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RESTORATION TIPS - PAINT:   196x Murray Skybolt posted by: Katherine on 7/23/2008 at 2:09:26 PM
Hello everyone,

A friend of mine was cleaning out his Grandmother's garage and found an old bicycle, which he gave to me. From what I've gathered on this site, it's probably a 1963 Murray Skybolt. The serial number is 45011 237 95. I know almost nothing about bicycles, but since I've been trying to get this one in nice shape I've learned a lot. I took it to the bicycle shop on post and had them take it apart, then I cleaned the rust from all the parts, stripped the frame of rust and most of the old paint, and I'm currently trying to get the fresh coat of paint on. This has been QUITE a challenge. After looking at several photos online, I think I know how all the parts fit back together, but I still have a few questions:

- Does it matter that there's rust inside the tubes, and what can I do to stop it? I bought a spray that converts rust into black primer, but it really hasn't worked all that well on other parts of the bike. It would probably be better than nothing, but perhaps there's a better option.

- Which parts do I grease, and exactly what do I grease them with? I've got WD-40 but something tells me that won't be good enough. I also know that the bearings definitely have to be greased, but what about the other parts? Do the posts need to be greased before being placed in the tubes?

- Are there really three washers in a row on my crank assembly? In each diagram I've seen there are two that have these tiny interlocking grooves, but I have a third that just doesn't seem to fit anywhere else on the bike, doesn't actually fit with the two interlocking washers, but DOES have a notch that fits a groove in the pedal arm...but it seems completely superfluous.

- Though I got the rust off the chrome, the surface is rather pitted and tends to re-rust a little over time. Is there any way to keep the chrome from rusting all over again, or would I have to choose between having it rechromed or resorting to painting it as well?

- Does anyone know if the Skybolt came in any color besides blue, or if any bikes from the 60s came in gunmetal? A few parts on the bike were so damaged they need replacing entirely, so since it won't be totally vintage anymore anyway, I chose to paint it a color I like better than bright blue. I just wonder if it happens to be acceptable for the time period anyway.

Thanks in advance, I'm hoping to post some pictures of the finished product sometime in the next two weeks!

          RE:RESTORATION TIPS - PAINT:   196x Murray Skyboltposted by ken on 7/25/2008 at 1:42:51 PM
1) I think most of Murray's girls' bikes of that period featured the metallic blue and chrome combination. Here's an example
Murray made bikes for Sears (Flightliner, Spaceliner,) and a lot of other retailers like Gamble's, Western Auto, etc.
Light green would work. Red was for boys... but your favorite color will make a nice custom job.
2) It already isn't totally vintage if you've removed the paint. Restoring correctly would require a spray booth and lots more, and isn't cost-effective.
3) you can wax or lightly oil the rusting chrome, but you can't make it new. Don't paint it. I suggest you try to put it in riding condition, and ride it with pride, even if it's rusty. (I've got one that age that has that problem...)
4) The inside of the frame probably won't get worse very fast. If the black stuff doesn't help, use the WD-40 there; it displaces moisture.
5) Use real grease. Marine grease, axle grease, bearing grease - even actual Phil Wood grease from the bicycle shop, if you can afford it. WD-40 ain't grease. Yes, grease the post and the stem, and everything that has threads.
6) The washer with the notch that fits in the pedal arm keeps the cone from turning when you tighten the crank assembly after you adjust the crank bearings. Install it first after the cone.
7) There's plenty of great maintenance info at the Park Tool website, and the public library probably has a bike service manual. I'm proud of you for attempting the job. Let us know how it goes.

          RE:RESTORATION TIPS - PAINT:   196x Murray Skyboltposted by jerry on 9/28/2008 at 6:22:16 PM
I just bought a murray girl's skybolt bicycle that has been in a barn for forty years and in a bad "paint" condition.

Is there anyway I can determine when this bike was made and at what location?
Also is there any value in this bicycle

          RE:RESTORATION TIPS - PAINT:   196x Murray Skyboltposted by twitch on 1/28/2010 at 11:30:55 AM
hi, idk if anyone looks at this page anymore, BUT, i just wanted to put my two cents in about the murray skybolt i have in my possession. it was my mother's, who is deceased, but i just got back to the bike 15 yrs after her demise. i KNOW it WAS red, but now is ugly and rusted solid, the only thing on it that didn't rust over was the murray insignia. but i intend to restore it so i have something to pass on to my children. it has reflectors, of which the one on the front is half broke off. but this will be my project for the next couple months. if anyone wants to comtact me or ask questions about this subject, please email me at , i am partial to this bike simply becuz i remember how much joy i had riding bikes with her. and i restore bikes to working ridable condition. signed...29 yr old mother of i saw on another site where sum lady said to sum1 else "don't repaint, ride it with pride, rust and all" is repainting a bad idea? im not looking to get rich, but im sure if i restored it my kids mite later appreciate it,hmm? i will come back in a sec to post a pic


          RE:RESTORATION TIPS - PAINT:   196x Murray Skyboltposted by jj on 1/29/2010 at 5:16:30 AM
Oh yeah, people do follow these older threads.
I agree with the 19 year old mother of three, do not paint it. Just clean it up and ride it!

          RE:RE:RESTORATION TIPS - PAINT:   196x Murray Skyboltposted by Wade on 6/27/2010 at 8:57:02 AM
Negative! I'm a purist and believe in a full restoration, but try to be as true to how it appeared when new. I'm restoring a 1937 Schwinn girl's bike, and also have obtained a Murray Skybolt from cira 1959. However, this one is in such good shape, it needs very little. But, if I were that lady, RESTORE IT! You don't want to ride a rusty bike. And, restoring it will make it glean like new for years to come!

          RE:RESTORATION TIPS - PAINT:   196x Murray Skyboltposted by Ginny on 9/5/2011 at 4:06:51 AM
I to have a Murray Skybolt in excellant condition even has the original white wall tires, a little rust on the chrome fenders and handle bar. Original rubber hand grips, basket on front, the seat isn't original, been kept in the garage for years. Would like to know how old it is. number M45011 328166

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