some of my bmx bikes

Just some of my old skool bmx bikes
Bully Basgaurd (1989)nos parts
Falcon Pro Freestyler (1987)refurb
Townsend Pro Team Stuntmaster (1983)
Ammaco Freestyle 18 (1983)
Sarcen Momo (1999)refurb
Gt Tour 2008 (2008)refurb
more picutres to follow and bikes

The bully bashgaurd 1989 mark 1 with after market parts fitted

just one of the many stickers i have spent time on to get right for the bike

pitchforks sticker is shot but forks are mint

The falcon pro freestyler just cleaned up with some left over parts new and old added

falcon looking like new again

townsend pro team stuntmaster 1983 before clean up

all as found

The ammaco freestyle 18 as its is today just clean and polished

ammaco freestlye 18 as found

all as found

small amounts rust but wait to see after a small clean up

wheels are the bad with rust but should clean up ok
thin wheels 20x 1/8

like a time warp just sat in someones shed till now

The new rider enjoying time with this old skool cool

saracen momo on the way to be fully working again for my nephew jamie

on the way to being finished

stickers on bike ready to go

sad but you got to let people see your hard work sometimes

changing and moding a sticker from piston bully to just read bully and adding blood to the hand

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