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Archived: Balloon Tire and Middleweights

MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Schwinn whitewall Westwind tire problem! posted by: Steve H. on 7/1/2001 at 3:02:40 PM
I have two 1961 Schwinns, a Jaguar and a Panther. I restored both of them, and I put the new reproduction Westwind whitewall tires on them. They fit great on the front, but the back tire doesn't seem to fit right on both. The white wall gets thinner in one spot on both rims. When I ride them, they both have a bump in the tire at that spot. I thought it was the tubes, but it's not, they are new. The rims aren't bent either. I have taken the tires off the rims and put them back on and they still are like this. Has anyone else had this problem with the new Westwinds? I'm beginning to think that it's a manufacturing defect, and not the way I put them on. Any ideas as to what's wrong? Thanks, Steve H.

   What the bike dealers don't tell you posted by Tom Findley on 7/2/2001 at 5:29:51 AM
Yes, this happens. You put the tires on, and it will take 7-10 days for the tires to "set" right. They eventually do.

   RE:What the bike dealers don't tell you posted by A friend on 7/5/2001 at 4:17:45 PM
I beleive your right Steve, they sound like seconds, or blems. I would take the rim with the tire to the people you bought them from. Theres nothing like proof right up front. So spin that wheel in their presents so they can see for them selfs.

   RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Schwinn whitewall Westwind tire problem! posted by Fred on 7/10/2001 at 7:43:44 PM
It sounds like the tires are not seated correctly on the rim in one area-a common problem. Try remounting them after swabbing the tire bead with diluted dish soap. A little lube makes a lot of things go better. Most tires have a narrow ridge all round just outside the rim when properly mounted that can be used as reference. The ridge must be concentric with the rim. Another problem with seating is caused by the stem base. When inflating the tire, make sure the stem is pushed into the tire so that the tire can seat properly. I have gone into detail on the many problems with tire mounting in my website, fredhaj.tripod.com. Look in the tech tips section.

AGE / VALUE:   HERCULES posted by: BILL on 7/1/2001 at 12:42:07 PM

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   HERCULES posted by sam on 7/2/2001 at 7:02:13 PM
Hercules bikes usualy made in england--try a post under english roadesters

AGE / VALUE:   LaSalle Girls Bike posted by: Gary on 6/30/2001 at 3:31:42 PM
I have a bike, the name badge says LaSalle, the I.D. # is
( I 78141 ) does anyone know what year this bike is? This bike is in pretty good shape with original paint, has a working light on front fender.

MUSCLE BIKES:   Schwinn Krate and Sting-Ray Parts posted by: tom g on 6/30/2001 at 5:19:10 AM
many parts for krate, sting-ray, fastback or manta-ray
for sale cheap

FOR SALE:   Schwinn Varsity, Suburban, Racer posted by: tom g on 6/30/2001 at 5:16:52 AM
all good condition used original schwinns...$39 ea

   RE:FOR SALE:   Schwinn Varsity, Suburban, Racer posted by Dale on 7/2/2001 at 10:46:00 AM
Email me about the racer

BALLOON:   Schwinn Chicago Cruisers For Sale posted by: tom g on 6/30/2001 at 5:14:32 AM
frames are chicago cantilever all sizes, you pick out the
components, all good condition...$99 ea bike

   RE:BALLOON:   Schwinn Chicago Cruisers For Sale posted by ken on 7/3/2001 at 8:44:48 AM
I'm looking for a set of rims/tires for a schwinn racer,email me if you have or know of any. Thanks,ken oldbikefreak@yahoo.com

AGE / VALUE:   Kansas City Bicycle Swap Meet posted by: Calvert Guthrie on 6/29/2001 at 8:49:02 PM
KANSAS CITY'S FIRST EVER! (and ain't it about time!?!)
The El Torreon (Cowtown) Ballroom

Easy to find. Aim your wheels for the red broadcasting tower atop Union Hill just south of downtown Kansas City and right up the hill from Crown Center. The tower is on 31st and the SWAP is only 4 blocks to the east.

Bring your bicycle booty, scooter loot, trading stock, schwagg, parts, pieces, odd bits, accessories, excessories, AND your want lists!

10 x 10 spaces will be ready for set up INSIDE the El Torreon facility. There is plenty of space inside but just in case the turnout exceeds our expectations, additional space will be available in the parking lot for the over flow.

The stage of the El Torreon has been reserved for displaying your best originals & restorations. Cash prizes are now being discussed.

A table will be dedicated to handouts for cycling advocacy, rides and other bicycle events. Petitions welcome, too.

The public is also welcome. If you've ever had an interest in bicycles or scooters, this is your best local opportunity to learn from the region's most
experienced restoration artists, mechanics, and cycling history buffs.

This meet is for Wheelmen, Veteran Cyclists, Vintage Racers, Scorchers, Cycletourists, Randonneurs, Retro-Grouches, Balloonatics, Krate Krappers, Mountain bikers, Commuters, Pubcrawlers.

You can expect to see the complete range bicycles and scooters.... Early/Vintage/Classic/Modern/Experimental.

Velocipedes, Boneshakers, Highwheelers, Safeties, Roadsters, Heavy service, Dispatch, Delivery, Military, Balloon, Lightweights, Racing, Audax, Krates & Twenty-Inchers, Recumbents, Cyclecross, Folding, Mountain, Hybrids, Moultons, Scooters, Mopeds, Cyclo-Rickshaws, HPV....Have we left anything out?

And get this.....the setup space is FREE!
One space per swapper
And every space is a great space.
NO CHARGE for Swappers.
NO CHARGE for Shoppers.
First come, first served
on the morning of the meet.
Come early and que up.
This swap meet begins at dawn.

For more information call:
Abe 816/853/8316
Buddy 816/322/6226
John 913/681/0774
Danny 816/942/4681
Steve 816/254/6714
Tom 913/362/3090
Calvert 816/363/4418

If you would like to be added
to the directory of those attending
(and those who think they might),
Send your name, address, phone#, email,
& specific interest to
A MellowVelo Production

Come into town a day early (7/28) for the Saturday night
River Market Cyclery Pub Crawl
7pm til Beer Bonk......
For nightcrawlers who value a good cruise between refreshments.......at about a dozen of Kansas City's most comfortable downtown pubs. Call Billy at the River Market Cyclery 816/842/2453 (315 East 3rd KCMO)
Take in some Kansas City Kultcha.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Kansas City Bicycle Swap Meet posted by Doug on 6/30/2001 at 5:30:42 AM
How about more than 0 days notice next time would luved to have went.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Kansas City Bicycle Swap Meet posted by ChristopherRobin on 6/30/2001 at 11:14:17 AM
I'm surprised at you Calvert! One day's notice? That's not good! He's got a point! What are we supposed to do? Telportation? To Kansas City?
I can see it now, when the officer asks why I'm doing 120 mph I will have to tell him/her that Calvert didn't give me enough notice to get there.
What fellow bike colector owns a jet? hmmm...

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Kansas City Bicycle Swap Meet posted by ChristopherRobin2@starmail.com on 6/30/2001 at 11:17:56 AM
I think most of the bike folks have these swap meet dates on the calender and they plan ahead of time. Still, a bit more notice whould have been nice.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Kansas City Bicycle Swap Meet posted by goob on 6/30/2001 at 12:32:29 PM
Where Iam at its still June. 30 days until july 29. I live a couple hundred miles away but can make it before July 29.

   READ IT AGAIN....CAREFULLY THIS TIME! posted by Calvert Guthrie on 6/30/2001 at 12:35:46 PM
SUNDAY, JULY 29th NOT 6/29. Hey, Doug and Chris......I hope you are the only two who need new specs. YOU'VE GOT A MONTH TO PLAN TO BE HERE.....if you haven't already committed that day.
But to explain the situation....we just met the owner of the building recently and only learned 2 weeks back that he would be willing to do a swap inside. Several of us have been hustling ever since to plan and prep for it. I finalized & verified enough details last night to post it on the net. Now put on your thinking cap for just a minute, kids.... would you pass up the opportunity to stage an INDOOR meet just because the notice would need to be short? We know of no other Midwestern swaps planned for that weekend.
We've made a lot of phone calls and have folks from as far south as Alabama coming up for it. As far north as Des Moines and Omaha. We've commitments from Topeka, Denver, Wichita, Springfield, MO, Indianapolis. And so far no one I've talked to has reported any whining about the short notice. We stand ready to provide directions and lodging info to anyone tough enough to make the drive.
What I didn't mention in the notice was the high number of local guys who have storage spaces bursting at the seams with stuff they've never taken to a meet. Some of you know the amazing Bill England who's vast accumulation is stored only blocks from the El Torreon. Our corner of the country is starved for a good meet. (Plenty of BBQ not enough meet.) If you come early and/or want to make it a family outing there is plenty to do here.....(ask me about the Steamboat Arabia Museum).
We have scheduled the meet to start early and end at 3pm for that those who want to get a jump on their drive home can do so.
I concede that those who didn't read the announcement carefully will think the cost per space will be too high.....but there is nothing I can do about that.
Chis....it would be great to finally meet you. Hope you can make it.
Kansas City is HOT TO SWAP!!!

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Kansas City Bicycle Swap Meet posted by Doug on 7/1/2001 at 12:36:07 AM
Sorry Cal when I read the post the top line says Kansas city swap meet (posted on in little letters ) 6/29/01 which made it look like that was the day of the meet, dumb mista ke probably wont be my last one either sorry.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Kansas City Bicycle Swap Meet posted by Calvert Guthrie on 7/1/2001 at 12:59:00 AM
Okay, now I see how it happened. An easy mistake to make.

Our flyers are now out and going up around our region. If anyone would like to help with getting the word out, it would be a big help to print out the copy on the above posting and post it at your LBS's, libraries, coffee houses, &c. Our thanks to anyone willing to take this task on.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Kansas City Bicycle Swap Meet posted by ChristopherRobin2@starmail.com on 7/1/2001 at 9:50:58 AM
Oh July! That's in the future, enough time then! Sorry about that Calvert!

MISC:   Information Wanted - Who knows Roadmaster?? posted by: MNSmith on 6/28/2001 at 7:14:23 PM
I had someone give me what looks like a reproduction Roadmaster prewar bike. 28 x 1
1/4 tube type tires ( one piece ), Roadmaster made in India head badge and rear fender badge, rod
activated brakes, full cover chainguard, spring assisted rear drop stand, free wheel
rear hub, Roadmaster decals, handpainted pinstriping like the old days, prewar type of
leather racing seat, road bike type of frame. Hopefully I can post a pic or two soon.

   RE:MISC:   Information Wanted - Who knows Roadmaster?? posted by JOEL on 6/30/2001 at 5:19:17 AM
Hey Mark,
I've been to India and that sounds like every bike that I passed on the street (and there were a LOT of 'em). Don't know about the badge.

MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Attn. Mike Stone: Do you want it? posted by: Tom Findley on 6/28/2001 at 8:49:23 AM
If so, I won't bid.


This would be a candidate for a cast headlight lens. I have an extra rear reflector.

FOR SALE:   FRONT HEADLIGHT posted by: STEVEN on 6/28/2001 at 8:39:38 AM

   RE:FOR SALE:   FRONT HEADLIGHT posted by STEVEN on 6/28/2001 at 3:49:11 PM

   RE:FOR SALE:   FRONT HEADLIGHT posted by bruce adams on 7/4/2001 at 5:29:48 PM
I wondered if you could help me to find both written information as well as a parts sourse for Hiawatha model bikes. I have just aquired both a step through and a male's bikes and am starving for information. I would be very interested in the fender mounted light you are offering,but would have no clue as to its value or if it came with either of these bikes. Serial #s of each are: step through-

f89846- Male's-G58237 A. Hope to hear from you......

BALLOON:   40"s Schwinn Frame posted by: Ron on 6/27/2001 at 7:41:16 PM
Aloha, Recently I became the proud owner of what I thought was a 1952 Balloon type cruiser. Upon beakdown, I discovered that it has a vintage 1941 Heart main gear , Skip tooth,along with Spring Forks and Baloon tires.
Turns out to be a 1980 Spitfire frame, with all of the above. I don't see the sense of putting a pre war Crank and Gear on a 80's frame. So , I am looking for a not exactly pristine frame from the 40's that I can restore and use the parts that I have. The distance accross the Seat Stay Arch should be at least 6.5 cm.

Does anyone have such a beast.... if so how much ? If not, do you know where I could find one.

Mahalo ( Thanks ) Ron

   RE:BALLOON:   40 posted by MNSmith on 6/27/2001 at 8:00:00 PM
Just remember that if you are going to use the springer again, that the prewar springer will not work on a postwar frame and vice versa.

"Sweetheart" chainrings are correct for prewar bikes as well as postwar bikes up until the early 50's. A dogleg crank would be more correct for a prewar bike. Although it can be used on a postwar frame. Good Luck!!

   RE:BALLOON:   40 posted by Robert on 6/27/2001 at 8:01:47 PM
Aloha Ron. It has been my experience that ebay.com is the best source for your request, especially in your case away from the mainland.


MISC:   1970 Columbia posted by: John B. on 6/27/2001 at 4:29:21 AM
Recently picked up a 1970 Columbia mens 26" cantilever frame bike. For 8 bucks I figured I'd repaint it a metallic orange that came close to the original, find some decent wheels that look like the rusty ones that were on it and have a fun rider. Took it camping this weekend and, while I was sitting in a chair looking at the bike, I noticed a shiny spot on the back of the head tube. The paint was not as discolored as the rest and there are two holes... like there was a mounting clip for a tank. This bike is getting more interesting. Does anyone know anything about this thing? Now I'm convinced I need to find a tank...even if I have to modify a Taiwan replacement Schwinn tank to look like the original. Somebody help me, please. Now I want to reproduce the Columbia graphic on the seat tube, too. Wouldn't you know it. My "fun rider" is becoming another project!!!

   RE:MISC:   1970 Columbia posted by Cal on 6/27/2001 at 5:23:49 AM
Been there before. The "I'm just gonna throw some old parts on this frame and turn it into a rider" bike ends up being a much bigger showpiece than you originally thought.

Look in the picture database at the Columbias and let us all know what the frame looks like.

   RE:RE:MISC:   1970 Columbia posted by John B. on 6/28/2001 at 9:46:36 AM
The frame is the same as the '63 & '64 Thunderbolts pictured, but the chainguard is altogether different...has the name COLUMBIA in an italicized outline letter. It is rather square and dips down at a forward angle at the front. The bike is a candy orange with chrome fenders and has a cool chrome wire carrier on the back with two reflectors on the center wires. I realize this could be aftermarket but its what attracted my attention in the first place. I'm GUESSING my bike had an abreviated tank similar to those pictired since there is also a hole in the underside of the top tube that could have mounted another bracket.
I'll try to get some pictures and post them here soon. Meanwhile any help you guys can offer is really appreciated. Thanx.

AGE / VALUE: 1937?? schwinn no headbadge posted by: alex on 6/26/2001 at 8:01:56 PM
I am having trouble identifying my bike.It's a Schwinn frame,but it has a taller fork tube and the middle and lower bars meet right at the front tube.The serial is Y15612.
It also has arrows on the front instead of ram's horn.I hope this is enough info.I have not found a similar frame anywhere.Help!photo at http://home.pacbell.net/ruizsf/bike3.jpg

   RE:AGE / VALUE: 1937?? schwinn no headbadge posted by Cal on 6/27/2001 at 5:30:12 AM
No doubt - it's a Schwinn Excelsior

   RE:AGE / VALUE: 1937?? schwinn no headbadge posted by MNSmith on 6/27/2001 at 7:55:01 PM
I left you a reply to your Schwinn Forum post. Also have a look at the 1930-40 Schwinn La Salle in the bicycle photo database here at Old Roads.

Have a look at these:
http://nostalgic.net/arc/bicycles/1930's%20Schwinn%20motorbike%201.jpg sorry, this one is a Motorbike.

Yup, the more I look at it, the more I have to say it is a C model, whether an Excelsior or not.

MIDDLEWEIGHT:   1960's?? AMC posted by: Michael on 6/26/2001 at 7:25:13 PM
I own an AMC bicycle that I think is a 60 something model. It has a tank, light, horn, and a rack. It also has chrome finders and is a 3 speed. Other than that I don't know much about it. I would appreciate any information that I can get.

AGE / VALUE:   Bendix 2spd/3spd posted by: Tom on 6/26/2001 at 1:05:25 PM
I recently recieved a Bendix hub multispeed, but I don't know what it is 2spd or 3spd. How do I tell? Does anyone have pictures of 2spd and 3spd hub that you could send me.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Bendix 2spd/3spd posted by Cal on 6/27/2001 at 5:31:39 AM
How many bands are on it, and what color are they?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Bendix 2spd/3spd posted by Tom Findley, Bendix Bicycle Hub Service Division, Allied Signal Corp. on 6/27/2001 at 5:48:41 AM
If the hub has THREE red,yellow, or blue bands, it is a TWO speed. If it has 36 holes, it will fit 26" rims. Ifit has 28 spoke holes, it will fit 24" or 20" rims.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Bendix 2spd/3spd posted by Tom on 6/27/2001 at 9:44:34 PM
The hub has no bands on it. It has 36 holes and had a 26" rim I have no rim with it. It was on a Racycle Speedliner a 1955 or 1936 from the Columbia date chart. It has no chain for changing gears but a pivoting lever that moves a pin in and out of the hub. I have a CCM 3spd hub with a similar setup. It is not a skiptooth. The bike had a steel cable housing. The adjuster on the end of the cable is about 2 1/2" long. I did not get the original shifter with it. I got a SA 3/4 spd. There is no markings on the hub only Bendix on the brake arm.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Bendix 2spd/3spd posted by TF on 6/28/2001 at 5:51:01 AM
See if your hib looks like this 2-speed:


Bendix made 1 and 2-speed hubs. They made a 3-speed shifter that didn't last long.

Ebay seller bicyclebones has parts for the Bendix cable-operated and kickback hubs.

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Bendix 2spd/3spd posted by Tom on 6/28/2001 at 7:31:39 AM
That is the hub I have. Now to find a shifter. Thanks

   RE:RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Bendix 2spd/3spd posted by MNSmith on 6/28/2001 at 10:30:06 AM
Here is you cable: http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1157754918

Here is your shifter: http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1160314669

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Bendix 2spd/3spd posted by ken on 6/28/2001 at 1:39:21 PM
Tom F, you may be just the guy to enlighten us about the Bendix Torpedo 3-spd hub made by Sachs, and explain the relationship between Bendix and Sachs that resulted in the Sachs Torpedo Dreigang, model 515, being the same product. Much info is already posted under my 6/5/01 entry "Bendix 3-spd coaster" on the Oldroads English Roadster discussion area (you have to go back More Messages twice, as of now) including the location on ebay of the Bendix Torpedo shifter which bears the same logo as the torpedo hub, and a German web site with exploded views of the product. I would be glad to email a photo upon request. Any assistance much appreciated.