1939 Schwinn Hawthorne

Hey All! I'm new to the whole bicycle experience.
Help me out anyway you think I need it.
Recently bought an old bicycle, seller gave me no
information, while cleaning it up I found the
Hawthorne badge on the front and a serial number under the
frame. It was exciting so I did the research -
It's a 1939 Schwinn Hawthorne from Montgomery Wards.
Single speed, pedal brake in very usable condition.
Unfortunately, the fenders are really rusty and dinged
up. I would like to replace them with original ones.
Would also like to have it professionally painted.
Needing to find tire tubes as well. Could also use
a good fat seat (I'm a big girl). Does anyone know
who I should contact in the Houston area that knows
about these things?

This is not my bike, mine's just like it
but with blue paint and tiny white pin stripes.

For more information:

Contact me via email at: suniharrell_at_gmail_dot_com
Phone: 281.348.6174
Street address:
State/Province/Country: Texas
Zip/Postal code: