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Archived: Balloon Tire and Middleweights

AGE / VALUE:   Columbia Westfield Custom Deluxe 1940 posted by: Dean Sova on 8/25/2001 at 6:21:36 PM
Just bought this tonight if you can tell me anything about its value or are interested in buying it please feel free to give me a call here is a pic i hope if not here is a URL http://www.oldlures.org/images/bike.jpg for a pic Dean Sova (313)299-9533

MISC:   Spiegel Airman posted by: Dennis on 8/25/2001 at 10:38:42 AM
I have a Spiegel Airman mens bike I purchased in 1948 from the Spiegel Catalog. Who made this bike for Spiegel? All I can find in the web sites is about Airman 1931 - 1940. I would welcome any informantion on this bike. Thanks.

   Monark for one posted by Steve on 8/27/2001 at 6:56:47 AM
I have a Spiegle Airman from around 1948 that was made by Monark. I think other manufacturers supplied bikes for Spiegle too, purhaps Huffman.

   RE:Monark for one posted by JOEL on 8/29/2001 at 11:25:27 AM
Monark made the Airman model for a number of department stores.

AGE / VALUE:   Schwinn VIN (CANADA) EH! posted by: zipper on 8/24/2001 at 12:00:39 PM
I picked up a mens Schwinn, with the oval head badge, while in Thunder Bay, Canada. It is maroon and white with the popular paint job of that time. It has 24x1-3/4 Goodyear tires, Schwinn coaster, and complete with a rear mud flap. The VIN is 7C91470 and doesn't seem to decode using the decoder on this web site. The closest it comes is to a 1957. Did Canada bikes get a seperate set of VINs from Schwinn. Since Thunder Bay is so close to the Minnesota border I figured someone took it there and left it. Any suggestions to decode this VIN or did I over look it in the decoder? Thoughts??

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Schwinn VIN (CANADA) EH! posted by Gordon on 8/26/2001 at 7:03:50 AM
Tire size is correct for 1957. But you are right, there don't appear to have been any "7C" numbers. There were D, E and F. I have seen 2 Canadian made Schwinns, but they said "Made in Canada" at the bottom of the headbadge.

   Switched month /year codes posted by Tom Findley on 8/27/2001 at 6:28:39 AM
Schwinn switched to the new serial number system in 1957. The month letter is supposed to be the first character, followed by the year. In 1957 and 1958, they sometimes put the year followed by the month letter. They must have had 2 or more numbering machines, and were set up differently.

7C is March, 1957.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Schwinn VIN (CANADA) EH! posted by zipper on 8/28/2001 at 4:24:55 AM
Thanks for the insight gentlemen! Talk again soon.....

MISC:   what do I have? posted by: Sookie on 8/23/2001 at 1:14:32 PM
I have a great bike, but I don't know what kind it is. It has Schwinn handlebar grips, but that's about all. The serial number on the front thingy is HC1669492. Any ideas?

   RE:MISC:   what do I have? posted by Doug on 8/24/2001 at 5:09:49 AM
Whoa! Too much information!

   RE:RE:MISC:   what do I have? posted by Cal on 8/24/2001 at 6:15:58 AM
Yeah everyone will need just a wee bit more information.
Start trying to figure it out what you have by doing this:

1) Go to the 'Stat and Feature' database and do a search on the tire size. (assuming tire size is the only information you can pull off the bike. This will help you determine if it is a middleweight, ballooner, musclebike, etc.

2) Go to the 'Picture Database' and do a search on all middleweights or whatever style you've determined it to be.

   RE:RE:MISC:   what do I have? posted by Sookie on 8/24/2001 at 7:23:38 AM
Ha ha. Your sarcasm is not lost on me, Doug! Okay, the tires are 26 X 2.125. I looked at the pictures, and the closest thing seems to be the Panther from 1969. Is there a way to tell for sure if this is it?

   RE:MISC:   what do I have? posted by zipper on 8/24/2001 at 11:56:44 AM
I found that all the VINs that are stamped on the head with "HC" and then 7 numbers is a model code for Huffy Corporation bikes and the actual VIN is near the crank. I have 30 bikes in my barn that have that set-up. Good luck!

BALLOON:   marvel bicycle info??? posted by: larryc on 8/23/2001 at 9:24:59 AM
seeking any lit-info on this brand of balloon tire bike/U-bend bars,skip tooth chain,very heavy duty frame-fork.head badge says "marvel".....thanks.

BALLOON:   20" S-2 Rims posted by: Rick Cudnohoske on 8/23/2001 at 8:14:14 AM
I have 2 20" NOS S-2, double knurled, side stamped, 36H rims that
are drilled for heavy duty spokes. I'd like to sell them on
eBay but I don't know what type of bike the rims would fit.
Did the mini-twinn use this rim? Or maybe an early Sting-Ray
with the 2 spd. kickback? I don't think a cycle truck used
this rim, did it? Any help would be greatly appreciated,

   RE:BALLOON:   20 posted by MNSmith on 8/23/2001 at 6:16:13 PM
Cycle Trucks are 36 spoke, 105 gauge rims. The only other application I can think of is the Scrambler, they were heavy duty.

   RE:RE:BALLOON:   20 posted by Rick Cudnohoske on 8/24/2001 at 8:27:33 PM
Thanks Mark! I forgot to mention one important thing! The 2
S-2s are chrome. Did the cycletruck have chrome front rims?

   RE:RE:RE:BALLOON:   20 posted by MNSmith on 8/24/2001 at 9:18:01 PM
They sure did!

   RE:BALLOON:   20 posted by Jeff on 8/25/2001 at 12:25:25 PM
Most of the heavy gauge 36 hole S-2's that people find are for early Schwinn BMX bikes.(The Scrambler 36/36 comes to mind)

AGE / VALUE:   Spiegal Airman 1939 posted by: James on 8/21/2001 at 6:47:21 PM
I am trying to find out more about this bike and if it has any value. I know it is a 1939 model, the frame is rusted as well as the chrome, but itis not so bad as to not be a candidate for restoration if it is worth the time and effort. Does anyone know how to find out more on this bike..? and possible value?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Spiegal Airman 1939 posted by sam on 8/23/2001 at 5:57:27 PM

BALLOON:   Schwinn Land Cruiser posted by: Jason on 8/21/2001 at 5:07:16 PM
I have a friend of mine looking to get rid of a Schwinn Land Cruiser. I have no idea what this bike is, or if its worth anything. Can somebody help me with some info on this bike, and what it may be worth? Thanks.

   RE:BALLOON:   Schwinn Land Cruiser posted by sam on 8/22/2001 at 7:56:45 PM

MIDDLEWEIGHT:   S7 VS. S2 posted by: Matt Johnson on 8/21/2001 at 6:14:06 AM
I have a 1951 Schwinn Streamliner with super rusted out 26" S7 rims. I am looking to buy some and am having better luck finding the S2 rim. Are these rims interchangeable for my bike? Thanks

   use S2 rims posted by steve on 8/21/2001 at 6:21:52 AM
A 1951 Streamliner was originally a balloon tire bike that used S2 rims. Schwinn didn't make a middle weight until the mid 1950s.

   RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   S7 VS. S2 posted by MNSmith on 8/21/2001 at 1:35:30 PM
Are you sure it is a 1951 model? Are the serial numbers on the bottom bracket?

   RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   S7 VS. S2 posted by MNSmith on 8/21/2001 at 1:45:44 PM
Are you sure it is a 1951 model? Are the serial numbers on the bottom bracket?

MISC:   Shelby Bicycle Company Shelby ,Ohio posted by: Curt Whitten on 8/20/2001 at 7:57:55 PM
I have a 19? shelby traveler girl bike.I am trying to find out the year .It is red with white tips on the end of the wide fenders . It has 20 inch tires and the shelf over the back fender. I also have a mens bike with the badge "royal" i would like info on both thanks i am new to this curt

AGE / VALUE:   Racycle seat posted by: Tom on 8/20/2001 at 2:18:43 PM
I have a 55 Racycle Speedliner Columbia built 2spd, I need a seat for it, Green and Yellow. Does anyone have one to sell or anyone know who can get me a cover for one. I also need the rear fender reflector.

AGE / VALUE:   what is it posted by: Doug on 8/20/2001 at 4:50:13 AM
Just bought on e-bay what was supposed to be a Hiawatha bike however the head badge is missing,the person who sold it figured the Hiawatha seat cover one of those cheap slip on ones must of been the way to identify this bike.The bike is in very rough shape and after looking at hundreds of photo databases I still cant figure out the make,the only really distinctive feature is tear drop cut outs on the chainring the pics I have seen which look fairly close to this one are Hawthorne,s Does this chainring sound familiar to anyone?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   what is it posted by sam on 8/20/2001 at 6:19:33 PM
Hawthorne,which was a Cleveland Welding used that type of chainring for a short time.try also Dayton/Huffman,Huffy used a chainring with 5 tear drop cut-outs.Wald sold a replacement ring with 4 cut outs of the same style.If none of thest fit the Monark ring has tear drops too.Bet it's the dayton---sam

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   what is it posted by Doug on 8/21/2001 at 4:37:15 AM
Thanks Sam.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   what is it posted by Gordon on 8/22/2001 at 5:37:34 AM
If it is a Cleveland Welding bike it could easily be either a Hiawatha if it looks like a Hawthorne. CW produced the same bikes for both Gambles and Wards with the only variations often being just the headbadge and the chainguard decal.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   what is it posted by Jim on 8/23/2001 at 10:10:03 PM
The Hiawatha I bought has a five teardrop Chainring simular to a prewar Dayton but not skip tooth. Bike appears to be made by the same people that made the roadmaster skyrider. Late 50s early 60s.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   what is it posted by sam on 8/25/2001 at 5:25:13 PM
Jim,Cleveland Welding became Roadmaster.They were bought by AMF.Not sure what became of AMF(they made a lot of other things)but I did see a tiwan bike with roadmaster name on it at wal-mart last week--the tag gave an Ohio adress for the corporate HQ---sam

MISC:   Even more pics posted of the last Ann Arbor swap posted by: steve on 8/17/2001 at 12:55:33 PM
I just uploaded a few more photos of the Ann Arbor/Saline Classic Bicycle Show that was held last April.

There are more pics of the show including an incredible 1937 Colson Commander, Lowriders and other custom bikes, and other general shots.

Go to: http://www.ann-arbor-bicycleshow.com/

From there, hit the "PHOTOS" link, then hit the "2001" link.

I've also added a few more images to the "CLASSIC BIKE OF THE YEAR" for "2001".

MISC:   Big show this weekend! posted by: VVVintage Vintage Bicycles at OldRoads.com on 8/17/2001 at 6:36:39 AM
The 5th Annual Larz Anderson National Bike Show and Swap

Sunday August 19, 2001 on the grounds of the
Museum of Transportation
Larz Anderson Park
15 Newton St., Brookline, Mass 02446

Krates, Sting-Rays, Balloon Tire Bicycles, parts, English Roadsters, Vintage Lightweights, Customs, etc.

Click on the red notice above for information and directions.

Vin - VVVintage Vintage Bicycles

BALLOON:   scout tandem bicycle posted by: terry on 8/16/2001 at 8:00:17 PM
need any info regarding scout tandem bicycle vintage unknown
has numbers 0188 please help

   RE:BALLOON:   scout tandem bicycle posted by sam on 8/17/2001 at 7:41:51 PM
Mead ranger producted a scout model but not sure if this is even close to your bike---sam