Author Topic: Purchased '77 Schwinn Continental to rehab, but Schwinn didn't make 'em in '77  (Read 615 times)


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Serial number, LN561099, says the bike was made in November of '77.  Does anyone have any information on such, wherein I'm pretty sure Schwinn replaced the Continental with the Sierra for one year before coming out with the Continental II in '78.  I haven't worked on a Schwinn in a long time, but I had little too work on right now, so to keep me occupied during this cold/snowy northeast winter, I took what I could get.


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My impression was always that Schwinn's model year practice was much like American car companies'; that is, a bike produced in the fall of 1977 would be a 1978 model year bike. From the catalogs, it appears the only difference between a 1976 Continental, '77 Sierra, and '78 Continental II is the decal on the top tube. Are you sure yours doesn't have the ghost of a "II" on it?