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Archived: Balloon Tire and Middleweights

BALLOON:   Schwinn ID posted by: Richard on 6/25/2000 at 8:02:23 PM
Need help identifying my old Schwinn.
Originally received as a Christmas present between 1955 and 1958. It had belonged to my cousin who is about 6 years older than me. I was between 9-12 when I got it. Had chrome fenders which appeared new and white sidewall tires.
Has oval Schwinn metal logo on front, Black Phantom paint job, New Departure hub, chain guard is exact big Phantom, spring front, and crank appears to have "heart" shaped openings.
Serial # is E78767 which should indicate manufacture date of 1952 although I did see some E series numbers for 1948. This is about the right time frame for my cousin to have given up the bike riding and for me to get it as a Christmas present possibly after refurbishing by my grandfather with new chrome fenders as there are no Phantom lights on front or rear.
I've hauled it all around the country over the last forty years simply because it was my first bike and it had such "class". Now I want to restore it and find out as much as possible about the exact model, year of manufacture, etc.
Were Phantoms made in '52 and called '53 Phantoms? Is there any way I can be certain of the model as I noted a previous response regarding serial numbers indicating date of manufacture only?
Any info or advice will be greatly appreciated.

   RE:BALLOON:   Schwinn ID posted by sam on 6/26/2000 at 4:49:06 PM
Richard,as for as I can tell from the books I have the phamton had special colors.Some schwinns were red , black or green etc.but only the phamton had red&black trim or black&red trim or green&black trim depending on which phamton you have.Other two tone bikes had cream color on them.Early jaguars were balloon tyred with chrome fenders but only one paint color.I have an american from the original owner & it came with chrome fenders(?)so I ask why.the best way is to ask the original owner.If not possible try to find family photos(this is the way I reserch old houses)bikes are bouth the same process.

   RE:RE:BALLOON:   Schwinn ID posted by ChristopherRobin on 7/3/2000 at 11:07:28 AM
. The heart crank is known as the "sweetheart crank" Cool bike.

BALLOON:   Hiawatha Princess posted by: Ben on 6/25/2000 at 7:24:10 PM
I recently came across a girl's Hiawatha Princess bike. The bike is very rough, but everything seems to be there. The bike looks like it may have been white or cream colored, but it is difficult to say for sure. Anyone have any idea where I might find a picture of this bike in its original condition. I've looked around a little, but have not had much luck. I would appreciate any info you can give me.
Thanks, Ben

MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Schwinn Tantum posted by: Ron on 6/25/2000 at 9:33:07 AM
I just bought a Schwinn Tantum. The serial #BJ803739. I would like to know if anyone can tell me what year it is, I think it might be from the 1960's it has a front hand brake and a rear coster brake, the name on it is Schwinn Twinn, it is red with chrome fenders and in very good shape. I also would like to know about value of this bike.

Thanks Ron

   RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Schwinn Tantum posted by PaulO on 6/25/2000 at 1:10:33 PM
There is a serial number chart on the home page of this sight, and it is spelled: 'tandem'. (hope this helps!)

   RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Schwinn Tantem posted by RON on 6/25/2000 at 2:38:26 PM
Thanks but I have already looked and can't find that BJ803739 number. I think it was made in the 60's all I see from 1959 are A #, no BJ or TDM. I am also looking for a S-7 chrome rim or rear wheel with bendex brake for the same bike, it is a 26"x 1 3/4 S-7 chrome, I would like to find one that is true and nice chrome, rim only would be o.k.

   RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Schwinn Tantum posted by Gordon on 6/25/2000 at 8:36:50 PM
Is the number on the rear dropout or on the headtube?

   RE:RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Schwinn Tantum posted by Ron on 6/26/2000 at 5:34:23 AM
The number is on the head tube.

   RE:RE:RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Schwinn Tantum posted by bob on 6/26/2000 at 11:36:36 AM
If the number is on the steer tube, it is a Feb 74. The first letter is the month (A=Jan, B+Feb, ...) Second letter is the year (A = 65, ...) The location of the serial # distinguishes it from earlier numbers (this is not made clear on the serial # list on this site)

BALLOON:   model & value posted by: bobby on 6/24/2000 at 10:13:36 PM
I,ve located what appears to be a Schwinn mens bike, from original owner. Says it was purchased around 1952. It has the chain guard, both fenders in vg-exc cond, battery headlite, original maroonn& cream paint, non-orig seat annd the horntank is missing. It has a badge on the head tube that reads "LINCOLN". it also has the rear wheel stand to make it stationary. Please E-mail me if you have any info on this model as I have never run across one before.

   RE:BALLOON:   model & value posted by rd on 6/28/2000 at 5:31:51 PM
The lincoln was made from the med tolate 40's to early or med 50's. Some had tanks some did not. Look up the number and determine the year and look fora picture. I have a red and cream one that did not have the tank.

MISC:   Model? / Hub Questions posted by: Brennan on 6/24/2000 at 7:09:05 PM
Howdy, i just bought a coppertone cantilever, without a chainguard, is there anyway to tell what it is? It's got 26" tires, chrome fenders... and it's not a tornado... any ideas? another thing, It has a yellow band bendix hub, and i'm not sure how the darn thing works, could someone walk me through how it should behave so i can see if it works? thanks a million...

   RE:MISC:   Model? / Hub Questions posted by PaulO on 6/25/2000 at 1:12:22 PM
A quick tap on the brake (backpedal) changes gears. It will change from low to high and high to low.

   RE:MISC:   Model? / Hub Questions posted by Gordon on 6/25/2000 at 8:33:11 PM
Are there two little tabs under the top bar where a skinny tank would have mounted? I have a coppertone Panther with chrome fenders and a yellow band 2-speed.

AGE / VALUE:   Help with Schwinn Typhoon posted by: Cindy on 6/24/2000 at 5:18:44 PM
I'm looking for help about a Schwinn Black Typhoon. It's a man's bike, one speed, chrome fenders, has the old headlight on the front (glass missing), probably late 50's early 60's.... I found the serial number chart on this site for Schwinns, but I can't seem to find the serial number on the bike to determine the age or value. Any ideas?? Thanks.....

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Help with Schwinn Typhoon posted by Rif Addams on 6/24/2000 at 7:36:44 PM
Typhoon came out in '62 and it was a straight bar frame. In '63 It became the classic cantilever frame.
It would sound as though yours is/was a deluxe model. Although I thought the deluxe models had painted fenders with chrome rims. I could be wrong on that.
The serial number should be on the left rear dropout. Or on the head tube.
I have a couple of Typhoons myself and a bunch of middleweights in general.
Hope this helps,

AGE / VALUE:   silverking posted by: sam on 6/23/2000 at 7:05:18 PM
does anyone have the adress to the silver king web site.I found one the other day going from link to link and now can't get back.Just hate it when I do that!

AGE / VALUE:   1950's Schwinn Panther posted by: Terrie on 6/21/2000 at 10:50:04 AM
Hello out there!! I have this Panther, and was trying to use this
site to determine its age. With a serial # of C44327, and because
the "C" is for both 1952 and 1956, and probably others, how does one determine which year it was, if fact,
manufactured? Thanks in advance.....

AGE / VALUE:   origional v new paint phantom posted by: j. Harrison on 6/20/2000 at 7:30:13 PM
If I know the serial #, how do I know it is an origional schwinn phantom? Suggestions?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   origional v new paint phantom posted by sam on 6/22/2000 at 8:56:57 AM
J , the paint color on the frame is the only difference in the frames.So if it's been repainted there may be no way to tell.I got a phantom off the back of truck headed to the scrap yard,as you might guess it was not much to go on.When I removed the steer tube cups I found red paint under them.If I had found cream it would not have been a phantom.---Sam---ps---I feel a bike in really bad shape as mine was is a fine bike to use a lot of repop parts on ,paint with clear coat,and put to a lot of use that an original should not be put to.

AGE / VALUE:   Bendix Yellow band hub innards N.O.S. posted by: http://www.ChristopherRobin@starmail.com on 6/19/2000 at 3:31:06 PM
I still have these disimbodied Bendix Yellow Band hubs minus the hub shell. These are unused N.O.S.and all you need to do is perform a gut transplant and you are on your way.$30.00 each

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Bendix Yellow band hub innards N.O.S. posted by dale on 6/20/2000 at 12:34:31 PM
Are these the two speed kick back

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Bendix Yellow band hub innards N.O.S. posted by ChristopherRobin on 6/20/2000 at 4:21:00 PM
Yes! But these have no hub shell.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Bendix Yellow band hub innards N.O.S. posted by dale on 6/21/2000 at 11:44:15 AM
Thanks 4 the speedie response I have a 69 schwinn three wheeler 24in with a kickback hub,so in 2 weeks or so if you still have them around I'll be emailin you again. Mine is in good shape but a spare could be a plus down the line

AGE / VALUE:   Murray & Hiawatha posted by: Tim on 6/19/2000 at 2:33:28 PM
Hello. I just got my first 2 balloon tire, cruiser type bikes. One is a Hiawatha, women's frame. The paint is all orig, quite good. It is deep green with white trim, rubbed off in a few places, but still shiny. Front badge is there and good. It has a skip-tooth chain, and beautiful stylized sprocket. The fenders are there, but no extra options. Wheels have orig white paint, in good shape. Wheels are 26". The seat has been replaced, long ago, with a Schwinn 'S' seat.

The other is a Murray women's frame. It has a fenders, springer fork, tank and cool rear rack. It was repainted a LONG time ago, looks like a kid with a paint brush did it. Actually, the repaint is so old and worn, it looks very cool. The big old seat has coils front and back, but is pretty tattered.

Both bikes ride very well. Would like ideas about age (hard to figure?) and value. Sorry, no pictures avail.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Murray & Hiawatha posted by Terry on 6/21/2000 at 9:58:43 PM
Take a look at the 1953 Hawthorne (first one) and the 1953 Hiawatha pictures in the balloon tire database. I have the Hiawathe. Both bikes were made by Cleveland Welding (I have been told). Look under the crank for the stamped letters "c" or "cw". Note the similar frame shape, i.e. the drop down at the rear axle, and level forward of that. Also, the rear tube from the seat has an exaggerated curve. Rear carrier, tank styling, springer, etc are likewise similar. I think Jeff or Gordon has the straight poop on these bikes. Is your front end sprung, and if so, is it forged iron?

AGE / VALUE:   Ladies B.F.Goodrich Bicycle posted by: ChristopherRobin on 6/18/2000 at 11:32:02 AM
What is this worth generally? This is a blue B.F. Goodrich ladies Balloon Tire bike with Whitewall 26 X 2.125 front light in the front fender, rear rack with light.Complete a 8/10 paintwise/ What have you seen these go for?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Ladies B.F.Goodrich Bicycle posted by Jeff on 6/19/2000 at 8:39:42 AM
No tank or horn, right? Figure $200

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Ladies B.F.Goodrich Bicycle posted by ChristopherRobin@starmail.com on 6/19/2000 at 1:41:47 PM
This has a tank with the horn but the paint is not perfect it is mottled or small cracks in it. A complete bike with intact decals. It is $125.00 I can get it for $100.00 or so if I try. Is this worth it? What would you do? A pretty bike.

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Ladies B.F.Goodrich Bicycle posted by Joel on 6/19/2000 at 2:22:20 PM
Sounds like a good deal. Probably worth $2-250 with the Phantom type light.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Ladies B.F.Goodrich Bicycle posted by ChristopherRobin on 6/19/2000 at 3:29:03 PM
Thanks,I wish it was a mens frame.

   Ladies B.F. Goodrich bicycle posted by ChristopherRobin on 6/29/2000 at 5:39:32 PM
This says "De luxe" in black cursive writing on the left hand side of the horn tank as you are sitting on it looking down.There is no rear rack or rear fender light.

MISC:   Bicycle Swap Meet, June 25, 2000 Boston, MA posted by: kam on 6/16/2000 at 10:03:50 PM


ON June 25th, 2000 @ 8:00am to Noon, Sullivan Square Charlestown, MA. We will be having our Summer Bicycle Swap Meet. This show is free to all dealers and the public.

Directions: Interstate 93, North or South to the Sullivan Square exit, around rotary.

The big question from everyone is: “ How many are going to attend?” Please notify us if you plan to attend, so we can get an accurate count. Your confirmation will encourage more dealers to attend.

Anyone that may need directions please call me at 508-669-5222 or email us JRAPOZA@EARTHLINK.NET

   RE:MISC:   Bicycle Swap Meet, June 25, 2000 Boston, MA posted by alright already on 6/17/2000 at 5:19:24 AM
Now, was that really necessary ???

   RE:RE:MISC:   Bicycle Swap Meet, June 25, 2000 Boston, MA posted by Jeff on 6/19/2000 at 8:40:53 AM
Yeah Joe, you've spammed every discussion on this site. Try to be reasonable. One posting is enough.

   RE:RE:RE:MISC:   Bicycle Swap Meet, June 25, 2000 Boston, MA posted by sleepy on 6/21/2000 at 8:31:01 PM
gee, at least this time he didn't do it three times in a row like he usually does.
you can't even do a quick look at the schwinn bst forum
anytime he decides to go on a rampage with his ads.
come on joe, quit doing everything a hundred times would ya?
if you keep annoying people, you will be out of a job!

WANTED:   Front brake for 52 Columbia posted by: John on 6/16/2000 at 5:15:40 PM
I'm restoring a 1952 Columbia and would like to add a front brake. Are there any out there?
Thanks, John

MIDDLEWEIGHT:   2-speed Bendix Hub posted by: Peter on 6/16/2000 at 7:01:57 AM
What a bummer...I'm out riding my Schwinn American, and something pops inside the hub as I'm taking off from a stop sign. Simultaneously the chain comes off the rear sprocket. I know something is wrong because the rear wheel at this point is stiff and will barely spin in either direction. So I get the bike home and impulsively disassemble rear hub. I am very careful to note how everything fits together (since I have never worked on anything like this). I don't see anything that obviously looks broken. What could have happened inside the hub? Is mineral spirits okay to use as a solvent to clean out all the old grease before I put this back together? Any re-assembly tips? Thanks.

   RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   2-speed Bendix Hub posted by Ray on 6/16/2000 at 1:05:41 PM
Unusual to throw the chain if the hub failed. Never the less I need to know which type of 2 speed it is. Bendix made at least 4 that I know of. One has a handle like a brake on the handlebar the other three are kickback two speeds with different color bands. Tell me which type and color of bands and I may be able to help. Could also be that your rear axle was not tight on the frame and the wheel was rubbing against the frame and the chain got between the frame and hub making it seem like the wheel was stiff. If you already have it apart, clean it and put it together and set the rear wheel tightly in the frame. Make sure you grease the hub before assembly. If this does not work let me know the hub type and perhaps I have a manual for it.

   RE:RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   2-speed Bendix Hub posted by Peter on 6/16/2000 at 1:38:59 PM
Ray, Thanks for the response. The hub is a 2-speed kickback with 3 blue stripes. The stiffness I mentioned was definitely caused by something going on inside the hub, not by any interaction between the chain, tire, and frame. As far as I know, the axel nuts were tight when this incident happened.

   RE:RE:RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   2-speed Bendix Hub posted by Ozzie on 6/18/2000 at 7:04:21 AM
I am in the middle of rebuilding my blue band bendix 2-speed.
Does anyone know where I can get a manual for this? I need to
know how to properly grease the assembly. Any help would be
greatly appreciated.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   2-speed Bendix Hub posted by Peter on 6/19/2000 at 12:46:32 PM
I'm in the same situation as you. I had assumed everything inside the hub should be liberally coated with Phils waterproof grease prior to reassembly, but I'm not totally sure.
When I started cleaning the innards of my hub, I noticed that several of the ball bearings are badly pitted, so I plan to replace them all provided I can find the right size.
Maybe Ray has additional words of wisdom for us.


   RE:RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   2-speed Bendix Hub posted by Rif Addams on 6/19/2000 at 6:12:14 PM
3 Kickback hubs??? I thought there were 4: Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green...
Am I mistaken? Just curious...

   RE:RE:RE:RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   2-speed Bendix Hub posted by Rif on 6/19/2000 at 6:15:29 PM
Oh Yeah...
Glenn's Complete Bicycle Manual
Has step by step instructions and step by step photos for these hubs and just about every other hub under the sun. This book is invaluable, I highly recomend getting a copy.
I got mine off of E-Bay for around 5 bucks...

   RE:RE:RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   2-speed Bendix Hub posted by ChristopherRobin on 6/20/2000 at 7:49:27 AM
I have never seen a green band Bendix hub. They are diffrent ratios and there are red, blue and yellow for sure.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   2-speed Bendix Hub posted by http://www.ChristopherRobin@starmail.com on 6/20/2000 at 7:50:35 AM
E-mail me and I can help you.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   2-speed Bendix Hub posted by Peter on 6/20/2000 at 3:25:34 PM
There's a copy of that book at my parents' house. Guess that's where I'll be heading after work today. Thanks for the info.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   2-speed Bendix Hub posted by Peter on 6/20/2000 at 3:26:13 PM
There's a copy of that book at my parents' house. Guess that's where I'll be heading after work today. Thanks for the info.