interesting and fun to ride.

Dunlop Tandem War Grade tyre recently arrived here attached to....an unknown tandem.
Sorry it's not the greatest photo, but my auto-focus is not the greatest in the world, if I get any closer to the subject matter, it starts to get blurred.

Unknown wartime tandem.

Looks O.K. from a distance, but is infact a very sick tandem.
Has been modified and resprayed (badly), needs sorting out properly.
Frame is straight, but cranks, derailleur (obviously not original) and hub brakes need attention.
It weighs a ton, and is rideable (just).
I know they look similar from a distance, but if anyone can hazard as guess from the 'gas pipe' frame contours as to who produced this 'tank'....I would me most grateful.

Low gravity Phillips tradebike/cycle truck with very stuck seat post !

Junior Hercules showing 'blowout' in front tyre !
Bike was seized when acquired but has since had new tyres, tubes etc and plenty of lubrication.

Any suggestions ?

I'm not sure what the attachment (it appears to be a permanent fixture) on the down tube is for.

I suspect a lever is/was attached to it by a pin (nut & bolt) of some description.

Could it have been a foldable cycle stand...very cumbersome if it was !

Gundle Model 'U' Tradesmans Delivery bike.

Although I'm very fond of my Roadsters, my first love just has to be my Tradebikes.
Gundle were experts in this field and produced many variations.
I've seen spec sheets in old brochures of this particular model being used as a milkmans delivery bike.

Kiddies Hercules.
Just needs attention to seat and chrome work.
As usual I don't know what year it is but it does ride well according to my eight year old !

Raleigh Sports Model

New Hudson which I acquired in the usual poor state.
It was a single speed with broken rear axle and the usual rust. Decided to utilise a spare Hercules hub I had to see if it worked properly (it does) together with a pulley, changer, cable etc and there it's stayed and has now become my wifes spare bike although I tend to use it most of the time because I like the sound of the Hercules hub when free wheeling and the smoothness of the gear change. So, it's a New Hudson with BSA cranks, Hercules hub, Rudge-Whitworth seat and an anonymous (possibly home made) prop stand. Storage tag on rear wheel is to help me remember where and what the wheel originally came from.

Raleigh factory circa 1952 and preparation of land for new structure.

Phillips Low Gravity Tradebike frame in for its 50 year maintenance check over ! Bike had a seriously stuck seatpost (hence the tube discolouration caused by heat)...I never ever want to see another seriously stuck seatpost (the last inch of original seatpost is still in there, and that's where it's staying) !

Hercules Trade Bike/Cycle Truck

Acquired with shabby 1/8th running gear, 26 x 1 3/8 tyres, no seat, no reflector etc, now converted to 3/16th heavy duty gear and 26 x 1 3/4 tyres (and wider rims).

Pedals will have to suffice until I locate some period black ones, not sure if chainwheel/cranks should be black and chain is new but will be happier when it's not so shiny !

Gundle trade bike BB

1958 Raleigh dragged out of a shed towards the end of 2008.
Lovely to ride.


Just a normal day at the office !

built bike stand.

Unknown maker, but hub is black AW with no date.

Gundle BB

Gundle BB

Raleigh (high gravity) trade bike cradle securing components.

Raleigh Trade bike mudguard and brace layout (original and well worn with plenty of surface rust). Refer to 12.jpg for comparison (flat as opposed to rod style braces).

Pashley Trade Bike headstock top bearing assembly (lower section partly worn away).
Sandwich bag ties are used just to suspend the caged bearing, top cup and securing nut out of the way for the photo.

Pashley Trade Bike worn headstock bearing runner.

Pashley Head Tube bearing race assembly etc etc

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