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Archived: Balloon Tire and Middleweights

BALLOON:   1952 Schwinn Black Panther posted by: Alan J. Gershman on 9/29/2000 at 3:31:49 PM
I am the original owner of a 1952 Schwinn Black Panther, s/n C25819, Cyclelock s/n 396. Same colors as the Black Phantom. Some time ago I broke the master link on the skip tooth chain. The replacement part was obtained, after many phone calls and a car trip, and cost less than the expense of finding the source. I have since made contacts with many of the "local" Southern California affecionados and dealers of used and "New Old Stock" parts. This has allowed me to continue to ride the bike and keep it in excellent mechanical condition, although unrestored. The bike has been seen in many fourth of July parades in Ontario, California and Claremont, California. The trick to keeping vintage, classic bikes still running and/ or restored is to get to know the local people that can help. You have an excellent website here and a marvelous site to exchange information on restoring and maintaining classic, vintage, bikes. I would be happy to share information in these areas with locals to Southern California.

AGE / VALUE:   Hawthorne Bike Age posted by: Gary Main on 9/28/2000 at 9:26:47 PM
Does anyone know how to tell the age of Hawthorne bikes, besides the rear hub?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Hawthorne Bike Age posted by Gordon on 9/29/2000 at 5:45:43 AM
There is a book available called "Collectible Elgin, JC Higgins and Hawthorne Bicycles" which has catalog reprints from the 30's thru the 60's. I have a copy and if you can send me a photo from the chainguard side I might be able to ID it for you.

AGE / VALUE:   One I passed on posted by: Fred on 9/28/2000 at 10:35:04 AM
I stopped a a farm auction recently. There was lots or really old things lined up for auction. Back behind a shed was a lot of garden tools and 3 bicycles, one of which was an old springer fork Columbia. It had apparently sat in a shed for many years as indicated by the surface rust, but was straight and complete. I was tempted but two things stopped me from going for it. One, I would have to restore it and thats expensive. I'm slready in the middle of restoring my wifes 49 Dayton which she has had since new. Two, the bikes would probably come up for sale late in the day, it was raining, and I just didn't want to stick around that long. Ever since, I've wondered it the Columbia went low, say $10 or even $5. I really don't want to know.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   One I passed on posted by Christopherrobin on 9/28/2000 at 5:19:46 PM
Ok, now It is at the kerb, with yesterdays empty Kentucky fried Chicken boxes, newspapers,that chair with the broken cane backing. It is free now,It's fine if you take it so grab your truck keys and go get it before it is too late. I think we all have been in this situation where it is too far gone, no space and other projects stacked up.

   Some that passed me. posted by Grant on 9/29/2000 at 7:04:27 AM
I started taking an interest in old bikes about 3 weeks ago. In
asking around, someone told me they saw a lineup of old bikes
at the dump, free for the taking. So I went to check it out.

The lady at the dump told me yes, last Saturday someone brought in
a truckload of old bikes and a trailer load behind it. There were
so many bikes they wouldn't all fit in the scrap metal bin. That is
why they were piled beside it. They sent for a new bin and threw them
in it.

Both bins went to a scrap yard somewhere a long way from here, she didn't
know where. I asked if she could save me some old bikes, she said they set
aside a few things if they look like someone could use them
but the boss gets mad if the place looks too junky so they have
to throw everything in the bin at the end of the day. I left
my phone number in case anything turns up.

Anything can be anywhere as Cadillac Jack used to say.

AGE / VALUE:   Ladies Huffy Eldorado posted by: Gary Main on 9/27/2000 at 1:42:30 PM
late 50s or early 60s Huffy Elorado bike. These arent selling well on EBay, so i dont expect much from it, and i will part it out as desired pics at http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/thesalvageyard

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Ladies Huffy Eldorado posted by Gary Main on 9/27/2000 at 1:49:06 PM
Duh wrong address.. http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/bicycledealersusedsales

AGE / VALUE:   1971 Schwinn Racer posted by: Gary Main on 9/27/2000 at 1:24:47 PM
have a fair condition Schwinn Racer, in red, complete. not too bad of condition, some rust. its a 26x1 3/8 tire model
has the original tires, grips, and seat, nice seat i may add. Mag sprocket on front, Bendix 70 single speed coaster.
Make Offer sale or trade

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   1971 Schwinn Racer posted by Gary Main on 9/27/2000 at 1:47:36 PM
pics at: http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/thesalvageyard

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   1971 Schwinn Racer posted by Gary Main on 9/27/2000 at 1:50:19 PM
DUH wrong address

MISC:   400+ Pictures! posted by: VVVintage Vintage Bicycles at OldRoads.com on 9/27/2000 at 7:44:28 AM
We now have over 400 pictures in our searchable Vintage Bicycle Picture Database. Thanks to all who've been sending in pictures.

VVVintage Vintage Bicycles

AGE / VALUE:   old western flyer posted by: Gary Main on 9/26/2000 at 8:25:04 AM
Western flyer ladies bike. Skip tooth sprocket. 26x2.125 wheels New Departure hub. has chain adjusters in frame. cannot find Id # Solid Brass cast Westernflyer Badge on front, says wester auto stores in small print.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   old western flyer posted by jd on 9/26/2000 at 4:34:46 PM
The skip tooth chain and rear facing dropouts date it to before or just after WWII. You will need to provide more info or a photo for ID.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   old western flyer posted by Frank on 9/27/2000 at 5:19:44 AM
What model is the New Departure hub? That will help determine the year. Also look at the western flyers in the picture database.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   old western flyer posted by gary main on 9/27/2000 at 8:16:49 AM
its a model D

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   old western flyer posted by Gary Main on 9/27/2000 at 4:19:19 PM
pics at http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/bicycledealersusedsales

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   old western flyer posted by JOEL on 9/28/2000 at 5:36:20 AM
I looked...where is it?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   old western flyer posted by Gary Main on 9/28/2000 at 2:14:04 PM
Sorry, got busy, posted it a bit ago, with several others

WANTED:   Tank for 1962-64 Sears Spaceliner posted by: Darrell Slifka on 9/25/2000 at 10:29:44 PM
Wanted: Tank for 1962-64 Sears Spaceliner, men's, This is the long skinny mainly metal tank not the later upside down "L" type. Any help would be appreciated.

WANTED:   Wards Riverside 26X2.125 WW Tires posted by: Matt on 9/25/2000 at 2:05:04 PM
Looking for a nice used set of Wards Riverside 26X2.125 WW Tires for a nice 1936 Hawthorne Comet.

AGE / VALUE:   24 inch Schwinn Bicycle posted by: Steve Baldwin on 9/25/2000 at 11:29:52 AM
I recently purchased a 24 inch Schwinn bicycle at a flea market. It is like the one I got for Christmas in 1958 except my original one was 26 inch. (Schwinn Tornado) It still has what I think are the original tires on it, which have dry rotted and split.(B F Goodrich Silvertown 24X1 3/4 straight side for Schwinn S-7 tublar rim) I can not find a serial # anywhere. I have looked all around the pedal hub. It looks like the one I have seen in an add for Christmas 1957. I need help in finding tires and the mfg. date. Thanks to anyone who can help me.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   24 inch Schwinn Bicycle posted by Gordon on 9/25/2000 at 7:17:11 PM
Serial number should be on the frame just above the rear axle on the left side (called the dropout). I have a pair of Schwinn Westwind 24 x 1 3/4 blackwall tires for S-7 rim if you are interested.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   24 inch Schwinn Bicycle posted by DALE on 9/26/2000 at 9:46:33 AM
My name is Dale,I need a set of 24in s-7 tires.reach me at oldbikefreak@yahoo.com

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   24 inch Schwinn Bicycle posted by Gordon on 9/26/2000 at 8:44:19 PM
Dale, your email doesn't seem to be working.

MIDDLEWEIGHT:   59 Columbia FireArrow posted by: AJ on 9/24/2000 at 10:01:26 PM
New to bike restoration. Looking for 26x1.75 tires; are there new alternatives that look OK on bike? Thanks.

   RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   59 Columbia FireArrow posted by Carl on 9/26/2000 at 4:48:32 AM
There are plenty of Asian tires available in blackwall and whitewall that will look ok, though you'd probably really want some US made tires.

MISC:   Any bike swap meets coming up???? posted by: Tina Payne on 9/24/2000 at 9:13:16 PM
Does anyone know of any bike swap meets coming up on the Western Coast? I live near Sacramento, CA and would travel for a weekend meet if I could.

   RE:MISC:   Any bike swap meets coming up???? posted by Dale on 9/26/2000 at 10:09:21 AM
Hey dude,look at the links sec. of this website and look under Fat tire trading post, They have a swap meet in san rafeal the 1st sunday of each month. Dale

   RE:RE:MISC:   Any bike swap meets coming up???? posted by Tina on 9/29/2000 at 8:53:12 PM
Hey Dale, thanks for the information. And by the way, I'm not a dude, I'm a dudette.

BALLOON:   Racycle vs Columbia posted by: dave on 9/24/2000 at 6:00:49 PM
I bought an original 1951 "Columbia" five star last year in T-town. Everthing say's "Columbia" (Tank sides, Chain Guard, etc) except the headbadge. That says "Westfield Mfg. Co" "Racycle" "Westfiled Mass. Made in USA"

What does the Racycle headbadge mean? Was that common for Columbia's in 1951?

   RE:BALLOON:   Racycle vs Columbia posted by dave on 9/24/2000 at 6:26:19 PM
P.S. To be very specific, the tank and chain guard say "Columbia Built"- not just Columbia. It does say Five Star Superb on the lower bar. any info is appreciated...thanks

   RE:BALLOON:   Racycle vs Columbia posted by rd on 9/25/2000 at 7:28:19 AM
columbia built the racycle bike for a few years. Its a columbia bike that was rebadged for racycle co.
the aracycle is an old company but at some point stopped making its own bikes before it went out of bus. They are good columbia bikes and I am looking for a front fender for one now. probably don't catch the collectors eye all that much but a good riding bike as are all columbia built bikes.

   RE:RE:BALLOON:   Racycle vs Columbia posted by Carl on 9/26/2000 at 4:46:08 AM
Ditto on your points about Columbias in general. They are very well built bicycles and I find them much more interesting than the Schwinns people collect.

AGE / VALUE:   Hartford Ladies Cruiser posted by: Greg Welch on 9/24/2000 at 12:31:57 PM
I just bought a old Hartford Ladies Cruiser from a flea market. It looks like it has been painted, but is in very good shape for the age. It has the original headplate, my means of identification. I understand that Hartford's were mfg in MA.

Has anyone heard of the the bike, or could guess it's worth.


   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Hartford Ladies Cruiser posted by Carl on 9/26/2000 at 4:47:29 AM
Hartford: another great bicycle built by Columbia.
It is impossible to determine value without more information. What size tires? Features such as tank, rack, springer, etc?

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Hartford Ladies Cruiser posted by greg on 10/12/2000 at 8:45:34 AM
very basic, no tanks for suspension, i will check the tires... do the rear hubs usually tell the age, or is that just with a three speed....hub



MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Worth the trouble? posted by: Matt on 9/24/2000 at 10:33:19 AM
I'm not a collector and am at a loss where to get information on a bike I have. It's a red Western Flyer with chrome fenders and a chrome chain guard which reads, "Galaxy Flyer." It's serial number, if it helps, looks like HUF-2o26-A27 I assume it was made in the early 1950's. The bike was my father's, but I really have no use for it. I was going to take it to the thrift shop today, but thought I'd try to find out more about it first. Any help would be appreciated.

   RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Worth the trouble? posted by Grant on 9/24/2000 at 11:10:16 AM
Your bike has some value to someone. Is it a balloon tire with
26X2.125 tires or a regular model with 1.75 tires? The balloon
tire are worth more.

If it is in half decent shape it would be a shame to scrap it. Often
bikes like that wind up in the dumpster when you give them to charity.

Some balloon tire bikes with tank headlight etc. are worth hundreds of $$$.
An average bike, probably $10 to $25. Have you considered a yard sale or an
ad in the penny saver?

I'm no expert, just offering some ideas.

   RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Worth the trouble? posted by Rif on 9/24/2000 at 8:05:56 PM
I'm certainly no expert but...
Last X-mas I purchased a 24" (X 1.75" tire) Girls Galaxy Flyer for my sister. My friend and I figured it was a mid to late sixties. This bike is beautiful, looks almost showroom condition. Around here it could easily sell for upwards of $160.00 ( I didn't pay that for it but similar bikes at my other buddy's bike shop were snapped up around that price.) I wouldn't scrap it, but remember value is subjective. It is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.
Personally, I really like them. Most of the midweights around here sell for 25.00-150.00 depending on make, model, and especially condition. I'd fix it up if it were me, but hey it's yours do whatever pleases you... :-}
Take it easy,

   RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Worth the trouble? posted by sam on 9/24/2000 at 8:17:24 PM
If it is early 50's it might be made by Huffman (huffy).does it have a tank? How compleat is it?-Tell us more-----

   RE:RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Worth the trouble? posted by JimW. on 9/27/2000 at 10:25:23 PM
Sounds like the one I had in my early teens. It was a great
bike. I lived in a rural area of KY and it was my sole personal
transport until I got my driver's license. I had to ride 5 miles
just to drink a soda-fountain Coke and buy a HotRod magazine.
I used it on the road and cross country, scouting all over for
that deuce roadster in somebody's barn. Never found the Deuce,
but I developed leg muscles like the Incredible Hulk's from
riding it all over. It never broke. And I still have calf muscles
like bricks.

   RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Worth the trouble? posted by Gary Main on 9/28/2000 at 4:57:36 PM
i have a real nice ladies Galaxy Flyer here, all chrome and goodies real nice. I would like the mans frame, if you have it still.