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AGE / VALUE:   eaton road king posted by: Quentin on 2/1/2009 at 2:55:41 AM
Picked up this haggard looking frame today, its pretty twisted but i think i can straighten it out. Some of the welds are broke so that would do it i think. But i was wondering what year this bike would be? And where would i find the serial number? The bike is originally red and has gold pinstriping as it also says "road king" in gold down the seat tube. Ive attached a picture and heres a link to my blog with more pictures.


          RE:AGE / VALUE:   eaton road kingposted by Gralyn on 2/8/2009 at 10:34:09 AM
I believe these Eaton Road Kind bikes came from a department store in Canada. I have a 10-speed - just mostly the frame is left now - but it wasn't anything special. If you have a twisted frame, broken welds, etc. - I don't know if you could do much to save it.

          RE:AGE / VALUE:   eaton road kingposted by Roy Vander Zanden on 2/9/2010 at 4:32:05 PM
I have an old wooden-rimmed bicycle. It has solid rubber tires which are glued to the rim. It has a brass tag on the fork tube that says "Road King." Can you help me identify the manufacturer and possibly the year?

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