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Archived: Balloon Tire and Middleweights

MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Any Rollfast experts here? posted by: Stace on 9/25/2002 at 6:21:22 PM
Hi, I have a Rollfast that I'm trying to date. I believe it is a middleweight (Gilette tires are 1.75s). The serial number is I267312. It's a blast to ride and people are always asking how old it is, that's why I'm looking for some help here. The emblem on the headtube is a sticker, not a riveted-on badge. THanks, any help is appreciated.

AGE / VALUE:   Schwinn Excelsior Motobike posted by: Art on 9/23/2002 at 1:04:23 AM
Recently found a Schwinn Excelsior (round badge as opposed to the large X badge) motobike with 26" wheels, hanging tank, stainless fenders, original paint. Anybody know this bike? I'm in need of a rear fender as the one on it has been cut(!) to fit a whizzer motor. Anyone have one or know where I can get one? I have the hardware for it. Thanks. Art.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Schwinn Excelsior Motobike posted by sam on 9/23/2002 at 2:39:27 AM
Art,try Mark Smith's site under the links section.Bunch-o-bikes.He has a 4-sale and can help with your questions(really great guy)also on his site is a link to Bob Pavao also a good guy to help I.D.old pre-war schwinns and a source for parts also. Hang tank -now we're talking $$$good find

AGE / VALUE:   monarch firestone womans posted by: robert on 9/22/2002 at 5:27:27 AM
hello i have for sale a womens Monarch Firestone 26" baloon bike. it is complete and original. it has a horn built into the tank which is complete! also the headlight on front fender which is also complete with the lense, this bike was stored indoors many years and has minimal rust. it would shine up nicely! email me for pictures and let's make a deal! bobbobblacksheep@hotmail.com

BALLOON:   elgin posted by: Jim on 9/21/2002 at 10:12:42 PM
had found an old elgin girls bike that needs restoring and it needs a rear kickstand and chain what is it worth restored or unrestored

   RE:BALLOON:   elgin posted by rattled on 10/9/2002 at 11:04:13 PM
it really depends on the model and year.i've heard the 1935 elgin gull is considered the rarest bike in the world.it was an alluminum frame with alluminum components and hardware.there is only one in existence known to be 100% complete.if it's male/female & year are factors as well.if you are interested ever in selling it as is let me know by answering here

   RE:RE:BALLOON:   elgin posted by Jim on 10/13/2002 at 1:42:19 PM
this elgin has a D10 stamped on the bottom of the crank and the seat is in great conditionand I am interested in sellin

BALLOON:   Identity posted by: rsg on 9/20/2002 at 12:13:52 AM
Oh, yeah, I need to add that it has a skip tooth crank.

BALLOON:   identity? posted by: rsg on 9/20/2002 at 12:07:41 AM
Recently purchased an old 1936? girls bike that has been painted over. The crank has the appearance of hearts if looked at from a distance. The rear fender has cut outs down both sides that look like the letter C lying on its side. It is an old seat looking very much like an Elgin seat. It has the kick stand that comes down from the rear over the tire. The tires are 26 x 2.125 and the rear hub is a Morrow. The tires say Cornell Clipper but i do not know if they are original. As you can tell I am just learning about all these 'parts'. Any ideas?

   RE:BALLOON:   identity? posted by Jim on 9/21/2002 at 4:17:57 AM
sounds like the bike I just found in a barn and was given to me and it has a tag on the front that say's elgin but it's a girls bike with a very odd rear fender for the ladies dresses

AGE / VALUE:   info? posted by: melisa on 9/16/2002 at 9:44:55 PM
Hi, I have been looking for information regarding a 1955 or possibly 56 firestone balloon wheel cruiser. I can't find anything about it! Any help would be appreciated..

BALLOON:   All aluminum Wards Hawthorne balloon tire bike??? posted by: Grant Gustafson on 9/16/2002 at 5:54:50 PM
Can anyone tell me about an aluminum girls Wards Hawthorne balloon tire bike? Value, years, etc.... Any info would be much appreciated. Please email me back at grantg@esu11.org

AGE / VALUE:   Murray info? posted by: tony berrigan on 9/16/2002 at 4:18:24 PM
Hello, would like help to identify a murray bike I found. skip tooth, dual springer front end with dual top tube. Missing headlamp on front fender and tank. Has reflector on rear fender. stamped on BB, mos 26 - 26435. Any info (and parts info) would be appreciated. thanks

AGE / VALUE:   ca 1956 Zenith girl's bicycle posted by: Hall on 9/16/2002 at 3:05:03 AM
I have a girl's bicycle, purchased new in 1956 or possibly 1957, a Zenith "De Luxe," royal blue & white/silver. It has some rust, some small dents & scratches, & one larger dent on the rear fender, but overall seems to be in pretty good condition. As far as I know, every part on it is original, including the tires, which are (of course) flat. Can anyone give me an idea of it's value? Thanks.

AGE / VALUE:   restoring info. posted by: Clay on 9/15/2002 at 1:59:45 AM
Ihave a old bike in the shed it was my sisters it has a execelsior tag on it and the frame is magnesium i am interested in restoring it but i cant find any info. or pictures.(i think the frame was polished originally but its painted now)thanks Clay

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   restoring info. posted by sam on 9/15/2002 at 1:40:34 PM
Interesting Clay.Check out this ebay http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=713837316 you may have a silver king sold by this company or you may have one of the other,more rare,Alum.bikes built in the 30s.Please decribe your bike.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   restoring info. posted by Clay on 9/16/2002 at 3:00:01 AM
Looked at the ebay sight, my badge does not look anything like that one. I will try to borrow a digital camera and post a picture, it will take a few days. Clay

AGE / VALUE:   olympic deluxe girls posted by: kelly on 9/14/2002 at 11:21:19 PM
found this at a sale. ballooon tires looks to be an early 60s made in germany ser.# 93125. wondering if anyone might be able to give some info.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   olympic deluxe girls posted by kelly on 9/14/2002 at 11:29:26 PM
correction ser. # 931256

AGE / VALUE:   is it worth $$$$ posted by: robert hanson jr on 9/14/2002 at 5:47:12 PM
just went to an auction picked up an ole huffy impala gold in color looks to be all original need any info on this bike new to the bike collecting scene your help would be appreciated

AGE / VALUE:   "Holiday" brand Huffy Impala posted by: Kathy on 9/14/2002 at 4:25:31 PM
Recently purchased a Red Huffy "Holiday Gas" Impala. Fenders cover both tires, also a chain guard. Spring seat. Know nothing about vintage bicycles, bought it on a whim. Can anyone tell me the age and value with this little bit of info to go on??

MISC:   Des Moines info? posted by: Ken on 9/13/2002 at 8:22:08 PM
Can anyone give the details about the upcoming Des Moines Bike Swap?