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Archived: Balloon Tire and Middleweights

AGE / VALUE:   HEY...GARY M. ! posted by: JOEL on 8/2/2001 at 9:31:04 AM
Weren't you looking for one of these? Ebay # 1173843624. (not mine)

   very nice, thanks posted by Gary M on 8/2/2001 at 11:23:10 PM
its a model i could use, however the one i want is similar but all the tubing is hexagonal, into butted cast brackets.
i will monitor this frame well however, and thanks. like i said, my ladies bike is awesome, all i need is that, or preferrably a hex frame. Gary

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   HEY...GARY M. ! posted by sam on 8/3/2001 at 11:35:03 PM
This frame has the place for the butterfly kick stand

MISC:   Current Events… posted by: VVVintage Vintage Bicycles at OldRoads.com on 8/1/2001 at 7:23:53 AM
We are preparing to expand and grow over the next couple months. Here’s an overview of our plans:

1) The shop will be closed the week of August 4 – 10, 2001. No orders will ship during this week.

2) Sunday August 19th is the 5th Annual Larz Anderson National Bike Show and Swap at the Museum of Transportation in Brookline, MA. If there are any particular bicycles or parts you want us to bring to the show, please let us know. We’re limited in space but we may be able to accommodate you. We’ll have a number of bicycles and parts which we still have not had time to post on our web site including a 1969 Orange Krate, a 1967 coppertone Sting-Ray, a 1958 Raleigh with an enclosed chainguard, wicker baskets, frame pumps, NOS parts and more.

3) Some time this fall we will be making some infrastructure changes:
a) We will be moving to a faster web service in order to handle the 200,000+ hits we’re getting each week at OldRoads.com.
b) We will be opening up a retail shop with a real street address, repair shop, restoration service and a real, published phone number.

We would like to thank you all for your support, participation and suggestions in helping us build VVVintage Vintage Bicycles on the web over the past 6 years. We look forward to serving you and providing more on-line vintage bicycle resources in the future.

Vin – VVVintage Vintage Bicycles

   RE:MISC:   Current Events… posted by Doug on 8/2/2001 at 5:10:34 AM
Rock on people! best of luck thanks for the best site on the net for bike nuts.

BALLOON:   WHEEL LACING posted by: CORY on 7/31/2001 at 6:36:19 PM

   RE:BALLOON:   WHEEL LACING posted by MNSmith on 7/31/2001 at 7:35:33 PM
Here it is. http://www.sheldonbrown.com/wheelbuild.html

   RE:RE:BALLOON:   WHEEL LACING posted by Doug on 8/1/2001 at 4:48:17 AM
Yes mnsmith posted it thanks a bunch!

BALLOON:   Bendix with three red bands ? posted by: Jim on 7/30/2001 at 9:51:43 AM
Is there any data (exploded views or rebuild instructions)
on a Bendix hub with three red stripes ? It's marked "Automatic"
on the brake arm. I'm assuming this is a two speed kick back, but
looking around the web, I've not found any information on a
kickback with three red stripes.

   RE:BALLOON:   Bendix with three red bands ? posted by Bendix Hub Service Division, Allied Signal Corp. on 7/30/2001 at 12:14:12 PM
Go to this page:


Click on the link to Mark Smith's Bendix hub overhaul page.

His website address has a special character which does not display right on this oldroads page.

AGE / VALUE:   Bendix hub posted by: Tom on 7/29/2001 at 11:37:40 PM
I have an old Bendix hub with a red line on it. Is this a single speed or a 2 speed. I have never seen a 2 speed. How do I tell what speed it is.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Bendix hub posted by Cal on 7/30/2001 at 6:39:18 AM
Single red band is a 1 speed.
Three yellow or blue bands are 2 speeds with different ratios.

AGE / VALUE:   Wheel lacing posted by: Doug on 7/29/2001 at 6:06:50 AM
Does anyone know of a book that has wheel lacing tricks of the trade.I have been trying the copycat method of looking at a wheel counting holes and such but its so easy to get off,and make a mistake,Im sure experienced wheel lacers know some hints to make it easier (maybe not) comments welcome Thanks in advance.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Wheel lacing posted by Robert on 7/29/2001 at 12:32:37 PM
Sheldon Brown's site has a guide that you can download. I used it rebuild a wheel recently. It's step by step and even I could follow it to a satisfactory result.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Wheel lacing posted by Doug on 7/30/2001 at 4:50:14 AM
Can you give me the site address? Thanks

MUSCLE BIKES:   ZACHARY SUDDERTH and Muscle Bike.com posted by: Lord Vader on 7/27/2001 at 10:13:29 PM
Hi there, I have come into the knowledge that you readers here have had problems with this man. He has since moved into Ripping people off on GIJOE related items.

His current email address is ZACKBOT2000@aol.com

Below are a number of sites dealing with him.




Go to this site AND CLICK ON THE RESUME BUTTON http://www.netmagic.net/'qanda/ripple.htm

Then scroll down to where you start seeing examples.
There is a link to my bike theft ring site called http://www.netmagic.net/'qanda/web/mb/

Then click on the MUSCLEBIKE IMAGE http://www.netmagic.net/'qanda/web/mb/main.html

MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Who has fender roller for middleweight posted by: Paul on 7/27/2001 at 12:06:02 PM
I need to have several fenders rolled and reshaped. And have the braces re-riveted. Who does a good job ??? thanks Paul

   RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Who has fender roller for middleweight posted by MNSmith on 7/27/2001 at 2:16:07 PM
What part of the country are you in?

BALLOON:   Info on Tribune bicycle posted by: Tom Struwve on 7/27/2001 at 9:23:04 AM
A a barn sale last year, I picked up a 26" girls bike with the
oddest chainguard I've ever seen (a series of large circles, starting
at the chainwheel and decreasing in size until the back of the
bicycle. There are holes for strings in the rear fender and a
unique L shaped seat post. The hub is New Departure and from a
recent discovery at a local museum appears to be a Tribune bicycle.
Unfortunately, I cannot find any info on the Tribune make, other
than that mile-a-minute Murphy rode one behind a train to over
60 m.p.h. (a racing version apparently). Can anyone point me to
some information? Thanks -Tom

   RE:BALLOON:   Info on Tribune bicycle posted by JOEL on 7/27/2001 at 11:35:54 AM
The chainguard you discribe sounds like the one used on early 30s Elgins and others. Covers the whole chain right? The string skirt guards and 26" wheels would put it in that time period.

   RE:RE:BALLOON:   Info on Tribune bicycle posted by Cal on 7/30/2001 at 6:45:15 AM
Yeah, some of the Elgins in the picture database have that chainguard.

   RE:RE:BALLOON:   Info on Tribune bicycle posted by Tom on 9/4/2001 at 2:58:13 PM
Thanks for your help - I think you got it ! The chainguard does cover the entire chain and the picture database identified it fairly well.

AGE / VALUE:   need information on vintage bike posted by: jorgy on 7/26/2001 at 2:24:09 PM
i found a bike in the rafters of a old barn after looking it over it looks to be a schwinn the serial number is E030419 if anyone has info on this model i would really like to know.thank you

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   need information on vintage bike posted by GOOB on 7/26/2001 at 5:50:10 PM
If its a schwinn it would may 1960 year. Serial numbers tell nothing about the bike or model. Need more info for that.

AGE / VALUE:   What is it?? posted by: John Arduino on 7/26/2001 at 12:16:07 PM
I am trying to locate the Sears & Roebuck version of a Schwinn
adult tryke. The sears model has (3) 24x1.75 tires with a wire
basket in the back. It has coaster brakes, and a 3-speed
shifter (hub) on the handlebars. The chain drive appears to go
to a differential that then drives the wheel with a very short
chain drive.

Best Regards,
// John

AGE / VALUE:   AMF Skylark posted by: Frank Jordan on 7/26/2001 at 10:44:59 AM
Does anyone know anything about an AMF Skylark? It's a womans bike, with
26" x 1.75 tires. It has a double top tube, and with the exception of
some turqois accents painted on the rear rack, chainguard and fork tops
it is entirely chrome plated. It is in good condition with very little
rust, all of wich should clean up. Any idea on age or value?

AGE / VALUE:   Black Beauty bicycle posted by: Jack on 7/25/2001 at 2:37:05 PM
Hi, I am wondering if anybody knows information about a Black Beauty bicycle. It is made in the early 1900's. Thanks for your help. ps. it has wooden rims and metal spokes.

WANTED:   SIlver King FLO CYCLE PARTS posted by: TOM on 7/25/2001 at 1:14:05 PM

Need to locate either a real or repop Speedo Goosneck for a silverking Flo Cycle...also need the back half of a Wingbar frame.....

FOR SALE:   NICE 40s BALLOON COLUMBIA BIE posted by: Ray on 7/25/2001 at 1:15:36 PM
Take a look at my bike for sale on ebay. It is a girls with all the goodies.