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Archived: Balloon Tire and Middleweights

WANTED:   Schwinn grips with "air pocket" .What are they called posted by: Robert on 3/26/2001 at 12:40:07 PM
What is the name for the grips Schwinn made with the cusion / air pocket build into the grip in the palm area?


   RE:WANTED:   Schwinn grips with posted by sam on 3/26/2001 at 5:39:46 PM
don't know the name but lovelylowrider has them without the schwinn name printed on them - great for customs--sam

   RE:WANTED:   Schwinn grips with posted by A freind on 3/27/2001 at 6:12:54 AM
Hi Robert, Any time I came across those grips they were on those beach kruisers Schwinn made. When you posted your question, I knew what you were talking about. Since thats one of the bicycles I work with alot.

   RE:RE:WANTED:   Schwinn grips with posted by Joel on 3/27/2001 at 1:53:51 PM
They're called Cushon Grips I think.

   RE:RE:WANTED:   Schwinn grips with posted by guido on 3/28/2001 at 12:37:45 PM
I have a Suburban that has those grips on it too. I would think Cushion Grips or Air Cushion Grips, not sure though

   RE:WANTED:   Schwinn grips with posted by sam on 3/28/2001 at 4:06:56 PM

   RE:RE:WANTED:   Schwinn grips with posted by MNSmith on 3/28/2001 at 7:05:15 PM
Sorry Sam, Chubbies are the thick but solid grips, different from the Cushion Grips.

WANTED:   3spd hub posted by: AJ on 3/26/2001 at 11:20:13 AM
need rear 3spd hub complete dated 57 thanks AJ

BALLOON:   "Odd-Ball" Ballooner posted by: Jeff U. on 3/25/2001 at 9:38:30 PM
I have just gotten back from my first bike swap-meet today. I had the greatest time!! I am currently restoring a Schwinn Panther, and have kind of lapsed on its resto. Today though, I purchased a "Sieberling Road King" It says this on the head-badge. It also says Seiberling rubber company, Akron Ohio. Is anyone out there familiar with this make? It is a pre-war bike, all original(other than tires), and in beautiful condition! Who made the frame on this bike? The rims are chrome, the fenders are painted, no tank, no rack etc. It was/is a fairly basic bike, and will make a tremendous rider after a good cleaning and polishing! Thank-you for any information!

   RE:BALLOON:    posted by Steve H. on 3/26/2001 at 3:26:54 PM
Frank A. Seiberling founded the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. in 1898 in Akron, Ohio. I'm guessing that the Seiberling Co. was an off-brand for the Goodyear Co.

AGE / VALUE:   FRONT TORSION BARS posted by: TIM on 3/25/2001 at 8:30:11 PM
I have a pair of what turn out to be front torsion bars, patent# 1738855. A patent search yielded a 1929 patent date. Anybody know what bike they go on? Anybody interested in owning them?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   FRONT TORSION BARS posted by JOEL on 3/26/2001 at 1:07:54 PM
Are they different from truss rods or crash bars??

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   FRONT TORSION BARS posted by TIM on 3/26/2001 at 6:22:06 PM
Joel, they are made up of a 26 1/4" long, 3/8" diameter steel rods, with holes at top and bottom. The bottom end of the rod fits through a 6 1/2" long, 13/16" wide adjustable bracket with six holes plus an axle hole. a collar holds the rod at one end of the bracket and a nut/bolt goes through the rod and your choice of the six holes depending how long you want it over all. There is a slight bend in the bracket above the axle hole, allowing the rod to run from the axle nut to the top of the handlebars. You now know all I know about these items. Except they are pretty cool!

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   FRONT TORSION BARS posted by JOEL on 3/27/2001 at 11:49:59 AM
OK, sounds like a crash/truss rod kind of thing. Pretty cool.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   FRONT TORSION BARS posted by TIM on 3/28/2001 at 10:24:03 AM
Joel, if you'd like to have them, make me a reasonable offer. i'm not a ballooner guy, so i have no use for them. they look complete except for the missing handlebar brackets.

FOR SALE:   sears spyder nos seat& shifter posted by: chris on 3/25/2001 at 4:50:27 PM
25$ for the seat and 30 $ for the shifter ,you can see it on ebay 1127118454 but the shifter is white...chris

WANTED:   Pee-Wee Herman's bike: loudspeaker posted by: Matthew on 3/23/2001 at 11:39:25 PM
Hello everyone,I havea a question. Does everyone remember in Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, the little tiger-headed loudspeaker he had mounted onhis handlbar? Well, I know that they wre real, but my question is, does anyone know where any of them are? I'd really appreciate some info. Thanks, Matt

MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Jaguar&Typhoon posted by: Tim Keith on 3/23/2001 at 6:17:11 AM
The Jaguar is a 1960(RED)& good condition.Missing the tank,would appretiate anyone with information regarding a tank for a Schwinn Jaguar.Also,the Schwinn Typhoon 1960(RED),is missing the chaingard&truss rods. Would appreciate info on these parts also. Thanks,Tim

   RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Jaguar&Typhoon posted by Kevin C. on 3/23/2001 at 5:50:53 PM
I don't think Typhoons were made as early as 1960. The first ones, with straight bottom bars, came out in 1961 or 1962, as I recall.

   RE:RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Jaguar&Typhoon posted by Gordon on 3/23/2001 at 8:29:44 PM
Right you are Kevin - first year was 1962. Maybe the bike in question is a Tornado? They were made from 59 to 61.

   RE:RE:RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Jaguar&Typhoon posted by T.Keith on 3/24/2001 at 7:43:53 AM
Gordon,Thanks for the reply.I meant to type 1960's on that information.The bike is a Typhoon(early 60's). My wife came home from an auction last year with the Typhoon & the Jaguar Mark IV.That was the beginning of my "old bike" hobby. T.Keith

   RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Jaguar&Typhoon posted by Tim P. on 3/25/2001 at 8:44:54 PM
I've got a couple of old bikes that have truss rods, complete with rust and lots of use if your interested.

MIDDLEWEIGHT:   60s Columbia Torpedo Frame posted by: Aaron on 3/23/2001 at 1:11:48 AM
I have a late 50s or early 60s Columbia Torpedo frame that has the original two-tone red and white paint and original Torpedo decal and other Columbia decals. How much should I expect to get out of it at a bike swap meet do you think?

BALLOON:   New Departure/Schwinn Wheels & Tires posted by: Aaron on 3/23/2001 at 1:11:48 AM
I have this very nice set of wide fat tire wheels that have steep slanted edges. I carefully brushed away the excess surface rust and silver metal wheels appeared with two red lines--one on each side of the nipples. One these wheels were 2.5 inch high and 2 inch wide beefy tires that say Schwinn Typhoon right on them. The riding edge of the tires are flat with straight grooved tred. The front axle says Schwinn on it but the rear axle is a New Departure Model D with a wide-toothed gear. Both wheels are in very good condition and all of the spokes are still entacted. Are these wheels and tires worth much? Are New Departure items worth much? Should the wheels be sold separately from the tires? Any input would help, thanks.

   RE:BALLOON:   New Departure/Schwinn Wheels & Tires posted by Flavio Figliola on 3/23/2001 at 11:42:13 PM
Hi Aaron your wheels if in good shape i would say $100 for front wheel in mint shape no rust, no pitting on chrome,no corroded spokes very straight. Rear wheel with wide toothed sprocket same shape no rust no pitting and also very straight $100 for rear wheel. it sounds like you have a set of either pre war wheels or post war, measure the gap between teeth on the rear sprocket if the are a inch apart you have a set of prewar wheels. If its a 1/2 inch gap between the teeth of the rear sprocket they are post war.

   RE:BALLOON:   New Departure/Schwinn Wheels & Tires posted by guido on 3/24/2001 at 12:59:31 PM
Steep slanted sides make me think of pre-war drop center rims like the ones found on the 1930`s B10-E, Streamline aerocycle, Motorbike, Autocycle,DX`s and the earliest Hollywoods of the late 30`s to early 40`s. I don`t claim to know much but I would figure that if they were clean, straight and with tires, someone might pay handsomly to get them and use them to bring one of the mentioned bikes back to spec. Oh,nevermind the DX it had painted rims.

   RE:RE:BALLOON:   New Departure/Schwinn Wheels & Tires posted by MNSmith on 3/24/2001 at 9:03:51 PM
Just keep in mind, and I'm not trying to confuse the issue, but while what has been said is basically true, their are some discrepancies. Schwinn Autocycles and a few other prewar bikes had a 1/2" pitch chain and the 1" pitch chain was used into the mid 50's on all kinds of bikes. If those Typhoon tires are original and in good shape, they too can bring a pretty penny. They were used on the early Phantoms and B-6's. The reman's today pale in comparison.

MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Schwinn chainguards posted by: Aaron on 3/23/2001 at 1:11:48 AM
I have a question about a certain Schwinn chainguard I have. Before stripping the paint off of this early to mid 60's Schwinn of mine, I noticed the decal said Schwinn SuperStar on the chainguard. However, I have yet to find any mention in any literature about this model name. Did the SuperStar exist, or am I dreaming the whole thing up? Also, does anyone know where I can purchase Schwinn decals or paint templates for restoring the lettering on these old bikes?

   RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Schwinn chainguards posted by Kevin C. on 3/23/2001 at 4:49:48 AM
There was a Schwinn "Flying Star," but I have never heard of a Super Star.

BALLOON:   Updated Ann Arbor show site posted by: Steve on 3/22/2001 at 1:33:06 PM
We've recently updated out web page for the Ann Arbor/Saline Classic Bike Show.

We've posted additional general info, vendor info, and cleaned up the navigation. It will load quicker too.

Check it out at: ann-arbor-bicycleshow.com

AGE / VALUE:   1945 or 46 B. F. Schwinn Autocycle posted by: Flavio Figliola on 3/22/2001 at 10:02:26 AM
i own this bike, and it needs a total restoration. Tank, and rack are missing on the bike everthing else is there, if anyone is interested in this piece i,m offering it at $300 i was told its a rare piece due to the fire that the factory had when they were making these bikes.Please reply or email at BikeGuru2 ok Thank You.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   1945 or 46 B. F. Schwinn Autocycle posted by MNSmith on 3/22/2001 at 1:15:49 PM
Any photos?

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   1945 or 46 B. F. Schwinn Autocycle posted by Flavio Figliola on 3/23/2001 at 11:51:44 PM
Hi M.N. Smith Yes I do have some photo's of this bike send me your address and i will gladly mail them too you ok. Thank You.Please send an email if still interested. Thanks for you reply.

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   1945 or 46 B. F. Schwinn Autocycle posted by MNSmith on 3/24/2001 at 9:19:36 PM
Your email doesn't work. Send me a note I can reply to.

AGE / VALUE:   Graziella folding tandem posted by: Tim Welsh on 3/22/2001 at 9:49:22 AM
Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, but there is no 'tandems' section. I can pick up a Graziella folding tandem, with lights, fenders, and all. It's a very funky bike. Does anyone know anything about this bike, or where I can find out more info?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Graziella folding tandem posted by cj on 3/23/2001 at 4:58:46 AM
Ask under the Vintage Lightweight topic

WANTED:   brake calipers posted by: aj on 3/21/2001 at 12:02:22 PM
need 2 sets of middleweight brake calipers,vett or jag

BALLOON:   F/S SCHWINN CYCLE TRUCK posted by: JOE on 3/21/2001 at 8:55:18 AM