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Archived: Balloon Tire and Middleweights

BALLOON:   Coaster brake hub posted by: Darryl on 4/10/2002 at 3:19:38 PM
I am overhauling a Kent childs bike and I would like to open the rear hub(single speed coaster brake) and repack the bearings. Is there a diagram of the procedure to re-assemble the parts if I take it apart. Maybe something on the web? Is it difficult? Thanks. The bike is a Kent SE Fire Power w/ 12 1/2" fat tires & 9" seat tube.

   RE:BALLOON:   Coaster brake hub posted by MNSmith on 4/11/2002 at 12:29:55 AM
Is there a name on the hub or brake arm? Or was it made by Kent?

   RE:RE:BALLOON:   Coaster brake hub posted by darryl on 4/11/2002 at 1:35:12 AM
There is no name on hub, brake lever just says "coaster brake", "made in China".

   RE:RE:RE:BALLOON:   Coaster brake hub posted by MNSmith on 4/11/2002 at 4:46:11 PM
Well, no diagrams that I know of. Should be the typical overseas design ripoff. Which means it might be simple like a Bendix.

Get yourself a nice clean rag or towel. Start disassebling your hub and lay it out on the rag or towel the way it comes apart. Kind of your own exploded view. Take pictures along the way if it helps. Look for some of the exploded views at this web site and see if your hub is actually similar to one of them. Go slow on disassembly and you shouldn't have any problems. Try to visualize how the thing works when assembled.

Coaster brakes are a pretty simple animal. Typically, turn the cog one way and you wedge a "clutch" into one side of the hub to drive it. Turn the cog the other way and it expands some brake "shoes" to wedge against the middle of the shell to stop the hub. Good Luck!

   RE:RE:RE:RE:BALLOON:   Coaster brake hub posted by ChristopherRobin2@starmail.com on 4/11/2002 at 7:37:01 PM
A used bookstore for old repair books that tell all sorts of things.
MN Smith gave you good advice.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:BALLOON:   Coaster brake hub posted by darryl on 4/11/2002 at 10:40:19 PM
Modified overhaul complete. Repacked retainer bearings on sprocket side. Loosened axel on brake side and insides looked clean with blue grease still on them. One break plate? slipped out and re-inserted plate. Hub back together and appears to be working find. Thanks for all replies. Darryl

AGE / VALUE:   Monark/Minky's? posted by: Tim on 4/10/2002 at 1:12:32 PM
A friend of mine has an old balloon tire bike. He was told
it was manufactured by Monark in 1941. The trouble is,the
bike does not have a serial number or a Monark logo. It
does have a plaque on the front of the bike that says
"Minky's Bicycles". It gives an address of 3330-32
Roosevelt Road,Chicago,Illinois. The bike has spring suspension
on the front and a fancy light on the front fender. Does
anyone know of a database that covers the history of the
Monark bicycle company. I have looked around for photos
but have come up dry.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Monark/Minky's? posted by Joel on 4/10/2002 at 2:06:39 PM
The name badge may have been replaced by a bike shop. Seen several like that. Try firstflightbikes.com or Bicycle Bill's website for Monark info.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Monark/Minky's? posted by Schwinnderella on 4/10/2002 at 4:28:13 PM
I have a Schwinn with the Minky's headbadge. I do not know how true it is but have heard that right after WW II Minky's refurbished bikes and sold them with their headbadge. The winged wheel headbadge is one of my favorites.

AGE / VALUE:   sprockets posted by: Randy on 4/10/2002 at 5:50:08 AM
Hi, I'm looking for an old skip-tooth sprocket and crank in good condition. Drop me a line if you've got anything. Thanks!

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   sprockets posted by MNSmith on 4/11/2002 at 12:28:51 AM
For what kind of bike?

AGE / VALUE:   Mystery posted by: Pilar on 4/10/2002 at 2:27:02 AM
Black ,women's, one speed was found on the streets of NYC. It has New Departure model D hubs and the rear fork is bolted on. There is a number stamped on the frame under the seat, G85515, but the stamp looks more recent than the bike itself. The badge is red, silver and blue? and is half gone. The leather seat has large springs and slides on an @ 1" pipe welded perpendicular to the seat stem.. Any ideas anyone? plimosner@earthlink .net

MISC:   Old Schwinn and Raleigh dealer Open House - 28-APR-02 posted by: VVVintage Vintage Bicycles at OldRoads.com on 4/9/2002 at 4:26:57 PM
A shop in our area (Massachusetts) is having an Vintage Bicycle sale on Sunday, April 28, 2002.
They are placing all of their new bikes downstairs and filling their shop floor with over 100 vintage bicycles including a 47 WHIZZER, and a number of ballooners and middleweights.
They've been a Schwinn/Raleigh dealership since 1969 and have some great bikes.
We'll be posting a larger notice with directions, pictures and more info shortly. In the meantime, mark your calendars!

VVVintage Vintage Bicycles

AGE / VALUE:   Who knows ND mdl D Triplespeed Hubs posted by: JAG on 4/9/2002 at 2:49:47 AM
Hi and thanks for any help you can provide - please email me your response!
Who knows the value and perhaps when and what bikes a New Departure model D Triplespeed hub came on and has for fair market?
Thanks again

AGE / VALUE:   columbia twosome posted by: kim hansen on 4/9/2002 at 12:30:57 AM
In cleaning out an attic I have recenlty come across an old "Columbia Mfg Co Inc" "Westfield, Mass" Twosome bike that was my grandfathers. I remember using the bike some 30+ yrs ago. Any idea how old it is or what the value of the bike is? It needs some restoration. Where would I begin?
Thank you

FOR SALE:   Grand Jubile posted by: ken coonley on 4/8/2002 at 10:11:51 PM
I,m considering parting with my Motobecane Grand Jubilee that I bought new in 1974 but am not sure of what it's worth. The paint has some small dings which I touched up over the years (multi-coat laquer gets brittle) but is otherwise beautiful. The Stronglight crank and Jubilee deraileurs gleem like fine silver. I need to make room in the basement.

   RE:FOR SALE:   Grand Jubile posted by Kim on 4/9/2002 at 12:59:10 PM
You might want to post this under the Vintage Lightweight topic.

AGE / VALUE:   colson posted by: freddie on 4/8/2002 at 8:53:22 AM
little TLC and it would look close to new. There are very few photos in the database and only one mens bike.I would be very greatful for any info that you can come up with about this bike It seems to be very well made thank you very much. Freddie.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   colson posted by freddie on 4/8/2002 at 9:19:07 AM
Lost half of info when posting. I bought a bike from a gentleman that he told me he recived as a kid in 1950.A mens colson, made in ohio. In very good condition. Truss rods. A very long horntank. Delta light on painted fenders. 26"balloon tires.Black and white with red pinstriping.How common are thes bikes?Not a lot of info in a web search.Also a rear carrier and a very nice hairpin seat with crash bar.The chain ring looks a lot like a schwinn sweetheart but much thicker.Not a skip tooth.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   colson posted by sam on 4/8/2002 at 1:40:08 PM
Freddie, colsons are verry collectable.Try the web site www.nostallgic.com and look in the photos on that site .

AGE / VALUE:   shelby flyer girls frame posted by: david on 4/7/2002 at 11:23:25 PM
we just purchased a shelby flyer girls 26" bike. we know nothing about this bike and would be grateful for any info. the badge says shelby flyer the shelby cycle co. cleveland ohio it has a springer front a light/horn combo on front fender, it has a tank and a carrier on the back. we cant seem to find a serial #. all help is appreciated.

AGE / VALUE:   HELP!! posted by: Tom on 4/6/2002 at 5:58:05 PM
I need some help, maybe somebody can tell me what bicycyle I have here, it is very lightweight (9 lbs. as it sits in pictures) and seems very old, Please HELP!! Thank You, Tom
To see pictures go to:

BALLOON:   MS 30/60 2002 posted by: Jeff in Minnesota on 4/5/2002 at 9:23:10 PM
Hello again all, May is fast approaching and our snow is not gone! I need to get my Black Phantom out and "ride" a little before I do the thirty miles again. My MS has made my left leg weak, but it should work OK. Can I put a two speed hub on my Phantom? Suggestions for type? Yellow band? Will it fit my rim? I have one hill that taxes my strength and a two speed would help me out.
Sam, I did post pictures on this web site, check under picture database query by model Black Phantom. You can see the before and after pictures. That black white picture is my brother-in-law at age (10?) with my wife.
Happy riding to everyone!

   RE:BALLOON:   MS 30/60 2002 posted by ken on 4/6/2002 at 9:04:55 PM
Yes you can put a kickback on your Phantom. The yellow band would be suitable for your application, since it offers a lower ratio. I would suggest that you lace it into a modern alloy rim, and save your vintage wheel for show. If you don't already have the Bendix, why not look at a multispeed coaster hub? I've got an older Shimano three-speed coaster on my Flightliner with a vintage twist-grip shifter that looks good and works perfectly.
Another thing that will make a ballooner ride easier is a pair of (comparatively) high-pressure slicks- IRC makes a 26x2.0 - which you can put on your 'ride' wheels.
Go for those miles!

   RE:BALLOON:   MS 30/60 2002 posted by sam on 4/7/2002 at 6:15:54 AM
Those photos were great,don't get to see historical photos often, thinks.You can also change the rear sprocket to one with a couple of more teeth.The sprockets found on sachs 3speeds usualy have 2 more than the single speeds and fit hubs with the 3 tabs like bendix. For a long ride the 2 or 3 speed would be best.

   RE:RE:BALLOON:   MS 30/60 2002 posted by Jeff in Minnesota on 4/7/2002 at 6:15:42 PM
Thanks for the ideas. I didn't mention that I have skip tooth chain. Is there two speed hubs available for that, or do I use the sprocket from the skip tooth on the two speed? Where do I look to purchase the hub?

   RE:RE:RE:BALLOON:   MS 30/60 2002 posted by sam on 4/8/2002 at 1:44:30 PM
Look at ebay under New Departure.They made a 2speed skip tooth or you can buy the 1/2 inch front sprocket and use a regular chain.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:BALLOON:   MS 30/60 2002 posted by Wings on 4/9/2002 at 5:42:56 AM
Perhaps if the leg bothers you more, you could put in a Nexus 7 speed hub (Shimano). I installed one in a mountain bike for my gal for casual riding and it works great.

AGE / VALUE:   NOS head badges? posted by: sam on 4/5/2002 at 1:24:11 PM
I often wondered where those Ebay sellers found those wonderful "NOS" head badges. I got the book "How to restore your collector Bicycle" by William Love. Now I know!

AGE / VALUE:   YEAR AND MAKE OF A FLYING STAR BIKE posted by: paul garcia on 4/5/2002 at 3:00:54 AM
would like to find out how old this bike is. it is a mens bike has big tires has a plate that says fling star on it any imformation will help. thanks

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   YEAR AND MAKE OF A FLYING STAR BIKE posted by sam on 4/5/2002 at 1:23:45 PM
Flying star is a Schwinn Bike.Check the serial number on the bottom bracket or rear drop out and compair it to serial# list on this site--sam

MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Sears/Huffy Tank posted by: Bob on 4/5/2002 at 2:37:29 AM
Please excuse the repost. I am just completing the restoration of my childhood bike, it is a Sears Mainliner, and I need the tank/light assembly. It had a chrome plastic bezel, dual headlights, and the switch was on the bottom. The bike is a 26" middleweight. (I took the tank off and threw it away when all my friends got stingrays...arrrggg!!)
Thanks in advance, and thanks to anybody I have already emailed with this request. If you would like to see photo's of the bike in 1966, and before and after pics of it now...please email me.
Thanks again