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Archived: Balloon Tire and Middleweights

MISC:   late 30's Columbia bike posted by: MAX on 11/16/2003 at 5:14:52 PM
i need some help!!!
i have a late 30's Columbia man bike but i can't pin-point the year. The serial number is V11272 but i can't find it in the serial number chart. I know it's late 30's because of the grips, seat, license plate year, but how can i find the exact year. The bike is completely original even the paint is in great shape PLEASE HELP MAX
P.S. where was Columbia made ....is it possible it was made by CCM here in Canada?

   RE:MISC:   late 30's Columbia bike posted by paul on 11/17/2003 at 10:18:03 PM
Columbia, Elgin, Sterling and Westfield bicycles from that era were made in Westfield MA.....serial numbers are as follows if the 5 digit numbers starts with "A" it's 1936 and "B" is 1937 and so on. My Westfield Compax Traveler is Gxxxxx and is 1942...the number is stamped on the base of the bottom bracket, hope this helps! paul

   RE:RE:MISC:   late 30's Columbia bike posted by MAX on 11/17/2003 at 10:48:56 PM
tks for the reply but actually that doesn't help at all
i know the bike is from the 30's but if i follow what you are saying it would make it a 1958
but all the accessory on it are from the 30's including the seat,pump,reflectors, licence plate,grips and tires
please help some more

   RE:RE:RE:MISC:   late 30's Columbia bike posted by dent on 11/18/2003 at 12:52:01 AM
I have a 24in. boys bike that is missing the headbadge but the grips say Columbia, the serial no. is A84040 from what I can tell, which wood make it a 1936 model if it is indeed a Columbia. This bike of mine has peaked fenders, expanding bolt seatpost, New Departure hub's are these feature's Max and I might find on a '30's Columbia? Would the '36 Columbia have a straight or curve to the front downtube?

   RE:MISC:   late 30's Columbia bike posted by Gordon on 11/18/2003 at 1:36:36 PM
Hey guys! Go to www.nostalgic.net and type Columbia in the search box. You can look at pictures of Columbias from the 30's through the 60's. You may find your answers there. Good luck!

BALLOON:   26 x 1.75 Whitewall Tire Recommendation posted by: Anes on 11/14/2003 at 1:39:51 PM
I would appreciate your whitewall tire recommendation. My customer has requested an additional set of whitewall tires and tubes, oh... and white grips for an 1950's adult JC Higgins. Their budget for tires is $40 per pair + $20 for tubes. I found some great looking BF Goodrich 26 x 1.75 @ $45 a piece, they look fantastic but out of the budget range. I'm shipping to Europe and don't want to dissappoint them with "cheap-o" tires. Thank you for your help!

FOR SALE:   52? schwinn corvette posted by: mike on 11/13/2003 at 8:03:54 AM
can anyone tell me why my schwinn corvette has a '52 serial number? its just the frame, fork, crank, chainwheel, chainguard, and wheels left, but they are all original. this has been buggin me for awhile now. it is in horrible shape, and needs a full restore. by the way, it is for sale.
i also have a complete and original 68 hollywood ladies ballooner for sale. rides great, but it needs to be restored.
i would like to sell both of these together as a package deal, if possible.


   RE:RE:RE:FOR SALE:   52? schwinn corvette posted by gnarfleuall on 11/15/2003 at 2:03:08 AM
post the serial number

   RE:RE:RE:RE:FOR SALE:   52? schwinn corvette posted by mike. on 11/15/2003 at 10:15:44 PM
serial number is G029431. the rear hub is a schwinn approved mark-IV, but i cant seem to find a dtae on it. do i need to look for anything else?


   RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:FOR SALE:   52? schwinn corvette posted by mike. on 11/15/2003 at 10:19:40 PM
upon closer inspection, shouldnt that nuber date this to 1950?


   7/27/1960 posted by gary m on 11/16/2003 at 2:41:32 AM
midweight corvette. have to be pristine to be worth an awful lot.

   RE:FOR SALE:   52? schwinn corvette posted by rd on 11/16/2003 at 5:06:50 AM
if number is on the drop out it's a July 27, 1960

   RE:FOR SALE:   52? schwinn corvette posted by Ken on 11/14/2003 at 7:06:01 PM
If it's a Corvette it's not a 52... where's the serial number located?

   RE:RE:FOR SALE:   52? schwinn corvette posted by mike. on 11/14/2003 at 8:49:07 PM
number is located on the outside of the left rear dropout. and the number (according to the chart on this site) puts the frame at '52. maybe the chainguard has been replaced at some point in its life? i dont really know much about these, but the chainguard and frame color match exactly, so what now?


AGE / VALUE:   PROGRESSIVE CYCLE CO.??? posted by: Jeff on 11/13/2003 at 4:21:49 AM
Has ANYONE EVER heard of PROGRESSIVE CYCLE CO.COMET??? I have one for sale on ebay, but i couldn't find ANY info on it!!!

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   PROGRESSIVE CYCLE CO.??? posted by fyi on 11/13/2003 at 9:44:36 PM
Probably made by one of the big companies, maybe not???Since the auction only shows a picture of the badge, it is impossible to tell.

AGE / VALUE:   Columbia similar to a 5 Star posted by: Tony on 11/13/2003 at 12:42:56 AM
I recently was given a Columbia, the person I got it from sais its a 1950. It has been repainted but I can make out Columbia Built decals in the gas tank and chainguard. There is a horn in the tank and also a luggage rack. I dont think its a three or five star because there is no spring on the fork. Also the serial # stamped on the rear left droupout dosent match and of the lists I have found on the web... B_31862. Can anyone help me ID this model???

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Columbia similar to a 5 Star posted by Kim on 11/27/2003 at 2:36:26 PM
Have a look in the Picture Database on this site.

AGE / VALUE:   Replacement head light posted by: John on 11/11/2003 at 12:44:30 AM
Does anyone know where to find a light for a mid 30's Road Master?


BALLOON:   ID Schwinn frame? posted by: dent on 11/10/2003 at 11:30:10 PM
Hi folk's, I have a Schwinn frame only which I plan to make whole, but need to find a picture of this model.

Serial no. H242804 which on this site makes it a 1951. Frame has two smaller straight bar's below the toptube, unlike the straight-singlebar Panther frame. What is it?

   RE:BALLOON:   ID Schwinn frame? posted by dent on 11/11/2003 at 1:54:34 AM
I think I found a picture of the above frame mentioned, it looks like the '61 Schwinn Tornado found in the data base, was the Tornado around in '62? If so mystery solved, seem's I read where this frame was made only two year's ('61,'62) is that correct?

   62 Tornado posted by gary m on 11/12/2003 at 1:14:38 AM
well am not postive but it runs from like late 57 thru early 63, thats an imported rebadged bike, i think its been called an Ace frame, with added bars for looks, and Fichtel and Sachs hubs, dont put real money into it, just repack all the bearings and scrub it up, anything you want to make it your rider, but its not a bell ringer. will run rest of your life with no trouble.

   RE:BALLOON:   ID Schwinn frame? posted by Ken on 11/14/2003 at 7:03:41 PM
Serial number on dropout would make it a 62 Tornado. I think the frame was Chicago and components German "Schwinn-approved" as Gary indicates. And he's right, it's not a high ticket item.

   RE:BALLOON:   ID Schwinn frame? posted by Rod on 4/29/2005 at 7:58:30 PM
Your serial # (H2) indicates August '62.

AGE / VALUE:   JC Higgins with springer fork posted by: Max on 11/10/2003 at 3:41:57 PM
also i have a secong question what would be the value of a JC Higgins with some sort of springer fork up front and also a gas tank looking thing on the cross bar
the bike is in good condition
how can you tell the year?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   JC Higgins with springer fork posted by gary m on 11/12/2003 at 1:16:25 AM
Send pics or make a simple site and post its url so we can see it. could be an old Murray or hopefully an Elgin, will just need to se it.

AGE / VALUE:   value of a Schwinn bike w/ Whizzer engine posted by: MAX on 11/9/2003 at 10:06:54 PM
what is the value of a ballon tire Schwinn (1930-1940)in good condition with an original Whizzer engine

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   value of a Schwinn bike w/ Whizzer engine posted by jim.d on 11/9/2003 at 11:56:58 PM
Can you say priceless?

   RE:AGE / VALUE: value of a Schwinn bike w/ Whizzer engine posted by Rif on 11/10/2003 at 2:48:00 AM
It really depends upon specific condition, engine model, bike model, etc.
It's hard to determine without seeing it and seeing the serial numbers...

AGE / VALUE:    Schwinn Pullman posted by: humberchristopher28@hotmail.com on 11/9/2003 at 12:54:54 AM
I have a ladies frame Schwinn Pullman bicycle. It is a balloon tire bike. What are these generally worth in good condition.
You don't see a Pullman up for sale very often. What is the scoop with the Pullman?

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE: Wayward Schwinn Pullman, it's still alive and boy, all the questions and wants! posted by Rif on 11/17/2003 at 7:31:25 PM
Chris, you have such a great perspective and outlook!
I wish I had the green backs to give so this cranky bad girl would have a good home, but unfortunately...
Keep up the great posts!

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE: Wayward Schwinn Pullman, it's still alive and boy, all the questions and want posted by Rif on 11/17/2003 at 7:55:47 PM
Forgot to ask:
is the Columbia boyfriend a middleweight by chance?
If so he may be right here in Tacoma,WA. He travelled with me from the midwest this summer...

   RE:AGE / VALUE: Wayward  Schwinn Pullman, it's still alive and boy, all the questions and wants! posted by Chris on 11/11/2003 at 9:43:28 PM
Well, the bike is not amused.
It wants to know why I brought it home in the first place. I'm a fella and I won't ride a ladies bike. It's mad I won't ride it. It wants to know what happened to it's wheels and I don't have them. It's made by Schwinn but I'm into Brit bikes. I can't tell it anything about itself because I don't know.
I have no time to clean it up, overhaul it and it's mad about that too.
I started this whole thing by saying "Oh crap, it's not a skip tooth bike"
It heard me!
"You'd love me more if I were a mens frame bike, tell me the truth!"
I said "Well, yes"
Ladies frame cycles don't understand the way the old bike hobby works. Besides, the ladies have changed since the bike was made. Times are differnet. I told it that it could wind up being re- painted into some aweful color and heavily modified with spikes and black leather. All of a sudden it stoped crying and it asked "You won't let anything like that happen to me, will you?" Anyways it's all upset and it said that all of it's friends were dead and it could not believe how long it was asleep in the garage loft! Anyways, I told the bike about the web and all of the good kind folks there are and I mentioned Memory Lane and I assured it that I would find a good home for it.
It wants to know what happened to it's owner and why did she set it out for the junk man? and "What was it that I did to offend my owner?"

It heard me haggle out a price and it yelled! "I'm worth way more than that!" and it was furious that it would be sold so cheaply. But still, I have a cranky, crying, lonely and mysterious ladies Schwinn Pullman on my hands, missing wheels and it has an attitude.
The bike was never married and was sold alone and is just dirty from years of slumber.
It wants to go out and see the town, it's restless. It's wants to go to the clubs, and the liquor store and is asking for alcohol and cigarettes and it's been missing it's boyfriend, the Columbia. I did not see a Columbia in the stash. Being wheeless, it just sits there. None of the male Schwinns I have will lend her their wheels and we all are afraid she will roll off and not come home. Lately it's all depressed and down saying for me to just call the scrap guy and that we all had no right to allow it to live an un naturally long life.
Needs a front fender light lens.
All other parts including truss rods are there.

Somewhere out there is a nice lady who will appreciate it and keep it original.
Where is she?

It took me 18 years to get this guy to unbury it out and line it up for me to buy it and now that it finally has happened and also that it went cheaply so I won't get burned on it.

It' all started with: "Who are you? You got me for pennies on the dollar and ... can we stop at the store?"

AGE / VALUE:   Replacement tank horn. posted by: John on 11/8/2003 at 3:41:59 PM
Does anyone know where to get a replacement tank horn? There was one on e-bay, but it didn't work well. Is there an outlet for them some where I have not found yet?

Thanks for any help.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Replacement tank horn. posted by Kevin K on 11/8/2003 at 5:59:00 PM
Hi. Call Memory Lane at 1-419-832-3040. Ask for Harv or Larry. They've got dozens of tanks. Kevin

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Replacement tank horn. posted by Kevin K on 11/8/2003 at 6:01:13 PM
Hi. I meant to add some had horns, or they may be able to supply you with an NOS / new unit.

AGE / VALUE:   1965 SCHWINN TWINN posted by: Kevin K on 11/8/2003 at 1:29:34 AM
Hi. Today I picked up a nice 1965 Schwinn Twinn ( tandem ) Color is Violet. A good clean up and detail and it would make a great rider. Paint and decals are above average, as is the chrome. I bought it from the original owners too. I would love to see this bike restored. WOW! But I've resold it to a friend that's been looking for one. So, my questions for the both of us. Is the Violet a rare color on the tandem. I've seen several in Campus Green, Radiant Coppertone and Sky Blue but never Violet. Also, this bike has the 2 speed Bendix kick back rear hub. Most I've seen were either single speed or the 5 speeds. Thanks for any info, or input on the tandem. Kevin

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   1965 SCHWINN TWINN posted by gary m on 11/8/2003 at 11:17:18 PM
Gary M
had a 69 Campus Green tandem with the kickback, was a struggle to get my investment back out of a near mint bike, soured me on tandems forever.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   1965 SCHWINN TWINN posted by Kevin K on 11/9/2003 at 2:11:38 AM
Hi. Too bad. These bikes tend to sell here. A guy in town has a list of people looking for them, and gets calls for them. On average he'll sell 3-4 in a season. Most sell for under $200, but he did have a nice Campus Green unit sell for $250. This tandem is sold already but for the same money I paid for it. I would hate to have to ship one. Kevin

AGE / VALUE:   PROGRESSIVE CYCLE CO.???????? posted by: jeff on 11/8/2003 at 12:45:31 AM
Can anyone help with the age & value of this bike??? It's made by the Progressive Cycle Co.,called COMET. Girls 26" It's blue w/ white accents,says Special Deluxe in paint on frame,has New Departure hub,with skip tooth sprockes. Seat is TROXEL,and 2 bars run down from gooseneck to front hub. What is this called? Springer without springs? Thanks

BALLOON:   Schwinn posted by: Mark on 11/7/2003 at 10:03:54 PM
I have a Schwinn 1966 model "Heavy Duty" bike in very good original condition. I have owned this bike since it was new in 1966. Good paper route bike. Anyone familiar with this model?

   RE:BALLOON:   Schwinn posted by Kevin K on 11/8/2003 at 3:27:14 PM
Hi. I saw one at a swap meet. I didn't have alot of time to study it but this one looked like it used the wheelset from a tandem bike as the spokes were very thick. A friend tells me he knows of a bike such as your bike with a 20" front tire whereas the bike I saw had 2 26" tires. Both bikes say HEAVY DUTY on them. Which way is your bike set up?Kevin

   RE:BALLOON:   Schwinn posted by sam on 11/8/2003 at 5:30:43 PM
That's the bike schwinn marketed to indurstries.Like oil refineries and steel plants.

   RE:BALLOON:   Schwinn posted by Rod on 4/29/2005 at 8:27:58 PM
Did you say Heavy Duti? I've got three of them: a yellow '73 I acquired with no front rim, tire,or tube; a black '68 under restoration; and a black '66 that was acquired with no rims, tires, tubes, chain, or fenders. The 'six-six' has a lowriding Phantom character with the following: a Phantom tank w/ horn, Phantom hubcaps, a 9-hole 1960 carrier rack, chrome chain, and 68-spoke Daytons wrapped in whitewall balloon tires; I made its debut at last summer's Gratiot cruise and the Woodward Dreamcruise, and this summer will be the equivalent!

FOR SALE:   Kids Schwinn posted by: Tom on 11/7/2003 at 3:24:57 PM
I'm selling a red schwinn kids bike, 10" seat tube, 18" tires. Pretty good condition. Would even ride well with a new chain. Tires are in good condition. Complete. $40
see pics at http://f1.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/head_451/vwp?.dir=/Bikes&.dnm=schwinnside.jpg&.view=t