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AGE / VALUE:   Found some nice roadsters posted by: Erik on 1/23/2010 at 9:08:22 AM
Ok, guys I can't afford them at the moment so I will pass the info on to you there is a men's and women's set of Raliegh tourist roadsters. they have full chaincases, 28" wheels, Nice brooks saddles, no rusting, few if any paint chips or scratches. The owner wants $1000 for the pair or $600 each.

They are in FANTASTIC condition, look new to me. I think you could talk the guy down though.

They are in Lawrence, Kansas at a used bike shop called the Re-Cyclery. If anyone is interested I can go down to the shop and try to learn more about it for you.

          RE:AGE / VALUE:   Found some nice roadstersposted by Patrick on 1/23/2010 at 10:17:07 AM
He's asking at least 3 times what they are worth. Do some research,you'll see they're quite common and not at all valuable.


          RE:AGE / VALUE:   Found some nice roadstersposted by Erik on 1/23/2010 at 9:23:47 PM
Yeah, I agree it is expensive. However, I have never seen any in as good a condition as these. I think the price is negotiable. I laughed at him when he told me how much he wanted. He is overpriced on everything he has so when he goes out of business, if he has not sold the mens DL-1 I maybe able to help liquidate his stock.

          RE:AGE / VALUE:   Found some nice roadstersposted by Kevin on 1/24/2010 at 5:23:36 PM
Erik -- There are, indeed, some Raleigh Tourists that are worth good money, and they aren't especially common in this country. The 26-inch bikes are far, far more common. Most of the lower-priced Tourists are in rough shape, with bad chrome, cheap saddles and worn paint. This one is in great shape, with a full chaincase. It may not be worth $600, but that price certainly isn't "at least three times" what it is worth. He could probably get $300 for it without much effort.

          RE:AGE / VALUE:   Found some nice roadstersposted by Corey K on 1/25/2010 at 11:18:05 AM
If the woman's bike were to be had for under $500, and the men's for around $500, and the condition is as you state, they would be considered *very good deals* for these parts (Santa Cruz-San Francisco Bay Area). As soon as tax refund season comes, they'd probably sell for $1k pretty easily.

It's hard to find a rod-brake English bike around here in any shape for under $200, regardless of condition.


          RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Found some nice roadstersposted by Chris on 2/3/2010 at 6:56:04 PM
This is a case of clashing time periods the era before e- bay and today

Certainly we don't want to pay this type of money and with e- bay perhaps we don't have to. perhaps you know how to find these better than most.

I was not in the habit of buying my Tourists from shops I found them myself by going to 38 garage sales in one day every day thursday, friday, saturday and sunday and all time in between but there were exceptions.
He called, my one shop owning friend

"Don't want to hear any crap, I can get anybody to pay what I am asking we both know the game I called you first because I know how much you love these"
and I was the "house Raleigh bicycle kook" a title I had worked hard to earn.

Yes there it was and everybody stood around it mesmerized all the folks who stopped in for Kona and Jamis and other stuff. "Get this bewitching thing out of my shop, it is creaping me out"

Don the distributor jobber friend who was in to sell the shop their inventory who had gone to Raleigh's trade dinners in the past was there intranced with a smile on his face it's a nice one, we sold these, did well, owe a lot to Raleigh He grins at me

Chris, this one is unmolested there was a crowd around the bike Don, I'm running to the bank!! I'll make sure he holds it for you

I flew.
Money being held at the shops was a common tactic of miine to have it held or bought and held sometiomes they got sticky about buying something good the really good stuff the customer wanted more than what they wanted to give for it

I had to educate, lecture, ask for and battle ignorance on the part of the shops and shop employees Tghis is why I want this why you will pay this much I will offer your so much for it and hammer out a deal. I tore out my hair.

They didn't listen and were ignorant and had no idea a simple little bicycle an old piece of junk held so much mojo and magic.

Here is the money, you pay so much you call me just do it dammit! don't argue get all they have. Don't buy pizza with my bike money on a slow day- get permission before I buy ribs, pizza or beer. Bikes not the gentlemans clubs with b- grade dancers keep it ready for when they come in the shop with it covered in cobwebs I had to establish a network and maintain it they grin at me mouths smeared with barbecue sauce we got you a pair of Sports a pair of D.L.1'S and we gave her so much for them thanks for lunch.. You buy old bikes said the new employee yea this is Chris he is the shops resident Raleigh nut. I lean over school him on what to do when the customer comes in. I did this with many, many shops.

You only call me!

People were kept out too. basements closed, back rooms oh there is nothing in there by order of Chris I locked horns with shop owners and suppliers as well.
I had cash stashed in his shop proir to the bikes arrival and I had to go get more I laid the bills on the workbench the two cases of Tsing Tao beer and with my heart beating in delight I laid hands on the bike and took it home.
Well, having sold these for $1000. for the mens and $600.00 for a ladies bike and having seen others sell these for 1000.00 as well before e- bay was a reality. This is just what the seller wants or what he has already gotten away with or wants to get away with.

If it is an older model with vintage lights, Vintage bells, leather Brooks pannier boxes or vintage leather Brooks bags, does it have leather mudflaps?

good chrome? does the bike draw the customers like I have remembered then yes, this is not outrageous.

I prefer to buy at 100.00 a bike and buy all 17 of them until the seller gets smart and bans me from the place

he died and I got the rest of them. it was there covered in cobwebs 50 years of the dust I ask the guy so how did you hear of Warden? "Chris, he's dead."

Some people didn't care to collect the stuff and fall under the spell like I had but....... some pals did Don't take it personally, and you're a good friend but you are competition a wolf in my shop and we bared our teeth at each other, growled and laughed still we were and are friends. He hunted like I did.

There is the common stuff and it goes up from there the older, rarer, more tricked out with goodies, stainless steel spokes, colors until they don't let you even see or touch it when you get into the museaum, not for sale, section of the stash thats what you really want.

          RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Found some nice roadstersposted by Chris on 2/3/2010 at 7:46:24 PM
I would be out hunting these and the shop would have called and I'd have to stop what I was doing or reroute my plans to go to the shop who wanted me there like immediately They listed and I taught em. Thank God so many of these folks were not collectors themselves!

It was a more calm affair already there, conqured and captured by a fellow comrade already haggled and bought theyd stick me a bit more and it was mine was already mine. they just interupted my day because they needed the space for an incoming order I got then to hang them upstairs. I met people in the shops, intercepted them in the parking lot before it ever got into the shop and bought directly from the customers themselves and went and saw the garages, barns, stashes, junk piles.
For a hunter to go into a supermarket where there is no thrill just go in a buy it was not as exciting until you see the bike. You never know what it was going to be what condition and with what on it.

remember, many folks just quietly went in and bought the tubes and tires and did their own work themselves the shops never saw it, never got to repair it, and thus I was never called. often just a referral a phone number and often it was already sold when I got there.

These may already have been sold at the sellers price before I have written this.

A ladies frame sells for less it is the mans model that gets the higher price this is a sexist thing sorry but it's true.

But the ladies loop frame rod brake bikes are an experience not to be missed so you will see me on a ladies frame bike grinning like a fool. "Um that's a girls bike!"

"Yes!! ever ride one?" "No, it's a girls bike would not be caught dead on one."

Come ride it! No! really! I sold these for $450.00
he bought it!
wife thought it was for her and appropriated it and he wanted another one but now, it does have to be a gents model.

This one gal didn't want to talk, wrinkled her nose, cold, aloof and with an attitude actually a normal attitude for a pretty gal, an attitude they have to take I guess.

I want the bike, only want to talk to you about your bike, here!
a wad of bills in my hand. She sees the cash and stops giving me the finger, sneers, You're weird! you want this old thing? sure!
She got off the bike, yes! handed me the handlebars assumed my little card with my number on it was me trying to get her to call me and it surely got thrown away as I never heard from her again. I sold it! at a profit!

Get the finger, give it back, be creative! sure, she gets out of the car runs up, attacks my car with her shoe telling me "what I am not going to do with her!" and when she is finished I roll down the window introduce myself I dub her "the finger lady" and we became good friends she's smiling at me and giving me the finger all the time but it became pleasant and playful but I nipped it before it fulfilled itself a little too far. Rich, married parent with kids in the same school. She was boored. I got the finger 6 or 8 times for just trying to drop the kid off at school and getting the Acura up to the kerb with all the other mothers in Mercedes angry at a guy doing the mom thing. Patience and letting somebody else drop off their kid was not a thing they liked to do they flipped off the other mothers there too. Oh, good school but snobby!
Yes, the oportunity to mess around (whore around) was there, people were boored rich and boored. I didn't
get into mischiff just want to buy your bikes, antiques and the snap on tools belonging the at work husband who came home from lunch and stopped me.

Who goes to an estate sale with swim trunks? You don't need them she says! I ran down the driveway. Sorry, I have other places I have to go to. You're nice very sweet but ah, no.

You never know who else may come up the driveway!
My adventures chasing the old bikes kept me out of so much mischiff

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