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Archived: Balloon Tire and Middleweights

AGE / VALUE:   Schwinn Dating posted by: Prairie dog on 8/3/2000 at 9:32:15 PM
I have 2 Schwinns I am trying to date. The Serial #'s don't seem to correspond with the years that these models were in production. I am new to this and would appreciate any help you can give. I have a Flying Star, Serial # D148915, and a Tiger, Serial # F34263. Can anyone help me out?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Schwinn Dating posted by Hadta Sayit on 8/4/2000 at 6:45:39 AM
Hmm... trying to date two Schwinns at once? That might be the whole problem. They get pretty jealous.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Schwinn Dating posted by JD on 8/4/2000 at 2:15:10 PM
I see the jerks have moved to this forum since the Schwinn forum is down. To answer your question:
D1...was used in 52,57,and April 61
F3...was used in 49 and June 63
I'm not sure of the production years of these bikes. The way to tell which is right is by the location of the serial number. If it is on the rear dropout, the later date is right. Under the crank and the earlier dates are right. HTH

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Schwinn Dating posted by prairie dog on 8/4/2000 at 2:39:22 PM
Thanks for your input. That's the funny thing, those dates don't correspond to the production years listed on this website. Supposedly, the Flying Star was only produced in one year (1958), though this bike looks older than that and the serial # doesn't correspond to that year. Anyway, thanks for your help.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Schwinn Dating posted by sam on 8/4/2000 at 4:26:00 PM
Fair trad prices for Schwinn bicycles Feb. 1955 list the Flying Star under m/w price was $54.95 with the 2-speed.also listed in 56-57-&58 again listed in61 but not in 63 , as for the Tiger it is listed for 1955 as a m/w also runs up to 1963---sam

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Schwinn Dating posted by Gordon on 8/4/2000 at 4:45:48 PM
Sometimes when the serial number and location don't quite come together, you need to determine if the bike in question is a balloon tire (2.125 tire width) or a middle weight (1 3/4). Middleweights were made after 1954 except for the Wasp which I believe remained a balloon tire until 1959.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Schwinn Dating posted by MNSmith on 8/4/2000 at 7:11:39 PM
To help narrow the serials down some more, The "D" followed by six numbers falls only into the 1961 year and the "F" followed by five numbers falls into the 1952 year. The "D" in 1952 and 1957 was only followed by 5 numbers. The "F" in 1949 was followed by 6 numbers and in 1963, was also followed by 6 numbers. This information only holds true if Keith's Bikes .com serial list has no misprints. I find that his list is laid out in a way that is easier to read and is much simpler than going through one of the original Schwinn lists! I hope this helps out some. Gordon is correct in that it helps to know whether or not the bikes are ballooners or middle weights.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Schwinn Dating posted by Hadta Sayit on 8/4/2000 at 7:19:27 PM
Geez JD,
Just trying to ad a little humor. Isn't this supposed to be a fun hobby? No harm was meant.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Schwinn Dating posted by Kevin C. on 8/4/2000 at 7:58:32 PM
Wasps were made up until 1964, and were marketed as newsboy bikes. They were the last of the Schwinn ballooners, other than the Cycle-Truck.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Schwinn Dating posted by scoob on 8/5/2000 at 12:04:53 AM
read it again. you just aint getting the joke. the point is,
that schwinns are so great that they get jealous of each other.
it's funny , man!

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Schwinn Dating posted by Doug on 8/5/2000 at 7:29:58 AM
I agree what an uptite you know what

AGE / VALUE:   head badge posted by: rob on 8/3/2000 at 7:10:05 PM
I need ahead badge for a 1950's western flyer bicycle please let me know. Thank you

WANTED:   Retoration posted by: Bob on 8/3/2000 at 7:11:34 AM
I have an old Schwin. I's rusted and neglected. I would like to have it restored to give to my wife for her birthday.
I'm in New York. Any ideas as to where I can take it?

   RE:WANTED:   Retoration posted by MNSmith on 8/3/2000 at 12:20:47 PM
Try the Cyclesmith. Nice guy. Fair prices. Here is some info about him. http://members.ebay.com/aboutme/cyclesmith/ . Here is his email. thistles@linkny.com

AGE / VALUE:   Flightliner Diamond Jubilee posted by: Cam on 8/3/2000 at 12:46:10 AM
Many, many thanks to Joel and Wings for the information about the 60-62 J C Higgins bike. I did not even know what to look for! Your information was an invaluable help to me. Thank you again. NOW, if anyone knows where I can find this bike... please e-mail me.


MISC:   looking for 1940s roadmaster info posted by: Wallace on 8/2/2000 at 2:01:22 PM
I am looking for any information on 1940s 26 inch roadmasters, maroon and white both mens or womens. I am in possession of what im told by the former owner is a 1944 Roadmaster. If someone has any information on wether or not roadmaster were producing them during ww2, please contact me at wpr71245@Msn.com

MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Schwinn Mark II Jaguar posted by: Bill Baker on 8/2/2000 at 11:56:12 AM
I'm totally dismantalling my boyhood bike, a Schwinn Mark II Jaguar...I'm interested in tips to strip & repaint, re-decal, and replacing ANY/ALL parts, most of which are missing - front & rear lights, horn tank, hand brakes, 3-speed shifter, new saddle, chain, tires - SINCERE THANKS FOR ANY INFO AND SOURCE FOR PARTS!!! I can't wait to ride it again after 40 YEARS - do you really "never forget"???

   RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Schwinn Mark II Jaguar posted by Joel on 8/2/2000 at 2:50:16 PM
I have an excellent chrome tank (paint striped), a brake caliper, and some assorted hardware for a Jaguar that I will sell. You can also find parts at Maple Island Sales, Hyperrays, and Memory Lane (all have websites). Hyperrays has paint in Sting Ray colors (the black and red should work for a Jag).

   RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Here's how good your bike can look posted by Tom Findley on 8/3/2000 at 5:28:50 AM

The decal on the seat tube is not available. I used the later Mk IV decal which was used starting in 1959.

   RE:RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Here's how good your bike can look posted by Mark on 8/10/2000 at 11:25:27 PM
Tom, the Jaguar is gorgeous. They don't get much better
than that. Great photos.

AGE / VALUE:   But, but I just can't leave them there! posted by: ChristopherRobin on 8/2/2000 at 9:46:16 AM
Today we wil be discussing why I had to buy up every skip tooth rear cog in the basement of this place I visit. Oh, My lookit at all the cogs I have. need a cog e- mail me at http://www.ChristopherRobin@starmail.com

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   But, but I just can't leave them there! posted by Cog Heaven on 8/2/2000 at 2:53:10 PM
They look great hanging on the wall. Or you can make a clock face or candle holder.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   But, but I just can't leave them there! posted by The Jerk from the Schwinn Forum on 8/7/2000 at 5:34:47 AM
Or you could fire up the bench grinder and sharpen them into throwing stars.

BALLOON:   WHAT is this? posted by: Chris Jones on 8/2/2000 at 7:39:17 AM
I recently purchased an old 26" balloon tire bicycle from a junk dealer. The only markings on it are a sticker that says "Made in Germany" and a serial number. How do I find out the manufacturer and year of the bike. It has a lot of surface rust, so no name or brand is visible.

MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Columbia Info posted by: Joe Baril on 8/1/2000 at 8:14:44 PM
I an restoring an old Columbia 26" single speed with simulated gas tank and built in headlight S/N N032476 acording to the year chart on this sight its eather a 1950 or 1964 I am leaning to the 1964. I am looking for a model name and any other info. Can anybody help.

   RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Columbia Info posted by christian on 8/3/2000 at 6:27:50 PM
i know they had a model called "rambler". i had one. it was burnt orange
and made in the mid 60's. hope it helps, christian.

BALLOON:   To build or not? posted by: Paul on 8/1/2000 at 2:03:19 PM
I recently axquired a Schwinn cruiser frame apparently built in 1979 (serial # on headtube begins with "KQ"). It is minus wheels, fork, headset, saddle. My goal is not for a collectible (I doubt that this one is) but for a town bike. I have been told that to outfit the frame with new parts would cost a bit more than simply buying a new cruiser or singlespeed. My question is...is there a compelling reason to put $ in to a 1979 model bike? Is it, in any way, inherently better than, say the new bikes Schwinn is selling? Does anyone know if it is likely Chicago built even?

Thanks for any advice.


   RE:BALLOON:   To build or not? posted by bob on 8/1/2000 at 2:30:18 PM
If you are resourceful, you may be able to build a nice cruiser out of your 79 frame for cheaper than buying a new one. Check out the Maple Island Sales website for good prices on the parts you need (repro springer fork, seat,tank,wheelsets, ...) If that is what you want then go for it. It is not a collectable (though it will look the same), and it is not likely to be better than a new Schwinn product but it will be much nicer than what they have at Walmart. (and it will be your own custom creation).

   Maple Island Sales...URL? posted by Paul on 8/1/2000 at 3:49:49 PM

   RE:BALLOON:   To build or not? posted by MNSmith on 8/1/2000 at 4:48:27 PM
You can always go to a thrift store and find a cheap donor Schwinn. A lot of parts will cross over like the crank and maybe the neck. Bottom brackets, headsets, etc. Or if you hunt around enough on Ebay you can find the stuff cheap and the people that have the stuff for cheap!

   RE:BALLOON:   To build or not? posted by Wings on 8/2/2000 at 12:38:29 AM
I started doing what you are about to do and I learned not to purchase new head sets or new bottom bracket sets or anything new unless you just want to.
Instead, one can purchase an old Schwinn (Varsity girls bikes are cheap and so are a lot of others) and have all the bearing sets you need. Crank arms are also out there on other cheap old Schwinns. In my area (Ca) mountain bikes are now in thrift stores for as low as $19. Their frame may be in need of paint and the chain is rusty, but they may have a very nice set of aluminum allow wheels that could be used on your cruiser! Used derailers work nice also! One of my favorite bikes was put together like this from pieces of other bikes and it is great!
If you plan to buy all new stuff--it would be cheaper to buy a new bike. A combination of new and used parts will get you a good bike for less than the new ones.

   RE:BALLOON:   To build or not? posted by sam on 8/2/2000 at 8:49:27 AM
I'm also doing a balloon cruiser from a striped schwinn frame.As the others have advised I'm using a donor varsity and adding new parts from a lowrider suplyer(lovelylowrider). most lowrider supliers sell a 26" springer fork for around $30.Don't expect to get the quality of Maple Island parts from a lowrider suplier.--sam

   RE:RE:BALLOON:   To build or not? posted by Robert on 8/7/2000 at 5:19:49 AM
I'm in search of a mountain bike to use as a donar for the Schwinn Tornado I bought Saturday. Plan on a 12 speed middleweight on the cheap.

   RE:BALLOON:   To build or not? posted by Mark on 8/9/2000 at 11:58:55 PM

Maple Island Sales

AGE / VALUE:   rolfast tricycle posted by: wanda on 8/1/2000 at 8:23:22 AM
I bought an old tricycle for riding purposes with my dalmation who would be too hyper to ride next to a regular bike. When i got it home and started riding it,it was so smooth and it has more than one gear. i haven't been able to figure out if it has two or three - you just peddle backwards and it changes automatically... it's really neat.

someone painted a dreadful lite blue flat paint over it which i decided had to be removed. in the process the original paint did not come off all the way and it was a really neat tricycle. I'm not very good at figureing out how to transfer pictures in this computer. i am going to try to put some in this posting - if none appear that means I did something wrong. If no pictures appear and you think you could help me, send me an e mail and I'll figure out how to copy them on there and send them to you. thanks in advance for your help. upandaway@home.com----- I give up i can't duplicate the pictures.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   rolfast tricycle posted by Joel on 8/1/2000 at 11:25:18 AM
That would be a Bendix 2 speed automatic.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   rolfast tricycle posted by wanda on 8/4/2000 at 6:20:27 AM
joel -thanks for answering - do you have any idea of the year or value?

BALLOON:   Bike ready to take to Holland posted by: Tom Findley on 8/1/2000 at 7:15:40 AM
Picture of bike before refurbishment:


Picture of bike after refurbishment:


Taking a bike to Holland is feasible, as KLM only charges $15 each way for a box to put the bike in. This bike is rather high-geared, 52 teeth on front, 18 teeth on back sprocket. I hope to keep up with the others on their 21-speed hybrids. I am going on another Cycletours boat and bike tour, and will ride about 220 miles in 7 days. This is the Heart of Holland route, which will go through Utrecht, Arnhem, and some Hanseatic towns. I will then cycle around Amsterdam for 2 days. Someone said to ride on streets that don't have tram/bus lanes. They will be less congested. I am also taking extra tubes, spokes, and fasteners and tools measured in inches, as I don't expect to see any Schwinn dealers.

I will take another group of pictures, and post them on my website after returning in September.

This is so much fun I haven't thought about much else for the past month.

   RE:BALLOON:   Bike ready to take to Holland posted by JR on 8/2/2000 at 2:58:39 PM
Be sure to take a good lock. Bike theft is common practice in Amsterdam. You can actually 'buy' a stolen bike, take it for a ride, park it, and it will be stolen again for resale.

   RE:RE:BALLOON:   Bike ready to take to Holland posted by ChristopherRobin on 8/3/2000 at 5:32:08 PM
Well, after reading that about the stolen bike scene in Holland I would leave my bike home and You should think about not taking it. To heck with that nonesense! Take my bike? NOOOO.

WANTED:   1960-62 JC Higgins posted by: Cam on 8/1/2000 at 1:44:49 AM
I have spent 7 years looking for a particular bike that I had as a kid. It was a chrome JC Higgins men's bike with coaster brakes and what I believe is called a 3 speed internal hub. You could kick back on the pedals and shift the bike without engaging the brake. It had a springer on the front, a red tank with headlight and I belive also a tail light(Can't remember). The seat was fairly broad and had a chrome 'handrail' around the back. There is a picture of a very similar bike in the Oldroads picture database of a 1962 men's JC Higgins and the resource just says "Jeff". The timeline would be accurate, as I know the bike was purchased for me around that time from Sears. Does anyone know of such a bike? What is the model name? Has anyone seen one for sale? Any help would be greatly appreciated. This has been a long search and I have only just now been able to search on computer. Thank you!

   RE:WANTED:   1960-62 JC Higgins posted by JOEL on 8/1/2000 at 7:41:29 AM
The bike you saw in the database is a JC Higgins Flightliner. The deluxe 'Diamond Jubilee' model has a chrome frame with painted tank & carrier and a taillight. Flightliners are pretty common and you should be able to find one on EBAY at a reasonable price. I have a chrome frame and chainguard for sale.

   RE:RE:WANTED:   1960-62 JC Higgins posted by Joel on 8/1/2000 at 11:28:40 AM
BTW...the rear hub you had would be a Bendix 2 speed automatic. Any coaster brake bike will accept one of these.

   RE:WANTED:   1960-62 JC Higgins posted by Wings on 8/2/2000 at 12:49:50 AM
"Evolution of the BIcycle, Vol. 2" page 92 has a picture of a chrome boys 1961 JC Higgins Flightliner 26" Diamond Jubilee. I have several girls models.

BALLOON:   Schwinn Jaguar posted by: Rick on 7/31/2000 at 6:07:39 PM
Hello everyone,I'd like to say that I am impressed with the
help people can get and the kindness people posess in the bicycle forum here at oldroads.It's great to know that kindness is not forgotten in some places in this world!! Now
let me get to the real question,does anyone have or know someone that has an old balloon Jaguar for sale? Or another type of cruiser like the Jaguar that will accept the ballon tires.Please E mail me ...Thank you for your time from a newbie in the bicycle world. Sincerely,Rick Burnett

AGE / VALUE:   Shelby Flying cloud posted by: Damian on 7/31/2000 at 12:32:19 PM
I recently picked a Flying Cloud that appears to be prewar but I am not sure of the specifics on Shelby's bicycles for the postwar years. The picture can be emailed to whoever might have info, but here are some of the finer details: First off it is a mens cantilevered tank model(small bubble shaped with "Shelby" script decal on each side as well as four horn louveres) with the Delta horn (unit has "Delta" in large raised script, Clear red horn button, and is actually factory riveted to the tank), Deep non-ducked fenders with the Airflo curved front braces and Shelby bisquit headlight, Original Carlisle Lightning Dart(Indian Head) whitewalls, New Departure front and early Bendix with grease zert, 1/2" pitch Diamond chain with daisy sprocket, Two-tone semi-teardrop chainguard with a little fin at its rear,Wald deluxe pedals with a squarish end cap, tan cloth covered Troxel seat with chrome springs, carrier with no holes but reccessed channels, and chrome truss rods that go forward about 9" then take a graceful turn straight down to the axle. All of the fender braces attatch at the axles, both front and rear including the carrier which also attatches to the top of the fender. Rear dropouts are the typical prewar rear facing with chain adjusters. The grips are black vinyl Flexgrip with a flat end - not ball. There is a Chrome Shelby rear reflector housing that has an oval shaped stimsonite reflector in great shape. Rims are chrome and spotless. The condition of this bike is an 8 as the original green and red paint is in great shape as well as all of the chrome. The rubber is original on all parts and shows little wear. The tires are barely worn. The seat is in perfect shape aside from the light surface rust that I'm sure could be cleaned up. Electrics are in perfect working order with no leaks. I don't believe the horn ever had batteries. I know I am going to hold on to this bike but I would like to know moree about it and its year/value. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Damian