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Archived: Balloon Tire and Middleweights

BALLOON:   Goodyear Double Eagle posted by: Jack on 7/9/2000 at 5:09:52 PM
Hello, My dad has a bicycle that is called a Goodyear
Double Eagle. It was spray painted yellow so we
don't really know much about it. I did hear once that
this type of bike was made by Schwinn for Goodyear.
Please help me, any information would be great, like
when it was made.


   RE:BALLOON:   Goodyear Double Eagle posted by ChristopherRobin on 7/10/2000 at 9:10:02 AM
Goodyear double eagle bicycle? I have one goodyear double eagle tire in 26 X 2.125 black wall with white raised lettering

   RE:BALLOON:   Goodyear Double Eagle posted by Gordon on 7/10/2000 at 9:12:28 PM
Schwinn made B.F. Goodrich bikes, Columbia made Goodyear.

BALLOON:   black phantom decal sets posted by: bob on 7/8/2000 at 9:56:12 PM
great set of phantom water transfer decals...super quality..15.00 per set + 1.00 postage..dep2x61@aol.com...see ebay 376462248

AGE / VALUE:   phanton fenders posted by: Larry on 7/8/2000 at 8:24:00 PM
The real deal. Phantom fenders, with cut out for front light. Exellent condition, just needs polishing. No dings or rust. $175 I also have repo front light for it and a rear rack original but missing some legs.

AGE / VALUE:    posted by: Joyce on 7/8/2000 at 7:55:33 PM
Reproduction Columbia Delux Limited addition built 1980
Leather seat, 5 star Superb, Tires 26X2.125 lighting dart
made by Carlisle tire @ rubber Co., Carlisle Pa.
Made by "Persons" in Worchester, Mass.
Single Speed, Serial number 6 132 1814
Can someone place a value on it in good condition?

Thanks In Advance


   RE:AGE / VALUE: Columbia Repop   posted by JimW. on 7/8/2000 at 10:55:12 PM
Until recently, Rideable Bicycle Replicas was selling new, presumably perfect,
ones for $995. They still have 1953 Roadmaster repops for

MISC:   Rollfast tandem posted by: jay on 7/7/2000 at 10:37:57 AM
I have just aquired a rollfast tandem bicycle.
I'm just interested in getting some more information on rollfast- their models and makes to see if i can date this fine machine.

any information on this company would be appreciated.


   RE:MISC:   Rollfast tandem posted by Bob on 7/7/2000 at 1:10:05 PM
Rollfast made bikes from (at least) the 1920s-70s. You need to post more info. What size are the tires? Chain 1/2 or 1" ? What kind of hubs? Anything else would be useful.

   RE:MISC:   Rollfast tandem posted by Wings on 7/7/2000 at 11:16:45 PM
I have a rollfast tandem (almost complete). Does your frame have the big double bar drop from the head tube? Mine looks very 50 ish with a smooth curve of the double bars going down very low. It is quite a bike to see. I know where there is a complete one hanging in an old feed store also. That one is complete. I have no idea how to date mine.

MIDDLEWEIGHT:   tire needed posted by: Peter on 7/7/2000 at 9:32:45 AM
I'm sure that this is common question. Where can I go to buy 26 x 1.75 whitewall tires for Schwinn S7 rims?

   RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   tire needed posted by Bob on 7/7/2000 at 1:02:44 PM
Try your local Schwinn dealer or Memory Lane (see their website).

AGE / VALUE:   Check it out-A must have tool! posted by: ChristopherRobin on 7/5/2000 at 2:45:21 PM
The shops do not have this tool anymore! E-bay iten # 374663873 Schwinn Kickstand Tool Bicycle Bike Parts!!! The tool and the direction sheel telling how to use the thing!!!! A must have tool for anyone working with Schwinn's

WANTED:   1962 Columbia Firebold chainguard posted by: Jennifer on 7/5/2000 at 7:19:44 AM
Looking for chainguard for 1962 Columbia Firebolt. Any leads would be most appreciated. Thanks! Jennifer

   RE:WANTED:   1962 Columbia Firebold chainguard posted by jennifer on 7/8/2000 at 10:30:52 AM
above link has incorrect email address. please use this one: Jenns@mailcity.com Thanks!

WANTED:   High wheeler posted by: Tom&Lisa on 7/4/2000 at 2:21:42 PM
We came into possession of several old bikes, from the 1890's up to the 1960's. Cleavland,Excelsior,Schwinn,Rollfast,Columbia(s),JCHiggins,Cadillac. And although they are neat what We would like is an old high wheel type bicycle. We would like to particpate in parades and "Wheelman" events. We hope to hear from someone interested in trading for these bikes. We are willing to deliver anywhere east of the Rockies! Thanks !

   RE:WANTED:   High wheeler posted by Char on 7/8/2000 at 5:54:40 AM
Hi! Can you please send me an e-mail? Your address does not work. Thanks!

MIDDLEWEIGHT:   1970 SCHWINN "DE-LUXE" BREEZE FOR PARTS posted by: STEVE on 7/3/2000 at 9:24:27 AM

MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Chrome fenders posted by: Joe on 7/2/2000 at 12:43:23 PM
I have a 1964 26" Columbia middleweight and I can't find chrome fenders to fit within my frame (1 3/4 tire). Balloon tire bike fenders are to large. The bike is compleatly restored execpt for the fenders (I painted the rusty ones black for now) can anybody help.

   RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Chrome fenders posted by JimW. on 7/8/2000 at 11:07:16 PM
Lowrider parts sources have chrome fenders for 26" middleweights. Generally, the chrome finish is much better
than on the usual Wald replacement stuff. Try http://hiwheel.com or http://lovelylowrider.com

MIDDLEWEIGHT:   please help me identify posted by: alistair on 6/29/2000 at 3:50:28 PM
I have a one speed Huffy (middleweight?) with the serial # 3H042018 the label on the front of the bike reads "Huffy" then under that in smaller letters it reads "Huffman - Dayton, Ohio." Is it possible to find the year and model from this information? Its a really cool bicycle.

MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Help me identify this bike. posted by: David Shook on 6/28/2000 at 8:28:13 AM
I have a bike that belonged to someone in my family about two generations ago. The head badge is 4 sided "diamond" shaped and has identifying marks in this general orientation:

40 (medium size numbers at the top of the badge)

CLEVELAND (large stenciled cutout letters across the center of the badge)

The Lozier Mfg Co. (small letters at bottom edge of badge)

The serial number is a little hard to read but I think it is 165160. The front hub is a "New Departure-WL". The rear hub is a "New Departure Model D".

Please send any replies to my email address also.



   RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Help me identify this bike. posted by Jeff on 6/28/2000 at 10:50:53 AM
Probably a Cleveland Welding bike - they made many and sold them under different brand names.

   RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Help me identify this bike. posted by Doug on 7/13/2000 at 5:31:19 AM
Dont really know about your bike but Lozier manafacturing is headquartered in Omaha Ne and maybe they can help or might be interested if it was somthing they helped manafacture years ago not sure of a web address but try Lozier.com might get lucky good luck

BALLOON:   Bike Tire posted by: Real on 6/27/2000 at 8:08:35 PM
I`m looking for a pair of tires to fit a old Zenith made by CCM.The size
is ISO 54-571 or 26 x 2 x 1 3/4. These tires will also fit Schwinn B-7 Rims I believe.
I also believe Kenda use to make these tires.If some one knows of a set please point me in the right
direction.Thanks Real

   RE:BALLOON:   Bike Tire posted by JD on 7/3/2000 at 11:59:16 AM
Lazy Walker Bikes sells vintage CCM bikes and parts. Check out their website. Lots of cool pictures (bikes, motorcycles, and women).

   RE:RE:BALLOON:   Bike Tire posted by ChristopherRobin on 7/6/2000 at 9:34:01 AM
I like to go bike shop parts searching alone. I went with my pal joe once and he distracted me with all these questions! Then I had to compete against him for all the good stuff. Then I had to store his purchases at my place so he would not get skinned by his wife. (He spent$2,000.00) And she would have too!! Going with a wife or girlfriend is also not wise. Can you imagine the bike swap meets if Lazywalker took them over and ran it their way?

AGE / VALUE:   J.C.Higgins posted by: J.C.Richardson III on 6/26/2000 at 9:56:52 PM
I have a J.C.Higgins Girls 26inch Model #502. More #`s on bike are ? 40752 or ? 46752. Can you give me Info on it. And if so could give some value on it. All original. Can send photo.