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AGE / VALUE:J. Lucas posted by: Dave on 1/25/2010 at 6:45:24 PM
Q: Why do the British drink warm beer?
A: Because Lucas makes their refrigerators
-the Prince of Darkness

So, I am trying to locate information regarding Lucas cycle bells. Perhaps some of the knowledge driven gentlemen of this forum could give me a hand.

I have a multitude of Lucas brass ringers that all have their unique model number (Ex: No. 61, No. 32, No. 29, No. 58), but do these model numbers signify a production date by chance? Every cycle I've acquired, came with their own Lucas ringer. Though, some ringers look older than their cycle.
Thanks a lot fellers.

          RE:AGE / VALUE:J. Lucasposted by Mark on 1/26/2010 at 6:27:02 AM
Sorry I can't help but I also cannot pass up the chance to make another Lucas joke:

Q: What are the switch positions on any Lucas lighting system?

A: Dim, Flicker, and Off

(I am a classic motorcycle and car fan too)....

          RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:J. Lucasposted by Chris on 1/27/2010 at 7:00:34 PM
Well, there is pictures of the Lucas factories that were dismantled actually the whole Lucas empire went to pot thery sold off tooling and took the buildings apart and when I asked where the expensive bricks that made up the main building went to when I asked who got them, the people that put up the photos on the site took down that picture as it was causing somebody trouble.

Lucas was huge and totally magical a look thru an old Brown brothers catalog will showe page after page of Lucas Bells

I have information on Adie Bells from private coorespondence I have not shared here I don't think and I want Classics Rendezvous to print it but I have to get the fellow who sent it to me to coroporate with the effort.

I love these Bells, I have wrote a lot here about my passion and love with the British Bicycle bells or ringers as you say but I don't know much to say to except that you already k now they are marvelous

Hey! Keith Body please chime in tell us all you know about Lucas bells

Stay searching there are a book or two on Lucas but these bells may not be mentioned in the book as other things will get mentioned instead please preserve and collect these while we search for information.

          RE:AGE / VALUE:J. Lucasposted by Keith Body on 1/29/2010 at 3:24:22 PM
Hi Chris and all, I can't really add anything here, I would have said the best source of information is the Brown Bros as you say.
In the UK (1950/60's) our bikes had a few legal requirements, like 2 independent brakes, and an "audible warning of approach", which was subject to interpretation. Entrants to road time trials were required by their organisers to have a bell, which explains some of the minimal cheap aluminium things. There was a large market for these various Lucas type clanging bells, usually brass domed and heavily chromed. Also cheaper bells which spun a couple of weights inside the dome.

          RE:AGE / VALUE:���J. Lucasposted by Geoff Rogers on 2/1/2010 at 1:07:00 PM
Lucas products are much-maligned, but in fact, most of what Joseph Lucas made, at least up until the 1970's, was nice stuff, and some of it was absolutely beautiful. Their principal products were automotive electrical items, but they also made accessories, mirrors, horns, badge bars and the like, and of course, cycling accessories such as lights, bells and odometers. My 1960 Dunelt Fleur de Lys has such an odometer, and I know that Lucas bells were standard equipment on Raleigh Superbes in the 1950s (I have a couple of those). The car stuff all bears dates, at least up through the 70s, and I am told that Lucas bells are also dated, although I have yet to find a date on one. By the way, Lucas Electrical is back in business selling some of the vintage car stuff, which I stock, by the way. It's allegedly being made in Birmingham, like the old stuff, and some of it is nicely made, although other bits are not finished as well, I have to say. The other Lucas switch, by the way, is marked "SMOKE-SMOLDER-IGNITE."
Geoff Rogers
Shutesbury, Massachusetts, USA

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