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MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surrey posted by: Janet on 10/12/2001 at 6:51:00 PM
Hi, I have an old Gym-Dandy Surrey. It has four seats, a canvas top, and a decal with Art Linkletter on it. I am trying to find out how old it is, if it is collectible and how much it is worth. Does anyone know anything? Thanks!

          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by Dan on 11/15/2001 at 11:53:27 PM
We have one too... manufactured by the Universal Mfg. Co. in Bossier City La. Found new tires for one many years ago but don't have any current info on values... Our kids loved it when they were young... If you find anything please let us know too!!!

          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by Sheryl on 1/14/2002 at 12:20:01 AM
I don't know the value of the Gym Dandy Surrey today other than the ones I see on Ebay, which vary from $100-$375. What I do know is that I had one of these while growing up. We got ours in approx. 1963 or 1964. My younger sister and I probably wore out a set of tires on ours taking the kids in the neighborhood for rides on it. There was always someone willing to push from behind in exchange for getting a ride in the front next trip. Hope your kids enjoy it as much as we did ours.

          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by Paula on 5/5/2002 at 6:16:36 PM
I just bought my Uncle's at an auction yesterday. We have fond memories of a Labor Day when they brought it over to our house back in 1967. My Aunt says that there were only a few ever made. Has anyone ever been able to contact anyone involved at the factory? Thanks

          RE:RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by lisa on 6/13/2007 at 2:00:34 PM
Looking to restore my gym dandy surrey. I too damaged the front tire giving all the kids in the neighborhood rides and help for the 15 inch front wheel and top canopy i can get would be helpful

          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by Marlene on 3/13/2010 at 11:24:24 AM
Am enjoying the surrey restoration and will show it to the great grantchildren on Easter.

          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by Barb on 3/15/2010 at 9:18:49 AM
I have the Art Linkletter Gym Dandy and restored it back to the original colors red/white a few years ago, I was careful not to cover the original stickers but would like to replace the one the back seat if anyone knows if these can be duplicated or replaced? I made my own replacement top and it turned out beautiful!!

          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by Barb on 3/15/2010 at 9:19:21 AM
I have the Art Linkletter Gym Dandy and restored it back to the original colors red/white a few years ago, I was careful not to cover the original stickers but would like to replace the one the back seat if anyone knows if these can be duplicated or replaced? I made my own replacement top and it turned out beautiful!!

          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by Umpa on 3/30/2010 at 1:58:53 PM
Just finished restoring my original Gym Dandy to original red and yellow colors, canvas top. I expect to give it to the grandkids this easter! I am still needing pedals, stickers would be nice could someone post a photo of the stickers so I can reproduce them, btw I got mine Christmas 1960!

          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by Don Nowak on 4/16/2010 at 6:08:09 AM

          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by Don Nowak on 4/16/2010 at 6:08:33 AM

          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by Don Nowak on 4/16/2010 at 6:08:59 AM

          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by Don Nowak on 4/16/2010 at 6:10:42 AM

          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by Don Nowak on 4/16/2010 at 6:12:02 AM

          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by Don on 4/16/2010 at 6:50:35 AM
sorry for the repeat ad's,I did not think it posted, now I can't figure out how to delete them.

          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by claire amirault on 4/26/2010 at 7:20:00 AM
My daughters and I just bought a Gym Dandy Surrey and didn't know much about it so enjoyed everyones comments. Good wheels but needs a new canopy, The one on it is red and white stripped. Was that the original color, or was it red and yellow? We own Farmhouse Treasures in Salisbury,MA and think it will look great in our yard.

          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by JC on 5/8/2010 at 8:39:30 PM
I have a Gym Dandy surrey for restoration. approx. 95% of parts there i believe. been garage kept for the last 12 years. I rescued it from a backyard where it sat for alot of years with the intentions of restoring it myself. If interested i may be coaxed into selling it. e-mail me if interested.

          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by Audrey on 5/29/2010 at 8:03:57 AM
I have Gym Dandy Surrey that just isn't being used anymore and needs a good home. It's in pretty good structural shape, but one tire is missing a small piece of rubber. Aesthetically, it's missing the canopy structure and the paint is faded. I'm in southern Maine, so a bit out of the way, but still looking for interested buyers. Drop me an e-mail if you're interested. Thanks.

          RE:RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by lynn on 4/4/2008 at 6:32:08 AM
Just bought a gym dandy surrey at an auction last weekend. In all our years in the auction business we had never seen one. It is inexcellent condition. Any ideas on the value of this - it has a red & white stripped canopy, was also wondering the approximate age- and what the original color was- I've seen several different colors in pix on the web

          RE:RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by Terry Hess on 5/4/2008 at 5:31:26 PM
I have Gym Dandy Surrey and need to have the hard tires replaced. Does anyone know if someone can do that now?

          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by George on 4/3/2009 at 10:09:36 AM
I have the Art Linkletter surrey. The Circa is early 1950's. My cousin was the original owner and she gave it to me. I used to ride it in her basement. The original colors were a white and red stripe top, wood benches, the wheels,spokes, chainguard and body were red. New on e-bay about 2200.

          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by bobby joe saunders on 6/26/2009 at 8:31:04 PM
i need a front wheel and tire for art linkletter gym dandy surrey,size 14 by 1.50

          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by Cassie on 7/20/2009 at 11:26:01 AM
Looking for a fron tire for our gym dandy surrey sixe 12 by 1 1/4. Any info would be helpful.

          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by lance on 7/28/2009 at 8:08:50 AM
Cowboys and Kidillacs will make the tires. Call 361.595.1015 and talk to Allen

          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by lance on 7/28/2009 at 8:09:53 AM
Cowboys and Kidillacs will make the tires. Call 361.595.1015 and talk to Allen

          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by Smitty on 9/30/2009 at 3:31:17 PM
I have a surrey and would like to sell it.. Check it out..$1,000.00 and ill let her go


          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by gary on 10/13/2009 at 3:25:18 AM
looking for any parts for a gmm-dandy surrey

          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by Mary Jo on 11/6/2009 at 12:01:50 PM
I am interested in purchasing a Gym Dandy Surrey. I had one as a child and wish I had kept it. Now, I'd like my granddaughter to enjoy it like I did.

          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by Mary Jo on 11/6/2009 at 12:09:37 PM
I am interested in purchasing a Gym Dandy Surrey. I had one as a child and wish I had kept it. Now, I'd like my granddaughter to enjoy it like I did.

          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by James on 12/28/2009 at 10:39:14 PM
Gary, I have the surrey that was given to me on my 1st christmas by my great uncle. I am trying to restore it for my niece for her second christmas (obv. missed her first. If you have any info on parts PLEASE email me. Thanks,James


          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by Jason on 1/5/2010 at 10:19:35 AM
I have a Gym Dandy Surrey that I am interested in getting rid of. It sounds like the one discussed above. Red and White Striped canvas top. Wooden Yellow seats. Red frame. I can email pics. If interested call me @ 336-345-6886. Thanks Jason

          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surrey Tiresposted by philip on 1/15/2010 at 9:19:16 PM
Anybody find good replacement tires for the Gym Dandy pedal surrey - 12 x 1.25 front tires; and 16 x 1.25 rear tires? Somebody's got to have some info. Let us hear from you please. Thanks.

          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by Mary-Beth on 1/28/2010 at 11:22:34 PM
I just purchased a Gym Dandy Surrey, need the red/white canopy top. Anyone?? Suggestions? Thank you.

          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by jim_Surrey on 1/31/2010 at 7:55:49 PM
Hey, I am restoring a Gym dandy, i have two GC that will love it. I got mine 1963 or so.

          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by Debbie on 2/8/2010 at 8:23:45 PM
I'm interested in purchasing a gym dandy surrey. I had one as a child and would like one for my grandsons. I am located in Ohio.


          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by bill on 2/16/2010 at 3:08:55 PM
I have a vintage, original condition Gym Dandy Surrey. Only problem is that it was owned by a celebrity as a child and I would want big $'s for it for that reason. She is nationally known and is on TV every morning. This would be an outrageous gift for a little girl. The surrey is the Art Linkletter version, limited. Any offers?

          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by philip on 2/20/2010 at 3:41:30 PM
I'm interested in obtaining these items for the gym dandy surrey: a)replacement tires b)rim plus tire c)hub caps .
Please contact me if you have these to sell. Thanks.

          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by lisa on 3/4/2010 at 5:04:43 PM
My husband restored our Gym-Dandy Surrey years ago when my girls were little. The Art Linkletter dycal is still on it. Wish I could find a canvas top and attachment for it. My parents bought it new for my brother and I back in the 50's. Would like to get it cleaned up for my grandson. Any suggestion on were to buy replacement parts??

          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by Sally on 6/24/2010 at 8:46:58 PM
I am thrilled to finally ID one of our favorite old toys from the 60s! My sister and I have the frame to our Surrey (which I believe is a JD by the photos I've seen), but it needs new tires (rims are OK) and canopy. I'm assuming we'll have to make the new canopy, but can anyone direct us to a source for the tires? THANK YOU in advance!

          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by Vicki on 6/25/2010 at 1:14:46 PM
I have an Art Linkletter Gym dandy surrey that I had as a was refurbished a few years back, new wheels & canvas but is not "like new". I'd like to sell it.

          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by Kathleen on 7/28/2010 at 6:26:36 PM
I had an Art Linkletter Gym dandy surrey in Indiana as a child, yellow seats, red striped fringe on top, my cousin had a one seater I believe it to have been blue and white? Loved mine! Looking for one for my grandchild...

          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by dee on 8/6/2010 at 2:47:57 PM
I have A smaller surrey it is from my childhood I am in the process of restoring it, for my grandchildren . I am in the need of tire's. The rim's are ok , It use to be red and white , The 1 peddles the 2 rider's in front. Any help would be wonderful thanks

          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by Roger Jackson on 10/7/2010 at 11:07:51 AM
We have a Gym Dandy Surrey that we bought at an estate sale in very good condition other than the red and white stripped top needs replacing. (We have the old one). We are in Nashville TN. Email and I will send photo. Thanks-
Best Regards;
Roger /Nashville


          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by Roger Jackson on 10/7/2010 at 11:19:39 AM
The Surrey photo link was incorrect on Photobucket
try the link below
My mistake -Thanks -Roger/Nashville


          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by Roger Jackson on 10/7/2010 at 11:19:47 AM
The Surrey photo link was incorrect on Photobucket
try the link below
My mistake -Thanks -Roger/Nashville


          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by Karen on 12/31/2010 at 4:08:56 PM
In need of 2 front wheels with rubber tires for gym dandy surrey art linkletter and dr pepper sponsered. Grandma won the surrey in a Dr Pepper contest at a Piggly Wiggly Grocery Store In Arkansas in 1959.

          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by Nick on 1/10/2011 at 6:43:39 PM
Has anyone found a place to buy rubber tires for the gym dandy surrey....12"x1 1/2" Front wheels

          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by William flattery on 1/25/2011 at 5:38:26 AM
I have a art linkletter surrey she's in good shape just needs a new canvas top. If anyone has a replacement canvas that want to sell or if anyone wants to make a offer. Please don't hesitate. Thank you

          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by Chris on 1/30/2011 at 11:50:36 AM
1950's Art Linkletter Surrey, bought brand new and has been in the family ever since. Has mostly all original parts with the canopy being replaced (sticking to the original colors of red and white stripes of course). All the decals are intact. This surrey has been in numerous parades and has won "Most Unique Entry". It has been in storage so it is in very good condition and working order. Kids are grown now and we would love to see someone else get the many years of enjoyment that our family got. These are valued at around $1000.00 asking $800.00 OBO. Please contact Todd if interested at (970)214-3927. We have pictures available although could not get them to load, so we can send by e-mail.

          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by Betty on 2/7/2011 at 6:57:09 PM
My sister and I were given surreys for Christmas around 1966. E would like to sell them. If you would like to see them I can asked my sister to download and send them. We are looking around 500 each or best offer.

          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by carmen santora on 4/2/2011 at 10:50:06 AM
Re: interested in a buy, please e-mail photo and condition= live in so orange county, calif. is it the original ART linkletter and the age of it. it came out in the 50's. thanks pleae respond

          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by Rodney on 4/3/2011 at 3:11:10 PM
I just bought a Surrey this weekend,and Im in need to replace the front tire and rim.Can someone give me imfo. on this tire,also Im in need to locate the chain guard and is their anyone that may know if decals are availible. Thanks for reading.

          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by Rodney on 4/6/2011 at 4:55:36 PM
Hi again,I posted on 4/3/2011 for imfomation but I forgot to give my number,(262)498-0408 Thanks.

          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by Jeff on 4/8/2011 at 5:14:23 PM
I just stumbled upon this and find it astonishing. My Uncle bought his house from Art Linkletter. It came with a surrey, which was passed on to us and used playfully in the early/mid-60s. Boy, sure wish I had THAT one still!

          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by Shirley on 5/5/2011 at 2:27:22 AM
I have the Gym Dandy surrey also my sister and I got it for our Birthdays in early 60's my Mom replaced the top several years ago did a wonderful job looks just like original. I need rubber for one wheel also. I would like to sell as I am downsizing and can no longer store it. I have no Grandchildren I am willing to sell e-mail if your interested


          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by Chris on 5/11/2011 at 10:00:07 AM
This is magical, wonderful, good, fun, delightful, special and not to be missed.

I was told that tricycle wheels the solid rubber type similiar to this is called "Cab tiring" that there was and still are machines that put this solid rubber tireing onto these type of rims. and if you ask about and look on e-bay and ask people that sell at vintage bicycle swap meets and bring things and if you ask around and research on the net you can find somebody with ther machine or the tires and well just call the number on the post above.

I am not sure 100% if the tires on a surry are called cab tiring or not. I think so. there was more than one pattern of solid tires too. people saved any old odd wheel like these and hang them up and many old bicycle shops have this type of wheels and parts in their basements and attics and out buildings. parts are out there!

I loved hearing about the person who made a new canvas top for it and how wonderful it turned out. To save and restore a thing so utterly wonderful, gentle and good. I sit here smiling.

when searching out rubber wheel tubing, take a picture or the actual wheel with you.

People who restore vintage tricycles, and there are lots of them vintage tricycles varied its a whole realm of its own these people can offer solid rubber tires in more than one color too!

I would be sure the wood slats on the seats are not rotted. some people leave these in the back yard because of the size of the thing and it gets rained on and we would not want anybody to break a seat and get hurt. To replace a bench with the wood slats is a real easy job.

I can close my eyes and remember a place and a time a back yard behind the hedgerow a swing, a picnic table, bikes and toys and yes, my childhood friend and her brothers and sisters had one of these. I remember it. it was long ago it took awhile to call it up to have the memories flash before me.

Things like this wonderful things, and the memories of this are things one keeps hidden to themselves.

And gone back to, when we need it.

I can think of one particular young man right now. Who I would never let near my Gym - Dandy Surry because he was and still is, a horrible, destructive, terrible, 14 year old devil and he would wreck and ruin. Certainly not, treat my Surry properly. It would be ruined, lost or destroyed and destroyed purposely in no time at all. His mom would steal and sell it if she could.

Oh yes! at the flea market in a hot minute!! Then when I catch them? She'll tell me "she has one like mine, that she found one too! " and "this is hers and not mine" it's all a lie!! and here, I was robbed and it's my belongings. Listen to me, This why we have cell phones, sherifs, police in black and white cars and courts, prosecutors and jails and you call them, and prosecute.

This is a good, wonderful thing and not everybody should get to ride it or enjoy it.

Why? because we are now up to out knees in horrible, evil people who act like wicked animals.

My own "Gym Dandy Surry" is safe in a back yard, long ago in the past, in my own child hood, in a yard he can't find, let alone play in. it's safe where Eugene can't wreck it.

When you encounter anybody who would attack something as good as one of these. Get away from him , or get away from her, don't let him or her near you. Not ever near the kids. And see- to- it! That person is of your world. My collector friend was upset that his son rode the tricycle down the street and that the other kids peeled the decals off of the tricycle and we had this whole discussion about how it was the devil and that anything innocent and good and downright magical and special gets bothered, attacked, damaged and destroyed.
What I am saying is we need to watch and be vigilent and protect things from the gyn dandy surry's and up. More things need protecting than just the magical wheeled toys from child hood.

Author Richard Ballentine wrote in a past version of his book: "Richards bicycle book" he wrote about the danger of dogs in the neighborhood and how he remembered how a little girl in the neighborhood was pulled off of her tricycle by dogs and killed. He wrote about how to handle dogs and issue of the danger of dogs.

back to the actual Gym- Dandy Surry machines,
This is what we call "an endangered species" in vintage wheel goods land. they need looking out for. they need somebody to say: Mess with this wonderful, good thing and you'll answer to me!"

And, as I have said, these got left out in the weather in the yards. It's why we see the tops ruined perhaps? sun and rain rots the tops the rest of it is still sound generally.

We had a fellow in the neighborhood who set up shop years ago and he made and sold these and he's long gone now but I remeber seeing the machines today, all of them are in hiding or gone to the dump. he was a hippie/ mystic and I am quite serrious about this. For all the neat machines and efforts he gave he made enemies the bike shops and other business's didn't like him. He disappeared. it was too magical, too good and stuff like this has people align themselves against it. A foreign bicycle mechanic is called "a mysterie" and that is what this fellow was. It was like what happened to Joseph Smith of the mormons ( and while I have studied Smith and the Mormon writings, I still don't accept myself as my own faith liking the fellow and believing it as your own faith, can be two different things) With Smith he was challenged, attacked, tarred and feathered and in the end, murdered. The hippie who made his own gym dandy surrey's well, something happened! He disappeared and all trace of his magical wares vanished with him. it was strange an urban legand I remember from my area. People come out of the woodwork to get it away from you and destroy, fustrate, steal and ruin what good work you are trying to accomplish. No matter if it important work, is supposedly handed down by visions, angels or just something that is worth loving and protecting and fighting for. It will get attacked and all sorts of junk happens that does not make sense. With Eugene, he's just a horrible, destructive, bad person. People know right from wrong. They were told by somebody and they have a willful, bad spirit to do it anyways and laugh when they get caught and just ignore you. I am using the words Gym Dandy Surry in a broad sense.

          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by Chris on 5/12/2011 at 2:09:58 PM
(continued from yesterday) this is like anything else, there are people like some of the kids in the neighborhood when you were growing up. Your mom or dad would say Don't let so and so ride in or play with the Gym- Dandy Surry because and the truth be told, "they just ain't no damned good at all!" only it's worded differently. The dad or mom would just say: "Don't let him over, or don't let him in the Gym Dandy- Surry." And back then , all you had to say was
"My Mom or Dad said: "No." and "No" was "No." that would be the end of it. If you disobeyed, you had to answer for it. I told you not to. You disobeyed me. I tried to tell you something you didn't understand. I told you not to let him in the Gym- Dandy- Surry and you did anyways. Now it is broken or destroyed and so and so got hurt and had to go home or to the hospital. As a child you obey but when you are an adult and under stress and all else we have to deal with God help you if you fail. Make the wrong judgement call. The parents advice turns into the inner voice/ judgement call of reason later on.
But years later after Dad and Mom are dead and gone and you are an adult it it now your job to have to look out for the "Gym Dandy Surry's" and beyond. And enforce it against all the destructive assholes that abound all around us. I find myself having to say:
"I don't want you near my Gym- Dandy Surry" and this is the words I am now making into a broader meaning.

Gym- Dandy Surry now also means: Encompassing everything in My own personal space, my own personal world. Not the outside world, the good things in my life, the special things, special, decent, moral, happy, clean, quiet, ordered and disciplined world. Speciafically, My children, My marriage, my home, my belongings, my property, and not just the yard itself, my rights as well. My peace of mind, happiness, and psychological, physical well being and beyond that, spiritual well being. Perhaps we can extend the word Holy over Gym- Dandy Surry's too?

To me, it's that special. but Holy means directly of God Himself and this is taking it too far in the literal sense.
To me, the Gym- Dandy Surry is a thing to fight for. When service men and women died in the past and still do today this thing is among all the beloved things like freedom and rights that people serve in uniform to protect and safeguard. All of America itself, She is the most beautiful, glorious "Gym- Dandy Surry" ever created.

But the "Eugene's" have to be kept away and dealt with and it's not going to be easy and don't expect help. You can expect to fail and get hurt and experience grief. It gets more difficult than to ask "Were do we get a wheel replaced?
I don't want Eugene pushing the Gym- Dandy-Surry down a hill or out into the street in front of cars and people getting hurt or killed. If he will grab a daughter and hold her over the railing of the 3 rd floor in the shopping mall, threatened to drop her to her death. And Security won't provide us the tape? It's not their "Gym Dandy Surry is the answer.

your dad and mom told you about this:

Keep him away from the "Gym- Dandy Surry"

I remember a scene in a movie that shows these kids stealing a hot dog cart and pushing it down a flight of stairs in a subway entrance and an old man was at the bottom of the stairs. We have to watch out for the type of people that would not play nice with the surry and the other kids.

We must act quickly because the next thing you know they are doing far, far, more unimaginable, worse things.

Obviously, he can't be trusted to play well with the other children. There is something wrong and we are not safe as long as he is about. I look at this young man who the principal demands that he "just be gotten the hell out of my school this instant!" I look with horror and wonder just what has been done to mould him into such a truly horrible, dangerous, liability and darkness indwelling person. I wonder what the story was, before I arrived to be a sorry witness and later on, a victim as well.

We cannot rely on others to help, or protect, us, or stand by us and get themselves involved and prevent or render aid.

Why? I will tell you the truth! IT IS NOT THEIR GYM- DANDY SURRY. It is yours. The U.S. Postal worker, or teachers, or principals will not get themselves involved enough to help you they will not embroil themselves in your matters.

They have their own lives and don't want to be sued by the party they report on. So they don't report it.
They don't want to miss work to go through the hassle of testifying in court.

Believe it or not, people do not rush to seek you out or help you they don't go off on crusades to help right a wrong or protect you or your family or even the kids.

They don't show up at your door and say: "I saw this, I am a postal worker and "How can I help you?" Counselors and doctors are out of it and if they do become aware, they don't go find you and inform you at all, certainly not enough to aid your case/ suit. you have to dig on your own and then name names and then you open up the whole can of worms. You wonder why is this so hard? What is the matter with people? Same answer! IT IS NOT THEIR GYM- DANDY SURRY.

Now if it happens to their Gym- Dandy Surry? If they are police, or law in some way? If they know the system and are gifted with the hidden knowledge to get lady justioce to work for them and not just waste money running in circles with lawyers in a court that does not respect you or your matters now before it not without you possessing any clout or value it respects.

What is the value of your "Gym- Dandy Surry?" Are you anything, are you somebody? Do you come from anybody of any value to the state? If you are poor, dirty with a few "warts" as lawyers say, the odds are against you.

Their boss/ and or/ company policy says: "Do not get involved" If the paperwork is not divulged or shared you will never learn of the offence, let alone begin to seek lady justice who is a terrible pain to have to chase down the street and get her to do anything to help you. And all we really have is lady Justice and her scales of Justice. There are no other options. I support no other options to be explored, not ever!

I probably should not have refrenced Joseph Smith/ the mormon faith at all in this post. I want to correct and re- state that: I do not accept it as part of my faith. Why did I mention it at all?

I wonder why, looking for an explanation for things. Wondering how to take it apart, and figure out how it works and then, re- assemble it so that it works better, safer, and more effective, how to pull out the flaws and faults in it.
because in my exploration of it and the facinating history of them in my country I have learned that dispite wheather or not they were actually in truth or in deception from the beginning, that Smith was under anything but peace from the moment his work started. I find it all currious, strangely so. There were mobs, and trouble, people pursued and hassled and tried to steal his gold plates and interfer with his assigned work. There was persecution, and trials and false arrest, and he was tarred and feathered and murdered with his brother as well. If you are Mormon you would say they were "martyered"

Joseph Smith had to literally hide the golden plates that supposedly were the truth. The book of morman had to be hid under a hearth, under bricks to keep from being stolen and destroyed. And the trouble begain!

Why is it, in this life we have to hide our own "Gym- Dandy Surry's" from all the trouble and horror and horrible people and their deeds against us?

Why can't we just place in peace and security in the sun with our friends in the sun on a summer day, in the peace and safety and the bliss of childhood? In the Gym- Dandy Surry.

The wheels of justice miss a lot. The Eugene's of this world are adroit at keeping clear of the grinding wheels of justice and they wind up owning the water wheel mill that does the grinding.

Some times the best thing to do is sell it all, pull up stakes and go see America, her people, places, food and all she is. Go in the Gym- Dandy Surry be free of the Eugene'

          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by Shirley Ann on 6/18/2011 at 9:52:42 AM
I have a Gym Dandy surrey it was my sister and mine when we were little bought in 1958ish in fairly good shape needs a front tire it has the rim has a new top my Mom replaced in the early 80's we want to sell it as we have both retired and all our Children are all grown. We would like to get 550.00 for it I will try to get a picture to you if you email me. I also have a Moped 1967 Honda Spree red that is in pretty good shape as well. would take 175.00 for it.

          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by eric finn on 6/20/2011 at 11:57:40 AM
i have a gym dandy surey recomende by art linkletter aand would like to sell it give me a call at 419-8930305

          RE:relirious postingposted by key west on 7/18/2011 at 12:19:18 PM
can someone please delete the religious posting? I do not see its relavence to this forum.

          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by patricia on 7/18/2011 at 12:22:47 PM
I have a gym dandy surrey in good condition. Should I sell it as a whole or sell the indiviual parts? Some people need pedals, wheels, etc. From your experiences, what would garner the bigger profit? Thank you

          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by mike on 7/29/2011 at 7:08:33 PM
I need all 4 wheels and tires for the Gym Dandy Surrey. does anyone have the set for sale? Also the chain guard?

          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by Sky King on 8/1/2011 at 7:38:23 AM
I need two front wheels and 1 pedal for my Gym Dandy. Anyone selling?

          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by Mart on 8/25/2011 at 8:53:14 AM
Have restored surrey and would like to sell. 573 486-3742 Hermann Mo


          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by Mike on 10/9/2011 at 1:50:22 PM
I have a vintage 1950's Art Linkleller Gym Dandy Surrey that I am looking to sell. The red frame has been restored and the red and white canopy has been replaced. The seats are the original yellow wood with decals. Located in Fort Lauderdale Florida call 954-536-1684 if interested.

          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by Lee Olejniczak on 10/10/2011 at 9:33:33 AM
My Dad has a Gym-Dandy Whirlwind that he is restoring for his grandchildren. On e of the stickers/dacals is peeling off, and we would like to know if we could get a replacement decal for it.

          RE:MISC:   Gym-Dandy Surreyposted by Greg on 10/22/2011 at 9:37:54 PM
I have a Gym Dandy Surrey I'm trying to restore and in reading all these post I noticed very few post mention where they are located. I don't want to make an offer on something and then find out it's 2000 miles away. I need 2 front wheels, 2 peddles, the canopy and canopy frame if anyone has them avaviable in the Nashville Tennessee area. Thanks in advance, Greg

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