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: What are the specs for Raleigh 3-speed pedals?
: PrairieRider March 27, 2015, 06:55:40 PM
I've been giving some thought to swapping out the Raleigh pedals on my 1961 Raleigh Sport, replacing them with modern clip-in pedals, like I have on my other bikes. After taking a hard fall in the snow a few weeks ago, I smacked the left pedal, and it was a bit wobbly. I took it off (using that lovely old Raleigh multi-wrench that seems to be the only thing that will fit), cleaned it up a bit, put it back together, and all seems fine. But as long as I had it off, I thought, why not see if some of the modern pedals I have lying around would fit okay.

My rule on putting on pedals, and generally a good rule when threading anything on a bike, is never force it. So I ran into a bit of resistance trying to put a new pedal on. After a couple of turns it hit a spot where it resisted. I stopped, and I'm confused. I put the original pedal back on, took a nice ride, then came here for some info.

I guess I just assumed they were the standard 9/16" x 20TPI pedals like others I've ever seen, but I've been wrong many times. And my rule about not forcing things sometimes leads me to not try hard enough when I should. Maybe it's just some grit and I'm afraid to push my luck, but I sure don't want to strip any threads on that crank arm, or the pedal for that matter.

Are the pedals on my Raleigh 3-speed something weird? Should I be able to use any standard pedal on it?
: Re: What are the specs for Raleigh 3-speed pedals?
: oldroads March 28, 2015, 07:41:24 AM
Yep, any 9/16 standard pedal will fit
: Re: What are the specs for Raleigh 3-speed pedals?
: markk900 March 28, 2015, 08:28:09 AM
Had the same thought when changing pedals on the 49 Humber.  When I bought it the original pedals were gone and some awful plastic pedals were in there so naturally I assumed standard thread would fit.  Had a pair of newer (but still vintage) Union pedals and had the same snag as you did, but knowing the modern pedals came off I did thread them on without too much effort....but same thing - they went in a little ways smoothly, then hit a slight snag.
: Re: What are the specs for Raleigh 3-speed pedals?
: Keith Body March 28, 2015, 05:26:43 PM
Don't forget, right hand pedal right hand thread, left hand pedal left hand thread.
Back in the 1950s we used a tool (spanner over here) double ended made by terrys. Probably in Brown bros catalogue. Minimum length for  pedal spanner 12 inches.
It is possible to lubricate the thread, but the quick way to insert a pedal is to do about one turn then hold the spanner and back pedal by using the spanner.


: Re: What are the specs for Raleigh 3-speed pedals?
: PrairieRider March 28, 2015, 05:56:31 PM
Thanks for the tip, Keith, I'll have to try that trick sometime. I do have the double-ended Parks pedal wrench/spanner, which is 12.5" long. It fits every pedal I've got except for my Raleigh 3-speed pedals, and that's true of my two Sports models and my DL-1. They seem to be 5/8"(?) and my spanner has both 15mm and 9/16". The 15mm is just a tad too small. Someone here on oldroads suggested using the old multi-tool wrench that used to come with Raleighs, and sure enough, that one fits.

And thanks, Vin, I'll give another shot at putting on a set of reversible Shimano M324 pedals. Got a platform on one side, so you can use street shoes, clip on the other side for your clippable cycling shoes. I've found that clipping-in has really alleviated my knee pain, so I guess I must have a tendency to hold my foot in the wrong place unless otherwise constrained. Plus, I'd started worrying that I wouldn't find a way to spend even more money on this 54-year-old bike. (None of us needs to mention any of this to my wife.)
: Re: What are the specs for Raleigh 3-speed pedals?
: markk900 March 28, 2015, 06:28:27 PM
My pedal wrench is a 13" long Axiom that has two cutouts at one end (seems to fit every pedal I have tried them on), and the other has that most important of tools, a bottle opener!  in between, a nice wood handle....
: Re: What are the specs for Raleigh 3-speed pedals?
: PrairieRider April 05, 2015, 12:38:16 PM
Checking again, my Parks pedal wrench has the same configuration as the Axiom. And I had no problem switching out the pedals on my second attempt. I just had to be grease the threads a bit and ignore the resistance. I haven't had a chance to ride it with these pedals, but the old ones were much longer, and I'm not sure I'll be happy with these shorter ones. I feel like the crank arms are really close to the frame.
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