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Archived: Balloon Tire and Middleweights

AGE / VALUE:   Sears & Roebuck 26x1 3/8 posted by: Joe Gregan on 10/19/2000 at 10:02:32 AM
I have a Sears & Roebuck women’s bicycle with an older style child seat/rack that I am trying to find a model type & date of. It appears to have been repainted. It is a 26 x 1 3/8, thumb 3-speed (internal hub) with caliber brakes. The Rear rim is marked “333 Three Speed Hub US PAT 3021728”. The brakes are marked “Altenburger Synchron”. The bottom of the seat is marked “TROXEL MOSCOW TENN, USA”. The child seat folds down to be a carrying rack and is marked “Made in England”, the padding on it has a faded oval design with only part of a British flag left visible. The frame itself only has three marking (1) The Sears & Roebuck emblem on the front forks (2) the serial number on the front forks which is 5024729100 (5 or 6) 2404 (3) A “BMA/6 Certified” sticker on the post below the seat. I would appreciate any help in dating and/or finding a model type of this bike. Thanks Joe G. guidobcs@yahoo.com

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Sears & Roebuck 26x1 3/8 posted by Grant on 10/19/2000 at 7:56:29 PM
Wipe off the rear hub between the spokes. If it is a Sturmey-Archer
it will have a model designation and date on it. The date should be
either below the SA emblem or to the left of it. For example
2 73 means it was made in February of 1973. The AW model is the
most popular so it likely is stamped AW as well.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Sears & Roebuck 26x1 3/8 posted by sam on 10/20/2000 at 7:25:52 AM
The 333 rear hub is tiwann not sturmey-archer

    Correction - RE:AGE / VALUE:   Sears & Roebuck 26x1 3/8 posted by Joe Gregan on 10/20/2000 at 2:10:39 PM
CORRECTION: Above I stated the "ream rim is marked "333 Three Speed Hub US PAT 3021728" What should have been stated is the the "REAM HUB is marked ........" Sorry about that. Also I can find no other markings on the bicycle except those noted, I have looked on the rim, sprockets, chain guard & every where else without taking anything apart. Thanks again for everyones help. Joe G

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Sears & Roebuck 26x1 3/8 posted by Rif Addams on 10/21/2000 at 8:01:39 PM
333 Three Speed Hub is Shimano I believe.

MISC:Bendix hub problem posted by: Arian on 10/17/2000 at 11:35:55 PM
There is a red single band Bendix on my Schwinn that seems to "slip" sometimes. I will be peddling along, and occasionally have the sensation that the normal resistance has given way, and that something is not engaging inside the hub. Is there a ratcheting mechanism that can go out of kilter? I have never opened up a rear hub before and would just like to know if anyone has ideas as to what is going wrong, and what some possible fixes might be. Thanks in advance!

   RE:MISC:Bendix hub problem posted by Jeff on 10/18/2000 at 6:18:14 AM
Under the 'For Sale' topic there's a guy asking about rebuilding Bendix hubs. I'm sure over the next couple days some people who know how to rebuild these hubs will add their advise.

   RE:MISC:Bendix hub problem posted by slipping hub on 10/18/2000 at 11:55:10 AM
Sounds like the freewheel is gummed up and not engaging. We used
to take them apart every spring, clean out the old grease with kerosene,
and put them back together using Vaseline for grease.Yours has
probably not been done in 40 years.

   Here you go posted by Ray on 10/18/2000 at 12:28:47 PM
I just answered a similar question under the For Sale link. Your problem is old dried out grease that should be cleaned out and then re-greased. You will have to open the hub to do this. It is pretty common for old greast to turn to varnish and stop working. Clean it with a good degreaser that you can get at a bike or auto shop and pack it back with a good quality grease. Don't be afraid to put grease in the hub and around all the parts as they will all need it to function properly. Carefull on how you take it apart to make sure you align the parts exactly as you will have to put them back in place the same exact way. The bearings must go in the exact way them came out or you will have problems. Go slow and keep track of all the parts and which side of the hub them came out of and you will do fine. There can be another problem. The part that drives the wedge into the brake shoes is made of two parts. It acts like a clutch and will cause the bike to slip if it is worn. To tell if it is worn, you have to take it out of the hub, take the spring off of it and separate into two parts. If the teeth between the two parts are worn and do not mesh tightly you have to replace the part. Any good old bike shop should have this part. If you have the type of hub with discs instead of the two part clutch then a good cleaning and regrease will do.

AGE / VALUE:   Mystery Flyer - anyone know an age? posted by: Polly on 10/17/2000 at 7:10:58 AM
A dear friend gave me an old girls Western Flyer. It has a front badge, balloon tires, chain guard, but not much else (no shocks, no built-in lights). The serial number is #9H007545. Another friend said he thinks it may be around 193?. Needs paint & tlc, but I'm providing lots of both. Does anyone know where I can find info on what age it might be?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Mystery Flyer - anyone know an age? posted by Joel on 10/17/2000 at 2:03:46 PM
If it's from the 30s, it should have a skip tooth chain and rear facing dropouts (slots where the R wheel attaches to the frame).

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Mystery Flyer - anyone know an age? posted by Gordon on 10/17/2000 at 4:47:50 PM
Not necessarily, I have a 1953 Hawthorne with skiptooth and rear facing dropouts.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Mystery Flyer - anyone know an age? posted by Gordon on 10/18/2000 at 2:48:36 PM
Sorry Joel, I just reread your comment and realized I had misinterpreted it the first time. You are correct that if it is from the 30's it most likely will have rear facing dropouts and skiptooth chain and sprockets. But there are exceptions to that also. I have seen some bikes from the 20's and 30's (Mead especially) with 1/2 inch pitch.

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Mystery Flyer - anyone know an age? posted by Joel on 10/19/2000 at 8:01:03 AM
Hey, no problem. Thanks for filling in the holes. There are certainly prewar bikes with standard chains and drops as well as post war bikes into the 50s with skip chains. I think the WF bikes of that era were Cleveland Welding built and the prewar style chain and drops were used after the war.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Mystery Flyer - anyone know an age? posted by Greg on 10/22/2000 at 6:05:29 AM
The only bike that used rear facing drop outs before the war and front facing drop outs after the war was Schwinn. A lot of people make the mistake that this is an accurate method of dating for all bikes.

AGE / VALUE:   Myster Flyer - anyone know an age? posted by: Polly on 10/17/2000 at 7:10:58 AM
A dear friend gave me an old girls Western Flyer. It has a front badge, balloon tires, chain guard, but not much else (no shocks, no built-in lights). The serial number is #9H007545. Another friend said he thinks it may be around 193?. Needs paint & tlc, but I'm providing lots of both. Does anyone know where I can find info on what age it might be?

AGE / VALUE:   26" Girls bicycle posted by: C.W.Broughton on 10/16/2000 at 8:25:21 PM
Some months ago I acquired a 26" by 2.125 "Schwinn" tired girls bike. It has twin vertical chrome springs on the front, along slim chainguard with chrome 1/2 round strip that continues around the sides of the rear fender and support the rear luggage rack. The serial number is (small letters) MO-P 29 in larger numbers is the serial number 70209 all located on the bottom of the crank housing. The wheels are chrome,matched and the coaster brake assembly is stamped "musselman". It has a white and chrome, wide pattern seat. It rides like a dream, but the badge is missing ,and I don"t know what it is....Possibly a 1939-40 Monark ?? If anyone knows, please let me know. P.S. It had badly rusted chrome fenders, and the luggage rack bracket has a unique rivetted brace to the rear fender. Thanks !!

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   26 posted by sam on 10/17/2000 at 12:41:42 PM
sounds like a Color Flow , J.C.Higgins . with the chrome fender brace that go around the outside of the fender.I think they were manufactured by Murray of Ohio.If so either a Brass Murray or chrome j.c.higgins badge would work.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   26 posted by Joel on 10/17/2000 at 1:37:35 PM
The twin vertical spring fork makes me think Monark. Compare it to pictures on the web (here, EBAY, Nostalgic.Net, BIKEICONS,...) of Monark bikes and see if you can find a match.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   26 posted by sam on 10/20/2000 at 7:35:14 AM
Hi Joel,the murrays also had twin vertical springs.The murray fork had a bar looping over the top of the springs,the monark did not.--sam

MISC:   Is this tandem homemade? posted by: Don on 10/16/2000 at 6:23:54 PM
I picked up this tandem a week ago at an estate auction.
It has at the very least been repainted. The headbadge is missing and I have not been able to find any identification on it.
Judging by the neatness of some of the welds, I think that it may be homemade... Any ideas?

At any rate, I think it's neat, and I'm gonna look for a "donor cycle" to get some new fenders and other goodies, and then I'm gonna redo it myself.

What do you think would be the best color scheme for it?...
I'm leaning towards black with creme stripes.
Thanks for any ideas or feedback.


   RE:MISC:   Is this tandem homemade? posted by MNSmith on 10/16/2000 at 10:18:20 PM
The name "Daisey" comes to mind. Firestone? I have seen this bike before, now if I could only remember where!

   RE:MISC:   Is this tandem homemade? posted by racerrex on 10/17/2000 at 5:05:15 PM
I just sold a daisy and while some of the parts on your bike look similar I don't think it is one. That extra post for the handlebar and the fact that the front is a boys frame spells homemade to me but don't that stop you from fixing it up ; it certainly is unique.

   RE:MISC:   Is this tandem homemade? posted by Joel on 10/19/2000 at 2:38:30 PM
It doesn't look home made to me. The seats and sprockets look like those used on 60s ish Sears bikes. (maybe Huffy) It has a pretty cool frame design too. It would look great in black. Have fun :)

MIDDLEWEIGHT:   info on a '53 Schwinn Jaguar Mark 4 posted by: Jack on 10/16/2000 at 7:47:38 AM
My neighbor gave me this bike. It was his sons and had no info on it. I did some research and found out it is a '53.
It's in great shape for it's age and basically I cleaned it up and put new tires on it. It rides great. It's missing a reflector on the rear fender and it's missing a small round reflector that goes on a rack above the rear fender. There are 4 reflectors on the rack and one is missing. Any help on this bike would be great.
Thank you-

   RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   info on a '53 Schwinn Jaguar Mark 4 posted by ChristopherRobin@starmail.com on 10/16/2000 at 3:48:06 PM
I can send you one of these crutch tip reflectors. $2.00 e- mail me if interested.

   RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   info on a '53 Schwinn Jaguar Mark 4 posted by Jeff on 10/17/2000 at 8:46:43 AM
Schwinn middleweights were not introduced until sometime in 54' I beleive Mark IV Jags started appearing around 1960

MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Nice saddles for fair price posted by: Robert on 10/14/2000 at 6:55:20 PM
Just a note for those who are looking for a sprung saddle like used on 40's and other bikes. I just got a very nice NEW sprung saddle from Jackson Saddles. I was their first customer from the web. Got real good service. These saddles have the haipin type spring at the nose and dual coils at the rear.The seat pan is metal "not" plastic. You can get them with various thicknesses of padding. I chose the Classic which has a moderate amount of padding. The black vinyl covered one that I got was $29.95 shipped!! I think that this is one of the good deals to be had. I just got it today and believe it is a good value for the money. They also offer leather covered saddles also.

They can be found at http://www.jacksonsaddles.com/

BALLOON:   need help to find out what it is and yr posted by: wayne on 10/14/2000 at 12:33:15 PM
just bought a bike at garage sale for 6$ cannot find no name but the serial number is F513362 its a girls bike with a tank which has 2 lights side by side the tank encloses the handle bar neck also has a luggage rack the tires are 26x1.75 do not know if this orin tire size or not looks like it could be it has a continental tire with large whitewall

   RE:BALLOON:   need help to find out what it is and yr posted by Gary on 10/15/2000 at 12:30:45 PM
look on EBAy under Huffy eldorado, search completed sales

AGE / VALUE:   Hartford Girls Cruiser posted by: Greg on 10/13/2000 at 8:23:05 AM
I had posted a similar message regarding the Hartford that I recently purchased at a flea market. I have more detail, so I am hoping someone can shed some light on its value.
I am pretty sure it has been painted, it is very solid and rides nicely.
I has 24 inch wheels, and a rear hub that has "New Departure, Made in the USA" stamped into it. The serial number is B1060964....it was a little hard to make out.

Thanks for any insights!
It can be seen at http://members.nbci.com/welch714/hartford.jpg

WANTED:   Monark chainguard posted by: Pee-Wee Herman on 10/12/2000 at 10:00:01 PM
Hello all. I am looking for a circa 1953 Monark chainguard like the ones used on the Holiday line. I'm not looking for the smaller kind. I am looking for the larger, almost bullet-shaped kind (like the ones that had woodgrain). If you can help, please contact me.

AGE / VALUE:   Replace those old bottom bracket parts posted by: ChristopherRobin@starmail.com on 10/11/2000 at 5:23:39 PM
I pulled the bottom bracket parts out of my Schwinn Wasp and went to the shop with all the stuff to match it up. I replaced the cups, bearings,cones and put fresh grease in and I am amazed how nicely it turns. I am glad I did this!!! Next, the Headset!!!!

FOR SALE:   1957 SCHWINN "DEBUTANTE' posted by: STEVE on 10/9/2000 at 9:33:04 PM

AGE / VALUE:   Texas Ranger posted by: Marco on 10/9/2000 at 4:06:31 PM
Does anyone know how to date a Texas Ranger? I believe that it could be from the 60s but I'm not sure. It may have had a tank at one time, but I'm not sure of that either. Please e-mail me for a pic. Thanks for any info.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Texas Ranger posted by Carl on 10/10/2000 at 5:06:03 AM
>> Does anyone know how to date a Texas Ranger?

Buy him flowers?

(Sorry, I'm a little tired this morning)

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Texas Ranger posted by Carl on 10/10/2000 at 5:11:04 AM
After that weak attempt at humor I figured I should try to help a little, too.
A bike's tire size can help, so if you tell us that we might be able to judge better on it's age.

I looked in the "Stat and Feature" database, (not the Picture Database) and found a 1958 Texas Ranger and a 1959 Texas Rangerette. Both made by Roadmaster. Both have 26 x 1.75 tires. Both have a tank, rack, truss rods and lights.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Texas Ranger posted by jimmy on 10/10/2000 at 7:11:28 PM
the one i have has the cleveland welding springer like roadmaster, it looks just like the one in evolution of the bicycle 2,.on page 111, 1955 roadmaster luxury liner.except it is all peach color original color it has balloon tires,horn tank,bookrack w/taillight.the blke tag had 1956 on it

AGE / VALUE:   western flyer posted by: rd on 10/8/2000 at 6:34:31 PM
Is there a good way to tell a reproduction western flyer from an orginal?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   western flyer posted by Carl on 10/9/2000 at 5:36:49 AM
The tires would be American on an original. I'm sure other people can do better than that, but there's my guess.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   western flyer posted by Gordon on 10/9/2000 at 3:56:50 PM
I may be wrong but I think someone said the word "Authentic" appears on at least one of the decals on the repro.