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AGE / VALUE:Giuseppe Bianchi - Brev. Campagnolo posted by: SR on 12/5/2009 at 5:14:16 PM
We're trying to determine the age of a Giuseppe Bianchi bicycle with a Brev. Campagnolo frame:
Decal on the frame has a red fleur-de-lis, reads: Giuseppe Bianchi Firenze, Via Nazionale, I_o Costruzione Velociandi
Frame stamped M3218
No model name on frame; Italian flag design says "MADE IN ITALY"
Rear dropouts stamped "Brev. Campagnolo".
Color: red with black&white trim
Chrome frame lugs, chrome fork ends and chrome rear dropouts
ttt handlebar stem (style is early 1960's)
Cottered cranks
Frame measures 22 inches from top of the crank to top of the seat post tube
Measures 21 inches from the center of the crank straight up to the top tube
Stand over height 32 1/4 inches
Distance from the center of the seat post tube to center of stem tube in centimeters 56cm
Original handlebars (thin cotton wrap) and original seat
Balilla center pull brakes and brake levers
Huret front derailleur
Suntour frame mounted shift levers
Suntour Vista Rear derailleur
Original 27-inch alloy wheels
Gnutti hubs and quick-release levers
The only age indications I've found are the thin cotton handlebar tapes (similar to seam binding used in sewing, not the heavier herringbone cotton used in the 70's) and the ttt stem style being from the early 1960's. Giuseppe Bianchi led the company for a limited amount of time but I don't know what years. Also the location of the factory was at Via Nazionale in Firenze (Florence).

          RE:AGE / VALUE:���Giuseppe Bianchi - Brev. Campagnoloposted by Warren on 12/7/2009 at 2:41:52 PM
Detalied pics are needed. Many parts have been swapped out so who's to say what's original.

          RE:AGE / VALUE:���Giuseppe Bianchi - Brev. Campagnoloposted by David on 12/8/2009 at 9:21:17 AM
I'd like to see the headbadge. I've only seen bikes marked Eduardo Bianchi; I had no idea there were some with another name on them.

          RE:AGE / VALUE:Giuseppe Bianchi - Brev. Campagnoloposted by SR on 12/9/2009 at 3:02:26 PM
Please provide your email address if you want to see the picture. Thanks.

          RE:AGE / VALUE:Giuseppe Bianchi - Brev. Campagnoloposted by SR on 2/8/2010 at 5:47:27 PM
History: Betamotor has always been connected with the history and evolution of life on two wheels. The company was founded in Florence in 1904 under the name "Societ Giuseppe Bianchi", for building handmade bicycles. At the end of the 1940s, with the changes that had taken place in Italian society and the development of motorised transport, the company switched to motorcycle production. The simple expedient of attaching an engine with a roller transmission to one of its bicycles, a typical example of Italian creativity, resulted in the first motorbike produced by the Tuscan firm.

The two men who ran the company, Enzo Bianchi and Arrigo Tosi, joined their initials to form the brand-name Beta, and the companys bikes have been sold under this name ever since.

From information posted on:

          RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:Giuseppe Bianchi - Brev. Campagnoloposted by SR on 4/5/2011 at 9:48:34 AM
Pictures of this bicycle are now posted on

          RE:AGE / VALUE:Giuseppe Bianchi - Brev. Campagnoloposted by Keith Body on 4/12/2011 at 3:20:29 PM
SR, just looked at this, from what i can see it could be a fairly low end bike from the late 1950's. Mostly cheaply equipped. I can't see any "hand crafted".
Close up pictures of the seat cluster, bottom bracket and fork ends could help. Also the diameter of the seat pin (may be stamped on it) can help define the quality of the tubing. How the chrome plate has lasted I can't imagine, 2 years here in the UK would have seen it off.
And the handlebars are the usual 2 inches too high up.

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