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Archived: Balloon Tire and Middleweights

MISC:   Coming Soon! posted by: VVVintage Vintage Bicycles at OldRoads.com on 3/14/2000 at 7:29:44 AM
In the next 4 to 6 weeks we will be adding a page of vintage bicycles and parts to this site. And we'll be taking credit cards. Some of the original vintage parts we have coming up include NOS Sturmey-Archer and NOS Schwinn parts, as well as used Raleigh enclosed chaincases, Columbia crossbar handlebars, tanks, racks and complete bicycles.

More information coming over the next several weeks.

Vin - VVVintage Vintage Bicycles

AGE / VALUE:   Follow up: posted by: Sarasota FL John on 3/13/2000 at 9:51:47 PM
Just wanted to follow up my posting on the "speedster"...since I am new to the forum and there are many many Johns out there I will be Sarasota Fl John in future postings...Thanks

AGE / VALUE:   Schwinn Speedster posted by: John on 3/13/2000 at 9:37:41 PM
I have a 1961 Schwinn Speedster...26X1.75 coaster /single speed/I have not seen much mention of the "speedster"...was this a low number production...or just a "Tucker"...Is this bike worth investing in?...Any help would be greatly appreciated...Thanks

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Schwinn Speedster posted by Jeff on 3/14/2000 at 5:41:12 AM
That is the most desirable of the Speedsters. Yours is a Middleweight,
but a few years later they started making them a Lightweights (skinnier tires).

BALLOON:   20" Schwinn Typhoon Frame posted by: David on 3/13/2000 at 9:02:56 PM
Is this the same as a balloon frame, Serial # JP553067, on head tube. Chain guard said "Typhoon" Can I build a 20" balloon tire bike with this frame? What year is this frame?
Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a set of 20" balloon fenders they seem to fit the frame Mahalo

   RE:BALLOON:   20 posted by Gordon on 3/14/2000 at 5:39:34 AM
I don't know the year, but the location of the serial number indicates it was made after 1972 I believe. Therefore it should be a middleweight, but I've seen full sized mw frames fitted with balloon fenders and tires, why not a 20"??

   RE:RE:BALLOON:   20 posted by Jeff on 3/14/2000 at 5:43:12 AM
That's a 1978, and those frames certainly are wide enough for balloon (20 x 2.125) tires.

BALLOON:   Firestone Deluxe Cruiser posted by: Matt on 3/13/2000 at 6:01:21 PM
Just found a Firestone Deluxe Cruiser, (monark). Just like a Monark Super Deluxe without the spring fork. Has the pedestal light rather than the train light. Has nice rear rack with chrome louvers. Rims are drop center and the tires currently on it are Firestone ww that say 26X1.75 and then "will mount on 26X2.125 rims" on the tire. All complete except for the top of the light (available as repop from M.L.) I'm just wondering if this was originally a balloon tire beast or was really a middleweight? I can't tell from the rims or the fenders although the fenders do look a little narrow to be balloon. Fenders are painted with pinstripes, full wrap style, rear has a the nice chrome reflector trim around the rectangular stimsonite reflector. This bike is pretty rough paint wise, but all there and very very solid. All surface rust and fade. Chrome work will be needed of course, but not too bad. Please advise on the tire/size issue and give me a rough idea what I should offer the guy for it. He's talking $100.00 but I want to be sure it's a ballooner rather than middleweight before I committ. Thanks, Matt.

   RE:BALLOON:   Firestone Deluxe Cruiser posted by Jeff on 3/14/2000 at 5:47:15 AM
Tough to tell without a picture, of course.
But the louvered rack and pedestal light would
make me think it is an early middleweight.

AGE / VALUE:   Hiawatha posted by: Brandi on 3/12/2000 at 12:27:18 PM
My father bought me a three-speed girl's bike in 1997,the headbadge on the front says"Gambles Hiawatha"-i have heard about Hiawthas but whats up with the Gambles? >The bike frame is in good shape but the following is missing from it-shifting system,chainguard,and the original handlebars . is it worth restoring or should I just get rid of it?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Hiawatha posted by Gordon on 3/13/2000 at 6:53:31 AM
Gambles is a hardware store chain that goes way, way back. Their store brand of bicycles is "Hiawatha". The early bikes were built by Shelby, later by Cleveland Welding, and then I think by Huffy. If your bike is only 3 years old, unless it has sentimental value, I would toss it. I see these bikes sitting at yard sales for $5-10 with no takers.

AGE / VALUE:   STINGER posted by: Alyssa on 3/11/2000 at 3:16:28 PM
I have a muscle bike in my shop it is made by Schwinn and its model is "Sting Ray" it is in good shape but I think I made a mistake by taking the fenders off and thowing them away,by which I now use it as a junk BMXer. DID I MAKE A MISTAKE?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   STINGER posted by JimW. on 3/16/2000 at 10:28:50 AM
Yes, but I wouldn't lose any sleep over it. You can always
find some more fenders, if you should want to restore it.

BALLOON:   Military Bike? posted by: Rodger Armbrust on 3/10/2000 at 4:44:35 PM
I have what I believe is an unusual old bike, but maybe not.
It's a Dayton (Huffman Mfg. Co.) Bike and is painted dark
green with no chrome any where except the bar attached to
the back of the seat. The pedals have wooden blocks instead
of rubber. It has a leather Troxel seat. The rear hub is made
by Morrow. The Serial number reads H1597243 1944. The bike
was purchase from a Government auction. This old bike for it's
age is in good condition and rides great. I think the only item
missing is the rear stand and fender clip. It also has a round
brass ID tag attached to the rear fender. Is this collectable
and worth restoring? Thanks

   RE:BALLOON:   Military Bike? posted by Fred on 3/10/2000 at 8:21:17 PM
Lets turn the question around and ask; "is this bike too valuable to restore"? If it is in decent shape it might be worth more as is. Restoration may pretty it up but the patina of age and experience is lost and no matter how faithfully an object is restored, it is no longer the same as originally created.

   RE:RE:BALLOON:   Military Bike? posted by kevin c on 3/11/2000 at 3:31:11 AM
Fred makes an excellent point. I'd leave it alone. Originality, to me, is better than restoration any day.

   RE:BALLOON:   Military Bike? posted by jr on 3/11/2000 at 5:04:24 AM
Agreed!!!! You should not touch this bike except to replace missing parts.