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Archived: Balloon Tire and Middleweights

AGE / VALUE:Please help! Phillips and warrior bicycle posted by: Junior on 10/28/2003 at 3:29:29 AM
Hello guys!
I just picked up 3 bikes from a older guy down in North Carolina. One is a phillips and the serial number is 2142291 any iformation on the age by serial number? Also I got one that says Warrior made in Netherland (says warrior on the badge and down the tubes) I cannot find a serial number on this one. the rear hub says Sturmey Archer three speed 59 6, Any info on this bike or the other please email me. Thanks, Junior

   RE:AGE / VALUE:Please help! Phillips and warrior bicycle posted by gary m on 10/30/2003 at 2:49:57 AM
single speed, cantilever frame in simple lugged joints, partial tank, 26x1 3/8 tires, was a pretty fairly well assembled frame, but components were SO cheap. I got $100 out of mine, was original, pretty crude detail too, both i and the buyer agreed the frame was what we both liked.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:Please help! Phillips and warrior bicycle posted by gary m on 10/30/2003 at 2:50:53 AM
the warrior i meant.. sorry

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:Please help! Phillips and warrior bicycle posted by Kim on 11/3/2003 at 4:21:29 PM
There is at least one Warrior in the Picture Database.
Do a query by "Model"

   RE:RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:Please help! Phillips and warrior bicycle posted by Junior on 11/5/2003 at 1:50:34 PM
Thanks kim for the info.
My bike looks to be way older than the on in the data base, I listed it on ebay and her is the Item number: 3635742274 should you want to see what mine looks like, I also have several othe old bike currently listed including a phillips.

Thanks, Junior

FOR SALE:1949 CCM balloon tire posted by: MAX on 10/28/2003 at 12:27:07 AM
i have for sale a 1949 CCM balloon tire bike in good condition
it has a 3 speed Archer rear hub with some sort of disk brake all original
email me for some pictures at max_dc@hotmail.com

WANTED:NOS late 30's GIBSON pedals posted by: MAX on 10/28/2003 at 12:24:26 AM
i am looking for NOS late 30's GIBSON pedals

BALLOON:Do I have a '49 B6 or Phantom ? posted by: DannyJoe on 10/27/2003 at 2:35:18 AM
I'm on to my next project refurbish, a 1949 frame is the starting point which once held a tank on a black & red accented paint scheme. A locking springer fork, black with red, this bike was a forest find and was missing it's seat, handlebar's, pedal's, wheel's. I found one wheel, one fender both beyond saving. How do I know if I have a B6 or Phantom, the black / red paint has me thinking Phantom, did the B6 in '49 wear this color scheme ?

   RE:BALLOON:Do I have a '49 B6 or Phantom ? posted by DannyJoe on 10/27/2003 at 2:52:45 AM
The serial no. for above bike is F323671

   RE:BALLOON:Do I have a '49 B6 or Phantom ? posted by Gordon on 10/27/2003 at 4:03:22 PM
Phantoms had chrome fenders, B6 were painted. Phantom had a 4 hole rack, I think the B6 had 6 holes. Phantom tank was chrome with painted side panels, B6 was all painted.

   RE:RE:BALLOON:Do I have a '49 B6 or Phantom ? posted by DannyJoe on 10/29/2003 at 1:47:07 AM
It was found with a six hole rack with jewel/glass reflector, the only fender found near the bike was rusted and I believe painted, most likely a B6. Did the B6 color chart range include black/red for '49?

FOR SALE:F/S 1961 Schwinn Panther III posted by: JOE on 10/26/2003 at 12:23:38 PM
Nice original bike right down to the tubes. Blue 3 speed with twin lights. One light is missing little fin & lense. Real clean sunburst headbagde... $425.

AGE / VALUE:YEAR posted by: gene mcdonald on 10/26/2003 at 12:59:48 AM
Hi i have a 26in frame only nobody can tell me the yaer can anybody help they skip i and o the bike is a cantlever frame i am going make a big bannana seat bike and tag plate it need to know year schwinn ser chart i do not understand ser no C045367 THANK YOU

   RE:AGE / VALUE:YEAR posted by gary m on 10/26/2003 at 7:05:01 PM
where is that ser number? if its under the crank you might want to reconsider any modifications, you may have a Pahntom or Hornet. better dig some thats an old serial number.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:YEAR posted by GENE MCDONALD on 10/26/2003 at 11:37:25 PM
gary the serial number is on the left rear drop out what year is it exact cantlever frame 26in C045367

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:YEAR posted by Gordon on 10/27/2003 at 4:12:03 PM
Letter is month and 1st number is year, so I believe "C" is March, and "0" is 1960.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:YEAR posted by Rif on 10/29/2003 at 3:12:03 PM
According to the Schwinn Log Book, this particular bike was built on March 29th, 1960.
In 1960 Schwinn manufactured 514,724 units for a total market share of 13.7%.
Hope this helps,

MIDDLEWEIGHT:Sears Solarflite??? posted by: Keith on 10/24/2003 at 1:45:09 PM
Keith Scanlon. I was given an old bike and plan to restore it. There is no head badge or any other markings on it. I found a picture while searching on some web sites and it matches the frame exactly. The pic was of a Sears Solarflite in the 60's, but I can't find any info on this model. Any help??

   RE:MIDDLEWEIGHT:Sears Solarflite??? posted by doug on 10/26/2003 at 1:41:17 PM
Sears bikes were made by murray if that helps good luck

AGE / VALUE:1956 Schwinn Corvette posted by: Carl on 10/23/2003 at 1:31:00 AM
Where can I find info on value everything is original,missing light. This is the 3spd/handel bar brakes.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:1956 Schwinn Corvette posted by Kim on 10/24/2003 at 2:02:17 PM
Could be anywhere from $60 to $900.
Need much more information, pictures and all that.
Buy yourself a price guide. They are 10 bucks. Check Ebay for Corvette sales.

Look on the general for sale page and see the person who almost sold an Apple Krate for only $400!

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   1956 Schwinn Corvette posted by BB on 10/31/2003 at 4:03:05 PM
That Krate was probably only worth 400 bucks. The guy that offered it was a Krate collector. Many of the values of these bikes is inflated. Too many people in this hobby trying to make a buck instead of just enjoying the bikes.

AGE / VALUE:Found a nice vintage bike but? posted by: Eric on 10/22/2003 at 12:02:21 AM
Hi, was wondering did anyone ever hear of a Bike called a RODDY? Picked it up at the local thrift store this week and have been scatching my head at it since? Can't find any other name on it...It has a set of British 26 x 1 3/8 tires but an american made three speed gearing. It's metallic green and has an aluminum fold-up rear basket. Think its a sportster model. Great shape for $10,,, been sitting for quite awhile- just needs some new tire and adjusting.....

any ideas? thanks.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:Found a nice vintage bike but? posted by Ken on 10/30/2003 at 3:14:05 PM
I'd like to hear more about the American-made 3 spd. Never seen one myself.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:Found a nice vintage bike but? posted by kerri on 12/21/2003 at 5:39:20 PM
i just got my hands on a Roddy and I am also looking for more info about the bike. Mine is a female 10-speed. It says Magna on one of the downtubes.

BALLOON:Are These Stock Rims? posted by: JB on 10/21/2003 at 12:33:19 AM
Only two days ago I became the prowd owner of a 1952 Schwinn Deluxe with the locking springer front-end and six hole rack, but to my surprise the rear coaster brake is a Morrow (by Eclipse Manufacturing of Elmyria NY) and the front hub is a Schwinn drum brake. Now, I don't mind either of these, but the rims don't appear correct, they are not as far as I can tell, stamped, or knurled, for that matter they don't look at all like a s7, but are instead raised in the center in a more triangular look. So the question is, could these be stock rims? Any opinion welcome, thanx! JB

   RE:BALLOON:Are These Stock Rims? posted by Kim on 10/21/2003 at 3:24:00 PM
Seems like they should be stamped.
What size and brand are the tires on it?

   RE:RE:BALLOON:Are These Stock Rims? posted by Joel on 10/21/2003 at 7:26:47 PM
You might have a set of drop center wheels that were used on older Schwinns. (sure about the year of the bike??) The Morrow hub can be dated by the date code (a letter and number). A=1930....

   RE:RE:RE:BALLOON: Are These Stock Rims? posted by JB on 10/21/2003 at 10:40:49 PM
to answer both replies: the tires are Gillettes, I should say they both were, but one isn't quite still a tire, the serial number on the bottom of the crank housing of the bike for all of my searching still says G28646, (one letter five digits) which according to some sites would indicate 1952, the code on the Morrows says: R3 on the left and 36-13 on the right, the front drum: Arnold Schwinn Co. Chicago USA, the Chainwheel isn't a skiptooth, and both the rear rack and fender have/had reflectors. It's possible, I suppose, that the wheels or rims may have been swapped out. As for the rim's stamp or lack thereof, I shall continue with the wire brush and report forthwith,...=) thanx! JB

   RE:RE:RE:RE:BALLOON: Are These Stock Rims? posted by Joel on 10/22/2003 at 6:00:53 PM
If I'm counting corectly, that's a 47 Morrow hub. And the serial number is in the wrong location and has too few digits to be a 52 model. I think you may have an original 47. Check here for more details...

   RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:BALLOON: Are These Stock Rims? posted by Kim on 10/24/2003 at 2:03:51 PM
You still have not provided the other detail I wanted: tire size. Are they 26 x 2.125? 1.75? 1 3/4? That will tell a lot.

   RE:BALLOON: Are These Stock Rims? posted by JB on 10/25/2003 at 1:21:02 AM
The remaining intact tire is a "Gillette -Special Service- Balloon" (made in USA) 26 x 2.125, the only other identifier I could mention is the "plain and train" oval headbadge (red background behind the marque and a blue in the oval) unless the fork's key code could provide any help? She's rusty, but not as rusty as I thought, so if any one want a digital pic, just say so!

   RE:BALLOON:Are These Stock Rims? posted by Ken on 10/30/2003 at 3:22:38 PM
Somebody here will be able to tell us when the S-7 came into service, but it wasn't near that early. The postwar era 26" Schwinns continued to use standard size tires- you can run mountain bike tires on them- into the 50s.

   RE:RE:BALLOON: Are These Stock Rims? posted by MNSmith on 10/31/2003 at 7:58:31 AM
Sounds all Schwinn to me!! The early ones came with either S2's or drop centers. The drop centers coming on the less deluxe bikes. FYI, the S7 didn't come along until late 1954.


AGE / VALUE:Never Hurts To Ask... posted by: Fred A on 10/20/2003 at 3:24:07 PM
There was a Flea-Market at a local church over the weekend, so I figured I'd check it out on my garage sale run. While seeing $60 Huffy Mt. bikes, I was ready to leave when a woman asked if I was looking for anything in particular. "Old, old bikes" I told her. She thought a moment, and said that they were going to be having an auction next year and that there was an old bike in the basement that was going to be in it. I asked if I could see it and she said yes. Well, I froze when I saw it. A black Schwinn Panther from 1961 with all the bells & whistles that came with it. Dual headlights...rear rack with 4 reflectors...front rack...horn tank with button...all there and with almost perfect decals. Front wheel missing two spokes (big deal) and the bike was covered in dirt from sitting for years. I couldn't believe my luck. I offered her $50, she checked with her friend working there, but said I would have to wait till next years
auction because she was told bikes like that were worth hundreds. I said to give me a price, but they had no idea. I thanked them, gave them my number and left.

It was driving me crazy, because I knew someone was going to find it and buy it before the auction in January. So....back I went an hour later and offered $100 and the promise to give it a good home. They thought a second and agreed!!

I have begun the detailing process, starting with the chrome, and it looks like the day it was made at the factory back in 1961. It turns out my mother was right..."It never hurts to ask."

Fred A

AGE / VALUE:AMF Women's Cavalier Purple bike posted by: Stacy on 10/20/2003 at 3:23:51 AM
Hello! I own a AMF Women's Cavalier Purple bike. Does anyone know the year of this bicycle? What does AMF stand for? Any good sites for parts? Thanks for your time reading my post!

   RE:AGE / VALUE:AMF Women's Cavalier Purple bike posted by sam on 10/21/2003 at 1:48:46 AM
AMF--American machine& foundry

BALLOON:Fleet bicycle posted by: Bob on 10/19/2003 at 4:29:18 PM
I have a FLEET balloon tire bike ent nameplate says FLEET with a picture of a greyhound on it. It has chrome fenders I cannot find any I repeat ANY information on it. Someone said It was a Schwin but it says FLEET can anyone enlighten me on it

   RE:BALLOON:Fleet bicycle posted by Kim on 10/21/2003 at 3:25:01 PM
Check the archives on this site. There's Scwhwinn Fleet data.

BALLOON:Pre war Rollfast De Luxe help posted by: Marc P. on 10/19/2003 at 1:40:52 AM
Anybody out there have any experience with the 1935? 1936/37 Rollfast Motobike De Luxe? I have what i belive is most of one and am starting to restore it but the frame came stripped and I need close up pic's of one in original condition to see the paint scheme. It is the one with the lightning bolt hanging tank. Any catalogs from 1935 would be cool also. I have 1936 and 37 catalogs. The crank that came with the bike is a Hawthorne snowflake one which I belive wasn't used after 1935. Any info on 35/36/37 Rollfasts would be awsome. Pic's of what I have now and links to another bike like mine and a catalog from 36 below. Email me at easywind2@yahoo.com. Thanks, Marc




AGE / VALUE:ben hur posted by: yves on 10/18/2003 at 2:43:37 AM
I found a ladies Ben Hur bike with a skip tooth chain.can anyone tell me where I can find information about it?