Bikes R Russ

Bikes R Russ

Late '50's Monark Thunderbird. Restored in 2005. My bride's daily rider. Upgraded to webspring seat with crash rail, and a raised stem with wider bars. Tank light and lense intact and working!

1964 Sears Flyer, manufactured by Murray of Ohio. Upgraded to alloy wheels with a Nexus 7 rear hub. Currently has the wrong seat installed....a Schwinn 'S'. Even though the Nexus hub makes a world of difference in riding, we are going back to a NOS set of chrome wheels with a single speed coaster and a 'correct' type seat very soon.

1964 Western Flyer 'Sonic Flyer'. Currently has the wrong seat installed (rectified since this picture was taken). Have upgraded to new wheels with a Sturmey-Archer 3 speed rear hub.

'Tankers - R - Us'

1989 Huffy Good Vibrations. USA built, not the Chinese kind! Modifications include new wheel set with Sturmey-Archer 3 speed rear hub, 52 T chainring, Red Brick tires, chrome springer fork and an upgraded seat. Inexpensive, smooth, classic look. One of my best riders.

1971 Murray Diamond Frame. I've owned this guy since new! Other than the new seat, rear rack, bull bars and tires, it's all the ORIGINAL equipment. All the chrome is what came with this bike. Must have about 3000 miles on it, as this was my transportation for many years while growing up in Miami, FL. A simple 5 speed thats been bulletproof for over 37 years!

2002 BMW Q6.s folding mountain bike. Won this expensive rider while working for BMW. From the 27 speed XTR drivetrain to the Magura hydrualic disc brakes and full suspension, a totally AWESOME rider. Rides and drives like the Ultimate Riding Machine!!!

Another 1964 Western Flyer, built by Murray. Restored/ customized for my Dad for Father's Day a few years back. He wanted a 'step-through' frame. Has a Nexus 7 rear hub, matching flamed chainring and webspring seat. This bike was stripped to bare metal and totally refurbished. Other than the frame, stem, bars, rack and fenders everything is brand new. It was fun stuffing the 26 X 2.125 tires under the orignal fenders!!!

1981 Western Flyer. Mom saw Dad's bike, and was a bit envious. So I built this for her for her birthday a few years ago. Has a Nexus 3 rear hub. Added the springer front end, ape hanger bars, webspring seat with crashrail, 'exhaust' pipes, and like Dad's, was stripped to bare metal and refinished in blue & white. Mom is very happy now.

If you're into bikes, you know what this is....and I had one in my youth. Its my Holy Grail, trying to find one that I can afford....1967 Huffy 'The Rail'. 5 speed top tube console shifter, tall sissy bar, etc. I HAD THIS EXACT BIKE. It 'disappeared' in 1970, and broke my heart. Hopefully I will have one again before heading to the Big Bike Trail in the Sky...

Late 70's Huffy Scout. An all terrain model. Upgraded to 27' wheels, flat bars. Saved from a garbage pile.

Tange frame, Cinelli bars and stem, Shimano 105 brakes & levers, cranks & chainring from a Raleigh Record. Fixed gear...very light, very fast.

1985 Murray. Originally configured as a 10 speed with drop bars. Converted to Shimano 3 speed internal hub and touring bars.

1966 Schwinn Breeze, serial# BB16666, manufactured February 1966. 100% all original except for the rear tire which was replaced before I aquired this bike. Soon to be replaced with the correct Schwinn size for an S-6 rim.

The 'Twins'
early 70's Huffy three speeds, Mens Sea Pines, Womans Sea Trails. The womens frame came to me complete as you see it, the mens frame was found on a garbage pile with no front wheel, no bars or stem, no seat or seat post, and no pedals. Added those back on, adjusted the Shimano 3 speed hubs, and away we go!

Late 90's Raleigh Retroglide. This bike was left for dead in front of a closed salvage yard. It was found with no front wheel, no seat, no bars, and covered in dirt and rust. Here you see her now, rideable again.

'Huffy Rat Rod'

This bike came to me as a nasty rusty dirty mess. After clean up, we've added ape hanger bars, new grips,new front hand brake, new front wheel with a 26 x 2.125 tire, new rear 24' wheel with a freewheel hub and 24 x 3 fat tire. Rides a smooth as he looks!

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