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Archived: Balloon Tire and Middleweights

AGE / VALUE:   Old schwinn bike posted by: Randy on 1/18/2001 at 8:21:15 PM
I was cleaning out my grandfathers barn after his passing on and found this neat old bike. It is red and silver, and has a fake gas tank too. My dad said that gramps got it back in the 30's. Oh yeah, the brand or type say's streamline. I'm not really into bikes but since it's a family piece, I thought it might be neat to keep around. Is this worth anything ? My wife say's I should just donate it to the goodwill, but I want to keep it. So all you experts out there, give me some info to sway her opinion.

Thanks, Randy

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Old schwinn bike posted by Kevin C. on 1/19/2001 at 5:02:40 AM
OK, I'll bite. By all means, DEFINITELY give it to Goodwill. It's not worth more than $2 anyway. It's a real piece of junk. Be sure to repaint it first and throw that ugly old tank away, because nobody would want it otherwise.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Old schwinn bike posted by ChristopherRobin@starmail.com on 1/19/2001 at 8:57:54 AM
Kevin Stop it! He might believe you!!!! Keep it! For heavens sake. Do research and discover what you have. Grandpa would spin in his grave if you gave it away after he kept it all those years. It is pre-war and that means something. Check E- BAY and look and see what these are selling for. Go to a Bicycle swap meet and look around. The Goodwill people would just call some collector anyway. Don't ever paint a Bicycle! Never, Never, Never under any circumstances, not with housepaint, not if your'e unskilled. Put that brush down now. Bicycle horn tanks are worth money! People look for these. Oh My, Im dizzy...

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Old schwinn bike posted by ChristopherRobin on 1/19/2001 at 9:02:05 AM
Go to the bookstore and get the book "Schwinn Bicycles" by Pridemore and Hurd.
You hit the jackpot in old bike land. Paint a Streamline? Has anybody ever committed such a terrible sin? Is anybody that stupid?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Old schwinn bike posted by Rif Addams on 1/19/2001 at 10:36:59 AM
Kevin is just being flip. Too many times we've come across old bikes that would have been valuable, or at least somewhat valuable if someone had just left it alone.
By all means hold on to this bike. I would strongly advise against a restoration as well, just give it a good cleaning, Protective coat of wax, and repack all the bearings. Then enjoy this piece of not only great American history, but your family history as well.
If your grandfather loved this bike enough to hold on to it all these years, then shouldn't it be kept in the family as well? Who knows, you may find that if you ride it occasionally, you'll really enjoy how well these old things cruise, and the positive reactions from those whom you pass by on the roadways...
just my 2 cents,

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Old schwinn bike posted by Randy on 1/19/2001 at 5:01:29 PM
Wow!!! I was really surprized by the replies about my bike. Thanks for the info. I think the old bike is pretty cool, especially with the headlite built right into the tank front. I will regrease all the bearings and try to find some red tires to replace the originals as the are rotten. I will be looking forward to my first cruise around the block. Thanks again.


   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Old schwinn bike posted by sam on 1/20/2001 at 12:00:30 AM
Schwinn--Headlight in front of tank--beginning to sound like a airocycle---$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!---sam

   RE:RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Old schwinn bike posted by Spoof on 1/20/2001 at 1:29:49 AM
Gramps also left us this real neat old car in the barn. It's probably from the 30s, too, and it is real big. The radiator ornament has this goddess with wings, and then there's two "R's" on the emblem. It has great big headlights and fenders, and all the inside is like leather and wood. My wife says I should give it to Goodwill, but I'm not too sure.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Old schwinn bike posted by ChristopherRobin on 1/20/2001 at 11:04:32 AM
Put a notice up under the "Wanted section" here about how you are wanting a set of all red tires for your bike and check out e-bay. There are folks that have these red tires for sale and this way you two can get together and you will love the red tires.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Old schwinn bike posted by MNSmith on 1/20/2001 at 4:24:41 PM
You will find your red tires at www.coker.com

   RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Old schwinn bike posted by Randy on 1/20/2001 at 5:02:33 PM
With the exception of the rude "spoof" response, I would once again like to thank those of you with you're helpfullness. I found a picture of my bike on the internet. And yep, It is a Steamline Autocycle. I will try to take some pictures and post them as soon as I figure out this new digital camera I picked up.

Randy Thompson

   RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Old schwinn bike posted by Jim C. on 1/21/2001 at 3:16:35 AM
I'd love to see the photos. Since you didn't give an email address, they will help us know whether this whole thing was a put-on and a waste of time.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Old schwinn bike posted by sam on 1/21/2001 at 9:14:18 AM
Randy,a good place to post photos is Christans forum http://www.angelfire.com/dbz/forum/ also at the schwinn forum

AGE / VALUE:   Anyone know what a Shelby Skyrider Deluxe is? posted by: Pete on 1/17/2001 at 1:03:58 PM
Anyone know this bike? What years it was made?? Thanks.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Anyone know what a Shelby Skyrider Deluxe is? posted by ChristopherRobin on 1/17/2001 at 3:09:23 PM
The next time a bicycle swap meet happens in your area you should go and have a great afternoon walking around and talking to the dealers. Keep looking for information and good luck

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Anyone know what a Shelby Skyrider Deluxe is? posted by rd on 1/17/2001 at 3:23:07 PM
I have a list but not an offical factory list. starting in 1937 with the letter A and skipping I until 1949 they started using the year for the first numbers so you may get the serial number and figure the year

BALLOON:   The Huffy adventure continues... posted by: Rif Addams on 1/17/2001 at 12:40:45 PM
I E-Mailed Huffy Bicycle Company last night, and when I awoke this morning they had already e-mailed me a response!
They are looking at the serial # from my early fifties Customliner and are going to send the info they derive from that. They may also have some Photos to send, but they no longer have owners manuals, sales manuals, or parts for these bikes. I didn't think they would still have any of this stuff, but it never hurts to ask, Right?!?
I just think it's pretty cool that they even responded, especially about an old bike they haven't manufactured for a few decades. Most companies don't respond about a product you purchased yesterday let alone something that old and all but forgotten.
I'm going to try to get them to send me their vintage serial list, if I can...
Later days,

WANTED:whitewalls posted by: Arian on 1/17/2001 at 12:05:56 AM
Does anyone know where to get 26X2.125 whitewalls cheaply? They would be for a Western Flyer I ride every day.

   RE:WANTED:whitewalls posted by rd on 1/17/2001 at 8:12:14 AM
I don't know what you call cheep but my local dealer gets them for me for about $25.00 a set. you can get them from memory lane or maple island.

   RE:RE:WANTED:whitewalls posted by Joel on 1/17/2001 at 8:46:21 AM
Memory Lane had KENDAS at the shows last year for $5 each.

   RE:WANTED:whitewalls posted by sam on 1/17/2001 at 11:07:55 PM
Try www.lovelylowrider.com---sam

AGE / VALUE:   Western Flyer mid-weight posted by: Howard on 1/13/2001 at 6:37:12 AM
I have a Western Flyer, boy's middle weight, probably from the 1960's. Nothing unusual about it, but it's in good condition and it's for sale. I also have about thirty other second-half-of-the-20th-century bikes that I need to clear out. Bring a big truck. I'm in Tennessee. Howard

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Western Flyer mid-weight posted by Joe B. on 1/15/2001 at 6:16:50 PM
I am looking for a mens Western Flyer three speed bike that has handle bars like a stingray but does not have a banana seat. Kind of a funky thing but kind of cool. Nothing fancy. It has fenders and a shifter on the top bar. Looks sort of like the old stingray shifter but not as big. The bike is probably fron the late 60's or early 70's. You are the first person I have checked with. If there is any information or resources on Western Flyer bikes from that era, I would be interested in checking them out. Thanks. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.

AGE / VALUE:   Schwinn Aerocycle posted by: Butch on 1/12/2001 at 8:53:10 PM
Hi, I'd like to restore this bike, But I cant come up
with the colors or detailing of this bike, I was wondering
if anyone can help me . I believe it was made in 1934 I
do know it was red and silver . I can make out the plane
decal on the tank. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Butch

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Schwinn Aerocycle posted by Kevin C. on 1/13/2001 at 8:21:32 AM
It's a valuable bike so don't take any chances. I would pick up a copy of "The American Bicycle" by Jim Hurd and Jay Pridmore (Motorbooks International, 1995). There's a beautiful, full-color photo of a restored Aerocycle on pages 104-105. Kevin Cullen

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Schwinn Aerocycle posted by sam on 1/13/2001 at 11:09:26 AM
Butch,check out this site and tell us is your bike like the one in the bottom photo - second bike http://senac.com/forums/5938/bin/167.html

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Schwinn Aerocycle posted by Schwinnderella on 1/13/2001 at 12:07:24 PM
Clean it up and leave it as is, most of the restorations I see would be better termed desecrations . Remember the old axiom, You can restore a bike hundreds of times but it is original only once. Happy Collecting!

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Schwinn Aerocycle posted by MNSmith on 1/13/2001 at 4:34:20 PM
From what I understand, according to different sources, there are only 50 true Aerocycles that exist today. Something to think about if you found one of them!

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Schwinn Aerocycle posted by rd on 1/14/2001 at 6:34:53 PM
theres also pictures in the boo Evolution of the Bicycle Vol 2. May be the same as the other book. One is restored the other 2 I think are orginal.

AGE / VALUE:   need info posted by: Joe on 1/11/2001 at 4:28:20 PM
i just purchased a prewar
schwinn cantaliever framed bike with a tear drop headlight but the bike is missing the chainguard im not sure of what guard was uesed would like to buy one also thanks

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   need info posted by MNSmith on 1/11/2001 at 10:27:55 PM
If by tear drop light you mean the Schwinn fender light, you probably have a deluxe type of bike. Those deluxe bikes took a deluxe chain guard. Not all that easy to find.

BALLOON:   Early Fifties Huffy Customliner posted by: Rif Addams on 1/11/2001 at 2:54:54 PM
Hey All,
I just picked up an early fifties Huffy Customliner, (refer to picture database, '52 Huffy Customliner)
it has everthing including the horn tank; but minus the fenders, and rear rack,(the bracket for the rack is still there). The rear brace where the upper portion of the fender ataches has what I could only describe as an inverted 'v' shape. Would this indicate a peaked fender? Seems logical to me.
I am unsure if the rims/tires are correct for this bike. Currently it has drop center rims with 1.75 tires.
The thing that really gets me though, is the three-speed 'twist grip' shift mechanism on the handlebars. You twist it like a motorcycle throttle to shift gears. it has
for each setting or gear.
I love this shift set up, can anyone clue me in on what make rear hub was used with this?
I really dig this bike and want to do a very mild Kustom treatment to it, retaining this shifter.
Heck, any info on this bike period would be greatly appreciated.

   RE:BALLOON:   Early Fifties Huffy Customliner posted by Rif on 1/11/2001 at 3:55:50 PM
Under magnification, the shifter has (barely legible with age and wear) the triple three's!
I have a few of these hubs laying around, so that is that. COOL!
Any other info on the rest of this bike would still be wonderful, if you can help.
Thanks again,

   RE:BALLOON:   Early Fifties Huffy Customliner posted by sam on 1/11/2001 at 4:04:23 PM
Huffy made most of the western flyier bikes in the 50s ,fenders should inter change see if for balloon or middle/weight--sam Ps sturmey / archer used a twist grip in the 70s and huffy uses one on late model mountain bikes also

   RE:RE:BALLOON:   Early Fifties Huffy Customliner posted by Rif on 1/11/2001 at 11:35:00 PM
Thanks Sam,
yeah, by the style of this twist grip it would be the 70's. It's definately "old school". It's a pretty cool mechanism in it's simplicity.
I had recieved some cables and what not for X-mas from my Dad. I've now got the cable hooked up to the shifter and routed on the frame.
I need to lace the hub on a rim. I'm definately going to exchange the forks with a blade fork. The fork on this thing is just flimsy. it's a piece of thin plate with the edges rolled to the inside (wheel side). I have doubts as to its strength. I know I will feel better with like a schwinn style blade fork. or better yet a blade style truss fork.
In any case it should be a cool bike to bomb around on until I decide to totally re-do it.

AGE / VALUE:   Another Schwinn??? A Typhoon! posted by: ChristopherRobin@starmail.com on 1/11/2001 at 1:12:37 PM
I picked up Schwinn Typhoon in red with 26 X 1 3/4 wheels and I want to remove these wheels and put in a set of 26X 2.125 S-2's. I am told by two mechanics that yes, I can do this. The bicycle's frame looks identical to the Wasp. Only the chainguard and fenders are diffrent. The handle bar bolt broke off and so the handlebars are good and stuck. (Temporary setback) Why I thought this was a 24 inch wheel version I don't know. The local shop where I dropped this off had another similar model in green and they had gotten the customer to buy a whole slew of re-pop parts like fenders, rack,lights, grips Probably tires if they can. Hey the customer wanted it.
The rack is 50.00, tail light for rack is 35.00 , grips are 7.00,fenders are chrome re-pop with braces (and that awful Taiwaneese phillips bolt mounting hardware.) Still, Unless you are a purist who insists on origonal parts, dressing up your old Schwinn with these parts is acceptable.

I'd preferr to find the darned bike complete with all these goodies.

   RE:AGE / VALUE: hey Me too!!! posted by Rif Addams on 1/11/2001 at 2:15:13 PM
I just picked up another Typhoon myself! That makes Three now!
The first I have completely Kustomized (awaiting $$$ for motor) that one is a 63- built in Oct.
The second is a red Typhoon Deluxe, 66- built in March. The newest (it has not yet arrived, should be here any day now) is a 64.
I really dig the Typhoons. The 63 was the bike that re-introduced me to bicycles and since that I've been bitten hard by the 'old bike bug'. I think it is because of that 63 that I seem to have a warm and fuzzy feeling for the Typhoon line of bikes.
I was not able to get the 2.125 wheels to fit on the 63 in the rear on mine. The tire was too tall on the rim, and would rub the underside of the fender,(balooner fenders). Maybe I was not doing it right or something, but as a 'heads-up' you may want to do a little investigating on this before spending hard earned cash for it.
If it works, let me know how and what please.
It seemed to me that this conversion SHOULD have worked, but...

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Another Schwinn??? A Typhoon! posted by sam on 1/11/2001 at 3:48:58 PM
balloon wheels(and tires) should fit the frame but not with the fenders,most crusers removed the fenders.you might get them on but as Rif said they rub.the frames are not the same.The middleweight is narrower for 3&1/2 inch fenders.--sam

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Another Schwinn??? A Typhoon! posted by Rif on 1/11/2001 at 4:00:07 PM
Thanks Sam!
I thought this to be the case, but didn't want to give anyone a bum steer.

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Another Schwinn??? A Typhoon! posted by ChristopherRobin on 1/13/2001 at 11:46:24 AM
I have been advised not to try it as the frame is smaller and meant for the middleweight wheels.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Another Schwinn??? A Typhoon! posted by bikeman on 1/20/2001 at 10:54:01 PM
it is my experience that balloon wheels do not fit on any of the 1960s Schwinn typhoons because the tire rubs up against the fenders. Anyways putting that on the bike isn't original. Schwinn speedsters from the 1960s with the wider fenders can have balloon 26x2.25 wheels, it worked fine on my beater cruizer 1961 speedster that I rode in bad weather. I have a question about the differences in my typoons and my 26 inch schwinn skipper and whether the skippers sold at a higher price than the typhoon.

MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Does anybody know about Panasonic space-age bikes? posted by: Mike Stone on 1/10/2001 at 7:24:41 PM
A while back I remember seeing a 1960's vintage photo of an up-and-coming company from the emerging Japan. It was a photo of the president of Panasonic Corporation standing in front of the miriad of different kinds of products Panasonic made at the time.

In the background was a bicycle that looked exactly like a Spaceliner, Flightliner, Cosmic Flyer.

There was no mention what-so-ever about the bike. Who knows, maybe they just made some components of the bike like the electic light components or something.

It was interesting to say the least.

Does anybody know anything about this? Was Panasonic making space-age bikes in the '60's? I know they made conventional bikes later on.


   RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Does anybody know about Panasonic space-age bikes? posted by JOEL on 1/11/2001 at 9:26:30 AM
I don't know about Panasonic specificly but the Japanese made some pretty cool stuff in the 70s. Check out the 77 Secine GTO at www.rydjor.com/rydcol.html

MISC:   Bicycle Pin Origin posted by: Allen Jennings on 1/9/2001 at 11:43:27 AM
I am looking for information on a pin modeled after a Columbia Bicycle head badge. The pin is circular (3/4" dia) with the words "YOU SEE THEM EVERYWHERE" on the perimiter of the top, a sloping stripe across the center with the "Columbia " logo script and the word "Bicycles" around the perimiter of the bottom part. It looks like a small badge from Columbia but is smaller with a tighter bend where it would attacch to the head tube of a bicycle. There is a pin soldered on to the back which looks like a lapel pin. The pin is 2" long and protrudes downward from the center of the pin and is pointed sharp.
What is it and where did it come from? Any help with specifics would be nice. (We know about the bike company and it's web site.)

MIDDLEWEIGHT:   western flyer posted by: Gary on 1/9/2001 at 8:13:58 AM
where can i fine a serial # chart for a western flyer. please help.

   RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   western flyer posted by Allen Jennings on 1/10/2001 at 9:56:57 AM
It's unlikely that a serial number chart exists for Western Flyers. Western Auto sold bikes from many...I mean many manufacturers, Cleavland Welding, AMF, Murray, English Raleigh and many more. Flying O bikes from Oklahoma Tire and Supply are the same way as are many Sears, Wards JC Higgins and others. Your best bet is to search for frame similarities in other name brand bikes to identify them. Paint and Options often are similar. Sorry for the bad news.

   RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   western flyer posted by sam on 1/10/2001 at 4:04:41 PM
Allen right,Huffy made a lot of the 50 balloon tired western flyiers,I have one made by Hawthorne(my guess)Murry made the x53s,don't know much on the m/w,so any info you find we can all learn from--good luck---sam

AGE / VALUE:   The great headset hunt continues posted by: Christopherrobin on 1/9/2001 at 7:35:24 AM
Schwinn headsets varied between models and finding a upper headset bearing race, the one that fits down into the frame isn't easy. In fact the whole thing may get shelved for awhile until I can find one.

Schwinn Wasp headset English style needed.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   The great headset hunt continues posted by JOEL on 1/9/2001 at 7:43:03 AM
Do you mean the type with the upside down top bearing ? I may have a used one. JOEL

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   The great headset hunt continues posted by ChristopherRobin on 1/9/2001 at 2:16:11 PM
There were six left in the drawer in another town and only one fit. Only one was wide enough and fit inside the frame like it should. Thanks for your offer,it's very kind of you. Good heavens! I'm not used to paying $2.50 for a headset part! We time warped back to the 1960's for the part and then back to the present day to have it rung up on the computer/cash register.

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   The great headset hunt continues posted by ChristopherRobin on 1/16/2001 at 4:49:39 PM
I noticed a seller on E-Bay that was offering new reproduced Wald headsets. Wald is still around and is making these old headsets again. Looks to be silver paint on the parts. There were more than one type headset used and it is always advisable to take your old parts along to show and match up.

AGE / VALUE:   The Soul of Schwinn posted by: ChristopherRobin on 1/9/2001 at 7:19:40 AM
I uncovered another batch of old cranks and sprockets and afterward I stoped in to see a pal to do a little bit of "Show and Tell" I show what I find and he tells!
This one piece is "Real Schwinn" as he put it. "It's their famous crank, It screams the grandeur that was Schwinn" This is a large 24 tooth skip tooth crank or "Humber pitch" as he says and it has four large holes the size of Eisenhower silver dollars and also four smaller holes. I checked my bike books because the resources on the web are still in the elementary stage. The picture of the bike it is on is like from 1897. So it is an old crank. I have never seen one of these before and having one on the wall is really neat.

Each manufactuer made more than one style crank sprocket. Schwinn made many diffrent sizes for many diffrent bicycles. Someone someday should put a whole page up on the web that shows them all and makes sense of it all so if you have something you can figure out what it went to and what year it is from e.t.c.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   The Soul of Schwinn posted by sam on 1/10/2001 at 7:40:29 PM
This idea makes good sence,we often advise newbys to inspect sprockets for clues to makes with dept store names.how nice it would be to have a resorce to go to!I serched for a western flyier till I gave up--and then some photos don't show the sprocket clearly.I'd love to see your Raleigh,or your wasp project-but do we need another web sight that says "here look at my bikes?"BORING.but one like you decribe would help us all,please give it some though---sam

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE: Crank sprocket page idea posted by ChristopherRobin on 1/11/2001 at 1:49:47 PM
Let me elaborate a bit.

Im thinking of a whole page of crank sprockets. Every crank sprocket ever made for every bicycle you can think of and even more for the ones you have never heard of. A picture of the part with a description of what make and model bike with the years it was produced.

Then do a page of nothing but caliper brakes all the many diffrent makes and models. With a description what bikes used them and what year these were made. e.t.c.

A page for wheels. Drop center, S-2, S-7 alloy, steel, Westwood and Endrick Westrick. Every type wheel catalog them all! Every size. and get a description. Don't know what you have? Don't know if it is correct? Look it up! Sheldon already has a wonderful tire and rim chart on his excellent page.
A page for brake cables,hub cones DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY DIFFRENT TYPES OF HUB CONES THERE ARE? I've slowly learned what goes on what hub, for what bike. All this needs to get into the web someday. There is a tremendous amount more that can be done. It won't be easy.

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE: Crank sprocket page idea posted by ChristopherRobin on 1/11/2001 at 2:03:39 PM
So much if these parts is obscure. I have C.C.M. tricycle headset races(Don't know what size they are threaded) They're old and the old C.C.M. factory is gone, the company is alive and vibrant but it is diffrent, things have changed. If the bag wasn't labled I'd be really lost and would never know what they fit.

So many things get thrown out because the person who holds it in his/her hands does not know what in the heck it is to and there is nobody there to tell and so it goes into the trash! I'll never use these headset parts,certainly not a whole cloth bag of em but letting these get tossed out would be wrong. My heavens, C.C.M. was a huge company years ago, they made many things. I'd love to really get into it and discover all about it.

When we unearth the old catalogs and shop diagrams and get it posted up on the net with some photos of the factories and some information from former workers it will be awesome. It is the stumbling around that fustrates many of us. Finding the bicycle or that special part is really fun. Having to try to learn about it can be a pain sometimes. Especially when your really great question goes unanswered. Where would we be if there was no OldRoads, Sheldon and the others? Totally lost that's where!

   RE:RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE: Crank sprocket page idea posted by ChristopherRobin on 1/11/2001 at 2:11:57 PM
I have one 26 inch American wheel front hub is New Departure. Rim is painted red. The rim is one style and the other wheel is a New Departure model D painted yellow. (This is factory paint) However this other rim is diffrent and so they do not match and there is no stamp on them so what are they? I call them Mystery Wheels!! and so they will be sitting until the next meet. I'll be the table with the 8 foot high red and black question mark on top. Looking at pictures in books at rims is not too much help as the photos are not that precise.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE: Crank sprocket page idea posted by ChristopherRobin on 1/13/2001 at 11:49:03 AM
I believe these rims I have go to the Schwinn B10 E bicycle. You know, the bike with the red balloon tires. There is a picture in the Pridemore and Hurd Schwinn book and I got a look at the wheels and these are what I have. The front hub in the picture is what I ahve in the front wheel.

MISC:   Milwaukee Swap posted by: Jim Roslof on 1/8/2001 at 7:57:51 AM
Greater Milwaukee Bicycle Swap Show Saturday February 17.2001 Wisconsin State Fair Park
South Exhibit Building So. 84th Street at I-94
further info: 262 635 2324