Me and my as yet unidentified trade bike (cycle truck)
Outside Old Hunstanton Lifeboat station at the start of my 264 mile ride for the RNLI see www.rnli.org.uk

Newly acquired Royal Enfield trade bike. Cost £27 and will require thorough restoration. Heavy duty hubs, 3/16' chain and a very large carrier.

Bit of work to do here. Given time and a great deal of effort this will be a great deal smarter. At present the wheels turn and the handlebars came out of the steerer tube as easy as could be.

Built like a gun, less lethal.

Heavy duty hub. Despite this mess it still turns. I wouldn't be so brave as to say it would spin.

The right hand handlebar is about 2' shorter than the left, due to the demon rust. I will have to make a significant repair. I doubt I will ever find a pair of handlebars of this pattern in black.

See here is the proof that we both got to London. My trade bike sat against railings alongside the river Thames. In the background is the Woolwich ferry, which is free of charge. We are on the south bank looking vaguely east, having just crossed the river and found the Thames path.

We are off to meet Steve (the Steve from the ER DB). The first Oldroadster that I have met.

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