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Hennie Marais

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HELP please with old Raleigh
« on: January 23, 2015, 01:32:36 pm »
Hi. I live in South Africa and recently got an old Raleigh bike as a gift. I actually rode one like it during the 70's to school. I've (hopefully) attached pictures.

It's in really good shape- I replaced the front, rear and bottom bearings, and after fitting a new saddle, was able to ride it. It's fitted with a back pedal brake at the rear, and fixed lever brake front- that's gone, but the eyelets on the handlebars is still there.

It's been (badly) repainted red, original colour was black- I suspect. there are no more decals.
Head badge reads raleigh- Vereeniging, which is a large industrial city in Gauteng- I know there was a Raleigh factory also in Springs, SA, the town where I grew up.

It has a license disk date 1962- those old days all bicycles in SA were required to be licensed by the local authority. It also has a screw hole on top of the front mudguard- again. all bicycles in SA are supposed to be fitted with a white reflector in front.

It has 3 different numbers stamped on it:
   vertical on left side of seat lug -  GA16337;
   vertical on other side of seat lug - E10125 (his one is clearly "lighter" than the other side; and
   horizontal on top pipe just in front of seat lug - 13072A (also lighter that first, and kind of not as       "professionally" done.

I've checked the dating systems hera, as well as the Head badge website, and I'm stumped as to model and age. Don't know if it's a Humber/Sports/Roadster????

Any advice will help. The farme is currently being cleaned, and I'm planning to have it resprayed red again, but properly. I suspect it's not the period correct colour, but I think it's right for the bike. The rest - handlebar, stem, seatpost etc- will be re-chromed and that's it.

I would also like to have the period correct decals, so please any help will be sincerely appreciated.

Hot summer's greetings from sunny South Africa.

Hennie Marais