Balloon Tank Bikes with Patina

Ok here ya go. Twice upon a time a guy one day decides he likes old tank bikes. He proceeds to find his way through an island community, walk through a cob web covered, rat infested, sandy floored basement to seek out a JC Higgins Color-Flow Bicycle. At that moment he knew he was convinced that he would set out to find ballon tank bikes with lots of character. Not necessarily the most collectible, the most expensive or even the prettiest. Nonetheless, they would certainly have character! He wasnt to hip on restoring them to their original condition; but to simply clean, tune and allow the original 'patina' to tell all the stories it could during in occassional voyage down the street. Every scratch, dent, chip and cracked reflector has history to it. Why change that in his book!
Feel free to drop me a line I can talk about these things forever!

Thank for looking - G

JC Higgins Color-Flow mens serial # mos-m mod502272 194679

This was one of my first ballooner bikes. I paid $150 from a guy that was trying to clean out his basement. My wife thought I was nuts! Tank horn does work. Front head light I added after.

Columbia 5 Star Superb mens serial # R201331

This was given to me by an old Italian guy that said he was 'sick' of seeing it hanging in his garage. Yes it was free!! From what I can tell it is 100% complete and original. The tail likes works as well as the headlite and tank horn!

Sears Spaceliner mens serial # 469010

This came to be via a road side trash pick-up! And yes it was free. It was covered in rust and mis-matched paint. My wife had all she could do to hold back her devilish laughter when she saw this in the back of the BMW! This will give you a great visual.. A guy in a suit, tie, italin leather shoes, BMW, picking through a strangers trash for this 'jewel' of a bike! The light is not working however, the lens in not cracked like most spaceliners. The tail lightjewels are there but the battery case is sitting in my basement waiting for the bike fairy to mysteriously drop a complete one off :)

Monark Silver King Roadster mens serial # 762878171

This came to me via my towns historical society fair. I paid $50 for this one! Great colors isnt it! Front fender light does work.

Columbia 3 Star Deluxe mens serial # A187484

Pictures to follow. I am working on this one at the moment :)

Firestone Cruiser 99 mens serial # ?????

I got this one from a client that said he had a friend with an old bike in his barn. He was going to give it to me and I felt bad so I gave him $50. I havnt cleaned or tuned it up yet. Stay tuned for that picture! Tires are not original but I thought it made the bike stick out more.

Columbia Thunderbolt mens serial #

I got this one in Boston. It looked nothing like it does now. It was black with lots of surface rust. I paid like $35. I proceeded to strip the bike down to bare metal, prime with 5 coats, paint with 7 coats (sanding in between) and finish clear coat with 8 clear coats. I know a bit much for this not so worthy bike. It was more to prove to myself that I could get the same result that a professional painter could get.

Elgin Special serial girls # E12D12117

This oldie I got for $35. I guy was getting rid of it and needed the money for tractor trailer school? I havnt done anything to it yet. I will soon start on this one once I find the rest of its parts!

JC Higgins serial girls # mos-m mod502228 23616

I got this one for free. Not much into the girls bikes but I thought this had a lot of character. I havnt yet cleaned or tuned this one. The tail light does work too!

Columbia Sterling girls serial # g35011

I got this one at the Brimfield fair for $50. I havnt cleaned or tuned this one yet. Isnt it unique looking? The color is cream and burgundy! The rims are cream with a burgundy stripe and virtually flawless. The generator light works!

JC Higgins serial girls # r405183

I dont know why I have this one actually! I think I paid like $30

Columbia 3 Star Deluxe girls serial # A141099

Picture to follow. I am working on this one at the moment!

And this is me with one of my youngest of 3 daughters! She loves to help me with the bikes and is the only one of my 3 daughters and my wife that thinks it neat that daddy fixes old bikes!

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