Raleigh Rides Again!

Vintage Raleigh Ladies Bicycle for sale. Would also like to purchase a similar, but better fitting, bike for myself.

pal two k underline two zero zero one at yahoo dot com

# 1) *** Vintage Raleigh Ladies COLT, circa 1961 ***
for sale to a good home.

18.5' Frame; 26' Wheels, Aqua Blue; Coaster AND Hand Brakes; 3-Speed Sturmey-Archer Internal Hub Gears.

NEW on this Bike:
Tires/Innertubes; Handlebar Grips; Brake Cables; Gear Cables; 2 Rear Reflectors; Rear 'Rack'.

Paint is in excellent condition, no breaks in the paint although a previous owner did attempt to 'patch' it with a darker shade of blue in a few spots with interesting results. Some slight sun fading on the down tube. Light scuffing on the rear fender but did not break the paint. There is no rust on the bike and the chrome on the handlebars is in good shape as well.

The saddle appears to be a creamy vinyl and is original to the bike. It is still usable but shows it age-- the new owner may decide to replace at a later date. I have a sheep skin cover on it, removed for these pictures.

The COLT decal on the downtube and all insignia are original to the bike.

A black 'stem extender' was added this past summer but is removable and will be for shipping purposes.

The bike was tuned up in May, 2008 and about a year and a half ago, the gears were repaired when I had trouble with 'second' gear.

The rear hub has the numbers:
6 I 7
which I have been told means the bike dates to 1961.

No overseas shipping, please. I'd like to see this lovely bicycle in a good home here in the USA.

Thank you very much!

# 2) The rear reflector in the white painted portion is new from a source in England. The second reflector is also new and is attached to the rack. As you can see, the saddle is also original with the back part in rough shape although the seat itself is still in good condition. I have been using a sheep skin cover that I removed in order to take the pictures. You can also see some of the 'artistic' paint work done by a previous owner (definitely NOT me!) around the Raleigh 'logo' on the rear fender.

For more pictures / answers please e-mail me at:
pal two k underline two zero zero one at yahoo dot com

# 3)To a Raleigh fan, this needs no explanation. Although, a little cleaning and 'detailing' seems to be in order!

More pictures are available and I'll answer your questions if you e-mail me at the e-mail address:
pal 2 k at two underline two zero zero one at yahoo dot com

Thanks for visiting!

# 4) The Sturmey-Archer hub has the numbers:
6I 7

# 5) Some of the 'interesting' color variations from a previous owner's attempt to patch some flaws and nicks in the paintwork. Some of the original paint has faded from sun exposure.

# 6) The COLT decal insignia on the bike.

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