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Archived: Balloon Tire and Middleweights

BALLOON:western flyer posted by: rob on 7/16/2000 at 7:09:45 PM
can anyone please tell me where to get info western flyer bicycles? thanks Rob

AGE / VALUE:western flyer "special edition" posted by: rob on 7/16/2000 at 6:45:02 PM
I just pruchased western flyer" special edition" it has tanks with horn inside, a front fender mounted headlight,a rear rack, a chrome spring shock absorber type front end,it also has decal or sticker on the front that says "western flyer circa 1950" and on the sides of the tanks it says "western flyer special edition" can anyone tell me any information about this bike? thank you in advance. Rob

   RE:AGE / VALUE:western flyer posted by JimW. on 7/16/2000 at 10:33:10 PM
It's a reproduction, made within the last five years, I think.
These are not particularly valuable, but it's a cool ride. Enjoy.

MIDDLEWEIGHT:whats it worth ? posted by: Larry on 7/14/2000 at 7:22:06 PM
I just found a Sears Ladies Spaceliner in chrome. It has a radio horn a light in front and back and a suspension fork. Does anybody know about them and there value ?

BALLOON:Can anyone help me identify this bike? posted by: Tina Payne on 7/14/2000 at 7:11:19 PM
I just acquired a balloon tire bike and have no idea what make or model it is. It has a double sided springer front end, fenders front and rear, bendix coaster brake and a bendix two speed rear hub. Down from the head tube just above the fender where it joins the top of the fork there is a hole or eyelet built in. There is a double top tube like it may have had a tank. It is mostly red (including the rims), but the head tube and the first third of both top tubes and down tube are black. It looks as if there may have been white pin striping betwen the red and black at one time. The rear drop outs have some sort of a threaded horizontal tube shape built into them as if something were supposed to go throuh them. The serial number under the bottom bracket is G80946 530. This bike may have been put together with pieces, but I'm not sure. Help!!!

   RE:BALLOON:Can anyone help me identify this bike? posted by Gordon on 7/14/2000 at 7:27:23 PM
Are the springs above the fender or down next to it? Can you describe the pattern cut into the front chain ring?

   RE:RE:BALLOON:Can anyone help me identify this bike? posted by Tina on 7/15/2000 at 4:27:18 PM
The springs are even with the top of the fender/tire.Then the rods extending from there go out then downward. The pattern in the chain ring resemble the "paisley" pattern, sort of like four elongated curved tear drops.

   RE:RE:RE:BALLOON:Can anyone help me identify this bike? posted by Gordon on 7/15/2000 at 7:07:43 PM
Sounds like one of the Cleveland Welding bikes. Could be a Hawthorne, Western Flyer or Roadmaster. Take a look in the picture database at some of those brands. I have a 1953 Hawthorne pictured there, see if the spring suspension is similar.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:BALLOON:Can anyone help me identify this bike? posted by Kevin C. on 7/15/2000 at 9:41:56 PM
I think Gordon's right on the Hawthorne-Roadmaster idea. I have an old Roadmaster that matches your description. The little eyelet is a bracket for the headlight. Those threaded housings on the rear dropouts are for special bolts that put tension on the axle, and keep it from slipping forward.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:BALLOON:Can anyone help me identify this bike? posted by Tina on 7/15/2000 at 10:15:58 PM
Thanks Gordon. I looked at the three makes you suggested and it looks very similar to the Hawthorn and the Roadmaster. The springer is the same as the black Hawthorn I saw in the picture database.

Thanks also to Kevin. As I looked at the pictures I was beginning to think the eyelet on the front might be for a headlight. Do you think the Bendix two speed rear axle is original? It took some muscle to get the rear stays wide enough to go over the spindles. It's a solid bike, but I need a seat and post to complete it. Any suggestions? I appreciate the responses I've received.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:BALLOON:Can anyone help me identify this bike? posted by Bikeyard on 7/22/2000 at 5:21:51 AM
The Bendix two speed could be correct. They were popular in the 50's. Both Hawthorne and Roadmaster continued to use rear adjusters into the 50's for a while. I've seen them more commonly on Roadmasters(that late). You could narrow it down more by the position of the head badge holes. Most(not all) Hawthorne badge holes are side to side, while most Roadmaster badges the holes are up and down. I would be willing to bet that the holes are up and down and that your bike is probably a Roadmaster.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:BALLOON:Can anyone help me identify this bike? posted by Tina on 7/22/2000 at 9:03:36 PM
Yes the holes for the head badge are up and down. My local bike shop had a vintage seat and devised a small diameter seat tube out of parts. Now my bike is ridable, but the two speed hub doesn't work. When I shift the lever the hub frees all the tension thus it's one speed or nothing. I guess I'll need to overhaul the hub, yes???

AGE / VALUE:Schwinn serial numbers posted by: Jim on 7/14/2000 at 12:29:11 PM
i know this subject has been beaten to death but I think
this is a valid question: when dating 1959 and newer Schwinns
i'm told there is a difference in the sequence between the locations of the serial number
(head tube, rear dropout, etc..) I can follow the chart on
the website here but can someone tell me the differences, i
have several 60's era Typhoons, Collegiates and Suburbans, and a Junior Sting Ray.
hopefully there is a simple explanation, thanks...

   RE:AGE / VALUE:Schwinn serial numbers posted by Gordon on 7/14/2000 at 2:24:43 PM
Prior to 1952, serial numbers were beneath the crank housing. 1952 to 1972 they were located on the left rear dropout. After that they were moved to the headtube. In 1965 they started the double letter system, the first being the month, second being the year, i.e. BA is Feb 1965; DB would be April 1966; and so on. They did not use "i" or "o" to avoid confusion with the numbers one and zero. I believe the biggest problem with the charts occurs when you find a serial number in the chart but don't take into account the location and it throws you off anywhere up to 20 years. I hope this hasn't confused anyone even further.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:Schwinn serial numbers posted by Kevin C. on 7/14/2000 at 3:33:22 PM
I think they switched to the headtube before 1972.

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:Schwinn serial numbers posted by Gordon on 7/14/2000 at 5:16:59 PM
Could be, but my info came from The Bicycle Trader August 1996, the West Coaster May/June 1991 and Collectible Schwinn-Built Bicycles by James Hurd. 1972 to present - s/n on headtube.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:Schwinn serial numbers posted by Kevin C. on 7/15/2000 at 4:49:03 AM
I just checked my old Schwinn Racer, which I purchased new in May 1971. The second letter of the serial number is G (1971) and it's stamped into the headtube.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:Schwinn serial numbers posted by Gordon on 7/15/2000 at 9:59:17 AM
Hey Kevin - you are probably right. After your last message, I went to another of my books, "Collectible Stingray Bicycles", and that one says bikes from 1970 on are on the headtube. How do you suppose these other books manage to publish misinformation? Who can you believe??

   RE:AGE / VALUE:Schwinn serial numbers posted by rd on 7/15/2000 at 8:04:47 PM
What month of the year do models end and begin? I have a couple of Krates that show Nov. 68 numbers but have all of the futures of 69"s.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:Schwinn serial numbers posted by Kevin C. on 7/15/2000 at 9:49:50 PM
I don't know if there was ever an actual "cutoff" day, but it's common for Schwinns made late in a given year to have features that were standard the following year. I have seen totally original, November-December Krates with shifters that appear to be a year newer, for instance.

MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Looking for information posted by: Carrie on 7/14/2000 at 6:34:16 AM
I found a womans Monark bicycle that has chrome fenders [rocket on front fender] and chain guard. It is a teal blue color with no serial numbers or a name that I can find. It has a switch for the chrome bike light in the frame marked 'Lite'. I'm guessing it's from the 1960's and that it is a middleweight. I can't seem to find much information on it. Can someone help me out? Thanks!

AGE / VALUE:Murray Missle fender posted by: Forrest on 7/13/2000 at 6:15:52 PM
I just acquired a 1958 or'59 Murray Missle from the original owner. It's kinda rough so I'm doing a quick resto on it for my own transportation but I need a fender to complete it. Where can I look for a simple front fender for it? Thanks for any help you can lend.

WANTED:20" AMF Roadmaster Satellite Deluxe posted by: Stan on 7/12/2000 at 10:18:55 PM
I'm looking for a mid-to-late sixties AMF Roadmaster Satellite
Deluxe convertible 20", preferably in aqua. Anyone have one
for sale or know someone with one for sale?

   RE:WANTED:20 posted by JOEL on 7/13/2000 at 2:47:44 PM
I have a red AMF Roadmaster Satellite (not deluxe) that's a little on the rough side and missing a fender. Email if you want it.

   RE:RE:WANTED:20 posted by Stan on 7/16/2000 at 6:20:59 PM
Thank you for the reply. I knew someone when I was about 11
who had a bike like the one you have, but I'm really after
the Deluxe model.

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MISC:AAAUUUGGGGH, WHAT DO I DO? (B.F.G oodrich bike) posted by: ChristopherRobin on 7/11/2000 at 11:27:58 AM
It is a good deal, but is a ladies bike, and it is in good shape but not perfect and it calls to me sweetly but I have no burning desire to own it and Oh, the heck with it, I will take it.
If anyone wants to buy a ladies B.F. Goodrich baloon tire bike let me know.

BALLOON:Need ID help for Western Flyer (?) posted by: Tom on 7/11/2000 at 11:11:01 AM
This bike has a curved seat post (upside down L), a skip-tooth chainwheel, adjustment screws at the rear dropouts, a chainwheel with large to small circular cutouts in it, and a Bendix rear hub with an oil cap. Thinking mid 30's Western Flyer. Any help in ID would help me on my restoration journey.

MIDDLEWEIGHT:rollfast flightweight posted by: josh on 7/11/2000 at 8:19:02 AM
Ive got a vintage rollfast flightweight and I dont know much about it its a boys 26" the top bar is two small bars that run from the front and form the back triangles It was originally red it still has the origional chain gaurd but no fenders or tank does anybody know anything
about this bike?

AGE / VALUE:Serial # Location/Typhoon posted by: Cindy on 7/10/2000 at 10:30:53 AM
I had asked earlier about info on an old men's Typhoon bike; probably early 60's..the reply that I received is that the serial number should be on the left rear dropout or on the head tube. I have no idea where either of these places are located (bicycle illiterate) can anyone help???.....thanks

   RE:AGE / VALUE:Serial # Location/Typhoon posted by Joel on 7/10/2000 at 12:25:52 PM
The head tube is at the front of the bike where the name plate is, between the handlebar and fork. The dropout is where the rear wheel attaches to the frame. HTH

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:Serial # Location/Typhoon posted by Cindy on 7/11/2000 at 5:34:41 AM
Thanks Joel

AGE / VALUE:J.C. Higgens posted by: brent on 7/10/2000 at 6:21:14 AM
I made an interesting find at a flea market this weekend. It was a boys J.C. Higgins bike with 20 inch wheels. The guy offered to sell it to me for $15, but I didn't do it. Maybe I should have. On the positive, it was complete except for the seat and handlebar grips. It had the tank, fenders, and rear carrier. On the negative it had a coat of rust over the entire bike and both the wheels were missing about half their spokes due to rust. Should I have bought it?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:J.C. Higgens posted by Gordon on 7/10/2000 at 9:10:19 PM
Unless the sheet metal parts were rusted through, it would have been a bargain. Surface rust can be dealt with, and there are always collectors looking for childrens versions of the adult bikes they have. Either for their collections or for kids and/or grandkids to ride.

AGE / VALUE:Pedals posted by: Real on 7/9/2000 at 7:31:24 PM
I am looking for a set of Gibson Pedals,if anyone can help me it would be greatly apreciated as this is all I need to complete this bike.Thanks