My Schwinn Tank Bike Collection

I love old Schwinn ballooners and middleweights with tanks and lights and some of the other goodies that make them so cool. I'll bet you love them too. I just have a small collection, but try to add a few a year. They're not easy to find! I only buy bikes that have all original paint and most all of their original parts. I don't buy them on eBay, I buy them at auctions and garage sales and sometimes I'll go to a swap meet. I do sell them on occasion also, so.....Check 'em out!

This is the latest bike to roll into my shop. It's a '52 B-6. Its dark red and cream paint is decent, but the dark red has faded somewhat and is showing quite a bit of wear(sorry, patina). I love the Goodyear all-weather G-3 tires on it. It's ready for a bath and a wax job. Other than that, I'm not fooling with it. I collect bikes on a tight budget and don't like to spend much money on them, so when I get a ballooner, it's a big deal!

This one is a '56 Deluxe Hornet. This has got to be one of the last balloon Hornets. The S-2's, and the rest of the chrome was really crusty when I got it at an auction. Every nut and bolt is original. It has dents and scrapes and wear, but I'm a rust-hugger. I like to leave 'em be. If I do fix something, I don't repaint the original part that came with the bike, but rather, buy another part and stick that on. Then i keep the original stuff in a bag so it can go with the bike if I sell it. I put a better looking chainguard on this one because the old one looked a little too faded. Nobody at the auction wanted this bike but me! I saw it was a good bike under all the crud and rust. It was worth the $35.

A stash of Schwinns.

'56 Hornet. Another auction find. Did you notice that it is a B.F. Goodrich? All original except the owner tossed the original seat and put on this Mesinger seat that was on his wife's bike. And, of course, the blue and cream torpedo light is AWOL. If you have one, let me know. Thanks.

A really sweet '57 Hornet. All original and in very nice condition. About as cool as any middleweight could be. How it lasted this long is a miracle. It sat under a blanket in a spare bedroom for untold years before I got my hands on it.

It's not a Schwinn, but it's my boyhood bike so I had to throw it in. It's a Montgomery Ward Stratostreak. This one is a 3 speed in the hub, although I have it disconnected right now. The seat is not original either. I wore it out standing on it while doing stunts!! Watched too many Evil Knievel(Kneivel?) jumps on TV when I was a kid. These seem pretty darn rare to me, and I'm always looking for another good one. If you have a nice one you would sell, let me know. What is it about people and their childhood junk!

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