bicycle fun and madness

just some pictures of bicycles

this bike was alot of work.but rode really nice.its to hilly here so 1 speed kikback doesnt work well in my area.so she had to go.

my latest purchase massey bicycle.19??.gibbon aluminum pedals.mostly original.handlebars i question.i did not think there was any paint left,it was covered in dirt grease mud!soap and olive oil.nice patina.i rode it home 6 miles.fork is bent a bit.i will fix that carefully.

coolest pedals i ave ever seen!

that spot between the fork tube and fender,was how the whole bike looked.i thought impossible for any patina under that,but i found paint 4 hrs later.

yes the forks are bent.i will straighten them.eventually.im keeping this one 100% as found minus crud buildup.

im hoping to pinpoint a date on this beauty,im thinkin pre 1922?

1930s hercules.let the work begin.this is my best riding bike.installing enclosed chainguard.to nice of paint from the 70s.i will distress the paint.

1969 ccm grand sport.just like brand new.rides funky.for sale.200 ca dollars.

massey harris silver ribbon-period correct carbide bicycle light.restored my way to original specs?

1936 ccm

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