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Archived: Balloon Tire and Middleweights

WANTED:   1961 GIRLS Huffy El Dorado posted by: Guido on 12/17/2002 at 6:58:19 PM
I am searching for a 1961 GIRLS 26 inch Huffy El Dorado in good to easily restorable condition. All original parts or most of the important ones. If you have one in your stable that you would be interested in selling, contact me at crawford20@isunet.net to send pictures, price and other details. I am searching for this bike for a woman looking to recapture her youth and if she likes the details I will put you in contact with her. Thanks OldRoads for the free ad, Guido

   RE:WANTED:   1961 GIRLS Huffy El Dorado posted by George on 1/28/2003 at 3:20:23 AM
I think I have what your looking for, If you would like me to send you a picture let me know.

   RE:WANTED:   1961 GIRLS Huffy El Dorado posted by George on 1/28/2003 at 3:22:24 AM
I think I have what your looking for, If you would like me to send you a picture let me know.

BALLOON:   speedometer posted by: Danny Stumbo on 12/16/2002 at 9:47:21 PM
Where can I find a speedometer for a 1942 wards hawthorne bike? I only need the speedometer, cable and the gear on the end of the cable.

   RE:BALLOON:   speedometer posted by JimW. on 12/17/2002 at 9:11:22 AM
Most people get them on eBay nowadays. I just got a Stewart Warner speedo there last week, for about $20. There are currently three mechanical speedos at aution at the moment:




Any of those would look good on an old Hawthorn.

FOR SALE:   MINT IN BOX DELTA TORPEDO LIGHTS posted by: CHRIS on 12/15/2002 at 11:46:19 PM

   RE:FOR SALE:   MINT IN BOX DELTA TORPEDO LIGHTS posted by Kris on 12/30/2002 at 4:55:22 PM
Hey there, do you still have these lights? Thanks, Kris

AGE / VALUE:   Firestone Deluxe Warrior posted by: Dan Justis on 12/15/2002 at 11:17:07 PM
I found a Firestone "Deluxe Warrior" at a garage sale, and was wondering what year these bikes were made. I saw a picture of one in the database, but it doesn't state the year. Thanks.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Firestone Deluxe Warrior posted by Dan Justis on 12/16/2002 at 12:47:10 AM
Never mind -- DUH!! I just looked it up again in the picture DB and it looks just like that one -- a 1960. Thanks. BTW, does anyone know a ballpark value (mine's in about the same condtion as the one in the pic: http://www.oldroads.com/pqdb_img.asp?p=fdbdown.asp?379&mod=Deluxe_Warrior&mak=Firestone

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Firestone Deluxe Warrior posted by Don on 12/16/2002 at 7:24:55 PM
Hello Dan,
That Deluxe Warrior is mine. I have very little info on the bike. I know that several different companies made Firestones. This one might be made by Huffy?? I was told by the owner it was around in the late forties. Old roads corrected the listing saying it was from the 60s, which seems more correct. It has an incredible indian head on the chain guard. I also have a 24 inch Firestone 500. Resell is pretty flat.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Firestone Deluxe Warrior posted by Don on 12/16/2002 at 9:33:29 PM
Hey Dan,
Check out this on e-bay
It will be interesting if this sells...

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Firestone Deluxe Warrior posted by Don on 12/16/2002 at 9:33:48 PM
Hey Dan,
Check out this on e-bay
It will be interesting if this sells...

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Firestone Deluxe Warrior posted by Don on 12/16/2002 at 9:34:33 PM
Hey Dan,
Check out this Deluxe Warrior on e-bay
It will be interesting if this sells...

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Firestone Deluxe Warrior posted by Dan on 12/18/2002 at 10:41:00 PM
Yep, that's mine on eBay. I started it off at $20 and got one bid so far.....

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Firestone Deluxe Warrior posted by Different Dan on 12/20/2002 at 4:29:43 AM
I also picked up a Firestone, my model is a Speed Chief made by Monark. It has a rear rack and tank and middlewieght wheels can anyone guess what year precisely it could be? The color is green and white.

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Firestone Deluxe Warrior posted by monarkman on 12/21/2002 at 3:59:14 PM
My guess is that your bike is around 1955-1957. Monark was bought out by Huffy in 1958. Although I have seen chinsy looking bikes with Monark name on them a little after that.
Hope this helps.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Firestone Deluxe Warrior posted by Diff Dan on 12/22/2002 at 2:36:42 PM
Any info is a big help "Thanks Monarkman", are there any site's on the web that have info on Monark's?

   RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Firestone Deluxe Warrior posted by Monarkman on 12/29/2002 at 3:23:11 AM
I do not know of any sites that spend any time on Monarks other than this one, Oldroads.com, and check out nbhaa.com , for a good article on a 47' hextube. But other than that I have not found any sites, (to my dismay), that spend any time on Monark history and facts. If you do find one please us Monark enthusiasts know. I will surely do the same. If I ever see any info about your bike, I will surely send it your way.
Good Luck!

AGE / VALUE:   Schwinn Spitfire posted by: Glenn on 12/14/2002 at 11:02:44 PM
I have a ladies Schwinn Spitfire lt/dk green. the serial# on the bottom of the crank tube is C10421. Ive looked in the Schwinn #s database and can't find anything close. I suspect this bike is newer? When did they stop making the Spitfire? Can anyone help ID my bike?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Schwinn Spitfire posted by MNSmith on 12/17/2002 at 9:17:08 AM
Serial number under the crank would put it at 1951 or earlier. Most likely a late 1947, early 1948.


   RE:AGE :   Schwinn Spitfire posted by Glenn on 12/17/2002 at 10:28:31 PM
Thanks for the reply. How did you arrive at those dates? I checked the number chart on this site again and it looks like C10421 corresponds with 1952, 1953, 1956, 1957, and possibly 1961 (but that is a six digit number?). What makes me suspect it is newer is that it has chrome fenders, modern long flat reflectors on the spokes, a modern square reflector on the handlebar post, and a modern log reflector on the rear fender...but I know these could have been added any time. Is there anything that I should look for to narrow it down further? Here is a photo:


   RE:RE:AGE :   Schwinn Spitfire posted by MNSmith on 12/22/2002 at 10:57:21 PM
Follow your thread at the Schwinn Forum. It explains it all.


MIDDLEWEIGHT:   coaster brake posted by: Lincoln on 12/9/2002 at 3:02:36 PM
My '65 single speed coaster brake Hawthorne seems to slip when I pedal hard uphill. Do I need to
overhaul the rear hub and clean off the old grease? Do something else? What kind of grease to
replace it with? Special tools? Special problems to do this? Instructions on web? I recall fixing a
flaky coaster brake 3 speed hub, but that was 20 years ago.

   RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   coaster brake posted by Joel on 12/9/2002 at 3:37:06 PM
You didn't say what brand of hub you have but they are all really simple. Take it apart and inspect the parts for wear. If they look OK, regrease it.

   RE:RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   coaster brake posted by Lincoln on 12/9/2002 at 9:54:02 PM
Thanks. What kind of grease? I have a big tube of lithium grease.

   RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT: coaster brake posted by John Metz on 12/11/2002 at 12:17:54 PM
Two things come to mind. First,the tire could be slipping on
the rim. If so the valve stem will appear to be canted to the side. The fix;deflate the tire and straighten the valve stem
then make sure its inflated to proper preasure. If it still
does it,replace the tire,
Second,if the valve stem is still straight them disasemble
the hub and check the clutch. Depending on the type look
for worn teeth or a broken or weak spring band or just
general wear. Repacement is likely the only cure.
Hope this helps!

   RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:   coaster brake posted by William on 12/13/2002 at 10:40:59 PM
If it is a New Departure hub then what I have done is to use a slight amount of mineral oil on the brakes discs, yes, mineral oil. I have had many bike people tell me this and my hub book confirms this. As far as grease on bearings, I use a modern bearing grease for bicycles. I suppose lithium will work well.

AGE / VALUE:   pee wee herman posted by: genelumpkins on 12/8/2002 at 11:07:29 PM
Does anyone know what year schwinn and the make, model of the bike in the movie pee wees big adventure? Where one is for sale? Thanks Gene

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:pee wee herman posted by Chris on 12/28/2002 at 7:24:15 PM
We have covered this already in past discussions. Folks weighed in, we got currious and pieced it together. Folks added their two cents and we had this all figured out.
Now somebody asks again and we have to piece it all back together to try to answer. I forgot, to be honest with you.
We are very lucky Tom Findley is with us to help out. I have sent out photographs of Pee Wee Herman on this bike and did any of it get posted on a web page? No!
All this work to answer questions and the threads with the answers ride off into the sunset instead of something being pieced together and displayed permanently. A whole section or page on the Pee Wee Herman bicycle with folks who have already done this project telling where and how to find parts and paint and everything. A page just on the bicycle project.
I'm no (never was) fan of the movie or Pee Wee Herman but the bike side I did find mildly interesting.

We are losing not just the actual bicycles themselves and factories and workers and notes and literature but we are losing and having a real struggle just to preserve the work of the collectors knowledge and what history they have uncovered. The smart, old school collectors and bicycle fans get old and become ill and they pass away and everything they did becomes lost and unavailable to new folks asking questions. That is not right. Time and money has been spent to track down these answers. We are wasting and allowing bright people's efforts to be lost.
We are spinning our wheels. Know any old school bicycle codgers? Please drag them out of their cave and get them in front of a computer.
If they can type and if they still have their mind then they can help and they would enjoy fielding these questions!
( This is my last post where I say something like "Crap, we covered this already" I promise to bit my tongue in the future)

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   pee wee herman posted by Tom Findley on 12/9/2002 at 5:04:13 PM
The bike was some of a Schwinn DX model, which had the camelback frame. Panthers were made in this setup. The bikes were made in the 50's and 60's. The bike had parts from other bikes, and someone wrote that the saddlebags were from a Honda motorcycle.

Someone made a total of 3 bikes for 1 movie, and I think another movie had another bike(s).

AGE / VALUE:   WHAT YEAR posted by: FRED on 12/7/2002 at 3:28:22 AM
I found a old bicycle that i thought was fixable so i took it home it says shelby flyer on the name plate the whole bike is red even the fenders are red with white tips painted on the ends the serial number nder the bike is

WFT 733878

the W and the F are sideways andthe T is on the same row as the numbers can u identify this bike and yr worth and maybe a pic of it

   RE:AGE / VALUE: WHAT YEAR posted by John Metz on 12/11/2002 at 12:32:46 PM
Checkout www.bikeicons.com as there are several pictures of Shelbys on this page. They are priced from $350 t0 $1200.

MISC:   need info. posted by: debra on 12/7/2002 at 1:33:38 AM
I have a old bike that has coast king deluxe on it, it's green,with a basket in front, it is a ladys bike, on the handle bar it has gears H,M,L. if you have any info on this bike please let me know,ie.. is there another name for it, or who manufactured it. I can't seem to find it anywhere.I was told it falls in this catagory or english roadsters.

   RE:MISC:   need info. posted by JimW. on 12/10/2002 at 2:39:25 PM
This is what's called a "Department-store" bike. This is a bike which was made by a large bike company, branded for a given store. Coast King was a store chain. Your bike may very well have been made by Raleigh, who supplied many store chains with house-branded bikes. If you check your bike's serial #, you can compare it a Raleigh serial # chart to get information as to when it was made. If it doesn't match the Raleigh serial# configuration, it may be by some other European maker, such as Sachs of Austria, or Phillips of the Netherlands.

AGE / VALUE:   Huffy radio bike posted by: Kablescot@aol.com on 12/6/2002 at 1:34:18 AM
I have a Huffy Radio Bike sn/5H285952 can anybody advise me of the year of this bike? also I am missing the radio,powerpack,and fender light any hope of finding these items??? any help would be welcomed

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Huffy radio bike posted by Cal on 12/6/2002 at 2:52:37 PM
A very cool bicycle. There's a picture of one in the Picture Database. They were made in the mid-1950s. The battery pack was on the rear rack and the radio was in the tank.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Huffy radio bike posted by Joel on 12/6/2002 at 6:11:48 PM
Someone posted Huffy serial number information here a long time ago and it seems to work, at least for late 50s-70s Huffys that I have seen. I don't know how long this numbering system was used (so this may not be right). The number after the H should be the last number of the year. If this is true, that would make it a 52.

I believe someone reproduces the battery packs. (??) You might try Memory Lane, they might at least know who to call.

AGE / VALUE:   Hawthorne boys bicycle age? posted by: Don on 12/5/2002 at 2:42:27 AM
Hello, I purchased an older Hawthorne boys bicycle at an estate auction last weekend. I am hoping to find out a little about it. Everything other than the head badge has been lovingly protected by a thick coat of paint so I do not even know where to look for a serial number. It has a long narrow tank that runs the legnth of the straight top bar. It also has one of the old kickstands that swings up and clips to the bottom of the rear fender, and a rack over the rear fender. The fork does not have any trusses or springs. There was at one time a light on the front fender, but now there are just the holes. The chainguard (if there was one) is also missing. I originaly purchased this bike for the tires as much as anything else. It has a set of like new "Sears Allstate Saftey Tread" 26 X 2.125 tires. Can anyone tell me how to locate the serial number, or any other way to find out any more about this bike? Thanks, Don,

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Hawthorne boys bicycle age? posted by sam on 12/5/2002 at 4:00:50 PM
There a book(I looked here but it's not listed) called Collectable sears elgins,j.c.higgins and wards hawthorns it shows most models.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Hawthorne boys bicycle age? posted by Lincoln on 12/5/2002 at 6:55:52 PM
I have a 65 Hawthorne women's bike where it appears that the serial number only appears in a sticker. It might be someplace else as I haven't really looked very hard. Might be hidden under rust, too. Good luck. Another oddity about my bike is that there is a Hawthorne/Monkey Wards sticker on the head tube but there are also rivet holes and it looks like there was a nameplate there before.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Hawthorne boys bicycle age? posted by goob on 12/5/2002 at 9:13:43 PM
i think you are wastingyour time looking for a serial number to give you info on a hawthorne. best look at pictures to find one like or close to yours

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Hawthorne boys bicycle age? posted by Cal on 12/6/2002 at 2:57:26 PM
The tire size and the kickstand hint at pre-war to me.
There are 1/2 dozen Hawthornes in the picture database. Maybe yours is there?

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Hawthorne boys bicycle age? posted by Joel on 12/6/2002 at 3:16:22 PM
Don's bike is most likely a product of Cleveland Welding Co from before WWII. Lincoln's bike is probably a Rollfast. MW sold bikes from several different manufacturers over the years. Neither companys' serial number records are avalable so your best bet is to compare them to photos or to the book that Sam mentioned.

AGE / VALUE:   Rollfast posted by: George on 12/4/2002 at 4:43:21 AM
I have just acquired a Rollfast American Flyer serial # G491904.Can anyone tell me how to find its date of birth.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Rollfast posted by Cal on 12/6/2002 at 2:59:54 PM
I don't think there are serial number charts for Rollfast.
Let us all know the tire size and what kind of features it has. Tire size can usually get you down to about a 10 year range.

AGE / VALUE:   Schwinn Phantom? posted by: Ken on 12/4/2002 at 3:14:11 AM
Gift from father-in-law who knows I love bikes. Details are
Schwinn serial number B1 5117 (might be another 1 btwn B1 & 5). Some parts lack schwinn markings (seat,pedals,maybe rear rack,4 hole vs 6 holes I see in pic DB). Front fender light is Delta-probably an add-on. Has a cool 'Official Member American Bicycle Safety Club' tin badge on mud flap w/ poice man. Some parts (stem and seat collar). Really hoping to get a model/year on this. It's obvious it's been restored a bit, some incorrectly, but is in beautiful shape, and appears to have all the markings on the seat tube and crank cover. Have pics to email, if anyone can help me out. Front hub 'mad in germany'? Appreciate any help you can provide.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Schwinn Phantom? posted by MNSmith on 12/4/2002 at 6:52:52 PM
Well, Phantoms did have a 4 hole rack so that the rack could fit the taillight at the back. Where on the frame did you find the serial numbers? Location helps determine age also. Feel free to send me a photo.


   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Schwinn Phantom? posted by Ken on 12/5/2002 at 5:16:18 PM
Mark, Thanks for the help, sadly many of my suspicions were true, but it's a beautiful bike and I'll enjoy it just the same.
In case others were curious, Mark diagnosed it as a 1961 Tornado, with some add on, Phantom rear rack and light, front fender light, some other goodiesm and a little restoration work. Thanks again.

WANTED:   beater stem, seatpost posted by: Lincoln on 12/4/2002 at 12:40:50 AM
Suffering from cash flow problem but hoping to find the following:

1. Slightly higher than standard stem for a beater bike ('65 Hawthorne/Monkey Ward). Cheap steel would be best. Existing stem dia seems to be .860" to .865" (21.8 to 22.0 mm), inside of fork measures .87" to .88" (22.1 to 22.3mm) but that's hard to measure well, at least with my calipers. Bars seem to be 1" dia at the clamp.

2. At least 12" long .855" dia (21.7mm) steel seatpost for above. (aluminum ok if cheep). Seat tube measures maybe .86" (21.8mm) ID. I may just shim a steel pipe as I have a +.024" shim and the pipe I've measured is about .840" dia., but I'd rather do it right.

3. Slightly higher than standard stem for circa 1980 Fuji. 1" (25.4mm) bar dia, fork measures about .87" (22.1mm)inside, existing stem .855" to .860" (21.7 to 21.8mm)


AGE / VALUE:   bike age posted by: Bryan on 12/3/2002 at 2:19:44 AM
i have a 26 inch cantilever frame dont know what it is but have the serial number and it is mot-w 151119 could u identify this and give me the year and brand of bike and the worth

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   bike age posted by Carlos on 12/4/2002 at 2:28:12 AM
bryan get ur boyfriend jesse

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   bike age posted by Cal on 12/6/2002 at 3:03:13 PM
Need more info than that to go on.

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   bike age posted by BRYAN on 12/7/2002 at 3:22:07 AM

MOT-W 2070